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Posted Queries for September 2000


HAAG, JOHNSON, MADERA, MULLINS, WILSON, ZORGER posted by Danielle A.Wilson on Friday, September 1, 2000

Hi there... I am living in Richmond, Virginia but I am origionally from Curwensville, Pennsylvania and I am trying to trace back my roots to all of my family so I can write it down for myself and for later years when I have children so they can retrace their family heritage. As far back as I know of my family my great grand parents are: Joseph (deceased) and Virgie (Haag) Madera, Ben (deceased) and Margaret (deceased) Mullins, Adrian (deceased) and Margaret (Johnson) Zorger. My grand parents are: George Merlin and Dorthy Marie (Madera) Mullins and Amos Lyle (deceased) and Virginia Margaret (Zorger) Wilson. If you have any information of being related to amy of these people or can help me trace back farther than I have please help out. THANK YOU!!!


BATES posted by Rich Hill on Sunday, September 3, 2000

Trying to find descendants of Fred C. Bates and Martha J. Lute Bates. Per Burnside Township 1900 census, known children are Erma, Dulcie, and Ivan. Since they were close to the borders, they may have migrated to Cambria or Indiana County.
Martha is thought to have married a Mr. Hammond, Hammon? and headed for Lock Haven around 1930.


ALLEN, BLISS, WHEELER posted by Scott Erickson on Sunday, September 3, 2000

My great-grandfather's second wife was Lovie Luzerne Wheeler, b. 9/26/1890 in Penfield. Her parents (according to the Soc Sec application I received today) were Adam Wheeler and Nancy Allen. The birthplace and some of the names seem to correspond to your query. Is any of this helpful? I would like to find out more about Lovie's parents. Thanks for any help you can give.


ALLEN, WHEELER posted by Scott Erickson on Sunday, September 3, 2000

I am looking for information on Lovie Luzerne Wheeler, b. 9/26/1890, in Penfield. Her parents were Adam Wheeler and Nancy Allen (based on info I received in Lovie's Soc Sec application). Lovie was the second wife of my great-grandfather. Any help or advice will be appreciated. I am new to Pennsylvania research.


OGDEN, SELLERS, WATSON posted by Judith Heald on Monday, September 4, 2000

Joseph WATSON (1813-1889) and Mary Ann SELLERS (1816-1882) m. 15 Aug 1835 in Stormstown, Centre County, PA. Eleven children were born in Centre and Clearfield Counties. William Wesley (married Elizabeth OGDEN), Joseph Sellers, Armstrong Garner, George Miller (married Elizabeth RIDER), Shunk Francis (married Mary Ann TRUDY and Martha NEFF), Mary Catherine (married William Siras OGDEN), Margaret Ann (married William BEAUMONT), Franklin P., Simon L. (married Anna H. LEMON), Lewis Alexander (married Frances BROWN), and Alice Amanda (or Armanda) (married John CARR). I am descended from William Wesley WATSON and Elizabeth OGDEN. Have contact with descendants of George Miller and Mary Catherine. Would love to hear from anyone else who knows anything about these families and share data.


MOORE, ROGERS, THOMPSON posted by Judith Heald on Monday, September 4, 2000

Peter THOMPSON (1812-1897) was born in Centre County and died in Elk County. Spent much of his life in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties. His first marriage was to Sarah F. KYLER in 1836 (no children). Second to Eliza DIXON or DICKSON in 1842 (one child, Prochorus Milo THOMPSON (1843-1926). Third marriage to Hannah ROGERS in 1846. Children of third marriage born between 1848 and 1868 were: Mary Elvira, Herbert, Eugene Alvin (married Minnie FRANTZ of Ridgeway), Gilbert, Simon, Jane, Eliza, Reuben, Ida, Ada, George, Manfred, and Mervin.
My g-grandparents are Prochorus Milo THOMPSON and Martha Jane MOORE.
Peter THOMPSON's parents are Robert THOMPSON and Catherine WANTZ.
Would love to hear from anyone else who knows anything about these families and share data.


JACQUIN posted by Mike Jacquin on Tuesday, September 5, 2000

Looking for information about Pierre and Marie Jacquin that settled in Frenchville, Pa in about 1847. They had seven kids born between 1859 and 1874. Marie died Jan 05, 1881 and is buried in PA somewhere. Suspect somewhere around Frenchville. Pierre and Marie came over from France along with Pierre's father, Francis Jacquin. Any help would be appreciated.


ATTIG, BOWERY, HALL posted by Janet McCully on Wednesday, September 6, 2000

Where is the United Brethren Home in Clearfield. I am trying to locate information on Mary Hall. I thought she was living at ClearHaven Rest Home when she died, but I was wrong. She was at the United Brethren Home working and living. Any info on this one? Would also like to hear from anyone who knew Mary Hall. Her father was William Hall sr. Thanks


GAINER, GAYNOR posted by Janet McCully on Wednesday, September 6, 2000

looking for an almshouse or poorhouse or orphanage that would have been in Falls Creek or Dubois, Clearfield County about 1910. It may have been run by nuns, but it was not a convent. I'm trying to locate records on Florence Regina Gaynor or her sisters, Blanche GAYNOR-NAGLE, Ruth GAYNOR-KUNSMAN,or Margaret GAYNOR - MCCULLY. Does anyone know these people or the children's home. Edward Hughes left the girls here when Florence was about ten years old. I checked the poorhouse website, but names of cities have changed.


MARKLE posted by Nadene Lange on Thursday, September 7, 2000

Searching for any information on JONAS MARKLE and ELIZABETH (PENNINGTON) MARKLE of Westover. I know that they are both buried at the Baptist Church Cemetery in Westover in unmarked graves. Elizabeth`s parents are JACOB PENNINGTON and LYDIA (WAY) PENNINGTON.
JONAS- born abt.1827
ELIZABETH- born May 1826 ? died June 2, 1903 in Westover
Margaret (married to Abraham Roland)
Lydia Ann (married to George W. Dotts)
John P.
Sarah E. (married to David R Ferguson)
Simon (wife Jennie ? )
Jacob W. (married to Kathryn Kitchen ? )
William H. (married to Annie M Rainey)
Isaac Newton (my great grandfather)
(married to Amanda Joesphine Rainey)


BLOOM, BLUM, CRITCHFIELD, FRAMPTON, HUNTER, ROLL, WAG posted by Nancy Machcinski on Saturday, September 9, 2000

I am looking for the desc. of Jane Bloom daughter of Wm. Bloom,Jr. and Mary Roll of Clearfield Co. Pa. Jane was born Nov. 1820 and married Joseph Hunter in 841 in Clearfield. She 3 sons by Mr. Hunter that I know of William B. Napoleon,Eli B. (1849) and a daughter Phianna Condo Hunter in 5-1-1854. The latter being my g grandmother. I have traced all the surnames back to origin but the Roll surname. My grandmother always told the story of Janes' and her 12 siblings parents being Father-Bloom a Jewish horse trader to the Indians. The Mother was suppose to be a full blood Cherokee Indian woman. Does anybody know if this is true.?!


MIGNOT posted by Catherine Yorio on Saturday, September 9, 2000

I am searching for Annie E. Mignot of Frenchville, Covington Township, PA. I believe that is her married name. She is buried in St Mary's Cemetery in Frenchville, PA and her birth date is 2 Jan 1858; she died 18 Aug 1924. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.


CLOUSER, PAINTER, PETERS, TAYLOR posted by Jayne Mertens on Tuesday, September 12, 2000

Looking for anyone that knows these names. Ashworth Taylor married to Sarah Peters. Simon and Susanne Couser Painter. The all liked in the Clearfied area.


GAYNOR, STUMPF posted by Janet McCully on Friday, September 15, 2000

I'm looking for a town called KINZU. I thought it was near New York,PA border, but when I enter the city it comes us as Dubois, Clearfield County. Can anyone check and see if this has anything to do with Clearfield County. I'm looking for family that may be in what used to be KINZU. Would be GAYNOR, SHANNON, OR HUGHES. Thanks


FRY, WAGNER posted by Rick Wagner on Sunday, September 17, 2000

I have a 1915 death certificate signed by Undertaker, D.A. Riddle of Westover, PA. Does anyone know what might have become of this undertaker's files/records? Thank you.


BAER, FRANCISCO, GALLAHER posted by Kristin Francisco on Wednesday, September 20, 2000

I am looking for information on these three family trees from my husband's side of the family. I would like to try and gather information on his family for my children to have in the future. I am not even sure of the ethnicity of any of these family names. Please email with any related information.


RASCH posted by Joanie Knapp on Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Looking for my Dad, Ralph M. Rasch, DOB-1897 or 1902 Oct. 2 from Kylertown,PA or Clearfield County, may be Alport,PA. Father is Gotlieb Rasch, looking for any ancestors, birth info or mother/father's death info and ship they sailed over to Ellis on in 1897 or 1902 or so. Thank you, Joanie Rasch Knapp.


JOHNSON posted by Debra Johnson on Thursday, September 21, 2000

Researching the Johnsons of Houtzdale PA. Adolph Johnson and Bertha Olson-Johnson emigrated from Sweden/Norway in the late 1800's through Ellis Island.


SMITH posted by Peter Mooney on Friday, September 22, 2000

William E. Smith died in Cresson,Cambria Co., Pa. in October of 1936.He was married to Myrtle Wertz,and was survived by these children,all of Manor Hill,Clearfield Co.,Pa.; William Jr., Herman,Betty,Alma,Helen,Myrle May,John and Imogene. Looking for any info about these children. Anyone recognize this family?


KNAUFF posted by Clara Dunn on Sunday, September 24, 2000

Searching for John KNAUFF, father of Elizabeth KNAUFF, who married Augustus WEITMAN. It's a good possibility that he's the John KNAUFF who came over from Germany with his family in 1831. John's father was Nicholas and mother Anna (VINING) Knauff. I would truly appreciate any information that anyone could give me. Thank you. Clara


CHARLTON, HOY, KRAMER, MCCLELLAN, MCLELLAN, THIRKEL posted by Martha on Sunday, September 24, 2000

I am researching the family of Charlton,Thirkel and there immigration from England and there life in Clearfield County, Pa. Also researching the family of Hoy also from Clearfield county. Kramer, Mclellan, McClellan in other near by communites. If you have interest in these familys please contact me


LENDER posted by Pat McGregor on Tuesday, September 26, 2000

I am looking for information on a John M. Lender, son of Edward and Lettitia Henderson Lender. He is believed to have been born about 1885 in Bigler Twp. George, Bertha, May, and Christ are known siblings, but we have no information on them either.


HARVEY posted by Jarrod VanKirk on Tuesday, September 26, 2000

I am looking for information on Mary Ann Grant Harvey. She was the daughter of R. J.Grant of South Wales. She was born May 1, 1848 in Aberaman?, Wales. She married George Harvey about 1865. She died on March 3, 1921 in North Huntington, Westmoreland Co., PA Her undertaking was handled by "Rodgers" in Irwin, PA. Does anyone know of a "Rodgers" funeral home? She was buried in Houtzdale, Clearfield Co., PA. Does anyone know which township Houtzdale is in? Does anyone know what cemeteries are in Houtzdale? Thanks.


CHMURCHAK, HMURCHAK, MURCHAK posted by Kathleen Anthony on Tuesday, September 26, 2000

I am looking for any information (or memories) of my great-grandparents. They lived in Osceola Mills for a couple of years, from 1905 till 1930 (estimated). They were Slovak and I am researching thier lives. If anyone can help me fill in any gaps or know more of the Slovaks who came to Osceola Mills to work and live, please e-mail me at . Thank you!


CROYLE, MACFARLANE posted by Catherine Sherbine on Tuesday, September 26, 2000

My grandmother, Thelma Audrey MacFarlane, was born in Utahville, Clearfield County, in 1907. She died in 1971 in Altoona, PA. She married Robert Nelson Edwards, Sr who was born in Bedford County. Thelma's parents were James F MacFarlane and Elizabeth "Bessie" Croyle. Thelma also had a brother named Raymond MacFarlane. Does anyone have connections to these people?


WEAVER posted by Denise Bright on Thursday, September 28, 2000

My gr gr uncle Erastus C Weaver died in DuBois,PA in 1939. He was a train engineer and was married to a Neva M. I do not have the month he died in so am unable to do a search for his obit. There are four people who I have not been able to locate any information on and I am hoping his obit might help out. Any help would be appreciated. Uncle "Rasty" is buried in Findley Lake, NY. Thanks Denise


BLOOM, BLUM, CRITCHFIELD, FRAMPTON, HUNTER, ROLL posted by Nancy Machcinski on Saturday, September 30, 2000

I'm still looking for info on my gggrandmother Jane Bloom daughter Of Wm.Bloom,Jr and Mary Roll. Jane married Joseph Hunter in 1841 in Clearfield. They had four children :William B.,Nepolin B, Eli B. and Phianna Condo born May 1, 1854. My question is what happened to Joseph Hunter? Found Jane in Lawrence, Ks. in 1864 she has a new last name Jane Case and another child Urias P. Case born 1864 in Lawrence. In 1867 she again marries this time to Wilder Knight of Lawrence, Ks. On the 1870 Census she is listed as head of household and Eli,Phianna and Urias are with here on New Jersey Ave. Lawrence. In 1880 Census Jane is listed with Phianna still on New Jersey Ave. Eli is married to Annie Chapman (Swedish) they have a daughter Maud and Annie's sister is with them and Urias P. Case the half brother of Eli. Went to Ks. a year ago and Jane is listed every yr. in the city directory up to and including 1898. But no record of her death can be found. Does any one know when she died? and also why a woman of the those early times would up and leave a secure family tie with her relatives and there were many to go West with two young children. Are there any desc. of Jane and Joseph's two older boys still living in the area. A nice man e-mailed about a book that contains the Bloom family history, but so far have not been able to access this book. Would greatly appreciate any info. as I have been researching this family for 10 yrs. I finally hit pay dirt back in July when I found out where in Pa. that Jane and Phianna were born.


FENTON posted by Tom Jones on Saturday, September 30, 2000

Looking for information on the FENTON family that settled in Clearfield.There was Elisha Fenton .his father,Benjamin,and grandfather James Fenton.Thanks, Tom Jones



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