St Clair Graveyard, Westmoreland County


(Only old stones copied)

Lois Armstrong, Consort of James Armstrong, Died July 8, 1824, Aged 59 yrs. 2 mo. 28 d.

Rachel Brady, Consort of James Brady, Died Mch 12, 1831, in 68th yr. of age.

Hugh Y. Brady, Died Nov. 4, 1868, in 81st yr. of age.

Ann Brady, Born April 25, 1790, died Oct. 25, 1861.

Mrs. Lydia Brown, Consort of Dr. William Brown, and dau. of John Nicolls, Esq., Born Jan. 24, 1808, Died Oct. 21, 1829.

Robert Brown, Born Dec. 15, 1763, Died Nov. 17, 1819.

Mrs. Anna Brown, Consort of Robert Brown, Died Aug. 3, 1810, in 63d yr. of age.

Margaret, Wife of James Brown, Sr., Died June 22, 1831, Aged 56 yrs.

John Clark, Died Sept. 13, 1812, Aged 57 yrs.

John Cust, Died Feb. 14, 1825, in 61st yr of his age.

James Dobbin, Died Feb. 14, 1837, in 83d yr of his age.

William Hanly, Died march 17, 1805, Aged 46 yrs.

Rev. Robert Henry, Born 1810, Died Nov. 1, 1838.

John Hill, Died Dec. 9, 1822, in 70th yr of age.

Ann Hill, Died Aug. 27, 1823, in 60th yr of age.

Matthew Jack, Died Nov. 20, 1843, in 65th yr of age.

William Jack, Esq., Died Feb. 7, 1821, Aged 69 yrs.

Margaret, Late Consort of William Jack, Esq., Died Mch 3, 1818, Aged 63 yrs.

Elizabeth Johnston, Relict of William Freame, Born Co. Tyrone, Ire., Aug. 10, 1755, Died June 22, 1842.

Mary Jane, Wife of Isaac E. M. Kennedy, Died July 18, 1819, in 36th yr of age.

Mrs. Deborah Mershon, Died Apr. 18, 1831, Aged about 56 yrs.

John McClelland, Born Oct. 12, 1803 near Newville, Pa., Died Feb. 3, 188(?)4, Greensburg, Pa.

Elizabeth McCulloch, dau. of Jacob and Jane B. Weltby, Born Dec. 30, 1819, Died Dec. 18, 1862.

Mrs. M. McDowell, Wife of Dr. John McDowell, Late of Troy Farm, 1818.

Alexander McKinney, Died Oct. 14, 1827, in 71st yr of age.

Mary McKinney, Relict of Alex'r McKinney, Died Feb. 22, 1828, in the 58th yr of age.

Adam McLaughlin, Died Dec. 27, 1841, Aged 84 yrs 6 mo.

Elizabeth, Wife of James McWilliams, Died June 30, 1816, Aged 67 yrs.

John Nicholls Sr., Died May 10, 1842, Aged 79 yrs, Jane Nicholls Aged 84 yrs.

William Ramsey, Died May 2, 1816, Aged 60 yrs.

Jane, Consort of William Ramsey, Born May, 1777, Died Oct. 15, 1849.

Mrs. Elizabeth Reed, Wife of John Reed, Esq., 1816.

Rev. Joseph Smith, D.D., Pastor Presbyterian Church, Greensburg, Born July 15, 1796, Died Dec. 4, 1868.

Margaret Smith, Relict of Major James Smith, Cumberland Co., Pa., Died Aug. 1825, in her 88th yr.

Joseph Steel, Died Oct. 1824, in 39th yr of age.

Alexander Storey, Died June 2, 1851, Aged 85 yrs.

Margaret, Wife of Alexander Storey, Died Oct. 28, 1848, in 83d yr of age.

The earthly remains of Major General Arthur St. Clair are deposited beneath this humble monument which is erected to supply the place of a nobler one due from his country.  He died August 31, 1818, in the 84th year of his age.

Morrison Underwood, Born Jan. 21, 1795, Carlisle, Pa., Died Feb. 25, 1885,
Ann Underwood, Wife of Morrison Underwood, dau. of the late Peter Gay, Born Dec. 24, 1803, Died Aug. 2, 1876.
Dr. John Morrison, Born Mch 4, 1798, Died Aug. 4, 1869.
John Morrison, Died Jan. 7, 1821, in 71st yr of age.
Rebecca Morrison, Relict of John Morrison, Died July 14, 1854, in 87th yr of age.
(five inscriptions on one monument.)

Robert Wark, Native of Scotland, Died Apr. 27, 1832, Aged 80 yrs.

Elizabeth Welty, Consort of Henry Welty, Died Dec. 26, 1825, Aged 22 yrs.

Nathan Williams, Died Nov. 2, 1830, Aged 72 yrs.

Elizabeth, Wife of Nathan Williams, Died Feb. 23, 1842, Aged 74 yrs.

Hon. John Young, otherwise John Young Forrester, Born Scotland July 12, 1762, Died Greensburg, Oct. 6, 1840
Maria Barkley Young, Born 1773, Died 1811.
Satira Barkley Young, John Young, Elizabeth Forrester Young Woods in her 39th yr.
(All on one monument.)

Mary Ellison Wood to the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania contributed Tombstone inscriptions.
Publications of The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania; Vol, VI, Philadelphia, 1300 Locust Street, 1917, pp 29-30.