Decatur Township
Clearfield County Pennsylvania

plain7tinybutton.gif   African-American Cemetery, east of the Goss Cemetery (almost gone in 1887)

plain7tinybutton.gif   Baughman Family Cemetery

plain7tinybutton.gif   Centre United Methodist Church Cemetery

plain7tinybutton.gif   Goss Cemetery, Osceola Mills

plain7tinybutton.gif   Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery, Osceola Mills  Photo

plain7tinybutton.gif   Kephart Cemetery

plain7tinybutton.gif   John Crowell Family Cemetery, on the farm (mentioned in Aldrich, 1887, overgrown at that time)

plain7tinybutton.gif   Lithuanian Cemetery

dot.gif (931 bytes)  Mock's Hill Cemetery, West Decatur

plain7tinybutton.gif   Nativity of St. John the Baptist Orthodox Cemetery, just outside Chester Hill

plain7tinybutton.gif   Nativity of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Cemetery, Osceola Mills (adjoins the Immaculate Conception Cemetery)

plain7tinybutton.gif   St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery, Osceola Mills (Polish)  Photo

plain7tinybutton.gif   Stumptown Cemetery

plain7tinybutton.gif   Umbria Cemetery, Osceola Mills

If you know the name or location of any other cemeteries  in the township, please please e-mail me

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