Gill Road Cemetery,
Grove City, Mercer County, Pennsylvania

    Cemetery: Gill Road
    Other: Old Italian Cemetery, old catholic cemetery
    Sign: No
    Street: Gill Road
    City: N of Grove City about 2 miles from city limit
    Township: Pine Township, "Hallville"
    County: Mercer
    State: Pennsylvania
    Nation: USA
    Zip: 16127
    Status: Abandoned
    Size: Small
    Directions: Rt 208  N out of Grove City , turn left onto Gill Road, cemetery is on left at the sharp bend in the road
    Type: Road-public
    Location: Rural-mixed
    Terrain: Level
    Watersource: No
    Features: New house being built encroaching, old picture on tombs just stolen, fences down
    Land Type:
    Access: Open
    Enclosure: Fence-Broken
    Gate: None
    Established: 1900
    Gravestones: 233
    Oldest: 1903
    Newest: 1970
    Removed: Yes
    Relocated: No
    Repairs: Unsure
    Restoration: No
    Association: Unsure
    Records: Unsure
    Inventory: Yes
    Records location: Mercer County Historical Society, available at office in Mercer, PA
    Landscaping: No
    Paths: No
    Trees: No
    Crypts: Yes
    Fencing: Yes
    Walkways: No
    Brickwork: No
    Ironwork: Yes
    Sculpture: Yes
    Fountains: No
    Roads: No
    Buildings: No
    Cement: Unsure
    Granite: Yes
    Marble: Yes
    Native Stone: Yes
    Slate: Unsure
    Other Stone: Unsure
    Wood: Unsure
    Materials: Yes
    Architectural: Yes
    Angels: Yes
    Draperies: No
    Fraternal: Unsure
    Hands: Yes
    Lambs: Yes
    Monograms: Unsure
    Plants: Yes
    Photos: Yes
    Religious: Yes
    Scrollwork: Yes
    Urns: Unsure
    Other Carvings: Yes
    Condition: Cemetery vandalized
    Unmarked: Yes
    Broken: Yes
    Toppled: Yes
    Disintegrating: Yes
    Buried: Unsure
    Weather problems: Yes
    Pollution problems: Unknown
    Vandalized: Yes
    Police report: No
    VA: Gravestones-Overturned
    VA: Gravestones-Broken
    VA: Gravestones-Stolen
    VA: Graves-Desecrated
    Overgrowth: Graves-Disturbing
    Vegetation: Trees
    Vegetation: Ground-Cover
    Vegetation: Moss
    Vegetation: Vines
    Drainage: Problem-Seasonal
    Problem: Encroachment
    Problem: Apathy
    Owner: Unknown
    Bordering: Residential
    Change: Unknown
    Visited: Occasionally
    Archeology: Unknown
    Habitat: Unknown
    Contacted: Pine Township Supervisors Office on Rt. 208, Catholic Church on Broad Stree,t Grove City.

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    Other Information

    A grave is opened. This site is in need of protection. It was given by the Ziccardi family, who owned a farm in the area.

    My great grandparents are buried there, but there are no stones for them as they have been stolen or broken. Within the past 6 months, many wonderful ceramic pictures have been removed from the stones, a mausoleum was broken into, a house is being built to the side and cement blocks are thrown on the cemetery fence and much damage has been done. .

    Pine Township Supervisors. Pine Township, Mercer County, PA.

    Mercer County Supervisors, Mercer County, PA.

    Roman Catholic Church, Broad Street, Grove City, PA 16127

    The markers for my geat grandparents' graves have been found. One grave is so overgrown with a sprawling bush that the metal cross marking the grave was not seen before.
    Update 2 - 17 April, 2002

    Someone is beginning to pay attention to this cemetery. The cement blocks are stacked neatly a few feet away from the cemetery fence, although the wire bad condition fence is in . There is still garbage/debris thrown in the back and lots of clean up to do, but it looks better.

    Update 3 - 02 August, 2002

    The garbage has been removed. A new wire fence is up across the back. Alas, it is a farm fence and not the more ornate one that was there. Many pictures have been restored and the broken pieces are finding their way back to the original stones. The place is mowed and is greatly improved! There's much to do, but I am encouraged. Thank you, Saving Graves.

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    name: Sarah Stevenson
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    Date: 20 March 2002