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Posted Queries for November 1999


COUGHER, COWFER posted by Daniel Cowfer on Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Any info on surnames listed in Clearfield or other counties in Pa..


DEAM, DEAN, DEEN posted by Truman Dean on Wednesday, November 3, 1999

My g-g grandfather's name was Amos Deam he was born in Greene county Pa, in 1815 I dont know his parents Names ?


DUTERY posted by Don Lerew on Wednesday, November 3, 1999

I have found out that there is a Christian Dutery on the 1830 census in Brady Twp, Clearfield Co., 246. Could someone who has access to the 1830 census give me the details on this Christian? I'm trying to determine if he is part of my direct ancestor..


BISHOP, THOMAS, TOZER, TOZIER posted by Sandy on Thursday, November 4, 1999

Jefferson County, Clearfield County....Looking for information on A. W. Tozer, (A preacher and writer) Daniel C. Thomas, Vergie Tozer Thomas, Rachel Bishop Tozer, Lydia Himes Thomas, John Thomas and Robert Tozer. I am just starting out and I do know a lot are in the Ohl cemetery, and A.W Tozer came from Tozerville later changed to LaJose. My mother was Louise Thomas Whippo Deemer, daughter of Daniel and Vergie Thomas. Daniel's parents were Lydia Himes Thomas and John Thomas and Vergie's parents were Rachel Bishop Tozer and Robert Tozer. Thanks for any info you can provide. .


BEAM, RICHARDS posted by Carol Beam on Friday, November 5, 1999

We just returned from two weeks in Clearfield and Jefferson counties researching the BEAM/RICHARDS family...had a wonderful trip...fall color was lovely! But, even more importantly the citizens were great...from the courthouses to the historical societies to the cemeteries to strangers who lived nearby. We filled so many gaps, yet still have a major unanswered question...where did Henry BEAM, his wife Nancy RICHARDS and their 12 children move from when they moved to Clearfield County (Morris (later carved into Cooper) Township) in 1832 to 1836?


COCHRANE, HARRY posted by Jaime Harry on Friday, November 5, 1999

Looking for information on my grandparents and their parents and so on. My grandparents were MAUDE COCHRANE and JOHN I HARRY. They lived on Turnpike Ave. in Clearfield near the hospital. When they died their home was torn down to make way for the current hospital parking lot. I know that my grandmother is a decendant of two brothers, HARRY COCHRANE and WILLIAM COCHRANE who came to Clearfield from Ireland. My grandparents would be born in the late 1800's as my dad (WILLIAM RUSSELL HARRY) was born in 1921. Other siblings of my grandmother are MARY (BUCHANAN), MANNIE, JOSEPH, MERILL, ROBERT and RUSSELL COCHRANE. Any info greatly appreciated..


KING, MILLEN posted by Bonnie Schultz on Saturday, November 6, 1999

I am looking for information on a Joseph King and a Nancy(Kate) Millen they lived in DuBois in 1901.


JUNOD, KITCHEN posted by Brian on Monday, November 8, 1999

Anybody have any information on John Zelim Kitchen and his wife, Charlotte Amelia JUNOD, please respond to me. They lived and died in this county. Thanks..


DELOZIER, LIND, ODELL, TAYLOR posted by Sherrill Reed on Monday, November 8, 1999

Searching for information on my ggrandparents, Franklin Peter LIND & Sara Elizabeth ODELL. They lived in Mahaffey, Clearfield County in the 1890s and probably earlier. Children were Walter, Anna Elizabeth (m James J DELOZIER in 1914), Kathryn, Helen Mae (m Bill TAYLOR) & Charles Francis. Any info would be appreciated. Sherrill Reed.


COLE posted by Stephen Cole on Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Born 1850 in Pottersdale, PA.,Clearfield Co. I want to find his first wife's name. May have been Katherine??? died 1882, in Pottersdale. .


ESCOTT, HEDDING, IIAMES posted by Roberta Liames on Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Charles Lewis Iiames was born 1825 [unknown] and married Nancy Ann Hedding. One son, John Shepherd Iiames, b. feb 11, 1859 m. Martha Escott. He died May 28, 1906 in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. Some of his children were born in Clearfield, Pa. Need help on finding this particular line. RWI.


NORMAN, THOMAS posted by Leona Norman Kinchen on Tuesday, November 9, 1999

I am searching for Greatgrand parents. Thomas Thomas or Thomas X.Thomas,his wife(I do not know her name)My grandmother was Edna Thomas Norman,She was married to Charles Norman,of Madera,The Thomasas lived in the Oshanter area.Edna had six sisters and two brothers one brother Abe,and a sister,Eliza,and Maggie,any information would be greatly appreciated.


BACHNAK posted by Raymo on Tuesday, November 9, 1999

Have a family Bible from Rev Joseph E. Bachnak from Clearfield Co, PA..


CONWAY, WYKOFF posted by Stephen Cole on Wednesday, November 10, 1999

Need dates, cemetery, children of Alice Conway b.1875-78,Covington Twp. Clearfield Co. PA. m.1900, Minor Cole b. 1878. Resided near Driftwood/Castle Garden abt. 1900. Alice was a servant in the home of Cyrane M. WYKOFF at some point..


EILER, GOODEN, LING, SELL, STINEMAN, WHITAKER posted by Phyllis Winthurst on Wednesday, November 10, 1999

Looking for anyone who has done research on Adam and Elizabeth (Stineman) Cupler of Bell Township, Clearfield County in 1880. Appeared as "Cobler" on 1850 Jefferson County, PA census. Elizabeth was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Ling) Stineman of Cambria County, Pennsylvania, and was born 20 November 1817 according to an old German fraktur showing her birth and baptism. There don't seem to be very many cemeteries published for Clearfield and on microfilm at Salt Lake. Would like to know where they are buried, etc..


HOLLEN, STILES posted by Billie Stiles Gailey on Thursday, November 11, 1999

Seeking any information on Thomas Truxton Stiles (1810-1878) and his wife, Anna Margaret Hollen Stiles (1812-1886). Their last known residence was Gulich Township, Clearfield County..


GOSS, HINEY, POOLE, VENES, VON posted by Christina Goss on Thursday, November 11, 1999

These are the last names of my ancestors. All lived at one time in Clearfield County. If you have any info, especially about George Hiney and Blanche Von Poole (parents of Ada (Hiney)Venes born in 1912) I would be grateful. .


LITZINGER posted by susan litzinger on Friday, November 12, 1999

searching for any history of the litzinger family of clearfield county,thanks.


FERRIER, HENRY, OGDEN, ROLLAND, ROWLAND posted by Beverley Hogan on Saturday, November 13, 1999

I am looking someone in Clearfield county who has information about Salem cemetery outside of DuBois. I have written to the Clearfield Historical quite some time ago but on response. I know my grandmothers Mary Ethel GARRETT and Mary Elizabeth Garrett are buried at this place. Also Oliver Harry ROWLAND, Joseph Edward Morrison, and Lona May FERRIER ZORTMAN all of which are members of my family. I believe there are others and I wish to find how I can get a list of who is buried at Salem cemetery and/or inscriptions from grave stones. We live in Oregon, along drive from PA. I appreciate any assistance anyone can give. Thank You.


BALDWIN, DINGER posted by Gert Hall on Sunday, November 14, 1999

Looking for any info of the Dinger family from Clearfield County, DuBois-Clearfield area..


HUNTER, MILLER posted by Nancy Lorz on Sunday, November 14, 1999

Searching for information on Ella Bell Hunter b Clearfield Co. 1870 m. David Grant Miller b 1864. I'm told he was born in Pleasant Gap Centre Co, but that has not been verified. They lived in Tyrone, Blair Co. PA. Children were ERland Guy, James Edward b 1890, Lena Miller McCord b 21 Nov 1893, Nora Graffius, b 13 Sept. 1895, Emma Miller Steel, Lorene sp?? possibly an Edith, and Glenn b after 1900. Any information on Ella Bell Hunter or any of the Millers will be greatly appreciated. Nancy Miller Lorz .


CONDON posted by Bill Maines on Monday, November 15, 1999

i have elijah a. condon married to elizabeth campman. he was born in 1857, and died in 1899, she was born in 1860 and died in 1916, they are both buried in gillingham cem. there children were, 1. grace married to alex litz, 2. howard married to stella nelson, 3. walter m. married bessie a. kyler, 4. paul married to blanche m. shirey, 5. olive married w. leslie straw, 6. merrill j. married 1. anna m. conaway, 2. emma p. stiner shirey, 7. fannie e. 8. maida c. married to george shaffer. i think they all lived in clearfild county at one time. i would like to get more information on these children..


FARGO posted by David V. Philo on Monday, November 15, 1999

Looking for Waldo R. Fargo 1863-1935 m. Willheminia Dale. They lived in the Clearfield County area but may have come there from Tyringham, MA. Have a Waldo R. b.2/14/1842 from MA but need something to tie them as father/son. Waldo (Jr.?) had nine children (Helen,Frank L., William Blair,Lois, Martha, Mary, Ernest, Genevieve, Clara) but details are lacking..


BLAKE, FRASER, PARKIN, SANDERSON, WILSON posted by Kim Thompson on Monday, November 15, 1999

Hello, While I am not sure about your cemetery I am hoping that you ran across mine.You see I am also looking for a long forgotten cemetery in the Drane area of Osceola Mills on Fairview Road. my great grandmother was buried there in november of 1897.She lived in Scotch Hollow and was very poor.This cememtery was shown to me by one of her granddaughters 20 years ago.I wish i would have paid closer attention.if you come acroos any ino please write.Thanks!.


READ posted by Vickie Youmans on Monday, November 15, 1999

I am looking for ancestors of the children of Alexander Read "Red Alex". My g.grandfather was Millard Valmer Read and I am looking for his connection to Alexander..


DENNY, ODONNELL posted by Jessica Denny on Thursday, November 18, 1999

Hi, I'm researching my husband's family the Dennys. I have a Arthur Denny who was born about 1814 in Clearfield Township. He was married to a woman named Bridget ???. They had three children John Francis, Mary, and Sarah H. Arthur's parents were James Denny born about 1778 in Donegal Ireland and died in Armstrong Pa. Arthur's mother was Mary o'Donnell born about 1782 in Clearfield Pa. She died July 4, 1835 in Clearfield. If anyone has any more info I would love to hear from them! Thanks.


DAVIS, KRAMER posted by Suzanne Mitchell on Thursday, November 18, 1999

Looking for any and all information on Ivan Kramer wife Elva Mae Davis. Both are from Wallaceton Pa or surrounding communities in Clearfield Co. Ivan had a brother Issac (Ike) and Elva had two sisters. Hannah and Cora. Cora was a school teacher an never married. Ivan an Elva had 6 children. Edwin, Ivan, Charles, Olive, Isabel, and Beatrice. Isabel married a Bob Krebbs. Olive was my great grandmother. What information I have came from her family bible.The Kramer family all came from Wallaceton PA USA.


DAVIS, KRAMER posted by Carolann Smith on Thursday, November 18, 1999

Suzanne Where is Wallaceton in Clearfield County. I have been searching for more information on Levi Davis and Clarissa Davis. Levi was her father. He (Levi) married a Kephart and Clarissa married Joseph Kephart. Clarissa and Joseph were my great grandparents. I have reached a wall where Clarissa and Levi are concerned. Somewhere, somehow, there has to be a connection to other Davis' in Clearfield County. What I know is that Clarissa and parents were living in Decatur Township, Osceola Mills during the 1850 census. But I have no idea where Levi may have been born or who his parents were, etc. Any information you may have could prove helpful. Thanks in advance. I am sorry, but I know nothing about Kramers. I do have a little bit on Davis, but not much. I'll look through my records and see if I find any Kramers. Do you have any other line that they were connected to? .


CONRAD, DRUMMOND, MILLER, SMOUSE posted by Kel on Friday, November 19, 1999

Looking for information on my ggrandparents all coming from Clearfield County. John and Zella Drummond Conrad and John and Ada Miller Smouse. No dates for much help, my grandfather Fred Conrad originally was born in Curwensville about 1906. My grandmother Phyllis Smouse was born 4/26/1916..


MCCRACKEN posted by Rick McCracken on Friday, November 19, 1999

Looking for any information that would connect my ggrandfather George McCracken from Bellwood b.1849 d.1902 in a railroad accident in Bellwood to any McCrackens in Clearfield county.He was married to Amanda Bressler of Tipton.


DAVIS, KRAMER posted by Suzanne Mitchell on Friday, November 19, 1999

Wallaceton Pa is approximately 15 to 20 minutes away from Oseolla Mills and Decatur. The Davis,s were from the general area. I only have information up to the year of 1886. When Ivan Kramer married Elva. I am waiting for information on her sister Cora. Through the Social Security Index. She was a school teacher and never married so she was found easy enough. I have run into a block with the others but Cora should help by letting me know who her parents were through her original application for Social Security. I'll keep you posted.


SMITH posted by Richard Smith on Friday, November 19, 1999

My father was born in the late 19th century in the town of Coalport in Clearfield County, Pa. and I have no record showing the names of his parents. I would like to be in a position to pursue some family history, but need a starting point which hopefully can be found without making a trip to Coalport..


HARTSHORN, HOOVER posted by Kathy Freeman on Saturday, November 20, 1999

In Karthaus Twp. Clearfield Co in 1900 Census, it gives the name of Mary J. Hoover age 26 b. May 1874 head of household & widowed; Ada E. Hoover age 2 b. April 1898 daughter; Edith Hoover age 17 b. May 1883 s. mother (?) single; and Mercy Hartshorn age 19 b. Dec 1880 sister in law single. Now what I need to know is who is Mary J. Hoover, how is she a sister in law to Mercy Hartshorn, who was her husband? How about Edith? Where does she fit in? What is an s. mother? The census doesn't say that she has children. Neither of these families, Hoover or Hartshorn are related to the families with same names in Curwensville. Do you have any information? Please feel free to contact me at Thank you..


BROWN, FAUST, GRAFFIUS, MAURER, TROY posted by Janet on Saturday, November 20, 1999

I am reseaching chrildren of Jacob and Mary Troy Foust-originally Centre County. Daniel Faust listed in Curwensville boro 1860 census-(b)about 1829 married Louisa or Lovina daughter Mary (b)about 1858. Jacob Faust (b) about 1827 in Centre Co.In Clearfield Co.1860 wife Sarah daughter Emma (B)about 1850.
Roland Faust (b) in Centre Co. In Clearfield Co.Boggs Twp.1860,wife Mary Maurer occupation blacksmith,children Sarah and Marietta(?)
Salina and Sophia married to William and Henry Graffius respectively. Lucy(b)1843 in Centre Co,married to Silas Turner about 1860-1870,widowed 1870,married Thomas Holt 1875,divorced 1880,married Martin R.Brown 1884 in Clearfield Co.,died 1906 in Bradford twp.


DARR, MCMASTERS posted by Tracey on Saturday, November 20, 1999

My grandfatehr Herman L. Darr of Altoona PA had a sister Mildred Darr also of Altoona born Sept 18, 1913 who was married to John E. McMasters. Had family in Clearfield County I believe.


ASHENFELTER, DUNLAP, HOOVER posted by Joan Huber on Sunday, November 21, 1999

I am descended from Peter Ashenfelter & his wife Maria Hoover of Clearfield Co., PA through their daughter Eve Eliza Ashenfelter who married Archibald Dunlap. Would like to share data..


MUNN, MURRAY, SHIMMEL, STARR posted by Bill Maines on Sunday, November 21, 1999

looking for information on miles murray and his wife nancy, don't know what her maiden name was. i know miles died in wisconsin, but his wife and children were to come back to clearfield county. also looking for information on mary jane murray and john shimmel, they had three children, margaret, born 1847, alexander, born 1851, and amelia, born 1856. and looking for grace mae murray, she was first married to silas w. munn, then married lex starr..


COBLER, CUPLER, GOODEN, LING, STINEMAN posted by Phyllis Winthurst on Sunday, November 21, 1999

Am seeking information on Adam Cobler/Cupler and his wife Elizabeth Stineman and children. They lived for a few years in Barnett Township, Jefferson County and then moved to Belle Township in Clearfield by 1870. Still there in 1880. Looking for where couple was buried, etc. Think sons John and Perry served in Civil War with the 105th PA Infantry. Is anyone doing research on this family? Interested in the Stineman connection as Elizabeth was my great-great grandfather's sister. Will be happy to share what info I have on the Stinemans. .


BEERS, BURG posted by Eileen on Monday, November 22, 1999

Clearfield County I have been trying to find the parents of a Nancy BEERS who was born (I was told) in Fallentimber, Cambria Co. Pa. in 1826. She married a Mr. BURG who died in the Mexican War. I have the list of her children. Could this be your Nancy?.


KIRCHNER, ROEDER posted by Stephen Kleisath on Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Looking for the parents of Jacob KIRCHNER and Eva Katherine Mullen ROEDER. They emigrated to Coopers Settlement-Drifting in Clearfield County about 1845 from Rannungen in Bavaria. Jacob was born in 1796 and died in 1860. Eva was born in 1795 and died in 1855. They were married about 1824..


HARRIS, MCLAUGHLIN posted by Ann Denson on Thursday, November 25, 1999

Looking for information on George F Harris married Mary Grace McLaughlin lived in Dubois. She was from Clearfield, Father owned Saint Charles Hotel. His parents were William Harris and Elizabeth Kane. .


HANEY, JAMES posted by Luann on Friday, November 26, 1999

Can you tell me what IOOF stands for? I am trying to locate the graves of (or church records for) my gfather Peter Thomas HANEY who died Osceola Mills, PA Clearfield Co on Dec 5, 1916...hoping to learn ANY info on his siblings/ancestors. Also seek info on his father-in-law (church records, cemetery info) John Christopher JAMES. who lived on Elizabeth St in Osceola and died in 1945. Having difficulty finding the names of the Episcopal (JAMES) and Catholic (HANEY) churches in Osceola, and any info on what cemeteries might have been used by the respective churches. If you have any such info, could you email as I do not get to search this site regularly.


BOWSER, KUNTZ, MCANINCH posted by Lorna Gilbert on Saturday, November 27, 1999

Seeking McANINCH, BOWSER, KUNTZ in Clearfield County; have just viewed transcript for Mt Carmel Cemetary, Bell Twp., Clearfield County, and see NETTIE KUNTZ 1894-1950; ANNIE McANINCH, 1870-1953; and JAMES McANINCH, 1874-1952; would like to know more about them and how they fit into my line. Looking for descendants of HENRY McANINCH, b. 1801 PA, married ELIZABETH BOWSER, b. 1804, PA; they migrated from PA to MO and then to IOWA and had children NELSON, GEORGE, PETER (my great-grandfather)SUSAN and NANCY McANINCH, all b. PA; I also believe they had several more children who were grown and stayed in PA when they went west. I believe one of these children is LAVINA McANINCH KUNTZ, who would have been born around 1840 or earlier; so the Clearfield County NETTIE KUNTZ is most intriguiging. My grandfather, JAMES HENRY McANINCH b. 1877 (not the same James buried in Clearfield County) had a sister VINETTA McANINCH, called NETTIE McANINCH, who was named after his aunt LAVINA Mc! ANINCH KUNTZ; thus NETTIE KUNTZ is a family name, though the one buried in Clearfield County is not the same person as the Iowa NETTIE. Will share all I have on these families, and hope someone can add more..


FETTERS, GREENAWAY, GREENWAY, POWELL posted by brian powell on Sunday, November 28, 1999

looking for relatives from either of the three family names listed. Information I have is limited to the knowledge that they lived in clearfield county near madiera and (great?) grandfather Ab Powell was a lumberjack who died in a logging accident. .


BRETH posted by Renee Waring on Sunday, November 28, 1999

I have information on the Breth Family of Clearfield Co. PA. .


LOPE, MCCREADIE, WILKERSON posted by Carol Chillemi on Monday, November 29, 1999

Researching th name Lope-Clearfield County Grandfather Pasquale Lope married Annie Marie Wilkerson. Pasquale's brothers Frank, Phillip, Richard Lope. Pasquale and Annie had three children -Robert, Sara Jane, Margaret..


ACHESON, ATCHISON posted by Carole Tucker on Monday, November 29, 1999

Does anyone know about the family of George Atchison or Acheson that came to Pennsylvania in about 1828 and ended up in Clearfield County? He was well known in that county, for running the Undergroud Railroad, in the mid 1800's. He was an uncle of my great grandfather George Acheson who wsa born in Croghan, County Roscommon, Ireland in 1842. I would like to know his wife's name and if they had children. .



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