Beccaria Township
Clearfield County Pennsylvania

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dot.gif (931 bytes)  Bell Cemetery

dot.gif (931 bytes)  Crossroads Cemetery

dot.gif (931 bytes)  Lyleville Cemetery (a.k.a.  Shelton Hill, Coalport, Chelton Hill & Beers)

dot.gif (931 bytes)  Mount Pleasant Cemetery (aka Ball Cemetery) [Transcript 1]  [Transcript 2]

dot.gif (931 bytes)  St Paul's Cemetery (aka Old German)  (photos - external website)

dot.gif (931 bytes)  St. Basil the Great Roman Catholic Church Cemetery (large PDF file)

dot.gif (931 bytes)  St. Michael's Church Cemetery

dot.gif (931 bytes)  St. Paul's Church Cemetery

dot.gif (931 bytes)  Spangle Cemetery (photos - external website)

dot.gif (931 bytes)  Utahville Cemetery

dot.gif (931 bytes)  Weld Cemetery   [Transcript 1]  [Transcript 2]

dot.gif (931 bytes)  Zion Cemetery

If you know the name or location of any other cemeteries  in the township, please please e-mail me

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