Biographies from Historical and Biographical Annals by Morton Montgomery


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Redcay. For the last one hundred and fifty and more years the name of Redcay (Redche, Retge) has been a familiar one in Lancaster and Berks counties, Pa., where many of the name have spent upright, honorable and useful lives following the peaceful pursuit of agriculture.

(I) Elias Rattge (or Redche), the ancestor of the Redcay family in question, came to Pennsylvania, Sept. 26, 1737, from Germany, and was accompanied by Nicholas Rattge, a relative. Both names were written by a clerk, and that of Elias was spelled Ratgen. Tradition says he was related to John Jacob Radge, who arrived in Philadelphia, Dec. 3, 1740, on the ship "Robert and Alice," Capt. Goodman, commander. Elias Rattge settled at once in Robeson township, Lancaster county, and Nicholas in Albany township, Berks (then Philadelphia) county, and on Nov. 28, 1750, the latter received a warrant for fifty acres in Philadelphia county. He was a farmer, but little is known of him. He died in 1760 leaving a widow, Maria Ann Ursula, and children Elias (died in Greenwich township, Berks county, in 1773) and Anna Margarete.

In 1750 Elias Rattge (or Redche) secured a warrant from the proprietaries of Pennsylvania for sixty-five acres of land in Robeson township, Lancaster county; in 1752 this township was transferred to Berks county. On Oct. 28, 1765, he purchased of Henry Winterberger 140 acres at Gibraltar, Robeson township, adjoining the sixty-five acres previously mentioned, and there he farmed continuously until 1773. St. John's Church and graveyard are situated on this property. On June 12, 1773, he sold his property at Gibraltar to his only son Elias, Jr., and moved to Cumru (now Brecknock) township, in what was called "the Forest." There he purchased one hundred and thirty-four acres, through which ran the Allegheny creek, and on the banks of that stream he erected a sawmill, which he conducted successfully until the time of his death. He also followed farming on this land. He died in 1786, aged about seventy years, and is buried in the St. John's graveyard at Gibraltar.

Elias Redche was twice married. By his first wife, Elizabeth, he had the following children. (1) Elias Redcay, born in 1745, m. Elizabeth Hunter (born in 1752, died Jan. 11, 1816), of Oley, April 6, 1773, and died Jan. 3, 1829. (2) Barbara m. John Kendall. (3) Mary, born Aug. 5, 1747, m. Gottlieb Christian, May 28, 1770, and died in 1832. (4) Catharine, born April 22, 1756, m. Christian Krauss, Sept. 5, 1773, and died Feb. 14, 1809. (5) Elizabeth m. Fredrich Rapp, Sept. 20, 1770, and died before 1786. Elias Redche m. (second) March 21, 1773, Rosina Zigler, widow of Adam Zigler. They had no children, and at his death in 1788 she married Christian Eschelman, a neighbor.

(II) Elias Redcay, Jr., only son of Elias and Elizabeth, lived in Robeson township, where he carried on farming and conducted a sawmill. He carried on operations on the two tracts which he had purchased from his father in 1773, up to 1804, when he decided to sell out. He was an extensive dealer in land and a large property owner, owning several good farms and a few timber tracts on which he operated sawmills. On April 29, 1791, he and his wife deeded to Valentine Geiger and Herman Umstead in trust for the inhabitants of this section a tract of land containing one acre, ten perches, it being part of the land he had purchased from his father. This land contained the private burying ground of the Redcays, who in later years allowed the people of their section to bury their dead there. It was the intention to have a church there, but this was not built until 1809, and it is known as St. John's Lutheran and Reformed Church. It is said that a log church was on the property before the present church was built. All Christian congregations which contributed to its support were allowed to worship in the building, and they were also to maintain and keep the graveyard. Late in life Elias Redcay lost most of his competency through disastrous financial investments. He was a member of the General Assembly from Exeter in 1805-1806, and during the Revolutionary war he served as a lieutenant of militia from Pennsylvania in Capt. Adam Beard's Company, 3d Battalion, Lieut. Col. Jonathan Jones. He was a great reader and delighted to tell stories of the war. He passed away Jan. 3, 1829, and is buried in the old Redcay burial ground.

On April 6, 1773, Elias Redcay married Elizabeth Hunter, who was born in 1752, and died Jan. 11, 1816, and to them were born the following children: (1) Henry, born Aug. 13, 1775, m. Mary Catharine Neykirk, of Exeter, who was born Jan. 25, 1779. He died May 22, 1848, and she Sept. 3, 1842, and both are buried in the Muddy Creek cemetery in Lancaster county. (2) John is mentioned below. (3) Elias, born Dec. 28, 1782, m. (first) Jan. 29, 1809, Sarah Harner, of Exeter. She died and was buried in Muddy Creek cemetery, and he m. (second) July 16, 1826, Elizabeth Strauss, of Bern, who was born Feb. 12, 1790. He passed away Jan. 28, 1867, and she died Aug. 19, 1875, and both are buried at Adamstown, Lancaster county. (4) Elizabeth m. Samuel Ludwig, of Cumru. They moved to Missouri in 1832. (5) Maria m. June 9, 1805, Jacob Ludwig.

(III) John Redcay, son of Elias, was born in Robeson township, Berks county, about 1779. On April 10, 1810, he, with his father, purchased a farm of John Barr, in Exeter township, which they farmed until 1823, when they sold out. He then moved to a farm near Schwartzwald in Exeter, which had a clover mill on it. There he remained until his death, in 1836, and he is buried in St. John's graveyard at Gibraltar. About 1807 he married Esther Rhoads, of Amity township, and they had children as follows: (1) Mary, born Oct. 14, 1807, m. Thomas Lewis. (2) Betzy, born April 10, 1809, m. Pete Romig, and died Oct. 16, 1851. (3) John, born April 25, 1810, m. Phoebe Schrack, who was born Oct. 31, 1817, and died Feb. 13, 1854. He passed away in July, 1848. (4) Daniel, born Feb. 1, 1812, m. Abby Kint, (born April 18, 1818, died April 13, 1904), and died June 1, 1890. (5) Jacob, born June 13, 1816, and died unmarried Dec. 18, 1898. (6) Catharine m. John Lewis.

(IV) Daniel Redcay, son of John and Esther (Rhoads) Redcay, was born Feb. 1, 1812, and died June 1, 1890. He married Abby Kint, daughter of Abraham Kint, and they moved to McEwensville, Pa. They were the parents of: Angeline, born Dec. 24, 1842, who is living on the old homestead; Henry, born Feb. 4, 1845, who is at Watsonstown; Abraham, born Jan. 23, 1847, living at Milton; and Ed., born in 1861, residing in Scranton.

(IV) John Redcay, son of John and Esther (Rhoads) Redcay, lived at the old clover mill with his parents until 1835, when on Sept. 11th of which year he married Phoebe Schrack. He was a farmer in Amity township until 1840, when he sold out and moved to Pottsville, Schuylkill county. He died in July, 1848, and his wife passed away Feb. 13, 1854, and both are buried at Pottsville. They had children: Caroline R., born April 6, 1837, m. Adam Kerper; John R., born Jan. 24, 1831, died in the army during the Civil war; Isaac, born Feb. 21, 1841, died Aug. 17, 1886 (his wife's name was Rebecca); Emma Maria was born May 16, 1847.

(III) Henry Redcay, son of Elias, was born in Robeson township, Aug. 13, 1775, and died in Lancaster county, May 22, 1848. He is buried in the Muddy Creek cemetery. On Sept. 10, 1804, he bought from his father ninety-one acres of the old homestead in Robeson township, and on this he lived and worked until March 30, 1811. The place is now owned by the Elisha Brown estate. He then purchased 137 acres on Lancaster pike, between the "Five Mile House" and Gouglersville, in Cumru township, but this being poor and swampy land he sold it a year after, April 1, 1812, and moved to Stone Hill, Brecknock township, Lancaster county. There he purchased a farm and there he lived until his death in 1848. He married Mary Catharine Neykirk, and they had children as follows: Esther, born Dec. 18, 1797, was baptized Sept. 3, 1798. Mary, born Nov, 3, 1801, died July 8, 1810; she was drowned in the mill dam and is buried in the cemetery at Gibraltar. Nelly, born April 2, 1803, died Aug. 20, 1853; she m. Abraham Trostle, born in 1809, who died Nov. 23, 1886. Jacob, born Sept. 11, 1804, died Dec. 22, 1812. Heinrich, born Feb. 12, 1809, died unmarried April 14, 1834. Mary Catharine, born Sept. 19, 1810, died aged thirteen days. John, born May 14, 1813, died Oct. 8, 1863; his wife, Mary Ann, was born Feb. 16, 1816. Mary, born May 7, 1817, m. Simon Kindt, who was born May 3, 1822, and died Aug. 15, 1870. Sarah, born May 23, 1819, m. Joseph Stemmen. Susannah, born Dec. 8, 1820, m. William Redcay, a cousin, and is still living. Catharine m. Henry Lingling. Elizabeth m. Mr. Sweigert, and they moved to Cumberland county. Joseph and Rachel are given no record.

(III) Elias Redcay, son of Elias, was born Dec. 28, 1782, in Robeson township, Berks county, and died at Adamstown, Jan. 28, 1867. He assisted his father with the farm work until his marriage. On Jan. 29, 1809, he married Sarah Harner, a daughter of Heinrich and Catharine Harner of Exeter. The year after his marriage he farmed for himself, and in 1810 he moved to Exeter, where he carried on farming operations until 1821. On March 31st of the last named year he bought the hotel stand of Jacob Swartz in Adamstown, Lancaster county, on the Lancaster pike, between Reading and Lancaster. The Lancaster pike was a much used highway and of all the old hostelries in the town "Redcay's" was the most patronized by the travelers between the two points. This hotel was operated by Mr. Redcay until 1846, in which year he sold out and purchased a tract of land in the lower end of the town, where he erected a hotel which he owned until the time of his death. Mr. Redcay was twice married. He m. (first) Sarah Harner, by whom he had the following children: (1) Henry, born Aug. 9, 1809, died June 9, 1890. He m. Lidia Bicher, who was born Feb. 22, 1811, and died Aug. 6, 1898. (2) Charles, born Jan. 1, 1811, and died Nov. 29, 1887. He m. Mary Pennebecker, who died Feb. 8, 1888. (3) Lidia, born Dec. 13, 1812, m. John Young. (4) Harriet, born Dec. 21, 1814, died March 19, 1875. She m. Isaac Fichthorn. (5) A daughter, born Oct. 21, 1816, died young. (6) Nicholas, born Aug. 21, 1818, died May 25, 1895. He m. Ann Kegerise, born Dec. 19, 1824, and died March 21, 1891. (7) Benneville, born ----- 29, 1820, died Feb. 3, 1873. He m. Polly Bulman, born April 5, 1820, died ----- ----- -----. (8) William, born Oct. 15, 1822, is still living; he m. his cousin, Susan Redcay, who is also living. On July 16, 1826, Mr. Redcay m. (second) Elizabeth Strauss, and by her he became the father of Elias Redcay, who is mentioned in full below.

(IV) Elias Redcay, son of Elias and Elizabeth (Strauss) Redcay, was born at the "Upper Hotel" which was kept by his father, at Adamstown, Lancaster county, Nov. 18, 1827. He attended the district schools, after leaving which he entered the butcher business with his brothers, Henry, Nicholas and William. He attended the Penn Square Market House in Reading, and his stand was located in front of what is now the "United States Hotel." He was a property owner, owning lots two, three and four in Adamstown, and a large tract of land in Iowa, also fifty acres near Bowmansville. A lover of good horses, he was the owner of several speedy ones, which he delighted to drive. While attending market, in the winter of 1859-60 he contracted a cold, which settled in his throat and eventually caused his death April 28, 1860, when in his thirty-third year.

In 1858, Mr. Redcay married Susan Mohn, daughter of William and sister of Jeremiah G. Mohn, the hat manufacturer. She passed away July 27, 1886, the mother of one child, James Elias Redcay.

(V) James Elias Redcay, son of Elias and Susan (Mohn) Redcay, was born Nov. 2, 1859, in Adamstown, Lancaster county. His father dying before he was a year old, he was brought up by his mother, who sent him to the district schools until he was sixteen years old, and then he was sent to the West Chester Normal. Returning to Adamstown he learned the hat trade with his uncles Jeremiah G. Mohn & Bros., who were then doing business under the name of Mohn & Prutzman. On Oct. 28, 1877, he left Adamstown for Reading, and in that city he entered the employ of his uncles. In 1880 he was made foreman of their shop, and this position he is still holding.

On July 3, 1884, Mr. Redcay married Anna B. Althouse, daughter of Franklin and Amelia (Hinnershitz) Althouse, and they were the parents of the following children: Harry B., William F., John R. and Susan A. The family reside at No. 1250 Perkiomen avenue, Reading. 38-1472 Redcay, William D.


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Surnames: REDCAY

William D. Redcay, of Cumru township, proprietor of the "Five Mile House," was born July 30, 1866, in Exeter township, Berks county, son of Charles Redcay.

Charles Redcay was born and reared in Exeter township, this county, and in his time was a well known horse jockey. He entered the Union army during the Civil war, and was discharged with an honorable war record, and became affiliated with Post No. 58, G. A. R., at Harrisburg. For many years he made his home in Philadelphia, but a few months before his death he came to the home of his son, William D., and there he died May 2, 1907. He is survived by his son, and by three brothers-Reuben, of Lorane; George, of Birdsboro; and John, of Reading.

William D. Redcay was educated in the common schools of his native township, which he attended until sixteen years of age, then becoming an employe of the Philadelphia & Reading R. R. Co., with which company he continued for six years. He next embarked in the diary and farming business in Exeter township, being thus engaged for sixteen years, and in 1905 bought a farm of 100 acres in Stonersville, in Exeter township, which he still owns, although it is worked by a tenant. Mr. Redcay took charge of the "Five-Mile House" in April, 1906, and here he has built up a large business.

Mr. Recay's wife, whose first name is Sallie, is from Exeter township. One son has been born to this union: Gordon R., who attends school and assists his father in the management of the hotel. Mr. Redcay is a Democrat in political matters, and is active in the ranks of his party. He and Mrs. Redcay attend the Lutheran church. For the past twenty years Mr. Redcay has been engaged in the horse and cattle business, and in this he has met with the same success that has attended his efforts in the hotel business.


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Capt. Edward F. Reed, a popular and progressive citizen of Lyons, Pa., was born in Manheim, Pa., near the Schuylkill county almshouse, Nov. 11, 1838, son of George W. Reed, and grandson of Daniel Reed.

The Reed family was early known in Schuylkill county. In 1771, when Pine Grove township, that county, was established, Philip Rith (Reed) was a taxable. He was a native of Berks county, however, a member of the Tulpehocken family. In 1791 Jeremiah Reed, Michael Reed (both married) and Thomas Reed (single) were taxables for Manheim township, Schuylkill county. In 1802, Theodore Reed, John Reed, John (Morris) Reed, Thomas Reed Sr., and Isaac Reed, were tax-payers in Norwegian township, and John and Philip Reed in Mahantango township, that county.

Christoph, George and Conrad Reed, brothers, were born in Brunswick township, Schuylkill county. Of these, Christoph passed all his life in his native township, and there reared his four sons, Obediah, George, Charles and Emanuel. George was for many years engaging in the hotel business at Orwigsburg. Conrad, born about 1788, died in his native township about 1830. He was a farmer. His wife, Elizabeth Neyer, bore him six children: (1) David, born near Orwigsburg, Jan. 5, 1819, and was a skilled blacksmith for many years, retiring about a quarter of a century ago. For nearly a decade he has lived in Reading with his daughter, Mrs. Hunsicker, at No. 430 North Tenth street. He m. Lucy Ann Haff and had nine children (seven still living), Emeline, Mary, Harriet, Sarah, Louisa, Elizabeth, Katie, _____ ______ and David Frank (of Summit Hill). (2) Catharine m. John Graver, and went to Wisconsin. (3) Hannah m. a Mr. Adams and settled in Wisconsin. (4) Elizabeth m. Daniel Fegley. (5) Lewis settled in Michigan. (6) Henry makes his home in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Reed, grandfather of Capt. Edward F., resided in Pottsville where he was an early hotel keeper, his hotel being located at the corner of Main and Mahantango streets. He died at a ripe old age, and is buried either at Pottsville or Orwigsburg. Among others he had children: Jacob, who lived at Pottsville; Thomas; George W.; Hannah; and Daniel, who after a long residence in Schuylkill county, moved to Mercer county, and whose son, George W., was a member of the General Assembly, 1875-76, and the latter's son, William F., from the same county, 1893-94.

George W. Reed, son of Daniel and father of Capt., was born in Pottsville in 1805, and died at Philadelphia March 4, 1890, aged eighty-five years. He lived in his native county, and there married Catharine Kline, of Rockland township, Berks county, daughter of David Kline. They had thirteen children: Thomas; Jacob; Susanna; Mary; Sarah; Edward F.; Kate; Daniel, who was killed in the fight at White House Landing in the Civil war; Lizzie; Malinda; David; Reuben; and Amanda, all now deceased, except Mary, Sarah and Edward F.

Capt. Edward F. Reed was brought up familiar with the duties of a farmer, but at the age of seventeen he learned cabinet making trade, and in 1862 he engaged in business for himself at Stony Point, carrying on cabinet making and undertaking there with great success for twelve years. In 1874-75 he gave up his business to devote himself to his father-in-law's farm. The next year he moved to Lyons and there erected his present residence. He resumed his former business of cabinet making and undertaking and continued it until 1887. He then lived retired for two years, his son Daniel conducting the business, but in 1889 the latter moved to Rockland township, and Capt. Reed resumed the undertaking, carrying it on until 1904. In 1888 he began conducting a steam double press cider mill, and during the season does a good business in that line. In 1908 he attached to his mill a forty-horse-power boiler, for making apple butter.

On April 20, 1861, Capt. Reed enlisted as a private in Company D, 7th Pa. V. I. for the three months service. In 1862 he was drafted, and became captain of Company K, 167th Pa. V. I., a nine months regiment, and was mustered out at Reading Aug. 12, 1863.

In 1860 Capt. Reed was married to Elizabeth Sharadin, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Kieffer) Sharadin, and they have been blessed with five children, namely: James M.; Charles A.; George E.; Daniel P.; and Emma E., married to Percival Koller, of Fleetwood, Pa. In his political affiliations the Captain is an unswerving Republican, and is always interested in the public affairs of his town. In 1908 he was elected supervisor of his township, by over one hundred majority. He is well known and is very popular with all classes.


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Elmer F. Reed, senior member of the firm of Reed and Kurtz, restaurant proprietors at No. 433 Penn street, Reading, was born on the old Reed homestead in Montgomery township, Berks county, February 8, 1876, son of Franklin B. Reed, and grandson of Daniel Reed.

Franklin B. Reed was born one mile north of Stouchsburg, December 23, 1839 and died January 16, 1905. He was reared to farming, and he followed that occupation all of his life on the Marion township homestead. He owned a tract of forty-five acres there, and this tract was crossed by the old Union canal and Tulpehocken creek. He was a man of progressive spirit, and for eleven years was a school director in his township. He was a prominent member of Reed Church, at Stouchsburg, which had been founded by earlier members of the family and several of thier pioneer neighbors in the Tulpehocken settlement in 1723. He served as a deacon and elder, and also a treasurer of the church. He was always active in public affairs, and was one of the useful men in his community. He was an antiquarian, and he had a large collection of Indian relics, including arrow heads, tomahawks, hatchets, skinners, giggers, etc.; all now in the possession of his son, John A. Mr. Reed married Rebecca Reed, born August 25, 1841, daughter of John S. and Rebecca (Eckert) Reed. She now lives among her children. Three children were born of this union, namely: William, born in 1864, was drowned in the Union canal at the age of seven years; John A., born October 3, 1871, married Annie Sholl; and Elmer F.

Elmer F. Reed received his education in the district schools, and later attended Stouchsburg Academy, then under the direction of Rev. John Klinger and Professor Harry Posey. He was brought up on the old home farm, working there until he was nineteen years of age. In 1895 he came to Reading and entered the employ of Ezra Wenrich, proprietor of Wenrich's restaurant below Sixth street on Penn, now at Penn and Seventh streets. There Mr. Reed worked for about four years, gaining a very thorough and practical knowledge of the business. In 1899 he began for himself at No. 545 Penn street, and for three years carried on the restaurant there with great success. In 1902 he formed a partnership with Adam Kurtz, under the firm name of Reed & Kurtz, and they have since conducted the restaurant at No. 433 Penn street. They are well known all over the county, and have a very large trade, paying particular attention to working men. They employ seven waiters, and the partners personally look after the business.

On March 3, 1907, Mr. Reed married Hermie Hoffa, daughter of Jacob and Mary (Schoener) Hoffa, of Marion township. Two children have been born to them, namely: Earl Valentine and Theodore Roosevelt.


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Dr. John H Reed, a successful physician and surgeon at Logansport, Ind., and a lineal descendant of the Reed line of Berks county, Pa., was born May 30, 1860, in Clinton township, Cass County, Ind., five miles southwest of Logansport, on a farm which his father had secured in 1845, while yet in the wild and dense forest. The father, being a skilled stone and brick mason, improved the place in 1851 by the erection with his own hands and skill of a superior two-story stone mansion, which is still standing and occupied by the Doctor, the place having been purchased by him from his mother, in 1900. He attended school in what was known as the "Stone School House," three-fourths of a mile away, also built by his father, during a period of about three months in each year until he was fifteen years old, and then he entered the schools of Logansport, which he attended for four years. With this preparation he next entered Wittenberg College, an English Lutheran institution at Springfield, Ohio, for the purpose of taking the regular scientific course of instruction, preparatory to entering the Theological seminary, but after attending three years he was obliged to suspend his studies on account of a weakened condition of his eyes. Returning home and engaging in the management of his father's farm for a year, his eyes improved so much that he felt able to resume his studies. Selecting the medical profession for his vocation, in the early spring of 1883 he entered the office of Dr. J. W. Ballard, of Logansport, Ind., in which office he read medicine as best he could for three months, under adverse circumstances, and on Oct. 10, 1883, unassisted by any preceptor, was admitted into the Ohio Medical College at Cincinnati, Ohio. Upon completing a term there he entered the office of Dr. C. E. Scholl, of Rockfield, Ind., in April, 1884, and after pursuing his studies with him for four months, secured, through his influence, an internship in the University of Maryland Hospital at Baltimore. He graduated in medicine from the University of Maryland, March 17, 1885, finishing his internship at the hospital at the same time. Then he took a post-graduate course in diseases of the throat and chest, after which he returned to his father's farm and assisted in the farming operations until August, 1885.

Deciding to locate at Idaville, White county, Ind., for the practice of his profession, he opened an office there which he carried on until 1894, when he removed to Burnettsville, three miles east of Idaville, because of religious and domestic conditions, but continued his drug business at Idaville, established in 1889, until the year 1899, when he sold it to W. A. Bryan, his former faithful hostler, beloved student and clerk. He however, remained there but four years (they being the most serviceable years of his professional life), when after another course taken at Chicago, he removed to Monticello, the county-seat, where he formed a partnership with Dr. M. T. Didlake, a well established and much honored and respected medical practitioner at that place, and assisted in carrying on an active practice under the name of Didlake & Reed until March, 1904. Having become the owner of the homestead farm in 1900, and because of aforesaid causes, he retired from the partnership and removed to Logansport. After taking another course of six weeks in the Post-Graduate Medical College of New York, Dr. Reed resumed his practice at Logansport, which he has pursued energetically and creditably until the present time. In connection with his practice he carried on farming operations on the homestead "Galadale" farm with much pleasure and recreation. During the years 1888, 1889 and part of 1890 while practicing at Idaville, Dr. Reed served with honor to himself, and satisfaction to his party, as trustee of the township (Jackson), in which he lived.

In April, 1890, Dr. Reed married Laura Bell Hall, daughter of William and Rebecca Jane (Ike) Hall, of Idaville. She was educated, and afterward taught for a number of years in the public schools of White and adjoining counties. They have three children, Hazel Lucile, Gerald Greelee and Velda Dolorous.

Jacob Reed, great grandfather of the Doctor, was of Tulpehocken township, Berks county, Pa. He married Christina Bergerheiser, of Germany, and by her he had six children, Eva, Barbara, John, George, Henry and Jacob.

Jacob Reed, the grandfather, was a farmer of Tulpehocken township, near Stouchsburg, where he was born Nov. 25, 1780. He died in 1849, in Montgomery county, Ohio, whither he had removed in 1835. He was married in 1810 to Elizabeth Brown, of Stouchsburg, and by her he had twelve children: John m. Elizabeth Naftzinger; Jacob m. a Moyer; Michael, the Doctor's father, is mentioned below; David m. Agnes Guthery; William m. Elizabeth Ann Miller; Anna Margaret m. John Leis; Martha m. John Libecap; Elizabeth m. Henry Kuhn; Miss Katherine is still living, now aged ninety-two; Lydia m. (first) John Rumbarger, and (second) John A. Swartzel; Mary m. Michael Libecap; and Harriet never married.

Michael Reed, father of the doctor, was a native of Berks county, Pa., and was born near Stouchsburg, Nov. 10, 1819. When but fourteen years of age he accompanied his father and the family to Montgomery county, Ohio, where they settled on a farm near Farmersville, having traveled all the way in wagons. Michael Reed continued with his father until the summer of 1844, helping him on the farm, and following his trade of stone and brick mason, when he removed to Clinton township, Cass County, Ind., locating on a farm five miles southwest of Logansport, Ind. Just before leaving Ohio he had married Sarah Tittle, daughter of Jacob Tittle, of Farmersville. By her they had eight children: Sarah Elizabeth m. John Oliver Tyner; Rachel Ann m. Dr. William Bruce Payton; Miss Clara Minerva; Benjamin Franklin m. Ann Frances Johnson; William m. Harriet Lucinda Giffin; Oliver m. Mary Jane Whalon; John Henry; and Jacob Ausrow m. Effie Alice Hynes. The father died on the farm in 1895, aged seventy-six years; and his wife died at Logansport, in 1904, aged seventy-eight years.

Dr. Reed organized the "Reed Family Reunion," the first meeting of which was held on the homestead farm on his mother's seventy-eighth birthday, Oct. 12, 1903, she being present; the second at the same place, Sept. 1, 1904; the third at the Soldier's Home at Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 31, 1905; the fourth at Logansport, Aug. 16, 1906; and the fifth at Logansport Oct. 3, 1908. He has been secretary of the organization since the beginning, there being an average attendance of about seventy-five. The Doctor has in preparation a more detailed history of the Reed Family, beginning with their earliest origin in Heidelberg, Germany, following then through Berks Province, England, Berks county, Pa., thence into Ohio, Indiana and other States.


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Thomas W. Reed, who is cultivating one of the Reed homesteads near Stouchsburg, Marion township, was born in Marion township. Berks county. Feb. 14, 1856, son of Daniel B. and Jermina (Klopp) Reed.

Michael Ritt (Reith, Reed), one of the pioneers from the Livingstone Manor, and later from the Schoharie, N. Y., came to the Tulpehocken settlement in Berks county in 1723. and there took up land lying adjacent to the land of John Leonard Rith and George Reith. The relationship of Michael, John Leonard and George Reith is not known, but there is no doubt that they were related, probably being cousins. The map of the Tulpehocken settlement, made by Mr. Charles Lindenmuth, a very accurate work made with much difficulty, shows the location of the Reith settlements. This map was published in the "Pennsylvania German," Volume V, in October, 1904, and appears also in this work. Michael's will was made March 15, 1754, and it was entered Oct. 11th of that year, consequently his death must have occurred between these dates. In the will he bequeathed to his wife Barbara all the estate during her widowhood; to his eldest son, John Casper. that tract of land at the Swatara consisting of 150 acres, valued at 100; to his sons John Michael and Daniel the plantation he then lived on, with 202 acres therewith belonging, at 600 pounds valuation; to daughter Anna Catrina Katterman even share with the rest of the children, except seventy pounds for the land signed to her husband Jacob Katterman, they helping the children she had by her first husband, George Anspach; the children of his deceased daughter Margaret, wife of Jacob Emerich, - - Andreas, Catrina and Elizabetha, to have their mother's equal share of the estate, and the remainder of the estate to all children viz: John Casper, John Michael, Daniel, Catrina Katterman, deceased daughter Margaret's children, Anna Maria, Rosina, Anna Magdalena Haffner, Elizabeth Dries and Maria Barbara Schwengel. The executors of the will were Michael's wife Maria Barbara, and his son-in-law, Niolus Schwengel, and it was witnessed by Jacob Artz, Peter Ritt and Samuel Weiser.

Daniel Reed, son of Michael, and great-grandfather of Thomas W., was born Feb. 25, 1735, and died June 14, 1797. He made his will March 20, 1797, and this was probated July 1, 1797, extracts therefrom being as follows: "To oldest son, Christian, fifty pounds; to son Benjamin, my plantation whereon I now dwell in Tulpehocken containing 101 acres for 1,350 pounds; to the other children. viz. Christian, Daniel, John, Catherine, Christina, Elizabett, Barbara and Maria Lydia, 150 pounds each." He also provided amply for his wife. The executors of the will were his sons John and Benjamin, and it was witnessed by Jacob Reith and Jacob Miller. Eva Maria Wagner, daughter of Jacob and Catherine Wagner, who was born March 18, 1776, and died May 9, 1847. On the tombstone of Benjamin Reed is an inscription stating that he had two sons and four daughters, but it is probable that one son died in youth, as no trace is obtainable of him. The other children were : Catherine (born June 13, 1805, died Aug. 9, 1834) m. John Reed (born in 1806, died in 1835); Sarah m. Daniel Burkholder; Maria (Polly) m. George Peter Peiffer; a daughter died aged seventeen years; and Daniel B.

Daniel B. Reed was born Jan. 8, 1812, and died at Stouchsburg, June 26, 1891, in his eightieth year. He was a farmer by occupation, and owned one of the old Reed homesteads of 104 acres, on which in 1855 he built a barn, and several years later a brick house. He was a Republican in political matters, and his religious connection was with the Lutheran Church, where he held an official position, and where lie was buried. He married Jermina Klopp, and their children were: Franklin B., who died on one of the Reed farms in 1903 ; Clarissa, who died aged seventeen years; Fianna. who died young; John A., who died in infancy; Almon, who died on Thanksgiving Day, 1905, aged fifty-nine years;. Mary, deceased wife of Edmond Fisher, and Thomas W.

Thomas W. Reed remained on the home farm with his parents until seventeen years of age, at which time he learned the trade of cigar making, an occupation which he followed for sixteen years at Stouchsburg. In 1892 he engaged in farming a fifty-four acre tract, which he had purchased during that year from the John Potteiger estate, and here he has since made many improvements, including the erection of a number of substantial buildings. His farm is supplied with modern machinery, and he keeps nine head of cattle and four horses. In addition to this property, Mr. Reed owns eight acres and an excellent residence at Stouchsburg, where a son-in-law, Clayton Potteiger, now resides. Mr. Reed is a Republican in politics. He belongs to Reed's Lutheran Church, of which he was a deacon, elder and trustee for more than seventeen years.

In 1888 Mr. Reed married Kate Richardson, daughter of Reuben and Sarah (Deppen) Richardson, and they had three children, namely: Mary J.; Maggie S. (m. Clayton Potteiger, of Stouchsburg) ; and Charles T. (at home assisting his father).


p. 898


Wayne A. Reed, a well known business man of Robesonia, Pa., where he is engaged in the manufacture of ice cream and as proprietor of a popular restaurant, is an honored veteran of the Civil war, and was born Sept. 3, 1846, at Stouchsburg, Pa., son of Samuel and Lea (Rutter) Reed.

Johan Leonhard Rith, who was born in 1691 and died in 1747, was the ancestor of this numerous family, was a German by birth, and was one of the many of that nationality who suffered under the terrible oppression of Governor Hunter of Schoharie, N. Y. His was one of the twenty-three German families who in 1723 fled through the wilderness in the deep snow, to the land of the Tulpehocken valley in Penn's province. That these early pioneers suffered terribly is well known. The awful cold, the primitive conditions, hunger and the savage Indians made the journey nearly unbearable, but their undying faith in their Maker, and the comforting solace of the Bible inspired them to super human efforts, and they finally reached their destination, where peace was found beyond the power of the tyrant. Johan Leonhard Rith married Analisa Catrina, and their union was blessed by the birth of these children: (1) Johan Nicolaus (born June 4, 1715, died Jan. 7, 1788) m. Maria Barbara Seibert (born May 18, 1722, died Oct. 14, 1807), and had children, - Jacob, Mrs. Jacob Schaeffer and Mrs. Jacob Anspach. (2) Johan George (born in 1717, died in 1791) m. Catrina Elsa, and they had children, - John Leonhard, Catherine (m. Henry Minnich, who removed to Virginia), Jonas, Peter and Frederick. (3) Johannes Frederick (born March 15, 1718, died Dec. 24, 1794) m. Maria Engle, and they had a son, - Jacob, whose son was John Jacob (m. Eva Maria Seibert). John Jacob Rith was born April 10, 1770, and died Nov. 1, 1835, and George and Edward Reed, living at Ottawa, Ill, are of his descendants. (4) A daughter, Margaretha or Wilhelmina, m. Henrich Zeller. (5) Leonhard Jr. (born Sept. 10, 1723, died April 28, 1801 or 1803). (6) Peter m. Maria Catarina Ziegler, and they had three children, - John, Barbara (m. Jacob Moyer), and Catarine (m. Adam Lehman). (7) Jacob (born in June, 1746, died March 28, 1821) m. Margaret, and their children were: John Jacob, John and several daughters. John Jacob married Margarid Emerich, and among other children they had a son, John. John Jacob in 1840 sold his farm and went West, and some of his descendants now live in the vicinity of Dayton and Martinsburg, Ohio.

Johan Leonhard Rith was not the only one of that name, however, who had settled in Schoharie, N. Y., later to come to the province of Pennsylvania before 1740, as it is thought that the following were all relatives, they coming from one place and settling permanently in the Tulpehocken Valley: Michael, Casper, Adam, George and Peter. Michael Reith's will was entered in the Berks county court-house in 1754, and in it these children are named: John Casper, John Michael, Daniel, Catrina Katterman (whose first husband was George Anspach), Margared Emerich, Anna Maria Rosina, Anna Madlena Haffeur, Elisabett Dries and Maria Barbara Schengel. Daniel Reith, son of Michael, in his will, which was entered in the court-house in 1797, mentions these children: Christian, Benjamin, Daniel, John, Catherine, Christina, Elizabeth, Barbara and Maria Lydia. Benjamin, above mentioned, was the father of Daniel, grandfather of Franklin B. and great grandfather of Elmer Reed of Reading, Pennsylvania.

Leonhard Rieth, son of Johan Leonhard and Analisa Catrina, and great-great-grandfather of Wayne A. Reed, of Robesonia, was born Sept. 10, 1723, at Schoharie, N. Y., and died April 28, 1801 or 1803. The year of his birth or in the following spring, he was brought by his father into what is now the Tulpehocken section of Berks county, and here in the new, unexplored forest was reared by pious parents to sturdy youth and useful manhood. It is but natural to assume that he tilled the soil, and it is a matter of record that he acquired a tract of land and erected a house. He was married to Elizabeth Knoll, born June 10, 1729, who died Aug. 11, 1797, and they became the parents of these children: (1) Valentine (born Sept. 18, 1749, died May 6, 1825) was a soldier in the Revolutionary war, he m. Eva Catherine Selser (1759-1828), and they had issue - Christopher, Eva and Margaretha. (2) Jacob J. (3) Johan Adam (born July 17, 1756, died in 1815) m. Juliana Braun (1766-1826) and they had these children, - Elizabeth, Barbara, Sarah, Eva, Adam, Johannes, Rebecca, Katherine and Mary. (4) John (born Dec. 17, 1758, died Sept. 17, 1801) had four children. (5) Elisabeth (born April 15, 1766, died Sept. 22, 1830). (6) Catherine. Christopher, the son of Valentine of the above family, born Nov. 6, 1783, died Nov. 2, 1865, m. Margret Illig (1744-1842), and had two children, John and a daughter.

Jacob J. Rieth, great grandfather of Wayne A., died in 1824, but his place of death and burial are uncertain. He married Rosina Schaeffer, and they had these children: Christian; Michael; Jacob; John; Magdalena (m. Jacob Philippi); Barbara (m. Christian Philippi); and Katherine (m. William Lutz).

Christian Reed, grandfather of Wayne A., born April 17, 1777, was a stone mason and built the farm house below Robesonia now owned by James Ruth. He also assisted building the historic Reed Church, which is named after Leonhard Rieth, one of the founders of this old family, and here he was buried. Mr. Reed owned the property above Womelsdorf, now owned by William Fidler. He died April 22, 1847, while his wife, Eva Magdalena Mayer, born Sept. 16, 1777, died March 25, 1864. The tombstone states that they were the parents of nine sons and one daughter, but by consulting records and relatives, only the following eight sons and one daughter are found: William, John C., Jonathan, David, Daniel, Michael, Samuel, George and Poly.

Samuel Reed, the father of Wayne A., was born in Marion township, April 13, 1822, and died May 27, 1885, being buried at Reed's Church. Mr. Reed was a tailor by trade, and resided at Stouchsburg, where he owned a home now the property of his son Frank. He was married to Leah Rutter, born at Newmanstown, Aug. 6, 1824, who died Nov. 15, 1906. They had ten children, as follows: Frank G.; Wayne A.; Edmond; Samuel C.; William (died in infancy); Alice (died aged twenty-two years); Mary (m. Dr. Frank J. Eckert of Ephrata, Pa.); Ida (unmarried); Emma (m. Martin Wenrich); and a daughter (died in infancy).

Wayne A. Reed was reared in the village of Stouchsburg, and at the age of fourteen years left school and learned the trade of tailor with his father, an occupation which he followed at various places, on and off, for a period of thirty years. When the Civil war broke out, young Reed was a mere lad, and until his eighteenth year could not enlist in his country's service. On July 18, 1864, however, he became a member of Company D, 1st Battalion, Pa. V. I., enlisting at Harrisburg for 100 days and was honorably discharged Nov. 11, 1864, having done brave service during his time of enlistment and participating in the retreat from Chambersburg, when that town was destroyed by fire. After the war Mr. Reed took a trip to Fremont, Ohio, but about one year later returned to Pennsylvania and spent the succeeding years in various occupations, including those of railroad employe, tailor, butcher and bar-tender. Since 1892 Mr. Reed has conducted a restaurant, confectionary, ice cream parlor and tobacco store on Main street, Robesonia, and in this business has been very successful. He takes much interest in the growth of the borough.

On March 15, 1873, Mr. Reed married Amelia Filbert, born Aug. 12, 1852, daughter of J. Frank and Maria (Forry) Filbert, and granddaughter of John and Sally (Potteiger) Filbert. To Mr. and Mrs. Reed there was born one child: Ella A., now the widow of William C. S. Groh, a merchant of Halfway, Lebanon county, who died Dec. 14, 1896, aged twenty-four years, four months, eleven days.

Since 1894 Mr. Reed has resided in his own home at Robesonia, where he is fraternally connected with G. A. R. Post, No. 471. He and his family are members of St. Daniel's Lutheran Church. Mr. Reed is the possessor of a very valuable collection of Civil war relics and coins, included in which is a powder horn made by David Reed, in 1837.


p. 1450


William A. Reed, of Reading, Pa., proprietor of the "East Reading Hotel," was born in Frackville, Schuylkill county, Pa., Jan. 2, 1880, son of Adam and Caroline (Roeder) Reed.

John William Reed, grandfather of William A., was born April 26, 1812, probably in Wayne township, where he died Jan. 24, 1878, aged sixty-six years. His wife was Mary Yoh, and they had a family of nine children, as follows: Adam, Jonathan, Levi, Solomon, John, Sallie, Esther, Marie and Katie. Of this family Adam, the father of William A., was born near Schuylkill Haven, Wayne township, Schuylkill county, Pa., after 1850. He was a farmer and thresher in early life, but later became a carpenter at the Philadelphia and Reading shops at Mahanoy Plane, where he worked for about twenty years. In June, 1901, he removed with his family to Camden, N. J., where he is engaged as a ship carpenter in the employ of Heck, Rickenbach and Noecker. Adam Reed was married to Caroline Roeder, and to them have been born children as follows: Ella, Harvey, Dora, William A., Elmer, Emma, Sallie, Charles, Harry, Eva, Alva and Pearl.

William A. Reed spent his youth in Frackville, where he attended the common schools until ten years of age, at which time he commenced work as a breaker boy, picking slate, an occupation he followed for four years. He then spent several years driving mules on the rock banks at the coal mines, but subsequently entered employ of Reading Railway Company, with which he continued until August, 1905, when he bought out the interest of Simon Behney, the proprietor of the "East Reading Hotel," located at No. 1830 Perkiomen avenue. This hotel Mr. Reed has since conducted with much success, the ten rooms being almost continuously occupied by tenants. He is courteous and agreeable to all patrons, and has become one of the popular young men of the community. Fraternally he is connected with Washington Camp., No. 66, P. O. S. of A., of Frackville, and the Twentieth Century Quakers of Reading.

On July 18, 1901, Mr. Reed was married to Catharine Hepler, daughter of Daniel and Harriet (Mattern) Hepler, and granddaughter on the maternal side of Silas and Caroline (Kimmel) Mattern. Mr. Mattern is past his eighty-second year, and his wife is past eighty years old; she has been blind for the past forty years. To Mr. and Mrs. Reed have been born two children: Alma H. and Claud D. A. 45-900 Reedy, Franklin


p. 900


In naming the old and honored families of Berks county, mention is frequently made of that of Reedy, a worthy representative of which is found in Franklin Reedy, a prosperous agriculturist residing in the central part of Marion township, Mr. Reedy was born Dec. 23, 1857, on his father's farm in Tulpehocken township, son of George and Sarah (Trautman) Reedy.

The Reedy family, also spelled Riedy, Ready, Redy, etc., is found mentioned as early as Aug. 27, 1739, when there appear to have landed at Philadelphia persons evidently of German origin, having that surname, as follows: Otto Riedy, aged nineteen years; John Jacob Riedy, aged nineteen; and John Peter, aged sixteen. The Proprietary and State tax lists of Berks county for the years 1767-68-79-80-81-84-85, show a John Peter Reedy (also Riedy, Ready, Redy and Rieder) as of Heidelberg, he being credited with from 100 to 189 acres. He was the ancestor of this family of western Berks county. The tombstone inscriptions at the Corner Church show persons of the name as follows: Catherine Riedi, born May 16, 1800, died March 4, 1865, second wife of Joseph Klopp. Maria Riedy, born Sept. 7, 1794, died April 14, 1868, in wedlock about fifty-three years with John Adam Gruber (Dec. 20, 1798-July 7, 1876). In the graveyard of the North Heidelberg Church is found: Elizabeth Riedy, born Sept. 19, 1795, died Feb. 26, 1850, wife of Jacob Lengel (1796-1858). At Womelsdorf is buried: Amelia Reedy, born April 14, 1815, died Nov. 18, 1898, wife of Daniel M. Fidler (1806-1848). At Hain's Church in the old graveyard is buried Elizabeth Reidi (1794-1854). She was the wife of Philip Bohn (1781-1861).

Christian Reedy, grandfather of Franklin, married Marie Spatz, and their children were: Daniel, of Tulpehocken township, who married Rebecca Troutman; Peter, of Marion township, who married Hannah Inyum; Jacob, of Bethel township; John, who was unmarried; George; Amelia, who married Isaac Kintzer; Gradel, who married a Mr. Lebo; Elizabeth, who married a Mr. Bohn; Sallie Reedy, married to John McCormick; Molly Reedy, married to John Cammerer.

Jacob Reedy, son of Christian, married Molly Straw, and his children were: Jacob obtained the homestead; John; Leah m. William Yoder; Molly m. Samuel Lick; Polly m. Thomas Peiffer; and Caroline had a son Cyrus Smith. Jacob Reedy died between June 1 and June 11, 1872, the dates of the making and probating of his will.

George Reedy, son of Christian and brother of Jacob, was born in 1809, and died in 1882, in North Heidelberg township, and was buried at Host Church. He was a tailor by trade and in connection therewith carried on agricultural pursuits on his 160-acre farm. Mr. Reedy was active in church affairs, being deacon and elder for many years. He married Sarah Trautman, born April 14, 1825, daughter of Jacob Trautman. She died April 14, 1888, and their children were as follows: Henry, who is living retired at Albany, Whiteside Co., Ill, where until 1904 he cultivated a farm of 1300 acres, married Lena Lutz, and they have six children, - Ida, William, Minnie, Bert, Edwin and Bessie; Mary married Adam Klee, of North Heidelberg township; Miss Amelia; Philip; Emma married Ezra Leiss, of North Heidelberg township; and Franklin.

Franklin Reedy remained under the parental roof until twelve years of age, at which time he was hired out among the farmers of his locality, and worked in this manner until 1877, at which time with Adam Klee he went to Whiteside county, Ill. In 1884 he returned to his native county, and the following year was married. Until 1887 he farmed in North Heidelberg township, and in that year went again to Whiteside county, Ill., with his family, where he cultivated 360 acres of land, of which he owned 120 acres and rented 240, for nine years, during which time he had no failing crops. He had about 160 head of cattle and thirty-eight horses, and his operations proved very successful. In 1901 he returned to Marion township, where he purchased the Adam Hain farm of 135 acres of the best land in the county. This tract was originally settled by Hermanus Walborn in 1723, and the Reedy farm is the lower part of this tract, as shown on the Charles Lindenmuth map of early settlers of the Tulpehocken valley. The farm is supplied with good water, the buildings are in excellent condition, and the place is equipped with the latest models of farming implements. Mr. Reedy has about twenty head of cattle, and has ten fine draft horses. In politics he is a Democrat, and since 1903 he has served as a member of the Marion township school board. He was also a school director while he lived in Illinois. He and his family are members of Host Reformed Church, of which he has been a deacon and elder.

In 1885 Mr. Reedy married Susan Ruth, daughter of Jacob and Annie (Reinhold) Ruth, and granddaughter of Christian and Susan (Ludwig) Ruth, and to this union there have been born children as follows: Harry is a conductor on the Philadelphia trolley lines; Gertrude m. Herbert Klopp, of Marion township; and Mabel, Tillie, George, Pearl and Earl are all at home.


p. 877


Henry Reedy, a well-known and highly esteemed citizen of Robesonia, Pa., whose attractive residence is situated beside the United Evangelical church, on Main street, was born Oct. 10, 1867, in Mill Creek township, Lebanon Co., Pa., son of Jonathan and Isabella (Weiss) Reedy.

Wilhelm Reedy, the grandfather, was born at Sinking Spring in 1800, and died in 1853, and was buried at Millbach church, in Lebanon county. He was a carpenter by trade, and was the owner of a small farm which he cultivated and on which he resided. Mr. Reedy married Maria Bensing, who was born at Fritztown in 1801, and died in 1864, and to this union there were born six children: George, Jonathan, Samuel, Annie, Catherine, and a daughter who died young.

Jonathan Reedy, the father of Henry, was born in Mill Creek township, Lebanon county, Oct. 15, 1835, and there he still resides, a retired farmer and highly respected citizen. He was formerly a cooper and at one time employed ten men, doing much work all over Lebanon and the surrounding counties. He also engaged in plastering to quite an extent, but in 1866 purchased a nice farm, which he still owns. Mr. Reedy is a veteran of the Civil war, having served in the Union army through the greater portion of that struggle and participating, bravely and honorably, in some of the fiercest battles. He was drafted Oct. 15, 1862, became a member of Company I, 73d Pennsylvania regiment, served as corporal, and was discharged Aug. 15, 1863. Mr. Reedy is a pillar of Millbach Reformed church, in Lebanon county, of which he was a deacon for some years. He was married to Isabella Weiss, born July 10, 1835, daughter of Ludwig and Carolina (Kahl) Weiss, and to this union were born seven children: Elizabeth, who married George Strickler, of Millbach, Lebanon county; Jonathan, who married Hannah Gerhart, of Millbach, Lebanon county, by whom he has three children, William, Charles and Frank; Thomas, deceased, who married Tillie Spaydt, by whom he had four children, Calvin, Emma, Katie and Thomas, the last named being deceased; William, residing at Spring Mount, Pa., who married Sarah Wenrich, by whom he has had nine children, two of whom are deceased; Henry; Catherine, who married Claude Wilhelm, of Lebanon county; and Agnes, who married Calvin Lebo, of Millbach, Lebanon county, resides on the old Reedy homestead, and has one son, Lloyd Henry.

Henry Reedy secured his education in the schools of Mill Creek township, Lebanon county, which he left at the age of seventeen years to engage in farming, an occupation which he followed for eighteen years. He began farming on his own account in 1894 on the old Kinding farm in South Lebanon township, Lebanon county, where he continued for three years. In the spring of 1897 he came to Robesonia and for a period of four years worked in a lumber-yard, after leaving which he began clerking in Thomas Tilbert's general store at Robesonia, where he has continued to the present time. Mr. Reedy is an obliging and pleasing employe, and his popularity is great in the borough, his friends including all who have met him. In 1905 Mr. Reedy erected a nice cottage on Main street, Robesonia, next to the Evangelical church. In his political belief he is a Republican. He and his wife attend St. Paul's Reformed church of Robesonia, of which he is a deacon, and toward the erection of which he contributed in 1904.

On Dec. 13, 1890, Mr. Reedy was married to Catherine Bennetch, born Dec. 16, 1866, daughter of Henry Bennetch, who is mentioned elsewhere in this publication. Mr. and Mrs. Reedy have had one child, Thomas Calvin, who died in infancy.


p. 897


J. Thomas K. Reedy, a retired citizen of Sinking Spring, Pa., who has resided at his own home on Main street since the spring of 1879, has been prominent in the political life of Spring township for some years. He was born at Sinking Spring, Dec. 27, 1855, son of John S. and Hannah F. (Krick) Reedy, and is a descendant of Peter Reedy (Redey, Redie), who settled in Heidelberg township prior to 1758.

Jacob Reedy, grandfather of J. Thomas K., was an agriculturist all of his life and owned a farm near "Beshore's Hotel," where he died June 11, 1872. He became one of the well-known citizens of Bethel township, and ample provision was made for his wife in his will, which provided that she was to live in a certain part of the new house on the homestead, and was to be furnished with food, fuel and sixty pounds annually. He married Molly Stroh, and their children were: Jacob (who obtained the homestead); John S.; Leah (m. William Yoder); Molly (m. Samuel Lick, and died prior to 1872); and Caroline (had a son, Cyrus Smith, who was a legatee in the will).

John S. Reedy, father of J. Thomas K., was born in Tulpehocken township, Oct. 22, 1812, and died July 24, 1902. After leaving Tulpehocken township, he settled in Reading, but for the last sixty years of his life resided in Sinking Spring, where he died. He was a stationary engineer in a tannery at Sinking Spring, where he was sexton of Sinking Spring Union Church for many years, being a Reformed member thereof. In politics Mr. Reedy was a Democrat, and for three years was supervisor of Spring township. On May 8, 1838, Mr. Reedy married Hannah F. Krick (born April 16, 1817, died Sept. 5, 1895), daughter of Adam and Catherine (Fisher) Krick. They had children: Rebecca K., born Dec. 27, 1838; Catherine K., Jan. 28, 1840; William K., Dec. 6, 1842; Adam K., April 7, 1849; and J. Thomas K. William K. Reedy was a soldier in the Civil war, and was shot in the chest in camp near Newcastle, June 4, 1864. He was taken to White House Landing, where the bullet was taken from his back, and there he died aged twenty-one years, five months, twenty-four days, and was buried. His name was written on a board and placed at the head of his grave.

J. Thomas K. Reedy was educated in the public schools of his district, and was reared in Sinking Spring, where all of his life has been spent. He drove cattle when a young man for Samuel G. Wenrich of Sinking Spring, then clerked that gentleman's sales, and later purchased cattle for him at Buffalo, N. Y., and Lancaster, Pa. He continued in Mr. Wenrich's employ for thirty-eight years, and it may be said that much of Mr. Wenrich's success is due to Mr. Reedy's long, faithful, able assistance. In 1901 Mr. Reedy was appointed first docket clerk of the comptroller's office of Berks county, in which he served efficiently one year, when he was legislated out of politics. He is an active Democrat in politics, and was the first elected committeeman of Spring township to the county standing committee, an office which he held for four years, served the township as its last assistant assessor for three years, and assisted many men to office, being elected several times delegate to the Democratic county conventions. Since leaving the Court House position, Mr. Reedy has lived a semi-retired life. Fraternally he is a member of Lexington Lodge No. 155, K. P., in which for years he held the office of financial secretary; Washington Camp, No. 282, P. O. S. of A., in which he long served as financial secretary, finally resigning; Loyal Chamber, No. 43, K. of F. (which now has 117 members), in which he was elected financial secretary the night the Chamber was instituted March 7, 1896, an office he has held ever since, his present term expiring June 30, 1909, and in this organization he has been representative to the Grand Chamber of the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mr. Reedy is a member of the Liberty Chemical Fire Engine Company, No. 1, of Sinking Spring, in which he was elected to serve on the committee on By-Laws, being one of the organizers of the Company. He is a director of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company, of Sinking Spring. Mr. Reedy and his wife are members of St. John's Reformed Church of Sinking Spring, of which he has been deacon and secretary.

On Nov. 16, 1878, Mr. Reedy married Catherine A. Heffner, daughter of Joel D. and Sarah (Zechman) Heffner, of Penn township, Berks county. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Reedy, who died aged three days. Mrs. Reedy is descended from Johann Georg Heffner, of Germantown, Pa., who had three sons: Jacob; Johann Georg; and Anthony (Black). Of this family Jacob was born Nov. 11, 1736, and died May 31, 1829, being buried at Mertztown burial ground. In 1760 he married Elizabeth Lyatz, born in 1736, and died in 1806, of Hingstadt, Germany, and they had five children: Henry, born July 8, 1763; Anthony (The Red), born in 1767, died in 1849; Elizabeth, born July 11, 1769; Johannes, born Jan. 14, 1772; and Daniel, born Dec. 5, 1773.

Johannes Heffner married Elizabeth Kline, and they had Elizabeth, born in 1798; and Johann Georg, born Dec. 24, -----. Johann Georg Heffner married Anna Deisher, of Maxatawny township, and to them was born Joel D. Heffner father of Mrs. Reedy.

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