Draketown, Somerset County

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Draketown is a small village in Lower Turkeyfoot township, containing two small stores, a blacksmith-shop and a small number of houses. Oliver Drake settled at this place, probably about the time of the revolutionary war. About 1787 he erected a small gristmill. A mill erected by his son Jonathan, on the same site, in 1812, was burned a few years later. The present mill was built about 1819. He also built a woolenmill and a sawmill. These were probably the first industrial establishments in Lower Turkeyfoot.

A blacksmith-shop was opened at Draketown as early as 1812, by William Tannehill.

A tannery, built in 1854, by Hendrickson & Welsh, is now owned and operated by Alfred Daniels.

The first schoolhouse was built about 1850, and rebuilt in 1875.

(History of Bedford, Somerset & Fulton Counties, PA: 1884)