Glencoe, Somerset County

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Glencoe is a small town on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in the southeastern part of the township. The first settler on the tract now occupied by the town was Benjamin Critchfield who came from Maryland prior to 1793. At the latter date he obtained a warrant for one hundred and nineteen and one-half acres of land. Critchfield's son, Absalom, became owner of the place in 1820 and some years later, sold it to Alexander Philson. Thomas Liese was the next owner, succeeded in 1834 by Daniel Boyer.

As a village, Glencoe dates from the building of the railroad and was laid out by David Hay and Hiram Findley in 1870. The first store was kept by Augustus Dom in 1869. Chauncy F. Stoner started the first blacksmith shop and David Hay built the first hotel in 1874, with Samuel Wilt as the first landlord. The present (1884) proprietor of the hotel is Joseph Sheets. J. L. Snyder, a native of Huntingdon county, came to Glencoe in 1872. For one year he acted as night operator, and since that time he has been station agent at Glencoe.

The Glencoe postoffice was established in 1881 with S. P. Poorbaugh as the first postmaster. Mr. Poorbaugh was in the mercantile business here since 1879 and served as township constable in 1878.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA; 1884)