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Sailer, Samuel --
Sassaman, Louis M.
Sauer, John --
Schadler, William P.
Schaefer, J. George --
Schaeffer, Nathaniel C.
Schaich, Karl A. --
Scharff, John L.
Schealer, John G. --
Schlegel, George S.
Schmeck, Frank H. --
Schneider, Leander
Schoender, Jacob B. --
Schreiner, John
Schroeder, Adam H. --
Schultze, Edward
Schumacher, John G. --
Schwoyer, Samuel G.
Scott, William --
Seibert, Rush G.
Seidel, Alfred S. --
Seidel, Mabry S.
Seider, Jeremiah --
Sellers, James P.
Seltzer, Charles M. --
Shane, William C.
Shapiro, Philip -- Shartle, Harry H.
Shearer, Christopher --
Shirey, Milton L.
Shollenberger, Calvin D. --
Shultze, John A.
Siegfried William --
Smeck, Charles M.
Smink, F. C. --
Smith, George W.
Smith, Isaac --
Smith, William D.
Smoyer, Henry L. --
Snyder, Wilson S.
Sparr, Edward R. --
Spangler, John
Spannuth, Harvey A. --
Sponangle, John
Spotts, John J. --
Stauffer, Elmer K.
Steckler, David H. --
Steiner, Frank P.
Steininger, Walter G. --
Stevens, William K.
Stewart, Lemuel --
Stoner, John H.
Stoudt, Edwin B. --
Strouse, Jonathan M.
Strunk Family --
Summons, Edwin S.
Sunday, Elias B. --
Symons, William S.
Talley, James F. --
Thun, Ferdinand
Tobias Family --
Treichler, James G.
Trethewey, Richard --
Turner, Newton R.
Ubil, James G. --
Urich, Ellsworth
Van Buskirk, Ephraim --
Von Nieda, J. Heller
Wagonhorst Brothers --
Wagner, William H.
Wahl, J. H. --
Wanner, Peter D.
Warner, Aaron R. --
Weber, William F.
Weida, George W. --
Weidner, Milton N.
Weigley, Jonathan W. --
Wells, Wesley H.
Wendler, Harry J. --
Wentzel, David S.
Werley, Charles D. --
Wertz, George W.
Wesley, John H. --
Wiland, Daniel (Rev.)
Wilder, O. B. S. --
Winings, Howard K.
Winter, Ferdinand --
Wisser, Stephen S.
Withers, Eli M. --
Wittich, Arthur
Woerner, Oscar L. --
Worley, Ellis M.
Worley Family --
Wunder, W. W.
Xander, John G. --
Yarnell, Jaread G. --
Yetzer, Joseph
Yocum, Albert --
Yoder Family
Yoder, Frederick --
Yost, Henry R.
Young, Henry G. --
Yundt, Horace A.
Zable, Harry --
Zerby, Thomas
Zieber, Philip S. --
Zook, Christian

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