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Dagus Mines
Fox Township


by Sherry Jesberger

DAGUS MINES is the name given to the town that grew up around the Northwestern and Mining Exchange Company. The company built "company houses" for their employees to live in. These were two family homes with a small porch on each half of the front with a railing around each. The company store for the mines is still standing, and was run by J.Henry Beadle, who lived in an apartment above the store. In 1997, the old "company store" has been given new life. A small grocery/convenience store now occupies the once empty building. Next to the store, is the Dagus Mines Post Office. Beside that is a lovely old home that was once the residence of the Doctor that served the mine employees. Next to the home is the Elkton Presbyterian Church, founded in 1854. The church was first located in Earleyville, but was located in it’s present location about 1881. The original session book for the church still exists. Today Dagus Mines no longer teems with miners and their families, but it is a lively and lovely place nonetheless.

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