1900 Ringgold Township Census Index

1900 Ringgold Township
Census Index 

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Baughman, C illegible W. 77.08b Deaner, Jennie 77.02a
Baughman, Mamie(?) 77.01b Dibert, Lydia 77.11a
Baylor, Frank 77.03b Dibler, Amos 77.07a
Bick, Elias W. 77.04b Dibler, Harry H. 77.04b
Bist, James 77.01a Dibler, Solomon 77.06a
Bleakney, Samuel 77.12b Dinger, Alin 77.08b
Boddorf, George H. 77.02b Dinger, Elias 77.04a
Boddorf, Isaac 77.02a Dinger, Emanuel 77.05a
Boddorf, Isaac 77.03a Dinger, Henry 77.07a
Boddorf, John 77.03a Dinger, Jacob 77.07a
Boozer, Lydia 77.08a Dinger, Jacob A. 77.04a
Boozer, William G. 77.09a Dinger, John C. 77.04b
Bowser, Maude 77.03b Dinger, Peter B. 77.07a
Boyer, Mazie 77.01b Doverspike, Verdie(?) 77.08b
Boyer, Michael 77.07b Drayer, Sam ? 77.07b
Brocious, Daniel 77.04b Elenberger, Joseph 77.07a
Brocious, Henry 77.04b Elenberger, Philip 77.08a
Brocius, Amos 77.05b Emhoff, Henry 77.03b
Brocius, Elias 77.09b Emhoff, Rebecca 77.09a
Brocius, Isaac 77.07b Enterline, Daniel B. 77.12a
Brocius, Joel 77.09b Enterline, Racheal 77.12a
Brosius, Calvin 77.06b Evans, John 77.01a
Buffington,Enoch 77.05b Evins, George 77.11a
Buffington, Isaac 77.07b Falk, Edwaard 77.10b
Burket, Simon 77.05b Falk, Rudolph 77.05a
Bush, William 77.03a Falk, Solomon 77.11a
Bussard, Elias 77.11b Faringer, Jacob 77.08b
Buzzard ? 77.08a Faringer, Liam(?) 77.08b
Campbell, Elijah 77.10b Faringer, Moses 77.10a
Cayler, Suzana 77.01b Faringer, Simon 77.05a
Caylor, Albert 77.05b Farr, ? E. 77.05a
Caylor, Amos 77.11b Farr, Martha J. 77.01a
Caylor, Charles 77.03b Freas, Catharine 77.09a
Caylor, Daniel 77.03b Freas, Ida 77.02b
Caylor, Hannah 77.04b Freas, Lottie 77.09b
Caylor, Jacob 77.l0a Gahagen, Carl 77.09b
Caylor, Vernon S. 77.03a Gambert, Clark H. 77.03a
Caylor, Willis 77.03b Gearhart, Elmer E. 77.01b
Clontz, Franklin 77.12b Gearhart, Irvin W. 77.05a
Clontz, Maude 77.11b Gearhart, Miles D. 77.12b
Cordis, Harryy E. 77.04b Geer, Maggie 77.12a
Crawford, Frederick 77.06a Geise, Ida M. 77.03b
Crofferd, Irvin 77.05b Geise, Irene 77.03a
Cunselman, Guy 77.05a
Geist, Andrew 77.12b Knapenberger, David H. 77.10a 
Geist, Elias 77.02b Kunselman, George 77.09a
Geist, Elizabeth 77.12b Lafyette, Gearhart 77.12b
Geist, James C. 77.04a Lang, L ? illy(?) 77.07b
Geist, Joseph 77.11b Lindy, Belle 77.08a
Geist, Samuel 77.12b Markel, Dora L. 77.09b
Gerheart, Hannah 77.12a Markel, William 77.09b
Graham, George E. 77.01b Martz, Arthur C. 77.01a
Graham, Niles A. 77.04b Martz, C ? F. 77.05a
Gosthwait(?), Robert 77.02b Martz, Charles 77.01a
Gould, Rebecca 77.08a Martz, Daniel 77.01b
Group, Charles 77.06a Martz, Elizabeth 77.05a
Gumbert, Jessee 77.12b Martz, George C. 77.01a
Haas, David 77.05b Matthews, Sarah M. 77.12a
Hall, Thomas 77.12a Maurer, Hannah 77.01b
Hanson, Daniel 77.05b Maurer, Rebecca 77.02b
Harmon, Catharine 77.08a McLain, Charles G. 77.05a
Hartman, Samuel V. 77.10a McGregor, William 77.05b
Harris, Catharine 77.10a Michael, George 77.01a
Harris, Jacob 77.07b Michael, Samuel 77.10a
Haviland, Lindsy 77.12a Millein, William 77.04a
Hice, Elias 77.02a Miller, Dora 77.02b
Hickox, John 77.12a Miller, George W. 77.03b
Himes, George W. 77.05b Miller, John 77.11b
Himes, Zacharias 77.01a Miller, Orie B. 77.01b
Hinderliter, ? 77.08a Miller, Vernon E. 77.09a
Hinderliter, Caroline 77.09b Milliron, Jesse 77.09a
Hinderliter, Henry 77.06a Minich, Gabriel P. 77.09b
Hinderliter, Joel 77.09b Minich, Harry E. 77.08b
Holben, Amos 77.12b Minich, James V. 77.08b
Holben, Elias A. 77.10b Minich, John 77.08b
Holben, Malim 77.09b Minich Lester 77.08b
Holben, William H. 77.10b Minich, Matilda 77.08b
Holonbaugh, Jacob 77.05b Minich, robert F. 77.08b
Howard, Abb B. 77.10b Mitchell, Ida E. 77.08a
Hunger, Andrew 77.08a Mohney, Franklin 77.03a
Hunger(?), Caroline 77.09b Mohney, Jane 77.03a
Johns, Franklin 77.08b Mooney, Franklin A. 77.05a
Johnson, Lydia 77.01b Motter, Daniel 77.05b
Johnsao, Samuel 77.01b Mottorn, David 77.02a
Kane, Adam 77.08a Mottorn, Lydia 77.02a
Kerr, David W. 77.11b Mottorn, Samuel 77.02a
Kiehl, Elias 77.11b Mourer(?), D ? 77.07b
Kiehl, John A. 77.11b Mourer, Daniel 77.02b
Klingelsmith, John 77.06a Moury, John 77.01a
Myers, Samuel 77.02b Sherry, Daniel G. 77.06b
Oberlin, Samuel S. 77.10b Sherry, Henry 77.06b
O'Hara, James A. 77.03b Shiary, David G. 77.06b
Perry, Martin H. 77.11a Shiary, Dela 77.09b
Perry, Robert G. 77.11a Shiary, Effy 77.07a
Peters, Jacob 77.07a Shiary, John A. 77.06b
Powell, Daniel 77.07b Shick, Edward 77.09b
Powell, Elias 77.10b Shick, George 77.07a
Powell, Ema 77.09a Shilling, Samuel 77.11a
Powell, Jacob 77.06a Shilling, William N. 77.11a
Powell, Moses 77.10a Shingledecker, ? 77.09a
Rabuck, Ivan D. 77.03a Shoffner, Abraham 77.04a
Raybuck, William 77.03b Shoffner, William R. 77.04a
Raymer, Martin W. 77.11b Shraugh, John C. 77.10b
Reed, Bertha 77.02a Slagel, Peter 77.12b
Reed, Calvin 77.11a Smathers, Anna 77.02a
Reed, Charles 77.04b Smathers, Charles E. 77.02a
Reed, Daniel J. 77.10b Smathers, Millard F. 77.03a
Reed, Emanuel H. 77.01b Smathers, Philip 77.03a
Reed, McKee 77.05b Smathers, Winfield 77.12a
Reed, William H. 77.04a
Reitz, Daniel 77.03b Smith, B ? C. 77.05b
Reitzl, Mabel M. 77.08b Smith, Jared 77.08b
Ressler, James 77.12a Smith, William 77.12a
Rettinger, ? H. 77.07b Smothers, Alice 77.04b
Retitnger, Edward 77.10a Snyder, Annie B. 77.05b
Rettinger, Isaac 77.08a Snyder, Casper 77.06b
Richards, Robert 77.11b Snyder, Charles 77.06a
Richards, John 77.01b Snyder, Charles E. 77.06b
Richl, Scott 77.02b Snyder, Conrad 77.05a
Ring, George 77.12b Snyder, Elisabeth 77.05b
Rordis, John B. 77.06a Snyder, George W. 77.03b
S illey(?), illegible 77.02b Snyder, Franklin 77.09a
Schrecengost, John 77.11b Snyder, John 77.06b
Schrock, Arnold 77.06a Snyder, John 77.07a
Shaffer, Abraham 77.12b Snyder, John C. 77.07a
Shaffer, Amos 77.02b Snyder, John H. 77.08a
Shaffer, Charles 77.08b Snyder, Samuel M. 77.11a
Shaffer, Clair 77.09b Sprankle, Clove 77.01b
Shaffer, George 77.01b Stahlman, Jacob 77.02a
Shaffer, Jackson 77.01b Stahlman, William 77.03b
Shaffer, John A. 77.06a Startzell, Monro C. 77.11b
Shaffer, Michael 77.01b Stewart, Charles 77.10b
Shaffer, Solomon 77.04a Stewart, John 77.10a
Shaffer, William 77.04a Stewart, Lincoln A. 77.10b
Shann ? , George G. 7712a Stewart, Samuel 77.11a
Stewart, William W. 77.11a Weaver, Ezra O. 77.09b
Stormer, ? 77.02b Wester, Anna 77.12a
Stormer, John 77.02b William, Robert 77.01b
Stormer, Samuel 77.11b Wise, Franklin 77.03a
Streich, Carl C. 77.11a Wise, James 77.08a
Thompson, George 77.05b Wise, John 77.05a
Timblin, Jerry(?) A. 77.06a Wise, Samuel 77.07b
Umpenhawk, Thomas 77.09b Wonderling, R ? 77.09b
Umpenhawket, Della 77.07b Young, James G. 77.04b
Wagoner, Jacob 77.12b Young, Henry 77.09a
Wagoner, Jacob E. 77.12b Young, William 77.01b
Walker, Miller J. 77.05b Young, William 77.04b
Watt, Jennie 77.11b Yount, Catharine 77.08b
Weaver, Emmon(?) 77.01a Zring(?), Elizabeth 77.10a

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