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The Men of 1854

Transcribed and submitted by Beverly Carter



Here is another article for those who care to paste in their scrap books the points of the early history of the upper Bennets Branch Valley.

In 1854 Hiram Woodward came to Slabtown, Elk Co. with a number of men from the Lehigh River region. Inquiry among those who survive of this expedition seem to give the names of 18 men, though it is not absolutely certain that there were quite so many. These eighteen names are Wm. Hawk, Abram Hawk, Gephart Banner, Frederick Lixfield, Absalom Ruple, (brother of Jos. Ruple), David Payne, Jacob Payne, Jacob Smathers, Alfred Evans, Peter Evans, Joseph Buskirk, James Guckhaven, Austin Warner, Freeman Dunham, John Dunham, and John Ryan. Of these, Wm. Hawk, James Guckhaven and Gephart Banner are still living, the former at Caledonia and the two latter at Penfield. Abram Hawk, Davidson, Ruple, Hollowick and Warner did not long remain. John Dunham married Laviza Wilson and went west and Freeman the brother also went west. John Ryan and Jacob Smathers died years ago and are buried in the Penfield Cemetery.

David Payne was killed in battle during McLellan’s retreat, falling at the side of Wm. E. B. Jones. Jacob Payne married Harriet Evans, sister of Peter and Alfred. While cutting a tree along the road to Clearfield a limb fell and killed Jacob Payne. Harriet afterwards married James Guckhaven. Alfred Evans married Huldah Payne sister of David and Jacob. Joseph Buskirk married Ann Evans, sister of Peter and Alfred. Peter Evans married Rosa Payne sister of Jacob and David. Frederick Lixfield remained unmarried throughout his long life. Allen Rosenkrans



The following appeared later and refers to a different article but I thought it should be included as a kind of warning. There was no response to these comments.

February 9, 1906 A LETTER TO THE PRESS

To the editor: Would it not be possible for the writer of the "Pioneer’s History" to get names of the Hewitt family, and also dates of the births, marriages, and deaths nearer correct? It would certainly add to the interest to the biography if such were the case. If you have space in your valuable paper, allow me to correct a few mistakes in the history of last week. J. B. Hewitt’s first wife’s name was Arilla, instead of Amelia. And out of the five children whose names were mentioned only three deceased instead of four. Curtis, Zelinda, instead of Eliza Kooker and Charles. Then we notice in mentioning the children of Chas. A. Hewitt that Ida R. (Mrs. Chas. Tyler) was left out entirely. No doubt Mr. Rosenkrans has been misinformed in regard to these facts, but the members of families should each receive the notice due them if worth writing at all.

With due regards to all concerned, I am


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