1900 Jefferson County Census Extracts 

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The following is a breakdown showing which county subdivisions are enumerated in each Enumeration District:

Heath Township: ED 53
Beaver Township: ED 54
Bell Township: ED 55
Gaskill Township: ED 56
Big Run Borough: ED 57
Brockwayville Borough: ED 58
Brookville Borough: ED 59
Clayville Borough: ED 60
Clover Township: ED 61
Union Township: ED 62
Eldred: ED 63  (Index Available)
Henderson Township: ED 64 (Full transcript available)
Knox Township: ED 65
McCalmont Township: ED 66-67
Oliver Township: ED 68
Perry Township: ED 69
Pine Creek Township: ED 70
Polk Township: ED 71  (Index Available)
Porter Township: ED 72
Punxsutawney: ED 73-74
Reynoldsville Borough: ED 75-76
Ringgold Township: ED 77  (Index Available)
Rose Township: ED 78
Snyder Township: ED 79
Warsaw Township East: ED 80
Warsaw Township West: ED 81
Washington Township: ED 82-83
Winslow Township West: ED 84
Winslow Township East: ED 85
Young Township: ED 86-88

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