The Penfield Weekly Press

Miscellaneous Articles

Transcribed and submitted by Beverly Carter

The following are miscellaneous items from the Penfield Press which might be of interest, giving an idea of what life was like then.

House to House Visitation

Six pairs of canvassers, representing the Presbyterian, Methodist and Free Methodist churches of Penfield, took the religious census of the town and suburbs on New Years day. The Presbyterian representatives were Mesdames Mrs. Rev. Caldwell, Mrs. W. D. Woodward Jr. Misses Nellie Bird and Mayme Jordan, the methodist, mrs. Rev. Guldin, misses Agnes Jones, Nora Scofield and mrs. Scudder. The Free methodist mrs. B. J. Conklin, mrs Rev. Sager, misses Lillian Lenig and Mary Reedy. The information gathered will be tabulated as previously. The matter is under the direction of Rev. D. Caldwell Pres. of the Huston Twp. S. S. Association.


August, 1892. It makes one sorry to read of other summer resorts crowded with guests who have large wampum to dispense and know that Penfield and its Alicia Springs are not more patronized. The water of these springs is equal to Saratogas famous and there is not a night nor day when the climate is not bearable and cool and restful slumber possible. it is to be hoped that another season will not pass without the fitting up of our town to entertain strangers even though we should entertain angels unaware.

January 22, 1904. Socially, Penfield is as dead as a doornail.



Old Maids Convention At Penfield Opera House, Saturday evening March 23

will be the greatest and gayest aggregation of Bachelor Girls ever Assembled in Bennets Branch Valley. A Musical and Literary Program will be performed that will delight the Funny and the Fastitious. Proceeds for the Ladies Order of True Maccabees. ADMISSION, one dime.


Schriver and Edwards have ham, cheese and sardine sandwiches, baked beans, chicken, clam and vegetable soup, salmon and sardines, pickled pigs feet, eggs in all styles, fresh oysters, stewed, fried, or raw, or by the quart. Everything fresh and clean. (Friday October 9. 1903)


Jan. 27, 1905 While thawing dynamite at Biney Monday, 15 Italians were blown into space like so many rubber balls. They were picked up and hustled to the Dubois Hospital. All of them are recovering and may live to try the experiment again.

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