Greenville Churches

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The first church in Greenville township was erected by the citizens as a untion meeting-house about 1810, and was principally occupied by the Presbyterians and the Lutherans. It was also used as a schoolhouse. The old building stood about a mile and a half northwest of Pocahontas. It was of logs and the shingles were fastened on by means of wooden pins driven into holes made with a gimlet.

Probably the first preacher was Rev. Hunger, who preached in the farmhouse of Peter Deal. There are at present two church edifices in the township──one owned by the Reformed and Lutherans, and the other by the German Baptists or Brethren. The Reformed and Lutheran Church was erected in 1848, at a cost of twelve hundred dollars, on land presented to the congregation by Jacob Deal.

The Brethren church was erected in 1855 on a lot given by George Clingaman. The cost of the house was four hundred dollars. The present minister is E. K. Hostetler. This is a branch of the Meyersdale church.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)