Berks County Will Abstracts 1791-1795

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NOTE: The dates represent the date that the will was written and the date the will was proved. These records are not in chronological order.


November 18, 1790 - January 5, 1791.
Wife Catharine to have house and lot and the household goods during life. To nephew Frederick, son of brother Frederick HOUSSMAN, £25.
After wife's decease all estate to be divided between brothers Jacob and Frederick HOUSSMAN and sisters Christina HOELIN and Catharina SLIM.
Exr: Brother Frederick.
Wits: Christopher SCHROFFLER and John SPYKER.

May 24, 1790 - January 10, 1791.
To son Jacob my land containing 190 acres 44 perches for £800 to be divided among heirs equally, except dau. Catharina who has had the worth of £15 in goods, and daus. Betsy and Susanna shall have the same. Share of dau. Catharina shall not go to her husband's hands as he is a bad housekeeper.
Provides for wife Magdalena.
Exrs: Sons Jacob and Christian.
Wits: George LORAH and Michael RITER.

DANY, JACOB, Bethel.
June 6, 1789 - January 11, 1791.
Son Ludwig shall have 5 shillings and no more "because he went away from me 3 years before he had his age without my knowledge or consent and bound himself servant to a man below Bethlehem."
Son George shall have 2 shillings and no more "because he hath been unfaithful to me."
Dau. Catharine shall have no more than 2 shillings 6 pence "because she hath also been unfaithful and mocked me in an unbecoming manner."
My dau. Anna Maria shall also have 2 shillings 6 pence "because she and her husband Jacob BECKER speak shamefully of me and curse me."
Son Jacob shall also have only 2 shillings 6 pence "because he also left me, railed and cursed me."
Remainder of estate to wife Regina with power to give or bequest to whom she will.
Exrs: Casper TANEN and Samuel ROYER.
Wits: Jacob ROHRER, Henry BATTORFF and John LEHMAN.

October 12, 1790 - January 15, 1791.
To wife Christina all estate real and personal while a widow to bring up my children.
Afterwards to be divided among the children, not named, share and share alike. Exrs: Wife Christina and Nicholas JONES.
Letters to Christina, the other renouncing.
Wits: John MERWINE and Nicholas JONES.

November 20, 1790 - February 9, 1791.
To wife Christina plantation and 3 tracts of land containing 206 acres 105 perches, whereon I now dwell. Also all farming utensils, etc. during widowhood. Afterwards sons Michael and George shall have £50 each, and dau. Elisabeth £30 beforehand. Remainder equally divided among all children, viz: John, Peter, Christian, Michael, George and Elisabeth in equal shares.
Exrs: Wife Christina and friend Peter MARTIN.
Wits: David JOHNSON, John WACHTER and Peter RICHARDS.

May 8, 1782 - February 12, 1791.
Mentions having divided his plantation and another tract in Bern, containing together 260 acres, into several lots among his sons according to a draft. To son Michael tract marked on draft with letter "A" containing 70 acres, subject to provision for wife.
To son John tract marked "B" containing 75 acres, subject as above and payment of £233-6-4 to daus.
To son Abraham tract marked "C" containing 66 acres, subject to provisions for wife and £233-6-8 to daus.
To son Woolrich tract in Cumru bought of Anthony MORRIS containing 105 acres, subject to provision for wife Mary Catharine and payment of £410. Tract of 56 acres and tract marked "D" to above named 3 sons John, Michael and Abraham.
To dau. Barbara BRICKER £10, having received considerable.
To dau. Mary £110.
To dau. Catharina £110.
To dau. Susanna Margaret £110.
To dau. Eva Elisabeth £110.
Remainder to above 4 daus.
Exrs: Sons John and Michael.
Wits: David ROLAND and Andreas ENGEL.

January 9, 1791 - February 26, 1791.
Provides for wife Barbara.
Remainder of estate to be sold and 1/2 to go to wife and the other to be equally divided among my brothers and sisters, except £30 to Christian, son of Lawrence and Barbara MATZ.
Exrs: Brother Jacob and brother-in-law John SHERMAN.
Wits: Nicholas SCHEFFER and Thomas JONES.

December 28, 1790 - February 26, 1791.
Plantation to be leased until son Jacob is 21 and then sold.
Son Jacob shall have 2 shares and the rest in equal shares to children, not named.
Provision made for wife Maria Elisabeth.
Exrs: Eberhart SEEMAN and George BLATT.
Wits: George REBER and John SCHNEIDER.

March 24, 1791 - March 30, 1791.
Bequeaths to mother what I have to inherit from father and all which I May own. No letters.
Wits: Margaret MATZ, Jacob MATZ and Jeremiah KERSHNER.

February 8, 1791 - March 31, 1791.
Wife Christina and 5 children to live on plantation until son Christopher is 21, and then he shall have it at appraised value.
After provisions for wife, the remainder to be divided among the children, viz: Regina, Christopher, Magdalena, John and Isaac.
Tract of 47 acres adjacent to plantation to be sold.
Exrs: Wife Christina and brother-in-law Andrew SHULTZ.
Wits: Philip HIGH and David YEAKLE.

January 19, 1791 - April 2, 1791.
To my friend Christian HIESTER all estate: What I have and what is yet coming to me from the estate of my father, and therefore he shall nurse and attend me in sickness and keep my funeral when I die.
Exr: Christian HIESTER.
Wits: George GAENTZEL and Peter HETTERICK.

May 22, 1773 - April 2, 1781.
Provides for wife Maria Barbara.
To dau. Maria Barbara, wife of Christian KLOH, £100.
To grandchildren Conrad and George Frederick ERNST, children of deceased dau. Anna Barbara, £25 each when 21.
To my 2 sons Frederick and Johannes all my land in Bern. Also remainder of stock and farming implements, paying all legacies.
Exr: Son Frederick.
Wits: Ulrich MOSER and John EBLER.

BEAR, MAGDALENA, widow of Michael, Brecknock.
April 14, 1788 - April 6, 1791.
To son Henry as much as he has lawfully to demand of my son Jacob.
And if anything remains I give it to son-in-law Peter BRICKER, because he has a great deal justly to demand of my son Jacob BEAR.
Exr: Son Henry.
Wits: George ZIGLER and John BEAR.

April 2, 1791 - April 18, 1791.
Leaves balance of dower from her first husband's estate, "which I nor my second husband have received", to Peter, Elisabeth and Anna Maria.
All remaining to my 6 children: Michael, Philip, Peter, Elisabeth, Anna Maria and Catharine.
Exrs: Son-in-law Paul EWELING and Frederick SASSAMAN.
Wits: Jacob EBELING and Christian FUCHS.

February 20, 1791 - April 26, 1791.
To son Conrad my plantation in Rockland containing 223 acres, and all personal estate, he paying legacies as follows: To son Jacob £20; to son Peter £15; to son Christian £5-5-6; to son Daniel £15, to dau. Catharine wife of George NEIDLINGER £50.
Exr: Son Conrad.
Wits: Henry HOFFMAN and Paul GROSSCUP.

NEWMAN, PETER, Heidelberg.
August 26, 1790 - April 26, 1791.
To son Henry my plantation whereon I live, containing 100 acres and a tract of 35 acres adjoining, also tract of 40 acres in Dauphin County, he paying £700 unto my 7 daus., viz: Elisabeth, Magdalena, Barbara, Anna Eliza, Catharine, Maria and Christina.
Provides for wife Magdalena.
After her death all remaining to be divided among 10 children, viz: Peter, George and Henry, and 7 daus. above mentioned.
Exrs: Sons George and Henry.
Wits: Frantz SEIBERT and William BETTS.

April 8, 1791 - April 29, 1791.
Provides for wife Magdalena.
Remainder equally divided among 9 children, viz: Sarah, Jacob, Barbara, John, Magdalena, Henry, George, Christian and Isaac.
Exrs: Friends Jacob HERTZLER and Christian ZUCK.
Wits: Joseph RENO and Jacob GINDELBERGER.

PENROSE, JOSEPH, Maidencreek.
August 22, 1784 - May 6, 1791.
Provides for wife Sarah.
Lands to be divided, leaving to my dau.-in-law Elisabeth, widow of son Joseph, that division where his dwelling house stands and 26 acres of land. Allowing my dau. Abigail and her husband, George RUSH, to live 6 years thereon from the 24th of the 6th month 1784, which is in lieu of her legacy. To son Isaac that part of my land whereon my dwelling house stands and all farming utensils, paying to my dau. Sarah REED £5, to dau. Phebe PENROSE £50 and to dau. Mary PENROSE £50.
Exrs: Wife Sarah and son Isaac.
Letters to Isaac, the other being deceased.
Wits: John HUTTON, Owen HUGHES and Penrose WILY.

May 16, 1785 - May 23, 1791.
Provides for wife Anna Catharine.
To son John Adam 150 acres of land in Brunswick, wherefor he shall keep his parents during life and pay to his sister in 3 years after our decease £30. Letters to John Adam, only son.
Wits: Philip MEYER AND Philip FILBERT.

May 29, 1780 - May 26, 1791.
Provides for wife Eleanor, including use of dwelling house during life. To son Amos part of my plantation where I live, as described, containing 72 acres 46 perches, also another tract adjoining the above containing 16 acres 114 perches, paying therefor £100 to son Samuel.
Remainder of plantation as described containing 140 acres, 150 perches, he paying the following legacies:
To son Anthony £5.
To dau. Jane, wife of Moses ROBERTS £5.
To dau. Sarah £60.
Exrs: Wife Eleanor and brother-in-law Owen HUGHES.
Wits: Thomas LEE, Jr. and Thomas LIGHTFOOT.

April 15, 1791 - May 27, 1791.
(Lived in Bern Township in 1790 according to census 2-3-3.)
Provides for wife Christina.
After 3 years son Jacob shall have the whole place for £500, paying to each of his brothers and sisters £83 6s 8p.
Exrs: Wife Christina and son Jacob.
Wits: Henry FILLIBS and Valentine GRIM.

March 15, 1784 - June 6, 1791.
Provides for his father, John HARTH during life.
All estate to wife Anna Statia.
Exrs: George REBER and Eberhard SCHAPEL.
Wits: Christian GRUBER and Philip MICHAEL.

May 6, 1791 - June 11, 1791.
To wife Maria Catharina 1/3 of all estate.
Executors to sell all estate.
To sons John, Henry, William, Jacob, Frederick, Peter, daus. Catharina, widow of Isaac WAGNER, deceased, and Magdalena wife of Elias WAGNER, all remainder of estate to be equally divided.
Exrs: Sons John and Peter.
Wits: Isaac BROOM, John BEIDLER and Benjamin SPYKER, Jr.

May 8, 1791 - July 5, 1791.
Provides for wife Catharine, including use of dwelling and plantation containing 300 acres.
To dau. Catharine, when 21, house and lot in Reading, No. 70.
Plantation containing 165 acres to be appraised after 9 years, daus. according to age to have option of it.
After wife's decease, or marriage, the large plantation to be valued and option given daus. as before.
To eldest dau. Susanna £40 at 21.
Estate to be divided among 5 daus.: Susanna, Catharine, Debora, Maria and Sarah.
Exrs: Wife Catharine, Peter DeTURK and Peter KNABB, Jr.
Wits: Daniel ZACHARIAS, Jr., Paul EBLING and William Henry BIEGEL.

May 4, 1790 - July 5, 1791.
Provides for wife Anna Margaret.
Remainder after death of wife to be divided equally among sons-in-law Jacob KELCHNER and Jacob LANCISCUS, son Baltzer, and my grandchildren, Hannah, Jacob and Daniel SPIES, children of Bernhart SPIES.
Exr: Son-in-law Jacob KELCHNER.
Wits: Georg BAB and John SPYKER.

April 8, 1791 - July 6, 1791.
Provides for wife Catharine.
To son Peter, when 21, the house and that part of the plantation whereon I live, paying therefor £550 to his sisters, Catharine wife of Peter LINE, Eve or her guardian Francis SEIBERT.
To son William that part of the plantation as my brother Christian SEIBERT held, paying £350 to 2 daus. above named, to have possession when his brother Peter is 21.
Exrs: Wife Catharine and son-in-law Peter LINE.
Wits: Peter WITTMER and John REILY.

RIETH, JOHN GEORG, Tulpehocken.
October 5, 1787 - July 16, 1791.
Land in Tulpehocken to son Peter, he paying £300 to executors and maintaining his brother Frederick as long as he lives.
Provides for wife Anna Margreta.
To sons John Leonard and Jonas, and dau. Catharine MINICH £100 each, which Peter is to pay for the land.
Exrs: Wife Anna Margaret and son Peter.
Wits: Jacob ANSPACH and Michael RIETH.

KORR, THOMAS, Tulpehocken.
April 14, 1787 - July 18, 1791.
Executors to sell all estate, real and personal, and divide estate into 6 parts, to son Jacob, to dau. Barbara wife of Nicholas GETZ, to dau. Elisabeth wife of Jacob WEISER, Catharine wife of Nicholas WALBORN and Anna Amelia wife of Peter BADDER, to nephew Philip MECHLIN £15.
To nephews (nieces) Elisabeth and Catharine MECHLIN and Elisabeth WALBORN £10 each.
Exrs: Sons Jacob and Thomas.
Wits: Michael KOPPENHOFFER and John LUDWIG.

MOYER, MARTIN, District.
April 27, 1790 - July 23, 1791.
Wife Magdalena to have all estate until eldest son George is of age, so that the small children May be raised, then George shall have it as appraisement and Jacob shall have the house and 25 acres where Conrad now lives at appraised value when 21.
Mentions "the 2 small boys" but names no others.
Wits: Wife Magdalena and brother George MOYER.
Wits: John CONRAD and Peter WALTER.

SELL, GEORGE, Maxatawny.
June 28, 1791 - August 2, 1791.
Provides for wife Magdalena.
To son George 4 tracts of land, the plantation whereon I live, described as containing 151 acres 60 perches, another 7 acres 134 perches, 1 in Rockland containing 56 acres, and the last containing 167 acres, also all stock and farming implements, he paying to his brothers and sisters £1600: to daus. Margaret, Magdalena, Elisabeth and son Jacob, being £400 each. Also to Jacob £300.
To dau. Magdaline wife of Peter SHARRADIN £20, etc.
To son John the plantation whereon he now lives in Richmond containing 200 acres.
Exrs: Friend John BEAVER and son John.
Wits: Deobalt BIEBER and Peter CHRISTMAN.

WERTZ, JOHN, Tulpehocken.
January 8, 1789 - August 19, 1791.
Provides for wife Barbara.
To son Jacob £5 (he had probably received testator's land by deed).
To eldest son Dietrich £5.
To son Christian £4.
Remainder after wife's decease among children: John, Barbara, Justina and Elisabeth.
Exrs: Wife Barbara and son Jacob.
Wits: Michael KERN and Dan LUDWIG.

ECKERT, CONRAD, Heidelberg.
July 5, 1791 - September 12, 1791.
To eldest son John my plantation containing 150 acres also personal property, paying £1400.
To dau. Catharina £80.
To Peter, George, Barbara, David, Daniel, Solomon, and Conrad £100 each. To wife Elisabeth all the land I bought of Jacob SLEHELY during life to bring up minor children.
Exrs: Wife Elisabeth and brother Nicholas ECKERT.
Wits: Jost FISHBACH and John ECKERT, Esq.

May 23, 1786 - September 17, 1791.
To son Peter all my lands and plantation, paying legacies hereafter mentioned: To dau. Elisabeth MOHN £150.
To dau. Catharine wife of Jacob SCHMIT £150.
To their dau. Susanna my bed and bedding, etc.
Exr: Friend Daniel LEINBACH.
Wits: George LORAH, Valentine BIEBER and Peter KNABB.

RAPP, PETER, Reading.
February 7, 1784 - October 8, 1791.
To son Michael a piece of land in the out lots of Reading, being 13 acres and 1/3 of my meadow land; also 1/2 of my two wood lots, paying £111 to other heirs. To son John Adam remainder of out lots, meadow and woodland, paying £111. To son Frederick £22.
To grandson John HOMAN, son of dau. Juliana, deceased, £100.
To son-in-law Baltzer HENRITZY £100 in right of dau. Dorothy.
Remainder to sons Michael and John Adam.
Exrs: Sons Michael and John Adam.
Wits: Henry SENGER, Henry HAHN, Jr. and Benjamin SPYKER, Jr.

SHUGAR, YOST, Maxatawny.
June 29, 1791 - October 17, 1791.
Provides for wife Eva Margaret.
To son John £20.
To son Henry £5.
To dau. Catharine bed and bedding.
To dau. Elisabeth widow of Henry GRUBB bed and bedding.
To son Jacob £15 when of age.
Remainder equally divided.
Exr: Brother Charles SHUGAR.
Wits: Henry LANTZ, Jacob SIEGRIED and Jeremiah WILLS.

January 11, 1791 - November 16, 1791.
To wife Maria Elisabeth use of house and lot and furniture in Reading during widowhood.
Afterward all estate to be sold and divided among all children, viz: Barbara, Daniel and John.
Exrs: Wife Maria Elisabeth and brother-in-law Daniel RIETH.
Wits: Adam KRAUSER and John WALTER.

MEYER (MYER), TOBIAS, Heidelberg.
No date - Probated November 21, 1791.
Wife Anna Maria and children to work the land until son Tobias is 23, minor children to be brought up and schooled.
To son Tobias my plantation in Heidelberg and all personal estate after the expiration of 5 years from next April, for which he shall pay £600, first payment to be made to John KOHR and then to Jacob MEYER, and so on until the youngest has its share.
Exrs: Friends John ECKERT and Jacob HAAK.
Wits: Philip FILBERT and John URBACH.

August 3, 1791 - November 21, 1791.
To wife Magdalena all real and personal estate as long as she lives.
To son Daniel 5 shillings and no more "because he has been disobedient" and left me more than "3 years before his age."
The 2 children of my dau. Magdalena, viz: Catharine and Christopher CLERK, shall inherit their mother's share, but Christopher shall have only 2 shillings "because he was going to stab his grandmother."
Dau. Elisabeth, wife of Stoffel STUMP, shall have nothing as long as said STUMP lives.
Mentions Elisabeth's dau. Christine GROSS.
Sons Henry, Jacob and Christian shall each have a child's share.
Dau. Veronica shall have nothing "because she and her husband often spoke very scandalously of us."
Exrs: Jacob REHRER and wife.
Wits: Daniel BARDNER and George STRUBHAR.

November 14, 1791 - December 10, 1791.
All real estate to brother Diedrich BECHTEL at appraised value, he to provide for sister Elisabeth while unmarried.
Estate to brothers John Peter, Jacob, Henry, Diedrich and sisters, Catharine wife of John HOCH, Susan BECHTEL, Judith wife of Jacob HOCH, Elisabeth and Maria BECHTEL, in equal shares.
Exrs: Brother Henry and friend Abraham LINCOLN.
Wits: Jacob WANN and William BOOS.

January 19, 1791 - December 20, 1791.
To youngest dau. Susanna the remainder of furniture, cattle she has to get to equal what the others got.
To only son Martin my plantation which consists of 207 acres and all personal property for which he shall pay to my 5 daus. £1000, that is £100 to each of them yearly: Maria Elisabeth, Maria Eva, Maria Catharina, Maria Eva Rosina and Susanna Catharine.
Exrs: Son-in-law Jacob GERHARD and son Martin.
Wits: Adam POTTEIGHER and Jacob SMITH.


RIEGEL, JOHANNES, miller, Tulpehocken.
September 5, 1791 - February 11, 1792.
To eldest son, John, my plantation containing 178 acres and mill with all utensils at valuation of £1600, when he is 21. Of this he shall have £200 for his legacy and pay wife Elisabeth and children Catharine, Elisabeth, Barbara, George, Anna Maria and John Adam £200 each. Children were all minors.
Exrs: Simon RIEGEL and Philip Adam RIEGEL.
Wits: Valentine TRAUTMAN and John RIEGEL (smith).

ACKER, HENRY, Rockland.
December 9, 1789 - February 22, 1792.
Wife Margaret to have all estate real and personal during life, and after her decease all to dau. Susanna except £50 to be divided between my wife's children of her first marriage.
In case Susanna dies without issue all shall go to my wife's children, viz: Hannah wife of John ZERBY, John OYSTER, Anna wife of Peter YODER, and Daniel OYSTER, except £5 to my brother's son.
Exrs: George ACKER, wife Margareth and friend John ZERLY.
Wits: Henry PASHE and Jacob GEIGER.

December 10, 1789 - April 2, 1790.
Codicil, and probate February 22, 1792.
To eldest son Jacob, my plantation where I now live containing 186 acres, for which he shall pay £650 to the other heirs, viz: John, William, Peter, Mary wife of Nicholas SCHNEIDER.
All personal estate to be sold and divided 1/2 to wife Sarah and 1/2 to all children and the heir of dau. Barbara, deceased, in equal shares, except son Jacob.
Exr: Son Jacob.
Wits: Jacob BORDNER and John BORDNER.

MEYER, JOHN, Heidelberg.
February 10, 1787 - March 12, 1792.
Provides for wife Maria Magretha.
To sons Tobias and Philip my land and plantation for £800, to be divided equally among all my children, viz: Frederick, Christina HERZ, Catharine MILLER, Philip, Tobias and Maria FILBERT.
Mentions that son Frederick has "moved away from my place and bought for himself another."
Exrs: Sons Tobias and Philip and son-in-law Philip FILBERT.
Letters to Philip MEYER and FILBERT, the other being dead.
Wits: Abraham BAYER and Jacob GERHARD.

October 17, 1791 - March 15, 1792.
Provides for wife Mary, including use of house and lot in Reading.
Executors to sell various described tracts of land and remainder of personal estate, and provide for bringing up and schooling young children. After decease of wife all estate to be divided among children, viz: Polly, Elisabeth, Isaac, Daniel, Jacob and Samuel.
Exrs: Baltzer GEHR and John SPYKER.
Wits: Peter FRAILY and George MARX.

February 9, 1792 - March 23, 1792.
To wife Elisabeth use of all estate until son Adam is 21, for maintaining the minor children.
To son Adam all real estate, paying to his sisters Mary, Catharine, Barbara, Elisabeth, Hannah, Anna Mary and Christina £50 each.
Exrs: Wife Elisabeth and Cornelius TYSON.
Letters to widow, TYSON renouncing.
Wits: Christian BIXLER and Henry TREAT.

October 30, 1790 - April 16, 1792.
To wife Catharina £200 and other provisions.
To son John all my land and plantation whereon I now live and farming implements.
Provides house for 7 unmarried daus., viz: Catharine, Maria, Rachel, Elizabeth, Magdalena, Sarah and Barbara, while single.
Also gives them £100 each.
To eldest dau., wife of Martin WETZEL, £220.
To dau. Esther, wife of Daniel NEUN, £220.
Exrs: Son John and friend Thomas LEE, Jr.
Letters to son, the other renouncing.
Wits: Daniel LEVAN and Paul GROSSCUP.

GROSS, JOHN, Reading.
September 30, 1789 - April 18, 1792.
To Maria Sarah MILLER, a dau. of my wife who is deceased £5.
To John WALTER and wife Magdalena my dwelling house and lot in Reading No. 379, and all personal estate.
Exrs: John Walter.
Wits: Balthaser FORNWELT and Jacob CHRIST.

BOECKEL, TOBIAS, Heidelberg.
June 14, 1789 - April 21, 1792.
Provides for wife Maria Elisabeth.
To sons Joh. Tobias and Anthony my land and plantation as they have parted it among them, for which they must pay £400 to the other children as follows: Elisabeth, Magdalena, Frederick, John Nicholas, Margaret, and heirs of son John deceased.
Exr: Son Johan Tobias.
Wits: Jacob GERHARD and Joseph CONRAD.

ZELLER, GEORGE, Tulpehocken.
January 26, 1791 - April 21, 1792.
To son John a plantation in Tulpehocken containing 133 acres, paying £860 for the same, £200 of which shall be his portion.
To son Adam 4 tracts of land with my mill, in said Township, containing 26 acres in all, when he is 21, paying £600 therefor, £200 of which shall be his portion. To son Henry a plantation in said township containing 139 acres, paying therefor £970 of which £200 shall be his portion. Provides for wife Maria Barbara, including use of dwelling plantation until son Henry is of age.
To son Andrew £5 for his birthright, he having received £200 in my lifetime.
To son Jacob £200 when 21.
Remainder of estate as follows: to dau. Elisabeth wife of John RIGEL, Margaret Elizabeth wife of John KADERMAN, Catharine wife of John POTTDERF, Susanna wife of Jacob SCHNEIDER, Maria Barbara, and heirs of deceased dau. Maria £200 each, and remainder among all children.
Exrs: Sons Andrew and John.
Wits: Henry MAYER and Frederick MILLER.

February 2, 1791 - May 7, 1792.
Eldest son Conrad shall have my place for £60 and pay £48 to his 4 brothers and sisters: Catharine, Elisabeth, John and Peter.
Younger children were minors.
Daniel Hoffman, guardian of minor children.
Exrs: Leonhard MILLER, Sr. and son Conrad.
Wits: Jacob SCHNEIDER and Michael MILLER.

February 11, 1792 - May 12, 1792.
Provides for wife Elisabeth including income of all estate for 6 years when my dau. Elizabeth will be of age, when I give my said dau. all my real estate and paper mills, subject to her mother's life interest. If said dau. should die without issue, real estate to go to wife and brother John FEGER.
Mentions his father Paul FEGER.
Exrs: Wife Elisabeth and friend Philip MILLER.
Wits: Peter ULRICH, Conrad FEGER and Benjamin SPYKER, Jr.

VOLK, JOSEPH, Longswamp.
January 3, 1792 - May 14, 1792.
Provides for wife Eve Barbara.
To son John my plantation where I now live, containing 146 acres, also tract of woodland paying £170 to other children, viz: Henry, Joseph, George and Jacob. To son Christian plantation in Longswamp containing about 60 acres, also 20 acres of woodland, paying for the same £130 to daus. Catharine, Mary, Magdalena, Mary Eve and Elisabeth.
Sons John and Christian were minors.
Exrs: Peter TREXLER, Jr. and John HAAS.
Wits: Lorentz DROSHER and Johannes ROMIG.

November 17, 1789 - May 29, 1792.
Executors to sell all real and personal estate.
Provides for wife Catharina.
Remainder in equal shares to 10 children, viz: George Michael, Frantz, Jacob, Nicholas, John, Catharine wife of John YERGER, Christina wife of Henry ELY (or EBY?), Elisabeth wife of Martin LENGLE, Salome wife of John HIME, and Susanna.
Exrs: Son John and neighbor Abraham STOUT.
Letters to STOUT, the other said to be in Virginia.
Wits: Balzer UMPEHOCKER and Anthony SHOMO.

STRAUSS, Philip, Bern.
October 6, 1788 - May 28, 1792.
Provides for wife Margareth.
All estate equally divided among 8 children, viz: Casper, oldest son, Magdalena, Elizabeth, Christine, Catharine, Jacob, Christian and Mathias. Son Philip had been sold the plantation.
Exrs: Sons Casper and Philip.
Wits: Valentine REBER and Philip KEMP.

May 22, 1792 - July 23, 1792.
To son Christopher my messuage and tract of land in Heidelberg, paying to other children, as follows: Elisabeth Catharine, Margareth, George, Eve, Maria Catharina, Maria Elizabeth and Maria £25 each.
Exrs: Son Christopher and John ECKERT.
Wits: James DIEMER, Esq. and Peter FRAILY.

COPELAND, ISAAC, Heidelberg.
December 9, 1791 - July 10, 1792.
Provides for wife Elenor.
Remainder to my 5 children, viz: Robert, Mary, Elizabeth, Elenor and Isaac.
Exrs: Wife Elenor and Thomas DUNDAS.
Letters to Robert COPELAND, son, Thomas DUNDAS surviving executor renouncing.
Wits: Jacob BONAWITZ and Lazarus MOUNTZ.

April 30, 1792 - July 23, 1792.
To wife Christina all real and personal estate until youngest child is 14. To eldest son John Philip my plantation in Bethel whereon I now live, paying £500 to brothers and sisters, viz: Leonhard, John, Eva, Catharine, Christina, and Daniel.
Exr: Daniel HOFFMAN.
Wits: Peter MILLER and Jacob BORDNER.

RATEU, PETER, Caernarvon.
July 27, 1787 August 8, 1792.
To only son Aaron all my lands, etc and all movables.
To dau. Mary DIEMER £15.
To granddau. Jemima DIEMER £5 when 18.
Exr: Son Aaron.
Wits: Christian SPAIR, Owen THOMAS and John BARKLEY.

BILLIG, HENRY, Northampton County.
February 9, 1792 - August 11, 1792.
Provides for wife Maria Magdalena.
To eldest son, John, my plantation in Maxatawny which I bought from Michael RIEHL with all personal goods, he providing for his mother and boarding the younger children until they are 14, and give to Elisabeth a cow with calf when she married, and to Catharina a spinning wheel.
Exrs: Wife Maria Magdalena and Jacob GREENWALT.
Wits: Christopher HARTTUNG and Peter SHICKEL.

July 1, 1792 - October 1, 1792.
To wife Magdalena all personal estate and income of real estate during life. After her death dau. Magdalena HEHN shall have use of plantation as long as she lives.
After her death to be sold and divided in equal shares among the children. To son John's son John after wife's decease, my house in Reading if he pays £200 to dau. Magdalena HEHN, also 20 acres of land in Bern.
Exrs: Wife Magdalena and Jacob, son of Valentine EPLER.
Wits: Valentine EPLER and Peter EPLER.

August 23, 1792 - October 6, 1792.
To wife Mary £20 and 1/2 of remainder of estate and other half to son Abraham.
Exr: Wife Mary.
Wits: Daniel LINEBACH and Joseph HOCK.

October 1792 - October 26, 1792.
Provides for wife Christina.
To dau. Mary wife of Christopher GEIGER £100.
To dau. Hannah wife of Richard JACOBS £130.
To dau. Christina wife of James THOMPSON £130.
To dau. Elisabeth ROBESON £140.
To dau. Eleanor wife of Benjamin THOMPSON £127.
To dau. Sarah ROBESON £140, etc.
Remainder of estate, real and personal, to sons Moses and Samuel.
Exrs: Sons Moses and Samuel.
Wits: Richard TEA, Edward DOUGHERTY and Thomas CHERRINGTON.

October 22, 1792 - November 12, 1792.
All estate to wife Anna Maria during widowhood.
After her decease real estate to be sold.
To my niece Elisabeth FERNSLER, dau. of my brother Jonas' son Jacob £5. The remainder to the children of my brother Barney ADAM of Cumru.
Exrs: Wife Anna Maria and brother Barney ADAM.
Wits: Frederick KAUCHER and Lorentz HAAS.

September 25, 1792 - November 13, 1792.
All estate to wife Elizabeth while a widow.
Devises 100 acres of land over the Laurel Hill to the heirs Christian MILLER left.
Executors to give to the other children as they grow up in advance as much as the 2 eldest, Anna and Barbara, have received. Their names are Elisabeth, Magdalena, Catharine, Maria, John, Susanna, Joseph, David and Jacob.
Exrs: Friends Christian STUTZMAN, and Christian HERTZLER and wife Elisabeth.
Wits: John ZUG and Christian ZUG.

MORGAN, JACOB, Caernarvon.
March 7, 1792 - Codicil May 28, 1792 - Probate November 15, 1792.
To eldest son my plantation in Caernarvon on which I formerly lived containing 220 acres except 1 acre reserved for a burying ground, also 1/2 of a tract of land with grist mill and saw mill adjoining above, he paying to my dau. Rebecca PRICE £150, and to dau. Sarah JENKINS £150.
To son Benjamin a plantation whereon I now live in Caernarvon containing 263 acres except certain lots which are let to different persons under yearly rent of 15 shillings, he paying to dau. Sarah JENKINS £100 and a like sum to dau. Rebecca PRICE.
To dau. Mary HUDSON a tract of land in said Township containing 20 acres 105 perches during life and at her decease to grandson Jonathan HUDSON, also a tract adjoining above containing 5 acres 55 perches, also a lot in Morgantown during life and at her death to grandson Nicholas HUDSON. Sons Jacob and Benjamin to build a house on said lot. To dau. Sarah JENKINS tract of land in said Township containing 211/2 acres during life and at her decease to grandson William JENKINS. To sons Jacob and Benjamin lot in Morgantown with building thereon known as St. Thomas Church, also other lots for use of school, minister and schoolmaster. To said sons and grandson John PRICE tract called Chestnut Hill in Township aforesaid containing 189 acres.
To grandson John PRICE 2 lots in Morgantown.
To granddau. Elizabeth PRICE a lot in same place.
To granddau. Rachel WITHREL a lot in same.
Mentions having become entitled to 3,000 acres of land for services as a captain in provincial forces. Devises said land to son Benjamin and daus. Rebecca and Mary, also devises 2,120 acres held in right of Edward BIDDLE's services as captain and quartermaster to son Jacob.
Mentions son-in-law Joseph JENKINS.
Servant girl Martha BAREFOOT to be free after my decease.
Exrs: Sons Jacob and Benjamin.
Wits: Lott EVANS, John BARKLEY and John SPYKER.
Witness to codicil: Samuel LAVERTY and John EVANS.


January 16, 1792 - January 7, 1793?.
To sons Philip and Peter shall have the deeded land containing 132 acres 60 perches, also tract adjoining called Manor Land, containing 145 acres, also tract in Ruscombmanor 54 acres, they paying to their 3 sisters £375, viz: Elisabeth, Margaret and Maria £125 each.
Provides for wife Catharina.
Exrs: Jacob WANNER and Abraham TREIBELBIS.
Wits: John George MERKLIN and Frederick LIESS.

November 16, 1792 - January 18, 1793.
To son Jacob all my real estate, paying to my 3 daus., viz: Margret, Mary and Joanna £34 each and to William SHENER £8.
Exrs: Son Jacob and Henry TREAT.
Letters to Jacob, the other being deceased.
Wits: George KAUTZ and Peter Bean.

January 13, 1793 - February 16, 1793.
To wife Catharina my dwelling plantation in Alsace during life and afterwards to be appraised to eldest son if he choose to take it. If not, then to the next, etc.
Money to be divided among all children (not named).
Exrs: Sons Henry and Adam.
Wits: Abraham SCHNEYTER and Abraham DUNKELBERGER.

WAGGONER, ANNA MARIA, widow of Johan Adam WAGONER, Ruscombmanor.
February 8, 1790 - February 18, 1793.
To son Elias £30 and 1/2 of movables.
To dau. Susanna 1/2 of movables.
To Jacob DIEHL, son of dau. Rosina £3.
To Anna Maria dau. of son Elias articles named.
Exr: Son Elias.
Wits: Jacob Hill and John HOOFNAGLE.

December 19, 1792 - February 15, 1793.
Provides for wife Elisabeth.
Eldest son John shall have 5 shillings only.
The others shall all share alike, viz: Isaac, Abraham, William, Margaret, Catharine, Elizabeth, Maria, Rosina, Susanna, Hanna, Esther and Sara. Youngest son William to be put to a trade at 14 years.
Exr: John REESER,Jr.
Signed F.M.
Wits: Henry SEYTEL and John BAUMAN.

February 2, 1793 - February 25, 1793.
Provides for wife Elisabeth including use of real estate until son John is 21, when he is to have said real estate, to be appraised and the amount divided among children (not named).
Exrs: Brother Jacob BIEBER and wife Elisabeth.
Wits: Christian SEIWER and John BIEBER.

MATTES, Philip, Earl.
November 24, 1792 - February 26, 1793.
To dau. Elizabeth £50.
To son Jacob £50.
To son Stephen £50.
To son Philip all lands, tenements, and farming utensils, he paying legacies to daus. Maria Catharina, Barbara and Eva Rosina £50 each.
Exrs: Son Philip and friend John HAUK.
Wits: Adam ROTH, Daniel EISS and Daniel GULDIN.

November 3, 1786 - February 27, 1793.
All estate real and personal to Michael, George, Catharina, Magdalena, Maria, Juliana HARPF, and children of my sister Maria HARPF.
Executor to sell my lot #344 in Reading.
Exr: Brother-in-law John HARPF.
Wits: Alexander EISENBEIS and Benjamin SPYKER, Jr.

TREAT, HENRY, Robeson.
January 19, 1793 - March 2, 1793.
To wife Elizabeth the management of all estate during widowhood.
After her decease all children to share equally (not named).
Exrs: Wife Elisabeth and Christian DANNHOUER.
Wits: Jacob WALTER and Johannes ----.

February 23, 1793 - March 8, 1793.
To John, son of Christian HUFNAGEL deceased, all wearing apparel and £20. His brothers and sisters shall share equally the remainder of estate, except carpenter tools to Frederick BINGEMAN.
Exr: Frederick BINGEMAN.
Wits: Frederick HUNTER and Daniel WENTZEL.

HUFFNAGEL (HUFFNABEL), CHRISTIAN, Berks County (lived in Ruscombmanor).
February 13, 1793 - March 8, 1793.
Maria Elisabeth HUFFNAGEL the old woman shall have her third share of the place as long as she lives and estate to be divided among children (not named). John Henry HUFFNAGEL shall have £5 in advance more than the others. Letters of adm. to Maria Elisabeth the widow and Frederick BINGEMAN, son-in-law.
Wit: Frederick HUNTER.

STAHL, ADAM, Alsace.
January 5, 1793 - March 9, 1793.
To wife Margreth all estate and personal during life.
After her decease to be divided among all children, except the share of eldest son, Jacob, which I bequeath to his children.
Son-in-law Jacob STAHLY mentioned but no others.
Exrs: Friends John BAUM, Sr. and Dewald HABERACKER.
Wits: Jacob GRAUL and John HABERACKER.

July 27, 1791 - March 23, 1793.
To dau. Elizabeth, wife of Francis SHALTER, 20 shillings having provided for her children out of my real estate which I sold to my grandson Dietrich SHALTER. Remainder to wife Susanna.
Exr: Wife Susanna.
Wits: George HECKMAN and David BETZ.

KUNTZ, MICHAEL, Tulpehocken.
June 3, 1792 - March 29, 1793.
To wife Mary Magdalena my plantation where I now live in Tulpehocken, containing 60 acres during life.
After her death to HERSHFELDIN, her heirs and assigns.
Exrs: Wife Magdalena and Mary Margaret HERSHFELDIN.
Wits: Reigle and Godfrey RIHL.

DIEHM, PETER, Reading.
February 16, 1793 - April 3, 1793.
To wife Hanna Martha all real and personal estate during life.
After her decease to son William my 2 out lots and £5 for his birthright. To sons John and Frederick my dwelling house in Reading also 2 lots in same town.
To dau. Catharina £8.
Remainder to 3 sons above named.
Exr: Brother-in-law Frederick BOHN.
Wits: John GOODHART and George YOUNG.

WERT, CHRISTINA, Heidelberg.
March 11, 1793 - April 20, 1793.
To nephew, my sister's son, John SHAFFER £10.
To sister Catharina my clock.
To brother George William VARD (WERT) 1 shilling.
To sisters and 2 brothers Ludwig and Christian VARD, Mary Elizabeth, Anna Mary, Magdalena and Susanna share and share alike remainder of estate.
Exr: Brother Ludwig VARD.
Signed "VARD."
Wits: Peter RIEDY and Chester FREEHOFER.
(Note: Chester Freehofer is an error in transcribing the name Christn. Freehefer.)

KEEFER, WENDEL, Tulpehocken.
February 26, 1793 - April 23, 1793.
To wife Barbara all estate during widowhood.
To friend Nicholas GERHARD £15.
To my cousins the 5 living children of Peter SWARTZ my plantation in Tulpehocken to be appraised and then John SWARTZ May take it and pay to the other children their equal shares.
Remainder to be sold and divided to aforesaid 5 cousins.
Exr: Neighbor Michael KEISER.
Wit: Johannes HUBLER.

March 20, 1793 - May 1, 1793.
Provides for wife Susanna.
Remainder to 3 children, viz: George, Catharine and Elizabeth when of age.
Exr: Friend Salomon ROTH.
Wits: William SPIRA and Frederick BAR, Sr.

November 18, 1789 - May 4, 1793.
Provides for wife Elisabeth.
To son Frederick my plantation in Pinegrove, paying to his 4 sisters, viz: Elizabeth, Barbara, Ann Margaret and Catharine £30 each.
Exrs: Baldhasar HOUTZ and Jacob WEBER.
Wits: John STERN, Jr. and Henry GIEGLER.

March 30, 1793 - May 16, 1793.
To wife Catharine my house and lot in Reading where I now live, also woodland and lot in Alsace containing 22 acres 70 perches and all personal estate.
Exr: Wife.
Wits: George PFLEGER, John OTTO and William GRAFF.

KOCH, CONRAD, Reading.
March 7, 1793 - May 27, 1793.
To wife Maria Margaret household goods and land in Stone Valley and lots in Reading during life.
After her decease all estate to be sold and equally divided among my six heirs, eldest son John Daniel alone named.
Exrs: Wife Maria Margaret and son-in-law John GEIST.
Wits: ---- and Christopher SHERRER.

June 13, 1792 - May 25, 1793.
Provides for wife Margaret.
After her decease all real estate to be sold and divided among children: viz, eldest son Christian to have £5 in advance, Jacob, John, Peter, Conrad, Michael, Anna Maria wife of Michael ALBRECHT, Anna Barbara wife of George KESSLER, Catharine deceased who left one heir Jacob DITZIUS, Anna Elisabeth, Anna Magdalena wife of Jacob ZIMMERMAN, Christine BRAUCHER and Jacob.
Exr: Son Conrad.
(Note: Christopher BRAUCHER is five times great grandfather of Alice E. Morrison. Dau. Anna Elizabeth not married when will was made, later married Michael SMITH.)

DIEHL, JOHN, Longswamp.
May 15, 1788 - June 1, 1793.
Executors to sell all real and personal estate.
To dau. Anna Mary wife of John ARTER £55.
To dau. Mary Elisabeth wife of Philip BIERY £55.
To Sophia wife of Philip my son, bed and bedding.
Son Philip has already received his share in the land conveyed to him, and some money.
Exrs: Sons Philip and John.
Wits: Henry EGNER and George GEIST.

ARTZ, JACOB, Tulpehocken.
May 9, 1793 - June 25, 1793.
To son Jacob my plantation whereon I dwell in Tulpehocken, containing about 114 acres, paying £800 of which he shall have his share.
To dau. Elisabeth wife of Ansted GLASSBRENNER £100.
To son Christian, Jacob, Eve wife of Valentine BENDER, Susanna wife of Martin KOPPENHAVER, Catharina wife of Godfrey SCHNEIDER, and Anna Maria wife of John HOLTSMAN £100 each.
To son Michael tract of land whereon he dwells over the Broad Mountain in Berks County, containing about 200 acres for £130.
To son Philip tract of land whereon he dwells adjoining Michael's tract, containing about 200 acres at £110.
Sons Michael and Philip to help John build a house on his land "and my son Philip is to give three gallons of whiskey towards building said house." To son-in-law Martin KOPPENHAVER tract whereon he now lives over the Broad Mountain containing about 160 acres for £68.
Remainder equally divided among my 10 children.
Exrs: Son Jacob and friend Martin BROWN, Jr.
Wits: John LESCHER and Adam WEISZ.

WENRICH, JOHN, Tulpehocken.
May 26, 1793 - June 27, 1793.
Provides for wife (not named) and the children "I have begot with my second wife."
Son John shall have the place on which he lives for £1200, Son Paulus to have the place whereon he lives for £1700.
George ZERBE shall have the small place where he lives for £35.
Share of dau. Christina is bequeathed to her 2 children.
Philip STRAUSS and Paulus GROFF shall be guardians of my daus. children.
Exrs: Sons John and Paulus.
Wits: Matthew MILLER and HELFRICH.

GERNAND, GEORGE, Maidencreek.
November 28, 1791 - August 6, 1793.
To eldest son Christian £50 for his birthright, having had his share.
To son John articles named, having received his portion.
To 2 children of son Mathias, deceased, viz: George and Catharine £100 each.
To heirs of dau. Anna Maria £25.
Remainder at wife's decease to daus. Elisabeth wife of Valentine ECKERT, Catharina wife of Sebastian MILLER, Barbara wife of John ECKERT, Magdalena wife of Abraham HUY, Susanna wife of Casper THIELL and Anna Margareth wife of John HUY.
Exrs: John ECKERT and Casper THIELL.

March 22, 1793 - August 8, 1793.
To wife Barbara all estate during life.
After her decease to son Abraham £5, he having been advanced.
Remainder to be divided among sons and daus., viz: Jacob, John, Henry, Daniel, Elisabeth REDER, Catharine FESIG, Maria PETRY, Susanna HEISTER, and Magdalena REESER in equal shares.
Exr: Friend Francis RUTH.
Wits: Jacob HAACK and Benjamin SPYKER, Jr.

MOTZER, JOHN, (lived in Earl Township in 1790).
April 9, 1775 - August 17, 1793.
Provides for wife Elizabeth.
Names 2 children: Johanna wife of Gottfried HAGA and Magdalena wife of Henry ECKEL.
Also mentions brother Martin MOTZER.
Exrs: Gottfried HAGA and Henry ECKEL sons-in-law.
Renunciation of Gottfried HAGA is dated Philadelphia, August 21, 1793.
Wits: Isaac WAMPOLL and George BOTTER.

February 17, 1777 - August 19, 1793.
Names wife Anna Barbara as sole legatee.
No reference to children.
Exrs: Wife Anna Barbara and friend Michael BUSH.
Wits: Frederick CHRISTIAN and William REESER.

KIMMEL, JACOB, Brunswick.
May 6, 1793 - August 27, 1793.
To wife Margaret all estate while she lives.
Afterwards divided among children, viz: George, Anthony, Jacob, Margaret Elizabeth, Catharina, Maria, Barbara, Catharina Elisabeth and Margaret.
Exrs: Wife Margaret and son Anthony.
Wits: Peter SMELCHER and George BORGERS.

January 31, 1793 - August 30, 1793.
Provides for wife Elisabeth.
Refers to children but does not name them.
Exrs: Nicholas RIHM and Jacob SHOEMAKER.
Wits: George BELLEMAN and John RIEGEL.

October 8, 1791 - Codicil March 20, 1793 - Probate September 5, 1793.
Provides for wife Margaret.
Real estate to be sold.
Divides £300 (the sum I received as their mother's portion) among children, viz: John, Henry, Valentine, Samuel, Isaac, Maria ERGUT wife of Bernard, Barbara wife of Conrad DIETER, Elisabeth wife of Peter STOCKER, and to Maria dau. of dau. Catharine and Henry PETERS both deceased. To sons John and Henry £100 each.
Remainder to be divided among children named above and David, in equal shares.
Exrs: Son Henry and son-in-law Conrad DIETER.
Codicil mentions that dau. Barbara is deceased.
Codicil names John BEIDLER executor in place of Conrad DIETER.
Wits: Jacob BRIGHT, Jr. and George YOUNG and Jacob YOUNG and John SPYKER to codicil.

STOUT, BARBARA, widow of Michael, Bern.
January 25, 1792 - September 6, 1793.
To sons John, George William, George, Just, Jacob and Michael, and daus. Maria Appel and Catharine 1/6(?).
To dau. Barbara £10 and clothing.
To dau. Elisabeth wife of Peter WEISS £50 and articles named.
Wits: Philip WAGNER and Philip CLAUSER.

November 15, 1792 - September 14, 1793.
Provides for wife Anna Maria.
Remainder to 5 children, viz: Catharine wife of George PALTZGROVE, Andrew, Christina wife of Henry SCHLEICHER (SCHLICHER), Barbara wife of John Adam GEHRY, and John in equal shares.
Exrs: Son John and son-in-law Henry SCHLEICHER (SCHLICHER).
Wits: George Jacob HEISTER and David STRAUSS.
(Note: Andrew WEILER is five time great grandfather of Alice E. MORRISON. Dau. Christina was married to Henry SCHLICHER of Upper Hanover Township. They were the parents of Anna Maria SCHLICHER who married Jacob METZGER.)

HALLER, HENRY, Brunswick.
June 25, 1793. Probate September 23, 1793.
Codicil September 13, 1793.
Provides for wife Christina, plantations and saw mill on which I live in Brunswick containing about 600 acres to be rented until youngest sons Benjamin and Lewis, twins, are 15.
To son-in-law Samuel WEBB 100 acres of land in Brunswick at valuation.Executors to make deed to son Henry for a tract of 184 acres sold to him, paying £300.
Authorizes executors to sell other lands and divide all estate among children, viz: Frederick, Elizabeth wife of William MEARS, Jacob, Sarah wife of Samuel WEBB, Henry, John, William, Isaac, Benjamin and Lewis, the last 3 being minors.
Exrs: Friend George HUNTZINGER and son Henry.
Wits: Daniel ROSE and Christian BARRANSTINE.

September 5, 1793 - October 3, 1793.
To son John, my plantation for £400 of which he shall have his share.
Provides for wife Susanna.
Estate to be divided among all children, of whom Jacob, Benjamin, Catharine Elizabeth are named.
Appoints Nicholas HAWK, Sr. guardian for 3 minor children.
Exrs: Wife Susanna and son John.
Wits: Jacob POTTEICHER and John RIEGEL.

February 5, 1791 - October 12, 1793.
Provides for wife, not named.
To son Peter the plantation I now live on, he paying legacies and providing for his brother Casper during life.
To son Philip £100.
To son Abraham the plantation I have in the forest.
To dau. Mary £50.
To dau. Catharine £50.
To dau. Elisabeth £50.
Exrs: Sons Peter and Abraham.
Wits: Peter JONES and John YOCUM.

April 19, 1793 - October 16, 1793.
Provides for wife Sarah.
To dau. Mary wife of John MORRIS £50.
To grandsons Richard and Henry IDDINGS £10 each when 21.
To granddaus. Sarah and Mary IDDINGS £30 each when 18.
Remainder to son Thomas.
Exr: Son Thomas.
Wits: Jonathan STEPHENS, John IDDINGS and Jonathan FINCHER.
Caveat filed by Sarah the widow, John MORRIS and wife Mary and Jonathan IDDINGS on behalf of his child, but after full hearing the case was withdrawn.

August 10, 1793 - October 23, 1793.
Provides for wife Catharine.
Executors to sell land in Westmoreland and Northumberland counties and all other land except plantation in Cumru opposite Reading.
To son Jacob 20 spanish dollars for his birthright.
Remainder of estate to sons Jacob, George, John, Peter, David and Michael, and daus. Catharine wife of Frederick HELLER, Maria wife of Daniel LEBO, and Sarah BRECHT.
Peter NAGLE, Esq. to be guardian of minor sons Peter, David and Michael.
Exrs: Brother Michael BRECHT and son-in-law Frederick HELLER.
Wits: Henry WITMAN and George BOWER.

No date - Probated October 30, 1793.
To son Daniel my plantation in Cumru containing 323 acres, also stock and farming utensils, paying therefor £1500, at 21, to other children, viz: John Adam, Susanna and Maria.
Provides for wife Maria Barbara.
Devises 11/2 acres of land for the new Reformed church and churchyard.
To son John Adam the mortgage against Peter KAMERER for his birthright. Exrs: Son John Adam and Joseph HEISTER.
Wits: George ROOT and Sebastian MILLER.
(Note: The "new Reformed Church" is St. John's Church in Sinking Spring.)

KOBEL, JACOB, Heidelberg.
October 13, 1791 - November 5, 1793.
Provides for wife Maria (nee SHOLL).
Wit: Henry HIRSH.
Letters to Mary, the widow.

KUHN, JACOB, Reading.
September 17, 1793 - Codicil September 30, 1793 - Probate November 12, 1793.
Provides for wife Susanna.
To 4 sons, Jacob, John, Peter and George £300 each, which is due from Martin ROTHERMEL for the plantation and grist mill sold him.
To each of my 9 children, viz: Jacob, Johannes, Peter, Georg, Anna Maria wife of Theobald HABERACKER, Susanna wife of Jacob SMOCK, Elizabeth wife of Valentine BOYER, Catharine wife of Adam GERRET, and Magdalena £200 each. Remainder at wife's decease to above 9 children.
Exrs: Sons Jacob, Johannes, Peter and George.
Wits: Johannes PRINTZ and John SPYKER.

October 16, 1792 - November 20, 1793.
Plantation and all land in Windsor to be leased during life of wife Anna Maria for use.
After her decease said land containing 200 acres to be sold and divided as follows: to son George £5 and the remainder in 8 equal shares to sons Philip, Abraham, Magdalena, Catharina, Elizabeth, Lisa Catharina, Barbara, and children of dau. Christina, as she shall not have any more of my estate for herself.
Exrs: Son George and son-in-law Philip ALSPACH.
Wits: Bastian KREISHER and Peter VOGT.

October 1, 1793 - November 21, 1793.
Executors to sell plantation and 2 tracts of land in Robeson.
Provides for wife Margaret.
To son Robert £70.
To 3 daus. Eleanor wife of Jesse GRIFFITH, Lydia and Esther £50 each.
Remainder of estate to 3 sons Samuel, David and Silas.
Exrs: Sons Samuel and David.
William SCARLET to be guardian of estate of my son Robert who is "weakly and not altogether capable of taking care of his affairs."
Wits: Abraham LEWIS, Cornelius TYSON and Ezekiel MORRIS.

REESER, JOHN, Maidencreek.
February 19, 1793 - November 25, 1793.
To eldest son, Henry, my plantation and tract of land on which I live containing 300 acres, except a small tract and water right for son Jacob, he paying £800 to my executors, also stock and farming utensils. To son John the plantation whereon he now lives in Maidencreek, containing about 238 acres, except water right.
To son Daniel messuage grist mill and saw mill and about 14 acres of land. To son Jacob tract of meadow land containing 12 acres 140 perches and water right reserved above, he paying £100 to executors.
To granddaus. Elisabeth and Katharine FISHER, children of my son-in-law George FISHER £200 each.
To grandson John Michael, son of my dau. Elizabeth £100 at 21.
To dau. Katharine KERSHNER, wife of Conrad, £25, she having been advanced.
To dau. Elizabeth MICHAEL £25.
To son William £100 and all remainder of estate.
Exrs: Son Henry and brother-in-law Daniel LEVAN.
Letters to REESER, LEVAN renouncing.
Wits: Levi PILKINGTON, Thomas LIGHTFOOT and Martin GABY.

BLOCK, CATHERINE, widow of Michael, Reading.
October 30, 1793 - December 11, 1793.
To son Daniel KEYSER my family Bible.
To dau. Christina wife of Henry SCHREFFLER bed and bedding.
To granddau. Catharina SCHREFFLER articles named.
To dau. Anna Margaret wife of Conrad GEIST remainder of personal estate. Executors to sell real estate in Reading and divide remainder among above named children.
Exr: Son-in-law Conrad GEIST.
Wits: John KIDD and Benjamin SPYKER, Jr.


August 9, 1790 - January 2, 1794.
All personal estate to be sold and Elisabeth to have rents of the plantation in Cumru during life.
To dau. Hannah widow of Theophilis KASTNER £55.
To dau. Maria LUTZ wife of Adam £55.
To grandson Daniel LUTZ and great grandson Adam LUTZ my plantation in Cumru which I bought of George RIEHM, containing 200 acres, after wife's decease, they paying to my 2 daus. above named £30 each.
To my friend George MERKEL plantation in Cumru where I now live containing 170 acres, after wife's decease, paying to above named daus. £50 each.
Exr: George MERKEL.
Wits: John HUETT, Ludwig HUETT and Christian MILLER.

DUNKEL, PETER, Greenwich.
November 23, 1793 - January 10, 1794.
Provides for wife Catharine.
To eldest son John £20, having already advanced him.
To 3 sons, Peter, Jacob and Michael, the plantation where I now live containing 332 acres, and all personal estate to be equally divided, they paying to each of my 4 daus., viz: Catharine REINHART, Elisabeth SEIDLER, Eve LEYBY (LEIBY) and Rosina LEYBE £150.
Share of dau. Catharine to be in trust during lifetime of her husband, Henry REINHART.
Exrs: Jacob LEYBE, Jr. and Peter LEYBE, Jr.
Wits: Christopher SONTAG, Jacob ARNOLD and Philip GEHR.

December 13, 1794 - January 24, 1794.
To son Peter all my real estate in Richmond and all personal estate, he paying legacies:
To son-in-law George YOH £300.
To son Henry £400, £50 for his birthright.
To son John £350.
To son Jacob £350.
To dau. Esther KELCHNER £300.
Provides for wife, not named.
Wits: Son Peter and wife Agnes.
Wits: Casper MERKEL and John CHRIST.

February 8, 1793 - January 25, 1794.
To son Paulus all the land and plantation on which we live in Cumru, he giving to each of my daus. 1 cow or £4, and to the eldest son Benedict £2.
Exr: Friend Henry BAER.
Wits: Conrad RUFFNER and Elisabeth WORST.

November 20, 1793 - January 27, 1794.
To son John my plantation and tracts of land in Bern Township, paying therefor £500.
To eldest dau. Elisabeth ABROGAST, dau. Susanna SHARFF, dau. Catharine ECKEL, and dau. Christina MEYER.
Also provides for wife Catharine.
To son Henry that part of my plantation lying in Bethel Township containing 100 acres.
To son George a plantation in Bern according to a convenience between us. To son Jacob the other part of my plantation in Bethel containing about 100 acres, paying £75 to 4 daus.
Exrs: Son John and son-in-law George SHARFF.
Wits: Jacob RUNKLE and Jacob HIMMELBERGER.

SPADE, SAMUEL, District.
May 9, 1792 - January 23, 1794.
To dau. Gotlibe, wife of John EBERHARD my messuage and tract of land in District Township containing 44 acres, also all personal estate, she paying dau. Elizabeth wife of Solomon HERB £3 each (each to her children) when 21, also to said dau. 5 shillings.
To children of dau. Rebecca deceased, who was wife of Daniel HERB £3 each when 21.
Exrs: Friends John POTT, Sr. and Daniel JODER.
Wits: William POTT and Paul GROSSCUP.

November 11, 1786 - February 12, 1794.
To son Herman about 5 acres of land, being part of my plantation, paying £4 per acre.
To son Christopher the remainder of the plantation where I now live in Bethel, also woodland at the Blue Mountains containing 195 acres, paying therefor £800. Provides for wife Catharine.
Estate to be divided equally among 8 children, eldest son George being named.
Exr: Son Herman.
Wits: George ROYER and Frederick SEIVERT.

April 27, 1792 - February 12, 1794.
To oldest son John 5 shillings.
To son Henry 5 shillings and a clock.
To son Peter 1 shilling 6 pence.
To dau. Rachel £4.
To dau. Christina wife of John WORHEIM £17.
To dau. Magdalena 5 shillings.
To dau. Catharine wife of Philip GRINER 5 shillings.
To dau. Anna Mary wife of Adam MENGEL 5 shillings.
To youngest dau. Mary Catharine £50.
To grandchildren Michael and Magdalena LINDEMUTH, children of dau. Eve, deceased wife of Michael LINDEMUTH.
Provides for wife Susanna Mary.
Son Peter had probably been deeded the land.
Exr: Friend Henry PHILLIPS.
Wits: Frederick BLATT and Adam BLATT.

November 15, 1793 - February 17, 1794.
To wife Raihace (Rachel?) all estate during life and what remains at her decease to be divided among my several children (not named).
Exr: Friend James SILLEYMAN.
Wits: John MEYER and Jost MATZ.

GESCHWIND, MARGARET, widow of Eberhard, Bern.
October 20, 1792 - February 17, 1794.
To dau. Magdalena wife of Reinhart GNUSSENHAUSEN £5, etc.
To dau. Catharine wife of Michael LINDEMUTH 5 shillings.
To dau. Christina wife of Peter WAX 5 shillings.
To dau. Margaret wife of Henry WAX 5 shillings.
To my grandchildren, the children of Casper JOST 5 shillings.
To son Peter 5 shillings.
To grandson John, eldest son of my son John deceased all the remaining of estate.
Exrs: Friends Stephen LEININGER and Jost RUTH.
Letters to LEININGER the other renouncing.

January 23, 1794 - February 26, 1794.
To wife Anna all estate real and personal until dau. Susanna is 21, which will be on the 4th of May 1803, when estate shall be divided, wife to have 1/3 and 3 daus. equal shares.
Exrs: Wife Anna and brother-in-law John HAY.
Wits: Peter RICHARDS and Daniel BOB.

GOODMAN, WILLIAM, Tulpehocken.
January 13, 1794 - February 26, 1794.
Provides for wife (not named), including use of place for 10 years to bring up the children, after which son George May take the place at appraisement, otherwise to be sold and money divided in equal shares among children, dau. Elizabeth being named.
Exrs: John RIEGEL and wife Catharine.
Wits: Balser EMRICH and Christian ZERBE.

MANBECK, RUDOLPH, Tulpehocken.
January 11, 1794 - February 27, 1794.
To son Leonard £10 in full.
To son John my plantation on which I now live in Tulpehocken, containing 70 acres, paying to each of my 6 children, viz: George, Nicholas, Jacob, Daniel, Christina and Catharine £50.
Also provides for wife Christina.
Exrs: Wife Christina and son John.
Wits: Michael BRAUN and John HUBLER.

August 1, 1793 - March 20, 1794.
Wife Anna to have the place until youngest boy is 21, and then they shall divide the land or sell it.
Children named are: John, Jacob, Barbara and Catharine.
Exrs: Christian ALBRECHT and John DECHLER.
Wits: Daniel RIESER and George FISHER.

January 25, 1794 - March 25, 1794.
Provides for wife Margaret.
To eldest son Daniel £16.
To son Jacob £11.
To son George my plantation in Bern and all belonging thereto, paying legacies to dau. Elisabeth wife of John SEAMAN £6, to dau. Margaret wife of Adam EPPLER £20, to dau. Catharine wife of Jacob EPPLER £35-15-6. To grandson George BAUTEL when of age.
Exr: Friend John KNOEBLE.
Wits: Jost SCHLABBIG and Henry GATLE.

December 15, 1791 - March 5, 1794.
To son Jacob the plantation whereon I now dwell in Tulpehocken, containing 325 acres, he paying £1200 as follows:
To dau. Elizabeth wife of Thomas KERR, Margaret wife of Godfry REAL £300 each. The remaining £600 to be divided into 4 equal parts: To heirs of dau. Catharina deceased, to heirs of dau. Julian deceased, to dau. Elizabeth and to dau. Margret.
Remaining real and personal estate to be sold and divided among 5 heirs named above.
Exrs: Son Jacob and son-in-law Thomas KURR.
Wits: Simon RIEGEL and Daniel LUDWIG, Esq.

May 25, 1785 - March 18, 1794.
All estate real and personal to wife Catharine Elisabeth, her heirs and assigns.
Exr: Wife Catharine Elisabeth.
Wits: Peter MILLER and Conrad FOOSE.

REIST, MARIA, widow of Hans Uly RIEST, Cumru.
1787 - April 4, 1794.
Estate to children: Isaac, oldest son, Maria Anna, John and others not named. Son-in-law Uly HOFFER shall pay of the money he owes me to son Peter £25, to dau. Anna £25 and to son John £25.
Exr: Son-in-law Uly HOFFER.
Wits: Peter EBERLE and Daniel GEMAN.

March 7, 1794 - April 5, 1794.
All estate to be sold and wife (not named) to have interest of it during life. After her death to Conrad GEABEL, he paying to my 2 sons and dau: Peter, Caty DEEMER and Henry £10 each.
To Conrad GEABEL's oldest son, John, my Bible as a remembrance.
Exr: Son Henry.
Wits: Jacob WALTER and Christian DANAHAUER.

July 9, 1787 - April 7, 1794.
Provides for wife Anna Maria.
To son Adam all my real estate and all personal estate after wife's decease, paying to my daus. Maria Elisabeth, Sophia, Anna Maria and Catharine and son Michael and dau. Margaret £90 each.
Exrs: Son Jacob and Adam HIMMELBERGER.
Wits: Jacob RUNKEL and George HIMMELBERGER.

June 23, 1794 - April 14, 1794.
Provides for wife Rebecca, including use of land in Earl Township, being 50 acres.
After her decease to my 2 sons Jacob and Peter, paying £20 therefor to 5 daus. Elisabeth GULDIN, Anna Maria GRAEFF, Anna Margaret REITER, Susanna GRIESEMER and Eva LUDWIG £100 each.
To grandson Abraham, son of deceased son Valentine, £250 at 21.
To granddau., dau. of deceased son Abraham, £100 at 21.
To sons John, Peter and Jacob £5 each, they having received their shares.
Exrs: Wife Rebecca and sons John and Peter.
Letters to the sons, the widow renouncing.
Wits: Joshua BOONE and John POTT, Jr.

September 2, 1792 - Codicil May 3, 1794 - Probate May 7, 1794.
To my friend Abraham BROWER son of John BROWER in Caroline, my plantation where I now live, he paying £500, also farming utensils, etc. To John BROWER, Jr. son of above named John £50.
To dau. Anna of Abraham BROWER articles named.
To friend Benjamin BANNET of Coventry Township (Chester County) 1/2 of blacksmith tools and iron, etc.
To my brother Jacob WANGER's dau. Magdalena ARAMS £20.
To brother John WANTER £10.
To sister Magdalena WISLER £10.
To sister Franah SWITSER 7 acres 6 perches.
To sister Ester SWITZER £20.
Remainder to brothers' and sisters' children, viz: Abraham, Samuel and Magdalena WANGER, Abraham, John, Jacob, Mary, Susanna and Ester WISLER, Magdalena SHOWALTER a dau. of Abraham WISLER, John, Ester, Franah, and Barbara SWITZER, Mary GROSSON a dau. of John SWITZER deceased, and Hannah HOLDEMAN a dau. of John WANGER, in equal shares.
Exrs: Friends Abraham BROWER and Benjamin BANNET.
Wits: Henry BUNN and Bartholomew WAMBACH.
Codicil mentions that he had been married to Barbara, widow of Henry BROWER and makes provision accordingly.

April 23, 1781 - May 19, 1794.
Wife Sabina Dorothea to have all that I leave, viz: the house and 1/2 lot in Reading.
Children shall have no demand thereon until her death.
Letters to widow and son John.
Wits: George GEISLER and Nicholas SCHELL.

December 30, 1789 - May 20, 1794.
To children of dau. Anna, wife of Jesse YARNALL £50 to be divided.
To my 4 sons, viz: Thomas, Henry, James, and John, all remainder of estate. To dau. Sarah £60.
Exrs: Sons James and John, and son of Wm. TOMLINSON.
Letters to James, the other renouncing.
Wits: Thomas WRIGHT, Evan HUGHES, and Thomas WRIGHT, Jr.

November 15, 1783 - July 5, 1794.
To mother Mary SCULL all estate real and personal.
Exr: Mother Mary SCULL.
Wits: Abigail SCULL, Ann MORGAN and William SCULL.

June 23, 1794 - July 22, 1794.
Provides for wife Sarah.
Executors to sell all that part of my land in Amity Township, containing 211 acres, and money divided as follows:
To son-in-law Michael KERN and my dau. Mary 1/4, the remainder to be divided among my grandchildren, the children of said Michael and Mary.
To said Michael KERN all my land in Exeter about 56 acres.
Remainder of estate to nephew Owen, son of Hugh BOONE, and Charles COLES.
Exrs: Hugh BOONE and Thomas CHERINGTON.
Letters to Sarah, the widow and Michael KERN, son-in-law, executors named renouncing.
Wits: Henry HIME, Mordecai LEE, Jr. and James BOONE.

April 3, 1794 - July 26, 1794.
Provides for wife Eve.
To granddau. Anna Maria LONG Kammer-bed and bedstead.
To eldest son Michael £5.
Executors to sell house and lot in Reading.
All remainder of estate and money divided among children, viz: Michael, Peter, Anna Maria SHOMO, Catharine ALLGEYER, Maria Margaret WARTNER, and granddau. aforesaid.
Exrs: Son Peter and son-in-law Sebastian ALLGEYER.
Wits: Simon MADIERA and Chester MADIERA.

May 2, 1794 - August 2, 1794.
Provides for wife Maria.
To my 2 sons Jacob and Frederick all my land in Richmond, Maxatawny and Ruscombmanor Townships, and all moveable estate.
Exrs: Wife Maria and Casper MERCKEL.
Wits: Henry SITTLER and Jacob ROTHERMEL.

August 22, 1793 - August 4, 1794.
Provides for wife Margaret.
Executors to sell land in Longswamp and all estate divided between wife, sons John and Jacob, dau. Barbara wife of Jacob MORGAN, Hannah wife of George FOCHT, Maria wife of John POTT, Jr., Catharine wife of John FEYTHER, and Elisabeth LESHER, share and share alike.
Exrs: Son Jacob, son-in-law John FEYTHER and friend Jacob FEYTHER.
Wits: Henry HESS and Daniel PETER.

SPOHN, PETER, Richmond.
February 12, 1794 - August 4, 1794.
To eldest son Henry £52.
To Elisabeth wife of Christian WIEHELIN 5 shillings.
Remainder to 4 other children, viz: Peter, Maria, Philpoena and Magdalena.
Exrs: Friends Abraham DREIBELBIS and John SCHLEGEL.
Wits: George WEIDENHAMMER and Samuel ELY.

July 21, 1794 - August 28, 1794.
Provides for wife Anna Appolonia.
All real estate to be sold if none of the children are inclined to keep it, and money divided among all children, viz: Michael, Jacob, Maria wife of Philip MICHAEL, Maria Elisabeth BERNHARD, Catharine wife of George SCHWENK, Justina BERNHARD and Eve BERNHARD.
Exrs: Son Jacob and friend Henry HOFFMAN.
Wits: Isaac SIEGFRIED and Paul GROSSCUP.

RUNKLE, WENDEL, Heidelberg.
April 29, 1775 - May 19, 1794.
To wife Catharine use of all estate real and personal during life.
Afterwards to be divided equally among my 5 children: William, Mary, Magdalena, Elisabeth and Catharin.
Exr: Son William.
Letters to wife Catharine, son William not being in these parts.
Wits: Thomas JONES, Jr., Nicholas SCHAEFFER and George EMRICH.

LATCHA (LATSHAW), JOHN, Colebrookdale.
February 10, 1787 - October 3, 1794.
All estate in 5 equal shares, to brother Franz, sister Barbara SHELLY's 6 children, viz: Abraham, Elisabeth, Susanna, Franz, Jacob and Barbara, to brother Abraham, to sister Mary LANDES and to brother Jacob with whom I now live.
Exr: Brother Jacob.
Wits: Henry JAXTHEIMER and John KOPLIN.

MULLER, DAVID, Tulpehocken.
July 28, 1794 - September 27, 1794.
Provides for wife Anna Catharine.
Sons Benjamin and Michael to have my land and plantation for £800, to be divided among all children, viz: Simon, Hermanus, John George, Benjamin, Michael, Margaretha Elisabeth and Anna Christina.
To deceased dau. Anna's child £15.
Exrs: Son Benjamin and wife Ann Catharina.
Wits: John WENRICH and Henry SHRACK.

June 2, 1789 - September 29, 1794.
To son Jacob £100.
To son George's children to be divided, he had his portion.
To son Michael £100.
To son John his bond for £40.
To son Peter.
To son David £80.
To dau. Catharine SHITZ £30.
To Maria wife of Ludwig WITTENMEYER £70.
To dau. Sarah JONES £80.
To youngest child Christina (BITZIN) £100.
Exr: Son Michael.
Wits: John GROW and John WALTER.

March 19, 1794 - October 3, 1794.
Provides for wife Maria Margaretha.
Estate divided among the children, viz: Barbara, Peter, John and Henry SCHMITT.
Exrs: Brother Peter SCHMITT and friend Johannes HEWERLING.
Wits: Benjamin RADEBACH and Johannes SCHMITT.

RIETH, John GEORGE, Tulpehocken.
August 1, 1791 - November 17, 1794.
To eldest son Christoffel £30.
Afterwards the children, viz: Christoffel and John shall divide all real and personal estate between them.
Exrs: Sons Christoffel and John.
Wits: Peter RITZMAN and Albrecht HEY.

BEIDLEMAN, SUSANNA, widow, Alsace.
August 30, 1794 - November 22, 1794.
To granddau. Rebecca ROTHENBERGER, wife of Peter, bond of George KIEHN for £30. To granddau. Catharine, wife of Abraham KISSINGER, £30.
Remainder of estate to be divided equally between 4 grandchildren, viz: Dieter SHALTER, Susanna wife of George KIEHN and 2 named above.
Exr: Dieter SHALTER.
Wits: Susanna KATZENMEYER and John SPYKER.

JUNGEN (YOUNG), CATHARINE, widow of Melchior, Brecknock.
February 3, 1786 - December 1, 1794.
To dau. Ernst. Diana articles named.
To dau. Agnes 10 shillings.
Remainder divided among grandchildren, viz: the children of dau. Greta BARBEL, Catharina, Christina, Ernst. Diana, Hans Joerg, and Abraham.
EXR: Son-in-law George PLOMMER.
Wits: Henrich BAER and Edward GOLDING.


JONES, JOHN, Caernarvon.
July 5, 1794 - January 5, 1795.
To oldest son David £5, having had his share.
To son Jonathan £5.
To dau. Elizabeth LEWIS £100.
To dau. Lucy EVANS £100.
To dau. Jane CAHILL £100.
To dau. Ann £100.
Wife Jane to keep plantation in her hands as long as she lives, then sold and money divided among sons John, Caleb and Daniel.
Exrs: Wife Jane and son-in-law William LEWIS.
Wits: Stephen WRAY and Elijah MOORE.

FILBERT, SAMUEL, Heidelberg.
December 13, 1794 - January 7, 1795.
Provides for wife Sibilla 1/2 of all estate, and the other 1/2 to sons Joseph and Peter.
Father Philip FILBERT and father-in-law Francis UMBEHACKER guardians of sons.
Exrs: Father Philip FILBERT and father-in-law Francis UMBEHACKER.
Wits: Tobias BOCHLE and Philip FILBERT, Jr.

RICHARD, DAVID, Heidelberg.
November 17, 1794 - January 8, 1795.
Provides for wife Catharina.
"Also if my wife should be delivered of a child within 9 months after my decease provision made for it."
Exrs: Brothers Jacob and John.
Wits: Thomas JONES, Christian YOUNG and Anthony LAMPRECHT.

August 26, 1785 - January 10, 1795.
To sons Evan and Thomas my plantation.
To son Evan a bond of Thomas SMEDLEY for £100.
To son Thomas a bond of Robert PENROSE for £50.
To Mary JACKSON and Sarah GEORGE £100 each.
To grandchildren Thomas JACKSON £3, to Lydia £2, Sarah JACKSON £2, Rachel JACKSON £2, Hannah JACKSON £2, Mary JACKSON £2, Susanna JACKSON £2, Joseph JACKSON £2, Martha GEORGE £3, Rebecca, Mary, and John GEORGE £2 each, Martha PENROSE £3, Hannah and Benoi PENROSE, £2 each.
Exrs: Sons Evan and Thomas.
Wits: William HUMPHREY, David JACKSON and Edward BONSALL.

December 24, 1792 - February 3, 1795.
Provides for wife Margaret.
To eldest son Jonah part of my land in Robeson containing 80 acres 74 perches, paying to executors £40.
To 2nd son Peter 2 pieces of land containing 77 acres 76 perches and 27 acres 115 perches, paying £10 to executors.
To 3rd son Judah a tract of land containing 130 acres 24 perches paying £130 to executors and provide for wife (not named).
To youngest son Gideon remainder of land containing about 105 acres, paying £120 to executors.
To 2 daus. Elizabeth and Dinah £30 each and use of house wherein they have of late lived and 12 acres of land adjoining, while they remain unmarried. To dau. Lydia JAMES £5 and discharge her husband Joseph JAMES of all debt owing to me.
To dau. Margaret YOKE £30.
Exrs: Sons Peter and Judah.
Wits: John FINCHER, Ephriam JACKSON, John SCARLET, Jr., and John WILLIAMS.

January 7, 1795 - February 5, 1795.
Provides for wife Catharine.
Remainder of estate to be equally divided between all children, except 4 sons Nicholas, Werner and Jacob who have already had their portions.
The others are Philip, Catharine wife of Henry LUTZ, Barbara wife of John HOCH, Elizabeth wife of John TOBIAS, Mary wife of Christian HACK, youngest sons Conrad and Peter, and Margaret Elizabeth wife of John LOSZ.
Exrs: Sons Nicholas and John and son-in-law TOBIAS.
Wits: Adam KOCH and William HIESTER.

ERDLE, HENRY, Windsor.
January 24, 1795 - March 5, 1795.
Provides for wife Catharine.
Land to be sold.
To son Jacob £300.
To son Abraham £150.
To Catharine wife of Jacob BASTIAN £100.
To Rosina wife of Peter HAAS £100.
To dau. Christina wife of Philip MILLER £100.
To daus. Elisabeth and Esther £100.
Sons John, Henry and Christian have received their share in land.
To the child of dau. Christina, named Catharine, £50.
Exrs: Son Henry and friend Christoph HAEFLY.
Wits: Frederick WALTER and George DEIMLING.

HOFFMAN, JACOB, Caernarvon.
January 13, 1795 - March 21, 1795.
To wife Anna Maria Plantation where I now live and all moveable estate during widowhood.
Afterwards the plantation to son John for £350 to be divided among all children, oldest son Henry and Dorothea mentioned by name.
Exrs: Wife Anna Maria and Abraham MARKWARD.
Wits: John FAHR and John FRITZ.

March 12, 1795 - April 4, 1795.
Father-in-law John FAUDERICH and wife Anna Maria and my wife Catharine shall have the plantation until son John is 21 when he shall have the place and pay to his sister £300.
Exrs: Father-in-law John TAUDERICK and wife Anna Maria.
Wits: Frederick SCHLER and Paul BAEHR.

March 15, 1795 - April 4, 1795.
To wife £500.
To son Peter my dwelling house and 150 acres of my plantation and 49 acres 60 perches adjoining for £2000.
To son Samuel 50 acres of my land adjoining tract of brother Jacob, for £400. Estate equally divided among all children, viz: sons Peter, Samuel and David, and daus. Maria HERBEIN, Esther wife of Benjamin SCHNEIDER, Sarah wife of Christian KINSEY, Susanna wife of Peter KNABB.
Exrs: Sons Peter and Samuel.
Wits: Samuel HIGH and Jacob HERBEIN.

November 19, 1793 - April 9, 1795.
To son Philip of my brother Jacob HERBERT my large Bible.
To William son of Jacob HOFFMAN my sermon book, etc.
Estate in equal shares to brother Jacob HERBERT and sister Anganes HOFFMAN.
Exrs: Brother Jacob HERBERT and nephew Jacob HOFFMAN.
Wits: Peter STICHTER and John SPYKER.

ROTH, MATHIAS, Colebrookdale.
November 14, 1786 - Codicil December 28, 1794 - Probate April 6, 1795.
Provides for wife Anna Elisabeth.
Mentions having conveyed to son Jonathan a grist and saw mill and 2 tracts containing 60 acres 85 perches and 451/2 acres.
Also to son Solomon 2 tracts of land containing 159 acres 126 perches and 48 acres 141 perches.
To dau. Catharine wife of Thomas WILLSON £300 in trust.
To dau. Barbara wife of Peter JERGER £300.
To dau. Anna Elisabetha wife of Peter BASTRESS £30.
Exrs: Wife Anna Elisabeth and son Solomon.
Letters to Solomon, the widow renouncing.
Wits: Peter RICHARDS and John RICHARDS.

October 15, 1792 - April 20, 1795.
To eldest son John £6 for his birthright.
To son Peter my plantation in Bethel containing 1731/2 acres, also tract in same Township containing 20 acres, paying £900 therefor.
Estate to be equally divided among 8 children, viz: John, Jacob, Peter, Christian, Maria wife of Daniel LEHMAN, Anna, Barbara, Magdalena wife of Robert ASSMAN.
To son Jacob tract in Bethel Township, Dauphin County, containing ... for £400.
Exrs: Friend Daniel BICKSLER in Dauphin County and sons Jacob and Peter.
Wits: Henry HOUTZ and Jacob BAKER.

March 2, 1795 - April 27, 1795.
Wife not named.
Children to keep the house as long as executors find it convenient.
Then to be sold and divided among heirs, who are Daniel, Jacob, David, John and Barbara HERTZLER.
Exrs: Friends Jost JODER and Christian STUTZMAN.
Wits: David JODER, and Steffen KAUFFMAN.

May 21, 1792 - May 11, 1795.
To wife Albertina all land and other estate during widowhood.
Afterward to be sold and divided into equal shares to my 2 brothers Johannes and Henrich, and sister Anna LENTZ and to the heirs of my 2 brothers in Germany, Frederic and Hans.
Also mentions wife's 2 brothers Michael OHL and Andreas OHL, and sister Catarine WASEM.
Exrs: Michael OHL, Jr. and Peter HANDWERK, eldest son of Henrich.
Wits: Jacob KEELY and Valentin FISCHER.
(Note: Nicholas HANDWERK first settled in Heidelberg Township [now Lehigh County] where his brother Johannes also settled. Nicholas was married to Albertina OHL, a sister of Michael OHL, the original settler of Saegersville, Lehigh County. Nicholas HANDWERK left no descendants, but both his brothers Johannes and Henrich left many descendants.)

KEMP, MATHIAS, Tulpehocken.
February 5, 1795 - May 13, 1795.
Provides for wife Salome, including the £16 which Daniel owes me for the mare. No other children mentioned.
Letters to Philip KEMP, eldest son.
Wits: Jacob MILLER AND Stoffel KERN.

March 20, 1795 - May 30, 1795.
All estate to brothers and sisters, viz: John BARTOLET, Susanna wife of Martin WETZEL, Catharine BARTOLET, Mary widow of Abraham BECHTEL, Rachel, Elisabeth, Sarah and Barbara BARTOLET, and the 4 children of my sister, Esther, deceased wife of David NEIN.
Refers to her father John BARTOLET deceased.
Exr: Friend Thomas LEE.
Wits: Daniel LEVAN, Amos LEE and Thomas CHERINGTON.

June 30, 1794 - June 22, 1795.
To son Christian 130 acres of my land, the upper part and the other part where I live, to said son for £225 to be paid to the other children. Eldest son Stoffel only one mentioned by name.
Exrs: Sons-in-law Peter STALLER and Adam MEYER.
Wits: Henrich MEYER and Egidius MEYER.

May 7, 1788 - June 22, 1795.
Provides for wife Catharine.
To eldest son John (later General John HIESTER) the plantation in Coventry Township, Chester County, on which he now lives and for which he has a deed. To son Daniel the plantation in Upper Salford Township, Montgomery County, on which he used to live and for which he has a deed. To son Gabriel the plantation in Bern on which he now lives and for which he has a deed. To son William the plantation and several adjacent tracts in Bern now in his possession.
To dau. Margaret, wife of Philip HAHN £1000.
To dau. Catharine wife of Jacob BISHOP all that I have advanced to them and charged them in my book.
Remainder divided between above 4 sons and 2 daus.
Exrs: Sons John, Daniel, Gabriel and William.
Wits: James DIEMER, John HARTMAN and Peter NAGLE.

HIGH, ISAAC, Alsace.
April 19, 1795 - June 24, 1795.
Provides for wife Sarah, including 2 tracts of land in Alsace which my father Samuel HIGH, by indenture of April 7 last granted to me, during widowhood. To son William my 2 tracts of land in Exeter when he is 21 years, at appraised value.
To dau. Esther HIGH the 2 tracts first mentioned, after my 2nd wife's decease, at valuation.
To dau. Mary HIGH £300.
Son Daniel to have his share of the above payments.
A possible posthumous child provided for.
Exrs: Wife Sarah and brother-in-law John BEIDLER.
Cousins Abraham and Peter HERBEIN guardians of sons, and wife Sarah and Peter KNABLE married to cousin Susanna HERBEIN, guardians of 2 daus.
Wits: Abraham YOST and Lorentz FIX.

April 7, 1795 - July 22, 1795.
Provides for wife Anna Margaret.
To son John my plantation, grist mill and saw mill whereon I now live in Bern and Heidelberg, containing 36 acres, paying £350.
To son Mathias my plantation in the same Townships, containing 135 acres, paying £300.
To eldest son Abraham £400.
To dau. Catharina, wife of Thomas UMBEHACKER £400.
To dau. Elisabeth STOUT £400.
Exrs: Sons Abraham and Mathias.
Wits: John DONDORE and John LUDWIG.

GERBER, JOHN, Colebrookdale.
May 13, 1794 - July 29, 1795.
Provides for wife Anna Magdalena.
To the church in Earl Township £25.
Remainder to step-brothers and sisters, viz: to Leonard GERBER £20, Christian £15, Jacob £10, Anna Maria £10, Elisabeth £15, Barbara £20.
To Samuel, eldest son of Leonard GERBER ....
Remainder to children of my 2 very sisters, viz: Eve Catharine and Christine, the children of Eve being John, Stoffel, Erhard, Susanna Margreth, Elisabeth and Christine WEISS, the children of Christine are John and Catharine STOUT.
Exrs: Johannes KOCH and Erhard WEISS.
Wits: George TRAUT and Charles KOCH.

June 21, 1795 - August 8, 1795.
Non-cupative will.
Oldest dau. Catharine shall have £5 beforehand.
The 3 youngest children shall have £20 each beforehand.
Remainder divided equally among all children.
Exrs: John BABB and son Jacob.
Letters to BABB, son renouncing.
Wits: John OTTO and Johannes BABB.

February 2, 1793 - September 1, 1795.
Provides for wife Catharine.
To son Frederick £250.
To dau. Margaret GEYER £143.
To dau. Catharine, wife of Elias YOUNGMAN £40.
To the widow of my son George, deceased, £5, £10 to their son, £5 to each of their daus.
Should said grandson who is now absent not return to PA in 7 years, his legacy to go to my sons Peter and John.
Remainder to sons Peter and John.
Exrs: Wife Catharine and son Peter.
Wits: Mathias RICHARDS and John RICHARDS.

October 7, 1795 - September 5, 1795 (sic).
Provides for wife Hannah.
Land to be sold and estate equally divided between children, viz: Susanna, George, Catharine, John, Hannah, Bettee, Daniel and Samuel.
Daus. Bette and Hannah to be fitted out in the same manner as Susanna and Catharine were.
Exrs: Sons-in-law George SCHALL and Solomon YERGER.
Wits: George SCHALL, Daniel YODER and George BOONE.

July 21, 1795 - September 12, 1795.
Provides for wife Anna Maria.
To son Jacob 46 acres.
To son Frederick 46 acres.
Philip shall have 46 acres.
To son Wilhelm 5 shillings.
Exr: Friend Henry MENGES.
Wits: Samuel BEETEM and George AMMAR.

OLT, GEORGE, Greenwich.
May 3, 1795 - July 2, 1795.
To oldest son Johannes my land in Northumerland County 152 acres, paying £150 to his mother and brothers.
Provides for wife Elisabetha.
To second son George my improvement in Greenwich and all farming implements, etc., paying with brother Johannes to Gabriel, John Adam, and Elisabetha £100 each.
Exr: Wife Elisabeth.
Wits: Johannes DURR and Carl UHL.

May 13, 1795 - September 11, 1795.
Mentions living with and on the plantation of his father Mathias HINTERLITER. Wife Margaret and dau. Elizabeth, and such children as she May be pregnant with, to continue there during widowhood.
Wits: Wife Margaret and brother Matheas HINTERLEITER.
Wits: Anthony HAFFNER and Michael FISHER.

July 6, 1795 - October 3, 1795.
Provides for wife Esther.
To grandson William HIGH my plantation and tracts of land in Alsace when 19, at appraised value.
All estate to 4 grandchildren, viz: William, Daniel, Esther, and Mary HIGH.
Refers to son Isaac deceased who was the father of said grandchildren.
Exrs: Son-in-law John BEIDLER who was married to my dau. Susanna, deceased, and friend Abraham YOST.
Wits: Lorentz FIX, Paul MAURER and Benjamin SPYKER.

KLOOS, JOHN, Alsace.
January 22, 1794 - October 13, 1795.
Mentions having sold the plantation to son Jacob for £400.
Provides for wife Maria Barbara.
To my 5 daus., Maria Elisabeth wife of Abraham SCHNEIDER, Maria Barbara wife of John Adam SPENGLER, Maria Christina wife of Conrad SHEPP, Maria Catharine wife of William DIEHM, and Maria Magdalena KLOSS £80 each which Jacob is to pay. Exrs: Son Jacob and brother Henry KLOSS.
Wits: John SPAYD and Daniel ZACHARIAS, Jr.

October 1, 1795 - October 19, 1795.
To nephew Jesse, eldest son of brother John FINCHER, 5 shillings for his birthright.
To nephew Benjamin KENARD, son of sister Margaret, £0.
To Friends Meeting at Reading £20.
To Margaret BOONE, dau. of sister-in-law Hannah BOONE, £100 at 21.
To wife Esther my messuage and 21 acres of land on River Schuylkill and all other estate, she paying above legacies.
Exrs: Wife Esther and brother (her brother) Ellis LEE.

RIEGEL, JOHN, Tulpehocken.
January 7, 1783 - October 21, 1795.
Provides for wife Catharine Elisabeth.
After her decease all estate to 10 children, viz: Simon, Philip Adam, John, Catharina, Elizabeth Catharina, Barbara, John Adam, Daniel, Susanna and Mary Elizabeth.
Exrs: Sons Simon and Philip.
Wits: Valentine MYER, Martin LINGEL and Jacob LINGEL.

MACK, JUDITH, widow, Reading.
November 18, 1784 - October 27, 1795.
To son Henry REPLE and dau. Judith wife of Peter LEHMAN all real and personal estate bequeathed to me by my husband John MACK.
Exr: Henry REPLE.
Wits: John GOSSLER and Henry CHRIST, Jr.

LATSHAR, FRANTZ, Colebrookdale.
March 8, 1781 - October 29, 1795.
To son Abraham a tract of land in Hereford, containing 171/2 acres.
To son John £50.
Remainder to children and step-children, viz: John, Frantz, Abraham, Jacob, Mary and Henry GABLE.
Also an equal share to the children of Barbara deceased.
An equal share to children of step-dau. Catharine LANDES deceased.
Exrs: Son Frantz LATSHAR and step-son Henry GALBE.
Wits: Jacob VanREED and Christopher SCHULTZ.

BECHTEL, JOHN, Hereford.
September 10, 1794 - October 30, 1795.
Provides for wife Anna.
To son Abraham all my lands and plantation in Hereford, containing about 180 acres and all stock and farming utensils.
Remainder to 2 equal shares to Henry HIGH, late husband of eldest dau. Esther, deceased, and youngest dau. Anna wife of Philip HIGH.
Exrs: Son Abraham and sons-in-law Henry and Philip HIGH.
Wits: Peter FINK and George ZERR.

June 24, 1795 - November 2, 1795.
Wife Eve to keep all in her hands during widowhood.
The children to be taught to read and put to trades afterwards.
Divide equally among children, viz: Henrich, Christian, Jacob, Johannes, Gottfried, Michael, Eve and Catharine NEUSCHWENDER.
Exrs: Wife Eve and friend Johannes KERSCHNER.
Wits: Jere KERCHNER and Martin KARCHER.

BOONE, JAMES (son of James), Exeter.
January 22, 1795 - November 11, 1795.
To my nephew James BOONE (son of John, deceased) 5 shillings for his birthright, having a bond for £120 against George HUGHES.
I give 2/3 of the balance due on same to my sister Ann LINCOLN and the other 1/3 to said George HUGHES.
To brother Moses £100, 1/2 of my books, and remainder of personal estate not bequeathed.
Mentions having "composed a Book of Surveying Intitled 'Boone's Surveying' which I intended to have published." Gives the same to Joshua and Moses "who shall at equal expense get the same printed as soon as conveniently May be after my decease."
To brother Moses a plantation in Brunswick Township called the Tanyard tract whereon Peter MILLER now lives, containing 257 acres.
Exr: Brother Joshua.
Wits: Thomas HUGHES and Samuel HUGHES, Jr.

July 28, 1789 - November 21, 1795.
Executors to sell real estate and all estate for support of wife Elisabeth during life.
Remainder at her death to dau. Regina wife of Jacob GROFF.
Exr: Friend Godfrey BAKER.
Wits: George BOWER and Benjamin SPYKER, Jr.

October 28, 1795 - November 26, 1795.
To 2nd son Conrad my plantation for £400. He shall take the children under 14 to his house and be as a father to them.
Provides for wife Catharine.
Estate to be divided among all the children of whom eldest son Jacob and dau. Catharine are named (but there evidently were others).
Exr: Christian HECHLER.
Wits: Jacob RITTER and Jacob KIEFFER.
Letters to John Adam KEHLE, executor named and widow and sons renouncing.

REESER, JOHN, Maidencreek.
September 15, 1795 - December 5, 1795.
Provides for wife Susanna.
To dau. Magdalena REESER my plantation whereon Jacob KIME now lives in Maidencreek, containing about 225 acres, being the same tract my father John REESER devised to me, subject to payments hereafter devised.
To dau. Esther REESER my plantation of about 85 acres lately conveyed to me by brother Daniel, also as much money as will make her share equal to her sisters'. Exrs: Wife Susanna, John Jacob REESER, son of my uncle Philip, and George STOUDT.
Wits: Icaac HUY and Henry REESER.
Codicil names as reversionary legatees his 4 brothers: Henry, Jacob, Daniel and William and sisters Katharine KERSHNER and Elisabeth MICHAEL.

September 26, 1795 - December 12, 1795.
Provides for wife Elizabeth.
Executors to sell plantation in Douglass containing 227 acres, and proceeds to 2 daus. (not named) when 18.
To the Reformed congregation in Pottstown £25 towards erecting a church. To the Reformed congregation at New Hanover £8-7-6.
To the congregation in Amity £3 towards the church now building.
Exrs: Cousin Henry MISSIMER and brother-in-law Jacob LESHER.
Wits: Conrad PELMAN, Frederick MATTHY and William BRUMER.

January 3, 1781 - December 26, 1795.
Mentions wife Dorothea who is to have the house while she lives.
Mentions "as we have children from both sides" (none named).
To Bastain SCHWARTZ "as I stood god-father to him" £--.
Letters to Dorothea, the widow.
Wits: Casper MADERY and Valentin BOYER.

October 14, 1795 - December 28, 1795.
To Frederick SHAFFER of Tulpehocken all the worldly estate which I shall leave SHAFFER.
Exr: Frederick SHAFFER.
Wits: Thomas KURR and Jacob ARTZ.

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