Biographies from Historical and Biographical Annals by Morton Montgomery


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Frederick Gartmann (deceased) was a respected resident of Reading for many years. He was born at Marlbergen, Osnabruck, Hanover, Germany, June 10, 1828, son of John Wilhelm and Maria Margaretha (Finkle) Gartmann. The father was a paper manufacturer by trade. His children bore names as follows: Elizabeth, Emma, Frederick, Frantz, George, Heinrich and Anna.

Frederick Gartmann attended the German schools until he was fourteen years old, after which he worked in the coal mines until he was twenty-eight. He then came to America, landing at Baltimore, Oct. 29, 1856, after a voyage of five weeks and two days. The lady who was then betrothed to Mr. Gartmann and who afterward became his wife, crossed the ocean on the same steamer. The travelers went from Baltimore by railroad to Altoona, Pa., and from there to Pittsburg, where they had friends and where they remained for six weeks, in the meantime communicating with two uncles of Mrs. Gartmann. One was named Francis Minkhaus, who lived at Saint Marys, Elk county, Pa., and the other, Frank Fagler, of Reading. After some delay they came to Reading where Mr. Gartmann followed laboring, and Mrs. Gartmann hired out to William Krauss, who lived at Fifth and Chestnut streets, Reading.

On April 21, 1857, Mr. Gartmann was married to Gertrude Lutman, by Rev. Father Kuntzer, of St. Peter's Catholic Church. She was born in Germany, Aug. 15, 1834, daughter of Frederick and Catherine (Minkhaus) Lutman. To Mr. and Mrs. Gartmann were born the following children: John L., who follows the tinsmith business at Reading; Louisa A.; Mary m. James Reedy, of Reading; Rosa S.; Frank F. is a tinsmith; George and Josephine, the latter of whom is deceased.

Mr. Gartmann was always an industrious man and he worked at Mellert's foundry and then at Lauer's brewery for a time, and then was employed for ten years at Bushong's furnace. His last work was done at the Deppen Brewing Company's establishment. He was a member of the St. Paul's Catholic Church and the Holy Cross Society. He died April 25, 1882, and is buried in the Catholic cemetery. His widow resides at No. 764 North Sixth street, Reading, where she successfully conducts a grocery, owning her own property.


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Henry Gass, the owner of a fine farm of twenty-one acres in Muhlenberg township, where he also conducts a custom feed mill, coal yard and stone quarries, was born in Alsace township, Berks county, Jan. 23, 1852, son of Henry and Mary (Phillips) Gass.

Henry Gass, father of Henry, was born in the portion of Alsace township that is now Muhlenberg, in 1817, and died in 1853, and engaged in farming and lime burning all of his life, hauling his lime on the Schuylkill Canal. He married Mary Phillips, a native of the same township, who died in 1861, having borne her husband these children: Sarah, who married Franklin Miller; Mary, who married Edward Snyder; Elizabeth, who married James Wiedner; and Henry. In religious belief the family were of the Reformed faith. Mr. Gass was a Democrat in politics, but was never an office seeker.

Henry Gass was educated in the schools of Alsace township, only attending, however, at intervals when he was not needed on the farm, where he had hired out for his board and clothes. Later he received $7.00 per month and out of these meager wages managed to save a little each month. Subsequently his pay was raised to $22.00 per month, at which wages he worked for one year, by which time, by the utmost economy and frugality he had managed to put away enough with which to buy the old homestead. Mr. Gass conducted this land for three years, when he sold out and purchased a house at St. Lawrence, where he remained about nine months, operating a stone quarry on his father-in-law's property. In 1879 he purchased his present land, a tract of twenty-one acres, known as the old Bushong property, and here he has made many improvements. He planted every tree now on the place, opened a new quarry, since 1893 has operated a coal yard, and built a feed mill which is still in operation. The original house was destroyed by fire in 1882, and this was replaced by Mr. Gass as were all of the out building.

Mr. Gass was married to Amanda Stauffer, daughter of Abram Stauffer, and eleven children were born to this union: Nora, who married E. H. Zacharias and has one child, Marguerite; Mamie, who married George Shirk and has one child, Franklin Henry; Avin, who married Estella Wahl; Henry W., single; Jennie E., at home; Mary, deceased; Charles and Jennie E., who died of diphtheria within a week of each other; and three who died in infancy.

In religious belief Mr. Gass is Reformed and he has held the offices of deacon and elder. In politics he is a Democrat, and is treasurer of Muhlenberg township, in which capacity he has served for several terms, no man in Berks county holding a better record than he. Fraternally Mr. Gass is connected with the P. O. S. of A., and the K. G. E.


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James Gass for many years one of the leading agriculturists of Lower Heidelberg township, was one of the prominent business men of Berks county, and in his death, which took place Feb. 13, 1893, the community lost one of its most substantial citizens. Mr. Gass was born Oct. 29, 1838, son of Jacob and Hettie (Delp) Gass.

Jacob Gass, father of James, was born in Alsace township, Berks Co., Pa., whither his father had come from Germany, and there spent a number of years in agricultural pursuits, owning several farms. He was also engaged extensively in the coal business, having his yards along the pike in Muhlenberg township, dealt in lime and stone, and was successful in his business ventures, becoming very substantial. Mr. Gass was married to Hettie Delp, daughter of Daniel Delp, of Richmond township, and to them were born eight children; James; Daniel, who lived in Schuylkill county, and is buried at Epler's Church; Mary, who married Frank Hahn; William, of Leesport, Pa.; Amanda, who married Ephraim Hartman; Adam, who owns and conducts the "Blind" Hartman's Hotel on the Princeton road, in Alsace township; Louis, of Tuckerton, Pa; and Emma, who married Christian Oxenwald. The father was buried at Alsace Church, of which he was an official member belonging to the Reformed congregation.

James Gass was born in Alsace township on the property on which his grandfather had first settled, and there he was reared. On reaching his majority he began boating on the Schuylkill canal, in connection with farming, for about seven years, and he also leased a stone quarry and for quite a period dealt in limestone, having a large trade in Schuylkill county. For this he received a dollar a ton, and at this rate accumulated quite a competency. In 1873 he erected a house along the pike in Muhlenberg township, where he lived for over six years, and in 1880 bought a fine farm of eighty acres near Wernersville, on which he carried on farming until his death. In addition to this Mr. Gass owned a farm of 100 acres in Alsace township, which during his life was rented, but since his death has been sold, as well as his home property. He was a member of the Reformed Church, and is buried at Hain's Church, of that denomination.

On Dec. 24, 1864, Mr. Gass was married to Charity Ann Yoder, who was born in Richmond township Oct. 24, 1839, daughter of John and Magdalena (Breyfogel) Yoder, and granddaughter of John and Froenica Yoder, farming people of Maxatawny township. To Mr. and Mrs. Gass were born children as follows: Hannah M. married Monroe Becker, of Wernersville, Pa.; John Jacob, who married Gussie Shoemaker, of Philadelphia, is a dairyman, and lives at Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia; Sallie E., born in 1870, died aged ten years; Mary E. married James Erb, a ticket agent at Lorane, Berks county, and has a son, Harron.

Mrs. Gass, who is a faithful member of Hain's Reformed Church, is one of Wernersville's most highly esteemed ladies. She owns a large double brick three-story house on Main street, the upper story of which was used for some time as a lodge hall by various fraternal organizations. She is in very comfortable circumstances and her youngest daughter and her family reside with her.


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Benneville M. Gaul, who is now living retired in his fine residence on Lancaster avenue, Shillington, Pa., was for a number of years a well known agriculturist and contractor of Berks county, and is now prominent in public affairs. Mr. Gaul was born Jan. 7, 1849, on the Gaul homestead in Cumru township, Berks county, son of Adam and Sarah (Matz) Gaul.

Johannes Gaul, great-grandfather of Benneville M., was born in Germany, in the Pfaltz of Hebelbeim, Germany, Dec. 18, 1739, and emigrated to America in 1764 or 1770, being rated a large property owner in Cumru in 1785. He was married Sept. 4, 1767, to Barbara Arbogastin, who was from a town on the Rhine in Germany, and was born Nov. 13, 1742, and died Sept. 22, 1818. Johannes Gaul died on his farm Feb. 21 1816, and from the inscription on his gravestone in the Sinking Spring cemetery we learn that he had ten children, seven sons and three daughters, among whom were the following: (1) Peter, born April 7, 1775, m. Elizabeth Kissinger, and they had three sons and five daughters. They were married twenty-five years. He died Sept. 28, 1826, aged fifty-one years, five months and twenty-one days. (2) Abraham. (3) William, born June 17, 1780, died March 30, 1857, m. Rosina Miller, by whom he had eight children, Solomon, David, Joel, Levi, John W. and Enoch (twins), Elenora (m. Ben Krick) and Lydia (m. Daniel Huyett). (4) Christian, born Nov. 17, 1781, who died June 9, 1851, m. Mary Ann Kissinger, born in 1795, who died in 1877, and they had six children, Abraham (born in 1815, and died in 1891, m. Mary Texter). Christian (born in 1817, died in 1871), Jacob (born in 1819, died in 1859, m. Mary Ann Huyett), Mary, (m. Elijah Ruth), Reuben and Hannah, (m. Adam Hain). (5) Jacob is mentioned below. (6) Johannes, Jr. (7) Georg, born Oct. 15, 1796, died April 22, 1861, m. March 11, 1826, Catherine Potteiger (born in 1805 and died in 1860), by whom he had issue three sons and two daughters.

Jacob Gaul, grandfather of Benneville M., was born in Cumru township, July 25, 1783, and there he died Dec. 25, 1832, well advanced in years. Originally he owned 137 acres of the family homestead, but some of this he sold, and at the time of his death he held but eighty-six acres, his estate being valued at $16,000. Jacob Gaul m. Catherine Gehret, who was born March 4, 1784, and died May 27, 1852. She bore him a number of children, all of whom died young but Adam, the father of Benneville M., and Eva, m. to Garson Huyett (born March 5, 1823).

Adam Gaul was born April 5, 1819, in Cumru township, and died an. 30, 1858. He followed agricultural pursuits in his native township, owning the tract now in the possession of William P. High, was prosperous, and at the time of his death left a large estate. Adam Gaul m. Sarah Matz, daughter of John Matz whose wife was a Shoup), and to them were born children as follows: Eliza, m. to Isaac Miller; Benneville M.; John, a bachelor of Montello, Pa.; and Sarah, who died in infancy.

Benneville M. Gaul attended the township schools until seventeen years of age, obtaining a good, practical education. From youth he lived upon the farm until 1898, when he purchased the old Hemmig stand at Hemmig's Corner. Here he continued to reside for several years, and then, in 1892, bought the old Matz farm of sixty-six acres, near Mohnton. After six years upon this farm, Mr. Gaul sold out to Irvin Phillips in 1898, and in 1901 built his present residence on Lancaster avenue, Shillington, a large, substantial, two-story frame structure. Mr. Gaul also owns seven other good houses in Shillington, and a number of building lots, and since his retirement from agricultural pursuits he has erected fourteen houses in the borough, also assisting in other ways to build up and improve the community.

In political matters Mr. Gaul is a stanch Democrat, and has been very active in the work of his party in this part of the country. He has been elected assessor, registry assessor and school director of his township, being placed in the latter office by the largest majority ever given any candidate for any office in the township. He being a member of the minority party in the district, his election and subsequent re-elections testify to his popularity as a man and efficiency as an official. Mr. Gaul and his family are regular members of Emmanuel Reformed Church of Shillington, he having been a deacon thereof for many years, and a member of the building committee in 1873, when the church was erected.

On March 3, 1877, Mr. Gaul married Sarah Kegerise, daughter of Benjamin and Anna (Binkley) Kengerise, and granddaughter of William and Sarah (Yorkey) Kegerise. To this union there were born fourteen children, as follows: Lillie A. m. Andrew Burkhart; Frank P. m. Ida Ruth; John A.; George H. m. Mary Koller; Sarah E. died in infancy; Ida L.; William B. died in infancy; Laura A.; Mamie M.; Charles H.; Katie A.; Bessie M.; Jacob A. and Eliza R.


p. 879


Franklin M. Gaul, farmer of Wernersville, Lower Heidelberg township, was born Dec. 16, 1849, in Spring township, Berks county, son of Reuben and Elizabeth ( Marshall ) Gaul.

Johannes Gaul, his great- grandfather, was born in Hermanien, in the Pfalz of Hebelbeim, Germany, Dec. 18, 1739, son of Henry Gaul. He emigrated to America in 1764 or 1770, and in 1785 was rated a large property owner in Berks county. He was married Sept. 4, 1767, to Barbara Arbogast, who came from a place on the Rhine, Germany, born Nov. 13, 1742, died Sept. 22, 1818. Johannes Gaul died on his farm Feb. 21, 1816, and from the inscription on his gravestone in the Sinking Spring cemetery we learn that he had ten children, seven sons and three daughters, among whom were the following: Abraham; Jacob, who married Catherine Sharp; William, born June 17, 1780, died March 30, 1857, who married Rosina Miller and had eight children, Solomon, David, Joel, Levi, John W. and Enoch (twins), Elenora (who married Ben Krick) and Lydia (who married Daniel Huyett); Christian, born Nov. 17, 1781, died June 9, 1851; Johannes, Jr.; and Georg, born Oct. 15, 1796, died April 22, 1861, who married March 11, 1826. Catherine Potteiger, and had two sons, Heinrich and Johannes.

Christian Gaul, son of Johannes, was a farmer of Cumru. He was born Nov. 17, 1781, and died June 9, 1851. He married Mary Ann Kissinger, born in 1795, died in 1877, and they had six children, namely: Abraham, born in 1815, died in 1891, married Mary Texter; Christian, born in 1817, died in 1871, never married; Jacob, born in 1819, died in 1859, married Mary Ann Huyett ; Mary, married Elijah Ruth ; Reuben, married Elizabeth Marshall; Hannah, married Adam Hain.

Reuben Gaul, father of Franklin M. Gaul, was brought up in Cumru township, and carried on farming in Lower Heidelberg from 1865 until 1887. He married Elizabeth Marshall, a daughter of David Marshall, of Spring, and they had ten children: David M. married Mary Huyett; Franklin M. married Mary R. Bucks; Henry M. married Mary Rut; James m. married Kate D. Huzzard; Mary married Frank Fisher; five died young.

Franklin M. Gaul was reared to farming, and has followed that vocation with success all his life. In 1875 he removed to Wernersville, where he has since lived, having a tract of thirty acres in the eastern end of the town, along the Berks and Dauphin turnpike. This place was formerly owned by William Werner, after whom the town was named, and is a valuable piece of property. Mr. Gaul is an honest and intelligent citizen, one who reads and takes a public- spirited interest in the advancement of his town, though he does not take a personal share in its public affairs.

Mr. Gaul was married Nov. 19, 1874, to Mary R. Bucks, born Jan. 13, 1851, daughter of Daniel b. and Elizabeth (Hain) Bucks, and they have an only daughter, E. Elizabeth, born Oct. 2, 1883, who resides with her parents at Wernersville. Mr. Gaul and his family are members of Hain's Reformed Church.

Daniel B. Bucks, father of Mrs. Gaul, was born in Centre township, Berks county, June 21, 1821, and died March 24, 1874, aged fifty- two years, nine months, three days. He married Elizabeth Hain, born June 30, 1824, died August 26, 1904, aged eighty years, one month, twenty- six days; she was a daughter of John A. and Catherine( Gernand ) Hain, of Wernersville. Mr. and Mrs. Bucks were farming people, but for eleven years kept what is now J. H. Miller's hotel at Wernersville. They are buried at Hain's church. They had two children. Sarah, born Dec. 29, 1847, is unmarried and lives with her sister, Mary R., wife of Franklin M. Gaul.

Daniel Bucks, grandfather of Mrs. Gaul, was a native of Centre township, and died on his farm in Lower Heidelberg township, owning the place which is now the property of Benjamin A. Hain. He followed farming all his life. To him and his wife, Sarah ( Bright ), were born children as follows: David B., born May 8, 1817, died June 4, 1863 ( his wife, Ellen H. Bucks, daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth Hain, born March 16, 1817, died Feb. 4, 1887, aged sixty-nine years, ten months, eighteen days ) ; Daniel B. , born June 21, 1821, died March 24, 1874; Mary married Isaac Sohl and Henry Werner; Sarah married Jonathan Knorr; Catherine, unmarried, resides in Wernersville.

Abraham Bucks, great-grandfather of Mrs. Franklin M. Gaul, was a resident of Bern township, Berks county. His wife was a Himmelberger.


p. 1533

Surnames: GAUL, POTTEIGER, RUTH, MEDLAR, DUNDORE, SHERMAN, LAMM, DEPPEN, ENRICH, SCHAEFFER, REBER, RUTH, HUBER George Sherman Gaul, who since 1889 has been general manager of the "Grand View Sanatorium," near Wernersville, was born in Lower Heidelberg Dec. 5, 1859.

George Gaul, grandfather of George S., was a farmer of Cumru. He was married to Catharine Potteiger, and by her had five children: Henry, who died unmarried; Aaron, m. to Magdalena Ruth, daughter of Francis; John; Mary, m. to Edward Medlar; and Catharine, m. to Gabriel Dundore.

John Gaul, father of George S., was brought up in Spring township on a farm and carried on farming in Lower Heidelberg. He died at the age of thirty-five years. He married Catharine Sherman, daughter of Isaac Sherman, of Heidelberg, and they had two children, George Sherman and Sallie, the latter marrying Charles F. Lamm, a son of Joshua Lamm.

When only five years old, George Sherman Gaul lost his father by death, and he was placed with uncles until he was twelve years of age, during this time going to school and assisting at light work on the farm. The use of the German language prevailed in the vicinity where he lived, and wishing to acquire a knowledge of the English language he went to Cumberland county and found employment on a farm. He remained nearly two years, looking after live stock and attending the superior public schools of the county during the school term, and on his return to Berks county lived with an uncle on a farm in Lower Heidelberg until he was eighteen years old. In this time he attended the Krumbine Academy at Womelsdorf and the Oley Academy at Friedensburg. He then taught a public school in Lower Heidelberg for one term, and later securing employment in the general store of Deppen & Wenrich, at Wernersville, he continued with them for five years. When the senior partner, Dr. James W. Deppen, received the appointment of postmaster at that village, Mr. Gaul became his assistant and filled the position during the term from 1885 to 1889. During this time he also had charge of Dr. Deppen's large hotel there, the "Lebanon Valley House." Winning the entire confidence of his employers, they then gave him the management of the large health resort which they had purchased, south of Wernersville, and named "Grand View Sanatorium," and at this popular and prosperous resort he has continued until the present time.

Mr. Gaul married Gertrude Catherine Deppen, a daughter of his employer, Dr. Deppen, and by her had five children, two of whom died young; the survivors are Laura May (married to Earl O. Enrich), Mayme Catharine and Beulah Estella. The mother died and Mr. Gaul married Sallie Schaeffer, daughter of John Schaeffer, of Lower Heidelberg.

Dr. Deppen, the father of Mr. Gaul's first wife, was a successful physician and a citizen of great enterprise at Wernersville for many years. He was married to Mary A. Reber, a daughter of John B. Reber, and they had three children: J. Daniel m. Kate M. Ruth; Charles S. m. Mary Huber; and Gertrude Catharine m. George Sherman Gaul.


p. 1231


James M. Gaul, a farmer of Lower Heidelberg, was born March 10, 1855, in Spring township, this county and has lived in Lower Heidelberg since he was ten years old.

John Gaul, great-grandfather of James M., was born in 1739 and died in 1767. He was married to Barbara Arbogast, and by her had seven sons, of whom Christian was the sixth. The great-great-grandfather was Henry Gaul.

Christian Gaul, of Cumru, grandfather of James M. Gaul, was a farmer. He was born in 1781, married Mary Kissinger, and by her had six children: Christian did not marry; Abraham in. Mary Texter; Jacob m. Mary Huyett; Reuben m. Elizabeth Marshall; Mary m. Elijah Ruth; and Hannah m. Adam Hain.

Reuben Gaul, father of James M. Gaul, was brought up in Cumru township, and carried on farming in Lower Heidelberg from 1865 until 1897. He married Elizabeth Marshall, a daughter of David Marshall, of Spring, and they had ten children: David m. Mary Huyett; Frank m. Mary Buck; Henry m. Mary Ruth; James M. has mention further on; Mary m. Frank Fister; and five died young.

As previously stated, James M. Gaul was ten years old when his parents moved to Lower Heidelberg. He was educated in the township schools and at the Palatinate College in Myerstown. Upon leaving school he assisted his father on the farm until 1887, when he engaged in farming for himself and has continued to follow that calling until the present time. Besides his farming operations he has dealt quite extensively in live stock, more especially hogs, selling large numbers several times a year. He served as a school director of the township for six years.

Mr. Gaul was married to Kate D. Huzzard, a daughter of William Huzzard, of Reading. and granddaughter of Rudolf Huzzard. William Huzzard was a clerk in the employ of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company at heading for many years, and died in 1867. He was married to Catherine L. Bechtel, daughter of Daniel Bechtel, of Cumru, and by her had one child, Kate, Mrs. Gaul. To Mr. and Mrs. Gaul were born two children: William R., who married Lillie Snader, a daughter of Tobias B. Snader, of Lancaster county, and is now residing at Robesonia, in Berks county; and one that died young.


p. 987


Charles W. Gebhard, for many years a faithful employe of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Company at Reading, was born in Berks county, just over the line from Lehigh county, Pa., Dec. 17, 1829, only child of George and Rebecca (DeWitt) Gebhard.

George Gebhard was a native of Lehigh county, and by trade was a shoemaker, but on account of ill health was compelled to seek out-of-door employment, subsequently working at the ore mines. He died in 1850, and his wife in 1855, in the faith of the Lutheran Church.

Charles W. Gebhard received his education in the schools of Lehigh and Bucks counties, and at the age of fifteen years was apprenticed to the shoemaker's trade, an occupation which he followed until his father's death, in 1850, when he came to Reading to reside with his widowed mother. He was a very industrious young man, willing to work at anything which would earn an honest dollar, not letting his pride stand in his way, and soon found regular employment with the Philadelphia & Reading Company, remaining with that company over forty-three years, in the foundry department. A steady, hard-working man, he was much esteemed by his employers. He was fond of home, and was of quiet disposition, but at the outbreak of the Civil war, feeling that his country needed his services, he enlisted as one of the first from Berks county, finishing his term of enlistment in Capt. James B. McKnight's Company.

On Nov. 1, 1876, Mr. Gebhard married Sarah A. Gehret a native of Reading, Pa., daughter of David and Elizabeth Gehret. Mr. Gebhard was a member of the Lutheran Church, while his wife attends the First Reformed Church. His fraternal connections were with the I. 0. 0. F. and the Brotherhood of the Union. Mr. Gebhard died Feb. 22, 1898, and is buried in the Charles Evans cemetery.

Mrs. Gebhard was born in Muhlenberg township, Berks county, June 14, 1832, and came to Reading in her girlhood, and attended the public schools. She joined the First Reformed Church in 1851, being confirmed by the Rev. A. S. Leinbach, and she has always taken an interest in church work She is kind hearted and benevolent, and has many friends. She resides in the old home at No. 245 Washington street, Reading.


p. 866


Jacob Gebhart, a retired citizen of Alleghenyville, Berks county, was for many years engaged in farming on an eighty-acre tract near Allegheny Church. Mr. Gebhart was born Nov. 16, 1834, in Brecknock township, son of John and Susanna (Reaser) Gebhart.

George Gebhart, great-grandfather of Jacob, came from Germany to this country in about 1751, and settled in Brecknock, where he became the owner of a farm of 152 acres, now the property of Archibald Messner. Mr. Gebhart was buried in an unmarked grave at Allegheny Church. He and his wife had these children: Jacob, John, George, Mrs. Jacob Hartz, Mrs. Jeremiah Ziemer, and Mrs. Weiler of Lancaster county.

Jacob Gebhart, grandfather of Jacob, was born in Brecknock township, Jan. 9, 1775, and died May 2, 1833, after a life spent in agricultural pursuits. He is buried at Allegheny Church. Jacob Gebhart married Catherine Lesher, born March 24, 1788, who died Nov. 12, 1872, and they had three children: John, father of Jacob; Mary married Jacob Becker, of Reading; and Elizabeth, born Jan. 5, 1814, died unmarried Nov. 15, 1897.

John Gebhart was born Jan. 4, 1806, and spent his life in farming, at the time of his death, March 17, 1887, owning the old homestead and the property now in the possession of his son, Jacob. He was a leading member and elder of the Allegheny Church, where he was buried, and was influential in public matters, being elected to the offices of school director, and delegate to county conventions for many years on the Democratic ticket. Mr. Gebhart married Susanna Reaser, born Aug. 16, 1809, who died March 27, 1886, and to them were born these children: William, born May 14, 1834, a prominent man of Brecknock township and official in the church for many years, married, in 1863; Mary Ann Raub (born in 1839, died in 1869); Jacob; Henry is a resident of Cumru township; Elizabeth m. Ephraim Steffy, of Edison, Pa.; Mary m. Henry Miller, of Brecknock township; John, of Brecknock township; Samuel died young; Daniel lives in Reading; Catherine m. Abraham Brendel, of Brecknock township.

Jacob Gebhart received his education in the schools of his native township, and early in life engaged in farming, acquiring a fine farm of eighty acres located near Allegheny Church, which since his retirement he has rented. In politics he is a Democrat, and he served for three years as school director, at present holding the office auditor of Brecknock township. He is a Reformed member of Allegheny Church, where he has been treasurer for more than a quarter of a century.

Mr. Gebhart was married (first) to Eliza Steffy, born Nov. 1, 1838, who died April 16, 1882, daughter of John and Catherine (Eshelman) Steffy, and to this union there were born seven children, namely: Catherine, who died in childhood; John, who lives in Reading; Samuel, who died aged twenty years; Charles, who died aged fifteen years; Aaron and William, who died in infancy; and Nathan, of Brecknock township.

Mr. Gebhart was married (second) to Emma Kohl, born Feb. 21, 1860, who died March 15, 1897, and they had three children: Susan Elizabeth m. George Unger, of Glouglersville; Stephen, and Mabel.

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