List of Molly Maguires from Pinkerton & Reading Railroad Files

Contributed by: Charles P. Joyce

Last Name First Name Town Remarks
AubreyWilliamStorm Hill 
BannanMikeTurkey RunAOH member
Barratt Pat Raven RunAOH member
Barratt PatseyRappahannockAOH member
BartholomewLen AOH
defense attorney
BellManusGirardvilleAOH member
BergenMartinTuscaroraAOH member
Hanged 1/14/1879 for the murder of Patrick Burns in Silver Creek
BerriganJackMahanoy CityAOH member.
BerriganMikeMahanoy CityAOH member.
BlairJamesWiggans Patch 
BonnerPatrickCoaldaleAOH member
BoranJamesIreland Breaker
AOH member
Boylan M.ShenandoahAOH member
BoyleAndrewStorm HillCounty Treasurer
BoyleBarneySummit HillAOH member
Convicted of Perjury in Yost case.
BoyleBernardTamaquaAOH member
BoyleCondonHazletonAOH member.
BoyleCondySummit HillAOH member
BoyleD.HazletonAOH member
Boyle Daniel Summit Hill 
BoyleJames Storm Hill AOH member
Boyle James Summit Hill AOH Bodymaster.
Hanged at Pottsville 6/21/1877.
Boyle Jamie Executed in Pottsville.
BoyleJohnMahanoy CityAOH member
BoyleJohnStorm HillAOH member
BoyleKate 18 year old wife of James Boyle.
Perjured herself in behalf of her husband at the Munley trial.
BoyleMichaelShenandoahAOH member
BradleyJames Conspirator on the murder of Alexander Rea 10/17/1868/
Bradley Pat Lost Creek AOH Treasurer
Breit John Ashland 
Brennan Andy Mahanoy CityAOH member
Brennan FrankBuck MountainAOH Treasurer
Brennan James Buck MountainAOH member
BrennanJohn "Spur"Shenandoah
Brennan Michael Schuylkill Have 
Brennan PaddySummit HillWitnessed the murder of Gomer James.
BreslinEllenSummit HillTestified in Alec Campbell's behalf.
Breslin JohnPalo Alto 
BreslinPatrick Summit Hill AOH member
Brophy Thomas Wheeling, WV 
BurkAnthony Connor's PatchAOH member
BurkMikeConnor's Patch AOH member
BurkePatLost CreekAOH Secretary
BurkeTomConnor's PatchAOH member
BurkeTonyShenandoahAOH member
BurnsCharlesShenandoahAOH member
BurnsMalachiShenandoahAOH member
BurnsPeterSilver BrookAOH Bodymaster
ButlerJamesLost CreekAOH member
ButlerJohn #3 Breaker
ButlerPatrickLost Creek AOH Bodymaster
Turned states evidence in the murder of Gomer James
CallaghanWilliamMahanoy PlaneAOH member
CallahanJerryCass Township 
CallahanP. F.Pleasant ValleyAOH Bodymaster
CampbellAlexanderStorm HillAOH Treasurer and Bodymaster.
Cell #14 Carbon County Jail
CampbellBryanAshlandAccused conspirator in the murder of Alexander Rea 10/17/1868
CampbellJamesJunctionAOH County Treasurer
CampbellJamesTamaquaReturned to Ireland after Alexander Campbell's hanging.
CampbellJohnJunctionAOH member
CampbellJohnTuscaroraConvicted of F.W. Langdon murder.
CampbellMichaelAudenreidConvicted of aggravated assault in a fight at William's Hotel.
CampbellPatJunctionAOH member
CampbellTeagueTamaquaFled the coal region after his brother's execution (Alex Campbell).
CampbellWilliamJunctionAOH member
CanningDennisLocust GapAOH Bodymaster
CannonJamesJunctionAOH member
CareyJohnLost Creek  
CarolanMichaelWiggans PatchAOH member
CarolanPatTamaquaAOH Treasurer
CarrMikeSummit Hill 
CarrollJamesTamaquaAccused of the murder of Benjamin Yost. Hanged in Pottsville 6/21/1877.
CarrollMikeShenandoahAOH member
CarrollThomasScrantonAOH Bodymaster
CarrollWilliam Chairman of Clan NA Gael
CaryTonyFinger Board AOH member
CaseyJohnSaint ClaireAOH member
CaseyPatrickJackson's PatchAOH member
ChapmanDennisHoneybrookInvolved in the murder of Frank Langdon.
ChristieDanJackson's Patch 
Clarke JoeyPottsville 
Clarke MickeyGilberton 
ClarkeOwenMahanoy CityAOH member
ClarkeThomasMahanoy CityAOH member
ColemanJohnMt. LaffeeAOH Bodymaster
CollihanJohnCentraliaAOH member
CollihanMartinGilberton AOH member
Collins PatseyPalo AltoAOH Bodymaster
ConahanFrankEckleyAOH member
CondonRichardPort CarbonAOH Secretary
CondonPeriePort Carbon 
Connory Patrick "Derrick"Connor's Patch 
ConnoryThomasConnor's Patch 
ConwayJohn #3 Breaker
ConwayMorrisBig Mine RunAOH Treasurer
CooneyJamesPlainvilleAOH Bodymaster
CooneyMichaelPottsville AOH member
CorriganMikeJackson's PatchAOH member
CosgroveEdward AOH member
Murdered by Gomer James in 1873.
CoughlinMickey "Lofty"  
CoyleEdwardShenandoahWBA organizer mysteriously killed 1/15/1875 at Plank Ridge Colliery.
CreanLawrenceGirardvilleAOH Bodymaster
Crowley JohnEckleyAOH member
CullNealHazletonAOH member
CurleyPatrickCentraliaAOH Bodymaster
CurranHughSilver Creek 
CurranJohnGirardvilleAOH member
CurryDanCentraliaAOH member
CurryJamesMahanoy PlaneAOH member
CurryJohnCentraliaAOH member
CurryThomas PottsvilleAOH member
DaltonJack Conspirator on the murder of Alexander Rea 10/17/1868.
DaltonPatLanigan's PatchAOH member
DarcyMichaelGilberton AOH member
Assigened to kill John P. Jones with James McKenna.
DarcyThomasPalo Alto 
DarrianPatStorm HillAOH member
DeanJohnPlainvilleAOH member
DeanJonasShenandoahAOH member
DeanMartinShenandoahAOH member
DeanneMartinLost Creek 
Deenan John "Bushy"  
Delaney JackShenandoah 
DelaneyOwenNewtownAOH Bodymaster
DelayPatTamaquaAOH Secretary
DeleanyLukeGirardvilleAOH member
DevittMichaelSchuylkill Fall 
DohohoeMatTuscaroraAOH Secretary
DolanPatrickBig Mine RunAOH Bodymaster
DonahoeMatthewMahanoy CityAOH member
DonahoePatrickMahanoy CitySaloon Keeper
DonahueJohn "Yellow Jack"TuscaroraAOH bodymaster.
Hanged for the murder of Morgan Powell in 1871.
Cell #12 Carboon County Jail.
DonahueThomasAshlandSaloon owner in Ashland where murder of Alexander Rea was planned.
DoneghanM.TaylorvilleAOH member
DonlanBarneyBig Mine RunAOH member
County delegate from Schuylkill County.
DonnelleyChrisMt. LaffeeCounty Treasurer
DonnelleyChristopherSchuylkill Co.AOH Treasurer
DonnelleyDennis "Bucky"Raven RunAOH Bodymaster
Hanged for Sanger-Uren murders.
DonohoeJackTuscaroraAOH Bodymaster
DonohoeJohnMahanoy PlaneAOH Treasurer
DonohoeThomasFinger BoardAOH member
DonohueJohn "Long JohnTuscarora 
DoolanMichaelRaven Run 
DooleyDennisMt. LaffeeAOH member
DooleyMartinLocust DaleAOH member
DooleyMichaelMahanoy Plane  
DooleyPatrickLocust GapAOH Bodymaster
DooleyThomasShenandoahAOH member
DormerJames GirardvilleAOH member
DormerPatrickPottsville AOH member
Owner of Sheridan House in Pootsville.
DoughertyDanielMahanoy CityAOH member
Acquitted of the murder of George Major.
DoughertyNeilTuscaroraAOH member
He is buried in St. Jerome's, Tamaqua.
DoughertyTrickLocust Gap  
DowneyDanielLanigan's PatchAOH member
DoyleJohnMt. LaffeeAOH member
DoyleMichaelShenandoahAOH member
Fugitive from justice.
DoyleMichael J.Mt. LaffeeAOH member
Hanged for the murder of John P. Jones in 1875.
Cell #12 Carbon County Jail.
DoylePatMt. LaffeeAOH member
DrummDanielShenandoahAOH member
DuffyBarneyHazeltonAOH member
DuffyJohn Mahanoy City 
DuffyPeterHazeltonAOH member
DuffyThomasTamaquaAOH member
Hanged for the murder of Benjamin Yost in 1875.
DuganHughNesquehoningTestified in Alexander Campbell's behalf.
DuganJamesMahanoy CityAOH member
DuganMatthewMahanoy CityAOH member
DuganWilliamMahanoy CityAOH member
DunleavyFrankLost CreekAOH member
DunleavyMikeLost CreekAOH member
Durkin ThomasGirardville 
DurkinThomasPottsvilleAOH member
DurkinWilliamPort Blauchard AOH Bodymaster
DyerJohnShenandoahAOH member
EaganWilliamConner's PatchAOH member
FarleyMikePottsvilleAOH member
FergusEdwardBig Mine Run 
FinnelDickShenandoahAOH member
FinneralPeterGirardvilleAOH member
Fisher P. D.LL Summit HillAOH member
FisherThomasCarbon CountyAOH delegate.
Hanged for the murder of Morgan Powell.
Cell #8 Carbon County Jail.
FlannaganMikeShoemaker's Pat 
FlanneryPatSaint ClaireAOH member
FlanneryThomasDunmoreAOH member
FlynnDickColorado Collie 
FlynnEnosScrantonAOH member
FogartyDanMahanoy City 
FurgensonJohnPlainvilleAOH member
GallagherBarney Borrowed Alex Campbell's pistol from August 15 to November 1876.
GallagherCaptain Leader at Pittsburgh.
GallagherFrankTamaquaAOH member
GallagherJamesBuck MountainAOH Bodymaster
GallagherJamesCoaldaleAOH Bodymaster
GallagherJamesSummit HillAOH member
GallagherJames J.Coaldale  
GallagherJohnSummit Hill 
GallagherOwenEvervaleAOH member
GallagherP. C.Wilkes-BarreAOH Bodymaster
GarrityJohnPlainvilleAOH member
GarveyMike #3 Breaker
GarveyPat #3 Breaker
GaughanJohnRaven RunFired by the Heaton brothers.
Thomas Sanger was targeted for this.
GavinWilliamBig Mine RunAOH Secetary
GerrityThomasCentraliaAOH member
GettingsJamesTamaquaAOH member
GibbonsJohnSugar NotchAOH member
Involved in the shooting of "Bully Bill".
GildeaPatrickSummit Hill 
GormerlyWilliamSt. NicholasAOH Bodymaster
GradyJamesCarbondaleAOH member
HarkinsJuniorFrackvilleAOH member
HarkinsSeniorFrackville AOH member
HarveyJamesBuck Mountain Post Master and Secretary.
HassettWilliamRaven RunAOH member
HayesCharlesShenandoahAOH member
Heffron JohnWiggans Patch 
HesterPatJunctionExpelled Bodymaster, still has control of the men.
HigginsMary Ann Sister-inlaw of James Kerrigan.
Sweetheart of James McKenna.
Holland MichaelScrantonAOH member
HughesDanPottsvilleAOH member
HurleyJohnPottsvilleAOH member
HurleyThomasWiggans PatchAOH Secretary
HylandBridget Convicted for perjury in the Munley trial.
HylandTomGilbertonAOH member
IrvingJamesHazletonAOH member
JenningsPeterWilkes-BarreAOH Bodymaster
KalbfusDanielMauch ChunkLawyer and AOH defense Attorney.
Went insane years latter.
KaneEdwardSilver CreekAOH Secretary
KeenanFrankForrestvilleAOH Bodymaster.
Fugitive from justice.
KehoeEdMahanoy CityAOH member
KehoeJohn "Black Jack"GirardvilleAOH county delegate called "King of the Mollies"
Was hanged in 1878 for the murder of F.W. Langdon in 1862.
He was Pardoned my Gov. Shapp in 1979.
KehoePatLanigan's PatchAOH member
KehoeWilliam Tamaqua 
KelleyDavidWild Cat Run AOH Bodymaster
KerriganFannyTamaquaWife of James Kerrigan who testified againsthim for hanging innocent men.
KerriganJames "SquealerTamaquaAOH Bodymaster.
Walked away a free man.
Fled for his life to Richmond, Virginia.
KillcullenM.ScrantonAOH member
KilldayJamesSilver RunAOH member
KinneyJohnGlen CarbonAOH member
KirkWilliamWilkes-BarreCounty delegate
L'Velle ArthurPottsville 
L'Velle MartinPottsvilleDefense Attorney for the Molly Maguires.
LaffertyRoger Conspirator on the murder of Alexander Rea 10/17/1868.
LanahanJamesShenandoahAOH member
LanganMikeLatimoreAOH member
LaughlinOwenPlank RoadAOH Bodymaster
LavilleArthurFish BackAOH member
LavilleJohnNew YorkAOH member
LawlerEdPottsvilleNephew of Muff Lawler.
LawlerMichael "Muff"Shenandoah AOH Bodymaster.
Saloon keeper.
LearyJackLost Creek  
LenahanNealCentraliaCounty delegate
LeonardJohnLanigan's PatchAOH member
LoveThomasGirardvilleAOH member
LoveWilliam Alledged murderer of Squire Gwyther.
LoweryMikeTurkey RunAOH member
MaguireHughStorm HillAOH member
MaguireNeilStorm HillAOH member
Mahoney FlorenceTurkey RunAOH Bodymaster
MaloyJohn  Alleged accessory to the murder of Morgan Powell.
ManelusPatStorm Hill 
MartinMikeTamaquaAOH member
McAlindenJohnFowler's PatchAOH member
McAllisterCharlesWiggans PatchJohn Kehoe's in-law.
McAllisterEllenWiggans PatchMurdered by Modocs.
McAllisterJames Alleged murderer of Sanger-Uren.
McAloonJamesPalo Alto 
McAnallyHenryPottsvilleAOH member
McAndrewFrankShenandoahAOH Bodymaster
McCahillCondyBuck MountainAOH member
McCahillMikeBuck MountainAOH member
McCannJamesMahanoy City 
McCannJohn Alleged murder of George Major.
McCarronCharlesHazletonAOH member
McCartyAndrewPittstonAOH member
McClainJack #3 Breaker
McClain Thomas #3 Breaker
McCluskyPatrickMahanoy CityAOH member
McCollCharlesBuck MountainAOH member
McCoolJames Resident of Carbon County Jail.
McCoolPatrickBeaver DaleAOH Bodymaster
McDermottMikeLanigan's PatchAOH member
McDonnellJames "Hairy Man"Tuscarora Hanged for the murder of George K. Smith in 1863.
McDonnellJohnMahanoy CityAOH member
McDonnellThomasShoemaker's PatAOH member
McDonoughJimGirardvilleAOH member
McDonoughMikeGirardvilleAOH member
McGannThomasShamokinAOH member
McGeeColumbusHoneybrook Acquitted of killing F.W. Langdon in 1862.
McGeeMichael Acquitted of killing F.W. Langdon in 1862.
McGeehanHughSummit Hill AOH member
Hanged for the murder of Benjamin Yost.
McGettiganJamesMahaony PlaneAOH Secretary
McGinleyTeagueMauch ChunkAOH Secretary
McGintyJamesBuck MountainAOH member
McGintyJamesMahanoy CitySaloon keeper
McGlinnJohnBuck MountainAOH member
McGovernTerryMount Carbon 
McGowanBryanOhio Breaker
McGradyPatLocust GapAOH member
McGuireHughStorm HillAOH member
McHaleJohnCass Township 
McHughCornelius T.Carbon CountyHead of the Workers Benevolent Association (WBA).
McHughFrankMahanoy CityvvAOH Secretary
McHughJamesShenandoahAOH member
McHughJosephShenandoahAOH member
McHughMikeBig Mine RunAOH member
McHughPeter Hanged in Bloomsburg March 25, 1878
for the murder of Alexander Rea.
McInerneyPatMahanoy City 
McIntyreDannyBuck Mountain 
McKannaFrankStorm HillAOH member
McKannaMikeStorm HillAOH member
McKennaPatHoutzdaleAOH Bodymaster
McLaughlinPatrickConnor's PatchSaloon keeper.
McManusPeterCoal RunHanged in Sunbury on October 9, 1879
for the murder of Frederick Hesser in 1874.
McNellisBernardTamaquaAOH member
McNellisJakeStorm HillAOH member
McNellisPeterJenkins Patch  
McQuail Pat New PhiladelphiaAOH Bodymaster
Melvine JamesPittstonAOH Bodymaster
Merrick WilliamScrantonAOH member
MilesPat  #3 Breaker
MillFrankSaint ClaireAOH member
MilliganHughColorado Collie  
MonaghanAnthonyRappahannockAOH Secretary
MonaghanNedShenandoahAOH member
Shenandoah policeman convicted in "Bully Bill" shooting.
MonaghanPat RappahannockAOH Treasurer
MonaghanPeteMahanoy Twp. 
MonaghanPeterPlainvilleAOH member
MonahanEd Jr.ShenandoahAOH member
MonahanEd Sr.Shenandoah AOH member
MonahanPeterShenandoahAOH member
MooreHughMauch Chunk 
MoranJamesMt. LaffeeAOH member
MoranPatParson Station  
MorrisJohnShenandoahAOH member
MuldooneyWilliam Conspirator in the murder of Alexander Rea.
MuldowneyPatMahanoy City 
Mulhall BillLuzerne County 
MulhearnCharlesTamaquaAOH member
Convicted in the Morgan Powell murder.
MulhearnEdwardMauch ChunkAOH Secretary
MulhearnEdwardMauch ChunkAOH defense attorney
MulhearnJohnTamaquaAOH member
MullaghanHughColorado CollieAOH member
Mullen  Scrante AOH member
MullenJamesTamaquaAOH member
MullenMikeHyde ParkAOH Bodymaster
MullhearnJ. T.Summit HillAOH member
MundyAndrewLost CreekAOH member
MunleyAnthonyLost CreekAOH member
MunleyJames RappahannockAOH Bodymaster
MunleyThomasGilbertonAOH Treasurer.
Hanged for Sanger-Uren murders.
Murphey AndrewLost Creek 
Murphey DennisTamaqua 
Murphey JamesPottsvilleAOH member
MurpheyJoeLost Creek 
Murphey PatrickBranchdale 
MurpheyThomasWiggans Patch 
MurphyJohnNew Philadelphi 
MurphyMichaelShenandoah AOH member
MurphyMikeBig Mine RunAOH Secretary
NashMartin Brother of Phillip Nash
NashPhil Finger Board
AOH member
NeedhanMikeProvidenceAOH Bodymaster
Nolan PatrickTamaqua  
O'BrienJamesNew YorkAOH member
O'Brien JamesShenandoah  
O'Brien MichaelMahanoy CityAOH Bodymaster.
Hanged for the murder of Sanger-Uren.
Pardoned in 1885.
O'Brien MikeMahanoy CityAOH Bodymaster
O'Brien Mike Jr.Mahanoy CityAOH member
O'DonnellCharles  Killed at Wiggans Patch in 1875 by the Modocs.
Buried in St. Jeromes Cemetery, Tamaqua
O'DonnellCondyBuck Mountain 
O'DonnellJackSummit HillAOH member
O'DonnellJames "Friday" Fugitive from justice in Sanger-Uren murders.
O'DonnellJohnHazeltonAOH member
O'DonnellMikeSummit HillAOH member
O'LearyMikeForrestsvilleAOH Secretary
O'NeilFrancisSaint ClaireAOH Bodymaster
O'NeilJames Convicted of the Fred Hesser murder.
O'Neill FrankShenandoah  
O'ReaganJackSaint ClaireAOH member
O'ReillyJamesPottsvilleAOH member
PaddenPatConnor's Patch AOH member
PurcellJohnWiggans Patch  
RaffertyPatLocust GapAOH member
RamseyJamesMahanoy PlaneAOH member
ReilleyJeremiah Chartered 1st AOH in Cass Township in 1836.
Reilly JamesPottsville AOH defense attoryney
ReillyMikeForrestville AOH Secretary
ReillyThomasGirardville AOH member
RoachMikeShoemaker's PatAOH member
RoachPatSaint ClaireAOH member
RoachPatrickMahanoy Borough 
Roarity JamesCoaldaleAOH Bodymaster.
Hanged for the murder of John P. Jones in 1875.
RockMartinRaven Run AOH member
Rodgers HughWiggans PatchAOH member
RodgersHugh S.Pottsville AOH member
RyonJohnPottsvilleAOH defense attorney
SharpCharles Hanged for the murder of George K. Smith in 1863.
ShawAnthonyLost Creek 
SheridanMikeMahanoy CityAOH member
ShovelinPatrickPottsvilleAOH member
SineyJohnSaint ClaireLabor leader, 1st president of WBA.
SkivingtonNedBeaver Dale 
SlatteryJohn J.TuscaroraAOH Bodymaster.
Turned states evidence to save his neck from the rope.
SlatteryPeterTuscaroraAOH Treasurer
SmithM. A.PlymouthAOH member
SmithPatHazeltonAOH member
SmythAndyPlymouthAOH Bodymaster
StephensonThomasSt. Nicholas 
StinsonJohn Silver Creek 
SweeneyAnthonyHazeltonAOH member
SweeneyJohnSummit HillAOH member
SweeneyMike Big Mine RunAOH member
TamminyJohnBuck MountainAOH member
ThompsonJohn #3 Breaker
TrimbleCondySummit Hill 
Tyrell P.Trenton, NJCounty Delegate
Walker PierceShenandoah 
WalshJohnShenandoahAOH member
WardMarginSaint ClaireAOH member
WelshJohn F. Successor to John Siney as president of the WBA.
WhalanPatShenandoahAOH member
WheelochonJames uckvilleAOH member
WinterMikeWilkes-BarreAOH member
WinterPatWilkes-BarreAOH member

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