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Bish Cemetery
Boone Mountain, Horton Township


This is a compilation of readings of the cemetery by John Tyger 9 September 1968, Iris and Sarah Caskey 1991 and Sherry Jesberger who added notes and dates.

The Bish cemetery sits alone in the deep woods on the top of Boone Mountain very near to the Clearfield Co., PA border.  At one time this area was known as the Bish Settlement, and was a thriving community.  However, life on the mountain was hard and in the early 1920’s, the folks living in the Bish settlement began to move off of the mountain down into the towns of Brockport, Brockway, Sabula, and DuBois. The last known burial in this cemetery was that of David Bish, who died in 1936.

Because of it’s isolation in the woods, the Bish Cemetery has become a popular party haven.  In the early 1980’s, the cemetery was severely vandalized by so-called “Satanic Worshipers.” The stones were removed from the graves and placed in the middle of the cemetery in an upside down cross, and the grave of George Shugars was dug up and his skull was stolen. The vandals were arrested, and spent some time in jail. They were also required to clean up the cemetery and replace the stones that they had broken, but the damage to the cemetery had been done. Thankfully, Mr. John Tyger had the forethought to take a reading of this cemetery in 1968. 

I am pleased to add that the cleanup and beautification of this cemetery has been the project of at least two Eagle Scouts over the years, and we thank them so much for their time and effort.

I have taken the liberty of adding some names and dates to this otherwise sad little collection of homemade stones in the hope that it will best help researchers to find the person they are researching.  I have the family trees of most of the people buried in this cemetery done, and I invite inquiries from anyone.  If you know of a burial here that is unmarked, PLEASE contact me  and let me know.  Thank you.
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Row Plot Last Name First Name Middle Name Date of Birth Date of Death Notes

Shugars George

50 Pa Inf Co H
1 1 Bish David
1848 1936
1 2 Bish Betsy
1 3 Bish Samuel
1803 1886 Father
1 4 Gifford C
1831 1891
1 5 Bish W.
1833 1908
2 1 Garvin William W. May 1865 1923 the tombstone just has the initials W W G
2 2 Garvin Rachel
1841 1918 Mother
2 3 Garvin Robert
Feb. 26, 1834 June 13, 1900 Co 158 PA Inf
2 4 Bennett David L. 1857 1915 Father
2 5 Bennett Ernest
1904 1904
2 6 Bennett Mary
1856 1896 Mother
2 7 Bennett Louise
1879 1879
2 8 Bennett Lucy

2 9 Bennett Tennie

2 10 Bennett Baby

2 11 Bennett Isabel
1852 1901 Mother
2 12 Bennett Cleve

2 13 Bennett John
1848 June 3, 1927 Father
3 1 Hays Alice
1865 1896
3 3 Bennett Baby boy

3 4 Bennett Baby

4 1 Shugars William
1857 1908
4 3 Unknown

blank stone
4 3 Bish Jacob

the tombstone just has J Bish
5 1 Reed B V. 2 March 1831 19 December 1896

Mr. Tyger makes a note of an unmarked burial on his cemetery reading—he claims that the grave of Elizabeth Homan, born in Summerville, PA is buried here. She worked for the Reeds and died of childbirth? 

Also buried here (I thought she was marked but apparently not) is Alice (Bish) Reed, wife of Alburton Reed. Her dates are 11/20/1885--3/4/1922 Her husband Alburton is buried down off the mountain in the Mountain Church Cemetery in Horton Twp., Elk Co., PA. 

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