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Fox Township


by Sherry Jesberger

KERSEY is the largest town in Fox Township, and is considered the "seat" of Fox. Centreville was platted for John Green in November of 1846. In 1876, when the name was changed to Kersey, there were the following businesses: one grocery, one drug store, two taverns, a temperance hotel, two breweries, two shoe shops, a wagon shop and a harness shop. In 1997, there are a variety of stores and shops in Kersey, including a bank, two schools, one convenience store, one small grocery, two car washes, and several factories. We even have a bowling alley! Mr. Clarence Woodley, well into his 90’s, still runs a barbershop/sporting goods store in Kersey. Mr. Woodley’s store was once the Railroad Hotel, owned by William Keirr in the 1880’s. You can still see the old railroad grade directly to the right side of his building where the train used to drop off tired travelers at the Railroad Hotel. The St. Boniface Catholic Church sits on Main Street on land that was given by John Green. The Kersey United Methodist Church sits on the road to Dagus Mines. The area near the center of Kersey, down near Bob and Paul’s Market, has always been known as "The Crossing.

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