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Chapter IX




IN 1809 the pioneer physician of the county arrived in the person of Dr. Rogers, of whom a good deal is related in a former chapter. In 1818 Dr. Nichols came, then Dr. Clark, and before 1823 Dr. Hoyt was in Fox township. In 1843 Madam Dorothea Wolfram came as an accoucheur under special contract with the colony at St. Mary's. Dr. D. Miner was in Jones township in 1844; Dr. Earley came about 1846, and practiced at Ridgway as early as 1855. When. Dr. Van Volsey arrived in 1861, Jeremiah Chapman was Dr. Earley' s first partner in the drug business, and later Dr. Hill was associated with him Lewis Iddings, A.B. Pulling and Buchman were in Fox township in 1850_51, and at that time Dr. Earley was a resident of Jay township. Dr. W.J. Blakeley was at St. Mary's, and he and Earley, Bardwell and McKnight were the only regular physicians of the county in 1863.

The record of physicians who registered under the act of June 8, 1881, is given as follows, also the place and date of diploma, as well as the year of registry.

Those who registered in 1881 were as follows:

+ Dudley B. Day, Cincinnati, 1877.

+ S. Michael Free, Ohio, 1880.

+ John S. Bardwell, -----, 1856.

* Herman Straessley, practice, -----

*Theo. S. Hartley, Buffalo, _.

= E.L. Ernhout, Wilcox, 1879.

+ C.G. Wilson, Jefferson College, 1873.

= A.M. Straight, Bellevue,

+ Eben J. Russ, Nat. Med. College, 1861.

= Fred Saurwald, St. Mary's,

+ Cyrus A. Haskins, Buffalo, 1878.

= Edward T. Williams, Centreville,

+ William B. Hartrnan, Pa. Med. Col., 1856.

+ Andrew Meisel, Elk county, 1871.

+ Walter L. Williams, practice, 1869.

Samuel B. Hartman, Jefferson College, _.

+ C.R. Earley, _, 1846.


Those who registered in 1882 were as follows:

+ Carolum W. Anderson, Geneva, 1861.

Jeremiah K. Bowers, Phila. _.

* Jacob D. Woodruff, Buffalo, 1882.

T.R. Williams, Baltimore, 1882.

Those who registered in 1883 were as follows:

+ D.D. Fislier, Vermont, _.

Joseph H. Hoffman, Philadelphia, -----.

+ Francis W. Sapp, Baltimore, -----.

Jason T. Waid, Buffalo, 1883. -

A.A. Sweier, Philadelphia, _.


Those who registered in 1884 were as follows:

Edgar T. Williams, practice, 1871.

A. B. Bevier, Bellevue, ----- .

James H. Wells, Behlevue, _.

William H. Tassell, Baltimore,-----.

Those who registered in 1885 were, as follows:

V.R. Corbett, Philadelphia, _.

Byron Clark, Baltimore, _.

Francis G. Early, Philadelphia, 1885.

Sherman E. Ayars, Ec. College, N.Y.,-----.

Charles R. Earley, -----1846.

A. Kelly Corbin, N.Y. College, -----.

L. Gibbons Smart, Baltimore, _.

Hugh Henry, Cleveland, _.

Those who registered in 1886 were as follows:

Mrs. H.M. Mullhaupt, Philadelphia, 1886.

* W. C. Quinn, Baltimore, 1886.

William C. Jones, Michigan, 1886.

Those who registered in 1887 were as follows:

W.J. McKnight, Pennsylvania, 1886.

H.P. Holt, Baltimore, -----.

James G. McCoy, Ohio, 1873.

J.A. Burgoon, Clarion County, -----.

J.N. Smith, Cleveland, _.

John L. Wright, Philadelphia, 1881.

Henry H. Smith, Philadelphia, 1887.


Those who registered in 1888 were as follows:

William C. Niver, practice, 1852.

F.H. Sinning, Philadelphia, 1885.

R.J. Hillis, Baltimore, _.

*Charles M. Blakeslee, practice, 1853.

Those who registered in 1889 were as follows:

Merrit Wilcox, Philadelphia, _.

William R. Palmer, Buffalo,-----.

Walter B. Hottel, Cleveland, __.

John C. McAllister, Jr., Baltimore,-----.

L.L. Sapp registered in March, 1890; Dr. Hartman came in. 1865, Dr. H.T.C. Krumme about 1867, just after W.W. Shaw's advent. C.H. Fuller was an old botanical doctor.

* Deceased 
+ Present  
= Moved

Source: Page(s) 628-631, History of Counties of McKean, Elk and Forest, Pennsylvania. Chicago, J.H. Beers & Co., 1890.
Transcribed December 2006 by Nathan Zipfel for the Elk County Genealogy Project
Published 2006 by the Elk County Pennsylvania Genealogy Project

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