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Searching for ancestors, descendents of Carl Tulowetzki and/or his 2nd wife Carlote Wituski. Both came to the US via Ellis Island in 1880 with Carl & Carlote; children of Carl's first marriage.Initially settled in Atrium, Tioga Co, before relocating to DuBois, Clearfield Co, PA.
Known details as follows:
Descendants of Carl Eduard Schultz Tulowetzki
1 Carl EDUARD SCHULTZ Tulowetzki b: February 26, 1844 in Millanburg, Wurde von feiner Cheoattin [Gottliebe], Germany d: March 26, 1930 in DuBois, Pennsylvania (?) ... +?
.. 2 Carl TULOWETSKI b: September 12, 1869
.. 2 Carline "Carrie" TULOWETSKI b: January 13, 1872
....... +? CROOKS
*2nd Wife of Carl EDUARD SCHULTZ Tulowetzki:
... +Carlote WITULSKI b: April 19, 1846 in ?, Russia m: Abt. 1880 in Ellis Island (?) d: Abt. 1920 in DuBois, Pennsylvania (?)
.. 2 Elva Rhetta (or Retta) TULOWETZKI b: November 10, 1891 in DuBois, Pennsylvania d: October 18, 1975 in Clearfield, Pennsylvania
....... +Percy Alvin ALBERT b: July 13, 1884 in Blue Ball (later called West Decatur), Pa m: December 22, 1908 in DuBois, Pa d: April 22, 1950 in DuBois, Pennsylvania
...... 3 Mary Maxine ALBERT b: September 4, 1909 in DuBois, Pennsylvania d: December 28, 1991 in Fort Myers, Florida
........... +James Edmund BARRON b: May 24, 1914 in Shattuck, Oklahoma m: February 3, 1943 in Towanda, Pennsylvania d: June 11, 1980 in Fort Myers, Florida
...... 3 Donald Leroy ALBERT b: April 16, 1912 in DuBois, Pennsylvania d: January 7, 1968 in DuBois, Pennsylvania
........... +Stella DODALAK b: Unknown in ? m: September 9, 1939 in DuBois, Pennsylvania
...... 3 Dorothy May ALBERT b: May 15, 1918 in DuBois, Pennsylvania d: March 23, 1973 in DuBois, Pennsylvania
........... +Emory "Bud" COYLE, Jr. b: Unknown in ? m: Unknown
.. 2 Carlote TULOWETZKI b: March 29, 1874
....... +Guy SMITH
.. 2 Meri TULOWETZKI b: September 8, 1887
....... +William WARDROP
.. 2 Bertha TULOWETZKI b: September 19, 1882
....... +? LAWHEAD
.. 2 Gottlibe TULOWETZKI b: April 6, 1889
....... +Richard VANCEL
.. 2 Yewa "Gottliebe" "LEBA"TULOWETZKI b: April 6, 1889
....... +William MCCOY
...... 3 Helen MCCOY
........... +? KESSLER
.. 2 Augustus(?) "Charles" TULOWETZKI b: August 26, 1876
.. 2 Jan "John" TULOWETZKI b: March 19, 1885


BRODISH, URBAN posted by Joe Hayes on Sunday, August 1, 1999

I'd like to communicate with anyone else with links to my great-grandmother Alfrieda BRODISH (note I'm not sure of spelling of first name). Here's info from census, as written, typos and all...

From the 1910 census:

Name Age Birthplace Imm.

Brodish, Fred 38 Germany 1901
Brodish, Henriette 35 Germany 1901
Brodish, August 15 Germany 1901
Brodish, Paul 12 Germany 1901
Brodish, Fed 10 Germany 1901
Brodish, Alfreta 9 Pennsylvania
Brodish, Henry 7 Pennsylvania
Brodish, Elizabeth 5 Pennsylvania
Brodish, Heweg 3 Pennsylvania
Brodish, Johanna 9/12 Pennsylvania
Also of note, Fred and Henriette are listed as being
married 16 years.
From the 1920 census:
Name Age Birthplace Imm. Nat. ======================================================== Brodisch, Frederick 48 East Prussia 1902 1910
Brodisch, Henriette 43 East Prussia 1902 1910
Brodisch, Frederick 18 Westphalia 1902 1910
Brodisch, Henry 15 Pennsylvania
Brodisch, Elizabeth 13 Pennsylvania
Brodisch, Heweg 12 Pennsylvania
Brodisch, William 8 Pennsylvania
Brodisch, Margaret 7 Pennsylvania
Brodisch, John 4 8/12 Pennsylvania
Brodisch, Bernhard 2 11/12 Pennsylvania
Also of note, Frederick Sr has "87" under Farm Schedule. Thanks, Joe Hayes .


PHILLIPS posted by Debra Barnhart on Thursday, August 5, 1999

Looking for information on the Phillips family who lived in Decatur, Pa during the early, mid and late 1800's. Particularly interested in James and Isabella Phillips parents of George, John and James Phillips. Thank you, Debra.


BAYLIN, DAVIS, DUMEZ, KEPHART, RUSNAK posted by Carolann Smith on Thursday, August 5, 1999

Searching family trees for surnames listed living in Clearfield County. My mother was Marjorie Dumez and father was James Baylin. These are my maternal and paternal families. John Baylin, Martin Baylin, Andrew Baylin; Rusnak, Joseph, Margaret Rusnak Evic, Mary, Susan Rusnak Baylin, Dumez, Alfred, Leonie, Emil, Alfretta Viola Cornelius, Virginia Soupart, Jeannie Lamont. Kephart, Joseph, Etta Mae, John, Austin, Cordie Barger, Louise, Wilbur, Laura McTaggart. Clarissa Davis. Most were in Madera, Janesville, Fernwood, Ramey, Brisbin areas. I grew up in Fernwood and went to Madera HS. Baylin and Rusnak relatives are buried in Catholic cemeteries in Ramey. Kephart/Dumez are in Brisbin cemeteries. Especially having problems getting info on Baylin/Rusnak families. Dates of deaths and births on grave markers would help.


FOX, RALSTON posted by Tam on Friday, August 6, 1999

looking for any info on Thomas Ralston and his family. They came from Clearfield County. Thomas was married to Sarah Fox. They had 4 children that I know of Ester Anne, Ellen, Joel Cadberry, and William.


AVERILL, BLOOM, BUTTERS, DOUGHERTY, HOLDEN, ORCUTT posted by Brian Butters on Saturday, August 7, 1999

Am searching for the parents of Franklin William BUTTERS, my greatgrandfather, b. Jan 28, 1877, d. Jan 30, 1938. I believe I have found him in the 1880 census, enumerated as a grandson of Algernon and Susanna BLOOM HOLDEN, Bloom Twp, Clearfield Co., PA. (Family oral history has given his mother's name as Mary HOLDEN.) I have learned that the HOLDEN's had a daughter Mary but that she married a Franklin ORCUTT. Susanna BLOOM's sister, Martha, lived nearby, married to Francis AVERILL -- Martha apparently had a daughter, Mary DOUGHERTY, prior to her marriage to Francis AVERILL. Martha and Mary are enumerated at Martha's parents' home in the 1860 census. Am trying to determine if either Mary HOLDEN ORCUTT or MARY DOUGHERTY (AVERILL) may be the mother of Franklin William BUTTERS. Am looking for any descendant information on the HOLDEN and AVERILL families, primarily through their daughters Mary. If additional information from me would be useful, please email -- I have many other details available. Thank you in advance, Brian Butters Gaithersburg, MD .


LEITZEL, LEITZELL posted by Charles Leitzell on Sunday, August 8, 1999

Interested in corresponding with persons researching the above surnames in Clearfied County and any other area. You may contact me directly or post messages on the Leitzell family list at


HEFFLER, KLIMEK, KLINK posted by Sandra Rogers on Monday, August 9, 1999

I am looking for information about my father's family. My father, Lester Dean Klimek,was born July 15, 1919 in Winburne. His parents were Emma Heffler and Fredrick (spelling?) Klimek. His father died when my dad was a small baby. What I have heard about his death was that he had gone to Cleveland to look for work, and was staying with an uncle whose last name was Klink (my understanding is that some of my grandfather's family changed the name to Klink and some to Klimek when they came to the U.S.) He became sick and died before my grandmother could be sent for. I do not know anything else about him. My dad had a brother named Kenneth and a half-brother named George Myer (spelling?). I have some information about my grandmother Emma Heffler's family, thanks to some generous relatives putting it out there on the internet. I do not know much about my grandfather, though. His last name was Klimek when my dad was born, but it was probably something else (longer) before he emmigrated from Germany. I would appreciate ANY help anyone can give me with this.


BAYLIN, DAVIS, DUMEZ, KEPHART, RUSNAK posted by Carolann Smith on Wednesday, August 11, 1999

Looking for any info on surnames in Clearfield Co. I have received info on Kephart, but none on others. Does anyone know of a little town once known as Almaden and does it still exist? Believe it was near Ginter. My Mother says she was born there. I'm also looking for a town possibly named Woodvale or Woodville. Supposedly one of my maternal aunts was born there, but can't locate it. Was Osceola Mills in Decatur Township and Clearfield Co? Trying to trace GR GM, Clarissa Davis who was listed in the 1850 census with parents Levi and Sarah A. Davis. .


JOSEPHSON, SWANSON, ZETTS posted by Wendy on Saturday, August 14, 1999

Looking for Zetts;Swanson, and Josphson's in Clearfield Cty., Drifting, PA. ???? Please email me if you have any info on these surnames or if Drifting isn't in Clearfield cty.


HENRY, JOHNSTON, LANIGER posted by Jim Johnston on Sunday, August 15, 1999

Looking for info on Johnston, Laniger, and Henry families from Clearfield County, esp. any pre-1840s info. Thanks! .


SNYDER posted by Diann Kiser on Tuesday, August 17, 1999

John Ludwig Snyder, died March 23,1860. In Burnside Township, this county of Clearfield. Married to Anna Marie Gilmon. John was born in Michaelstadt, near Manheim, Germany. August 5 th., 1746. He arrived in America in 1758, being 12 years of age the time of his arrival, and , consequently, has resided in this country 101 years. Any information about the surname and township I would be thankful..


GETSEY, GETSY, IKONAK, RESKO, RESKOVECZ posted by Janet Samiee on Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Hi, An aunt wrote me with information about surname of my Great Grandmother Agnes IKONAK, in Cambria County around +-1900, had 11 children with John Getsy. Remarried to Mike Danzig at some point. May have lived in Clearfield County for awhile. Have no clues yet. Anyone with any info about this surname? Spelling may not be accurate. thanks so much,


JONES, LITZ posted by Betty Wojnar on Friday, August 20, 1999

Looking for records of the family of John Jones who resided in clearfield county in the 1800s..


MCCOY, STANLEY posted by Wendy Eberhardt on Saturday, August 21, 1999

Shadrack Simon Stanley, Clearfield,PA, worked or owned the mining lease on the Fred Lantz Farm in the Houtzdale-Ginter in Gulich Township, Clearfield County. Anyone who may have any information regarding this coal mine or the Stanley family history, would be greatly appreciated..


GLENN, WISE posted by Linda Louden on Sunday, August 22, 1999

Researching the Wise and Glenn families of Clearfield and Centre Counties..


FEDOR, ZETTS posted by Wendy on Sunday, August 22, 1999

Clearfield County, Drifting/Grassflat areas. Looking for info on Anna Fedor who married Andrew ZETTS in 1897. Fedor is from Slovakia. THanks.


KEPHART, RALSTON posted by Tam on Monday, August 23, 1999

I am searching for any info on Millie or Mildred Kephart. Parents, brothers, sisters,etc. The info I have says she was born 14 June 1898, and died Nov. 1978 in Osceola Mills Pa. She was married to Francis Ralston and they had 6 children. Robert Guy, Loretta Pemina, Walter Francis,Reuben Joel,Virgina Willa, & Loris Kermit..


KANADY, KUHN, REITER, SCHNARS, WILSON posted by Raymond E Kuhn on Tuesday, August 24, 1999

My mother Ethel Jane WILSON was born Apr 6 1887 in Karthaus, Clearfield Co. Her parents were James Albert WILSON and mother Annie Mariah Jane KANADY, her parents were Roland KANADY and Amelia SCHNARS (parents J. W. SCHNARS & Cathrine REITER). My grandfath r James Albert WILSON was born in Canada, parents unknown. I would appreciate any additional information.


GROSS, HARDEN, MCGARY posted by Patricia McGary on Thursday, August 26, 1999

I am researching the McGary mame. My husband's family came from Luzerne County, Pa. His grandfather was Joseph McGary, married to Katie Gross. Can't seem to get back any farther than that. Found Clearfield County while researching this name. Any leads? Thanks, looking forward to your response.


FABIAN, SEMAN, SLIFKO, SLIVKA, STARAUCH posted by Sue Gillfillan on Sunday, August 29, 1999

If anyone has information regarding any of these surnames, please notify. These families resided in the Morann, Houtzdale and Brisbin areas of Clearfield County. I have information on the Slivka/Slifko and Fabian families. I am in desperate need of ANY information on the SEMAN and STARAUCH families. HELP!!!!.



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