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Abraham, August --
Adams, William H.
Adams Family --
Althouse, William D.
Ames, Isaac --
Angstadt, Joshua
Anspach, Thomas P. --Austrian, Ben Babb, David D. --
Bachofer, J. Lewis
Baer Family --
Baer, William
Bagenstose, Jacob --
Balthaser, Moses K.
Banks, John --
Barr, Robert M.
Barsotti, Frank --
Battenfield, Louis
Baus, John N. --
Bear, Levi W.
Beard, Elmer --
Beck, George
Beeker, Anna --
Bell, Samuel H.
Belz, August --
Berg, Herny I.
Berger Family --
Bhaer, Franklin
Bickel, Amandon --
Biehl, John E.
Bigony, Hiram J --
Blanchman, Paul
Bland, H. William --
Bloom, Lew
Bobst, Samuel --
Bond, William
Boone, Cyrus --
Bordner, Jacob M.
Borkert, Albert G. --
Bortz, George B.
Bower, Conrad --
Bowman Family
Boyer, Abraham --
Boyer Family
Boyer, Gottleib --
Boyer, William M.
Bradley, John C. --
Bridegam, William K.
Bridenbaugh, John H. --
Brooke, George
Brossman Family --
Brownmiller Family
Brubaker, George --
Bucher, John S.
Buck, Charles R. --
Byers, Abel H.
Campbell, David --
Christ, Samuel T.
Christian, Daniel --
Clauser, John H.
Cleaver, Chester B. --
Clymer Family
Coleman, William H.--
Coonley, Frederick
Cranston, Frederick W. br Custer, Ludwig T.
Dampman, John B. --
Davies, William F. P.
Deatrick, William (Rev.) --
Degler, Moses
De Gour, Frank L. (Dr.) --
Dellinger, Charles T.
DeLong, David --
Derr Family
Detample, J. Edward --
Devlan, F. D.
Deysher, Abner S. --
Dieffenbach, Samuel W.
Diener Brothers --
Dietrich, John (Col.)
Dillon, George --
Dowling, Frank M.
Drayer, John T. --
Driscoll, Daniel J.
Druckenmiller, Benjamin D.
Dumn Family
Dundore, Adam B. (M. D.) --
Duser, Jacob
Eaches, Jesse E. --
Ebling, Obadiah
Eck, Charles --
Eckert, William J.
Edinger, Levi
Eisenhower, James
Elliot Family
Engle, William
Enssien, Rudolph --
Ernst, Martin
Ermentrout, Daniel (Hon.) --
Eshelman, John
Esser, Jacob B. --
Everts, Garrett B.
Fahrbach, John A.--
Feather, William C.
Fegley, Amandus N.--
Fenstermacher, John P. S.
Ferguson, Wilson --
Fichthorn, James
Fidler, Henry F. --
Filbert, William D.
Fink, Allen J. --
Fisher, John W.
Fisher, J. Wilmer --
Fix, Charles
Flaig, Joseph F. --
Fleisher, Michael F.
Flicker, Augustus S.--
Focht, Levi H.
Folger, Walter --
Foutz, Sherman S.
Fox, Aaron G. --
Frederick, William J.
Freeman, James L. --
Fritch, Dr. Milton L.
Fritz, Augustus --
Fritz, Sylvester F.
From, William H. --
Frymire, John
Fulmer, Samuel H. --
Furlow, Henry K.
Gabel Family --
Ganter, Joseph B.
Gartmann, Frederick --
Gebhart, Jacob
Geehr Family --
Gehris, Oscar T.
Gehrke, William L. --
Genner, Alfred J.
George Family --
German, William H.
Gery, Allen G. --
Gittelman, John J. K.
Glaes, John G. --
Gnau, Jacob
Godfrey, Hamilton --
Gonser, John R.
Good, Franklin H. --
Goodman, John E.
Gordon, David F. --
Gougler, James I.
Graeff, Benjamin --
Granz, August
Graul, Charles F. --
Greenawalt Family
Gregg, David Mc M. --
Greisemer Family
Greishaber, William --
Grill, Martin D.
Grim, Daniel P. --
Gring, Samuel H.
Griscom, William M. --
Gruber, George B.
Guldin, Charles R. --
Guth, Amos S.
Haag, A. W. --
Hackman, Henry D.
Hafer, ammon L.--
Hagy, William
Hahn, E. D. --
Hainly, Joel W.
Halbeisen, Haney A. --
Harbold, Samuel B.
Harbster, Howard E. --
Harrison, George W.
Hart, G. Howard --
Hartmann, Henry J.
Hassler, Augustus B --
Haws, John
Heberle, William --
Heckman, William A.
Heffelfinger, George W. --
Heilman, Charles F.
Hein, James H. --
Heizmann Family
Helder, William B. --
Hemmig, Harrison H.
Hendel, John --
Henninger, John H.
Henry, Amandus E. --
Hepner, Joseph S.
Herb, Hiram --
Herbine, John G.
Herbst, Edwin M. --
Hertzog, William R.
Heston, Augustus --
Hickman, Glendeur
Hiester, Adam W. --
Hiester, William M.
High, A. M. --
High, William R.
Hilbert, Henry E. --
Hill, Samuel J.
Hiltebeitel, Jesse --
Hipsch, Martin H.
Hirner, Henry C. --
Hoffert, Nelson
Hoffman, Charles P. --
Hoffmann, Emil
Hoffmaster, Henry --
Hollenback, William S.
Hollis, W. G. --
Honecker, Andrew
Hoover, Roger S. --
Horning, Wesley
Horst, Amos --
Howerter, Samuel K.
Hoyer Family --
Hull, George A.
Humbert, David K. --
Hunter, martin D.
Huntzinger, Benjamin K. --
Huyett Family

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