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Morey Family Plot
Benezette Township


Located at the village of Medix Run.  Travel east on PA route 555, continue on past Medix Hotel to the spot where the guardrails begin on the right, directly across Route 555 up a steep incline the field stone marker, "L M 1845" is found along with two others, unmarked.  The remains of a previous eleven stones.  These are in a tangled wooded area.

Last Name First Name Middle Name Other Name(s) Date of Birth Date of Death Age at Death Notes

This marker may be the marker for Leonard Morey
Born: 23 December 1773 in Woodstock, Conn.
Died: 19 May 1845 in Benezette Township

Source:  Cemeteries and Burial Plots of Elk County Pennsylvania, published with the kind permission of Sarah and Iris Caskey.

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