Buffalo Cross Roads Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Union County

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This church was one of the very first organized in the West Branch Valley and is situated about four miles west of Lewisburg, the county seat of Union county.  Its organziation dates back to 1773.  The worshipers were mostly Scotch Irish who settled this region - Buffalo Valley - and were mainly from Cumberland Valley and the Scotch Irish settlements of Lancaster County.

Among the early members were many who became prominent in the Revolution.  In the ancient graveyard sleep many illustrious heroes, but very few have inscribed headstones.  We subjoin a number of the most notable inscriptions with, commente:

Robert Van Valzah was born April 17, 1764.  Died April 18, 1850,  aged 86 years and 1 day.

Elizabeth, wife of Dr. Robert Van Valzah, Died March 30, 1840, aged 79 years.

Hie Jacet John Linn,  Born April 2nd, 1754. Died March 18, 1809.

Hie Jacet Mrs. Ann Linn,  Relict of John Linn, Born in September 6th, A. D., 1761. Died Sep. 4, A.D. 1841.

Hie Jacet James Flemming, Born June 29, A. D. 1759. Died July 30, 1824.

In memory of David Linn, Born May 28, 1776, and departed this life July 26, 1848, Aged 72 years 1 month and 28 days.

In memory of Margery Linn, Born Dec. 30, 1780, and departed this life Nov. 19, 1865, aged 83 years, 10 months and 19 days.

In memory of Isaiah Linn, Died April, 1809, aged 37 years.

Hie Jacet Mrs. Ann McBeth, Born January 4th. A. D. 1733. Died Feb. 28, 1808.

Note — John Linn was a brother to the noted Dr. William Linn — one of the early Presbyterian divines of Pennsylvania — and was grandfather of the late Hon. J. Merrill Linn, of Lewisburg, and the Hon. John Blair Linn, ex-Secretary of the Commonwealth, of Bellefonte. He came to Buffalo Valley in 1772. Served in the War of the Revolution. Ann McBeth and James Flemming were relatives.

In memory of Dr. Robert Van Valzah. Jr., Born Sept. 11, 1789. Died March 14, 1851, aged 61 years, 6 month, and 3 days.

Nancy, Wife of Dr. Robert Van Valzah, Jr., Born Dec. 24, 1799. Died April 26, 1857, aged 57 years, 4 mo. and 5 days.

Dr. Robert T. Van Valzah, Died October 8th, 1877, aged 32 years.

William Van Valzah, Died Oct. 13, 1859, aged 48 years, 5 mo. and 19 days.

Sarah Van Valzah, Died November 16, 1862, aged 45 years, 6 mo. and 8 days.

Note — Dr. Robert Van Valzah, Sr. came to the valley Van from Croton, New York, in 1786. He was famous as a physician and had an immense practice. His sons Thomas and Robert also became eminent practitioners; grandsons and great-grandsons perpetuate his fame and success in the same profession.

The above shows a remarkable succession of father, son and grandson of the same name and profession.

George Lashells,  Departed on the 27th May, 1844, Aged 88 years, 1 mo and 3 days.

Sarah, Consort of George Lashells, Died July 7, 1834, Aged 58 years and 3 days.

Jacob Lashell, Died April 3, 1847, Aged 55 years, 7 mo. and 16 days.

In. memory of Lydia, Wife of George Lashell, Jr., who Died March 30, 1837, Aged 40 years, 5 mo. and 29 days.

John Lashells, was born Sep. 13, 1789, Died May 18, 1847, Aged 59 yeare, 8 mo. and 5 days.

Sacred To the memory of Martha, Wife of John Lashells, who was born on the 2nd December, 1789,
and died on the 12 Oct., 1837.

Ralph Lashells, Late of Gettysburg, who died at his brother's, in New Berlin, on the 20th July, 1821, Aged 39 years, 1 mo. and 22 days.

George W., Son of J. J. and H. R. Lashells, was killed at the first battle of Fredericksburg, December 4th, 1862, Aged 18 years, 2 mo. and 19 days.

Note — The Lashells were evidently of French extraction. They came near the beginning of the century to the valley from Adams county, and were for many years a prominent family, but very few now remain. John Lashells (as above) was one of the first members of the Union county bar, and waa an eminent lawyer.



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