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Posted Queries for June thru July 1999

HARTMAN, SALTZMAN, WOLLASTON posted by Earl Wollaston on Thursday, June 3, 1999

wollaston family lived in ridgeway. hartmans lived in st marys. saltzmans originally lived in renova.

FRAZIER posted by Tom Doran on Saturday, June 5, 1999

Looking for information on the ancestors of George H. Frazier, my great grandfather, born in Ridgway, PA on September 27, 1873. He moved to Buffalo, NY and died there in 1954. George Frazier's parents' names are Henry Frazier and Susan Brown. I do not know if Henry Frazier or Susan Brown are native to the Ridgway area. Any help would be greatly appreciated......

KEHRLI, KEHRLY posted by William Seely on Saturday, June 12, 1999

Michael Kehrli(y) and Elizabeth Blattner(sp?) both spoke German and attended a church in Ridgway, PA from 1871-1994. Daughter Elizabeth, Mona, _________, son Frederick. Anyone with information of the Kehrly(i) family, please communicate same to me. Regards, Bill.

DICKINSON, WILLIS posted by Cynthia Dickinson on Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Looking for information regarding Albert Willis who was in Ridgeway, PA sometime around 1860. Married Caroline Dickinson of Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA, dau of Samuel Dickinson and Caroline Blakeslee. Caroline was born in 1838 in Wellsboro. I believe Albert would be about the same age. Would like information about him and/or the Willis family in the area. Thanks, Cynthia Dickinson.

LOCKWOOD, OWENS posted by Russell Hamblin on Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Would like info on above family relationahip.,also on a reunion held in 1935 so where near St. Marys. My grandmother was Cora Lockwood, she had several brothers, Ben , Alphonso etc ..

ANDERSON posted by Verna Johnson on Tuesday, June 15, 1999

I am looking for two records for Amanda ANDERSON, born in Sweden in 1863, who came from Sweden and lived and died in Ridgway, Elk County, PA during November 1957. I would be happy to pay someone to research these two questions. First, I am looking for a marriage record for her, in order to know her married name, if she did marry. Second, I am hoping someone could check the obituaries for the month of November 1957 in the Ridgway newspaper, looking for anyone named Amanda, born in Sweden about 1863, who died that month, so that I can have a copy of the obituary. If she did not marry, her name will be ANDERSON. If she did marry, she will of course be listed under her married name. She had a niece Emy ANDERSON, who lived in Philadelphia, and a nephew August ANDERSON of Bellingham, WA, who may or may not be listed in the obituary. Swedish relatives are trying to find descendants of the family. Thank you in advance for any help you can give us.

DOYLE posted by Jean Eiselman on Tuesday, June 29, 1999

In search of info on Patrick Doyle lived in or around St Marys Pa. married Mary Alice Fenwick they had 6 childrenany info would be very helpful I,m at a dead end Patrick born Oct 21 1858 in England Mary Alice born June 1 1867 in England ANY DOYLE WILL HELP.

GARDNER posted by Mary Barron on Friday, July 2, 1999

Looking for info on George W. GARDNER, my grgrgrandfather.He and his wife Mary E. ?BENTON are shown living in Jones twp,ELK Co. in 1870. From 1880 to 1910 they lived in Ridgeway,ELK. Mary died 1905/6 unknown place in Elk Co. They had 5 children Oscar b.1860/1 NY; Elmer b1863 NY; Maretta/Lillie b.1866/7 and Maud Adeline b.6 Nov.1871 in NY or Ridgeway. George is supposed to have been born 4 Feb 1822 Orange Co NY.Mary Benton b.Dec 1841 CT. Who are his parents and siblings? Is Nelson Gardner of Ridgeway related? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you..

ECKERT, GERBER posted by S. Eckert on Monday, July 5, 1999

Interested in information about my paternal grandfather, Andrew Eckert, born probably in the 1890s, possibly at sea, settled in St. Marys and had a job on the railroad. Paternal grandmother was Marie Gerber of Benzinger Township. My father had an older sister, Catherine or Katherine, who died at a young age (12?) of a disease, possibly in Buffalo, NY, where Marie may have been living at the time with the children. My father's birth name was Norbert Eckert, and he was born in St. Marys in 1917. He later changed his name to Louis Eckert..

CARLSON, MALBURG posted by Joan Cline on Monday, July 12, 1999

I am seeking info on descendants, relatives of John A. and Augusta Carlson who emigrated to Ridgway from Goteborg, Sweden in 1902. Two children accompanied them..Carl and Hilma. Three more children were born in Ridgway..Harry, Bill, and Arthur (my father). Emil Malburg was my grandmother's brother, also residing in Ridgway. My grandfather was a foreman in the clay mines. He was active in the Salvation Army Band. They lived on Rock Street. Later, they moved to Jamestown, NY. Thanks for any further info.

EVERY, HASPER, LEBARON posted by Christine Pilon on Monday, July 12, 1999

I am hoping somebody can help me locate information on my great grandfather's family. His name was Frank Herbert Every b.6-10-1897(Staight,PA) d.5-23-1972 (Olean,NY) he married Vesta Christine Hasper b.12-23-1899 (Ormsby,PA) d.11-16-1962. Frank's parents were Elwin E. Every (Sraight,PA) and Grace Lebaron. Vesta's parents were Lewis and Charolett Hasper. Anyone with any information please e-mail me. Thank you.

CARLSON, PETERSON posted by Margie Nelson on Tuesday, July 13, 1999

I am researching my family tree and have very little to go on. My Grandmothers obituary says she was born Dagus Mines,Pa in 1889. Her name was Anna W. Peterson. Her parents were John and Mathilda Peterson. Anna had a brother named Charles and he was in Pittsburg in 1948. Any help would be appreciated. Margie.

MOYER posted by Charles Moyer on Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Searching for parents of Hezekian H. Moyer (b-1850)and at one time was County Commissioner of Elk County. Hezekian was married to Alice M.Taylor(b-1855) Three sons, son#1- James E.Moyer(b-1970's) who had 5 children, Alice K.(1901)-Norbort J. Moyer(1902)-Dewayne S.Moyer(1904)--Helen L.(1907) and Rita C. (1914) - Son#2 Joseph H. Moyer(1877) who had 6 children-Maria L.(1903)-Lyle J.(1905)-Clate E.(1906)-Marcella (1908)-Zell R. (1910) and Virginia C.(1916) and son#3 Edward T. Moyer (1882) who had 5 children-Leah H.(1910)-Alice (1911)-Edward C. Moyer (1915) Gladys B. (1919) and Charles N (1923)-any info contact Charles Moyer, 612 Whitechapel Dr., Virginia Beach, Va. 23455 or e-mail. . oldman623@aol.com.

RESKO, RESKOVEZC posted by Janet Samiee on Wednesday, July 14, 1999

Hi, I found out that my Grandfather Michael Reskovezc first lived in St.Marys when he immigrated to this country in June 1904. He immigrated with his brother Eli and sister Mary from Zagreb, Croatia (then Austria/Hungary) My Grandfather married Susie Getsey of Patton and they lived and remained in Patton. His sister Mary married George Lacanic and remained in St.Marys (He worked at Straubbs Brewery and owned a small grocery store) I am not sure if George Lacanic was the contact for my grandfather and his siblings. Does anyone know of any other Elk County-Croatia connections? Also any information about the surnames would be greatly appreciated. thanks, janet.

ANDERSON, JOHNSON posted by Ed Burns on Thursday, July 15, 1999

John Aron Johnson born in Sweden May 1865. He was employed by the Russell Snow Plow Company. His wife was Emma Anderson born in Sweden 1883. They married in 1898 in Ridgway. John died in January 19,1939. Emma died October 6, 1966. Both buried in the Oakmont Cemetery in Ridgway.

KLAIBER, KLEIBER, SIMBECK posted by Denice Klaiber on Saturday, July 17, 1999

I am currently searching for desendants of Sebastian and Barbara Heller Klaiber (Kleiber) and John George and Anna Marie Wacker Simbeck. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

BURDAN, BURDEN posted by Betty Burdan on Sunday, July 18, 1999

Looking for information on the family and descendents of Josiah BURDAN/BURDEN, possilby born between 1829 and 1837, son of Samuel BURDEN, in Pottgrove Twp., PA. Moved to Elk County,"married a girl from St. Marys" and remained in Elk for the rest of his life, according to family correspondence of 20 years ago.

COSTION, ROSETO, SETTE posted by Dennis Roseto on Friday, July 23, 1999

Looking for any information on Prospero Roseto and relatives living & deceased from Elk County

DERR, FIESTER posted by Dena Derr on Monday, July 26, 1999

I am researching my great-grandfather, Newton Woods DERR, born Sept. 1879. He married Bertha Pearl FIESTER born July 06,1881. Any info will be appreciated..

KELLER, KRIEGER posted by Sandy on Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Seeking date and place of death for Louis Philip Keller, born 19 April 1853, son of Jonathan N. and Margaret Krieger Keller..

BERRAY, GILLIS posted by Bonnie Waters on Thursday, July 29, 1999

Looking for any info On James Lyle GILLIS and wife Cecelia BERRAY -one of founders of Ridgway, Pa 1825, also his brother Enos and wife Lucretia Hart Gillis.

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