Biographies from Historical and Biographical Annals by Morton Montgomery


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Joseph F. Flaig, a well-to-do resident of Reading, Pa., whose home is located at No. 226 South Twelfth street, in the Tenth ward of the city, was born Oct. 6, 1843, in Schramberg, Obendorf am Neckar, Wurtemberg, Germany, son of Christian and Theresa (Haas ) Flaig.

Andraes Flaig, the grandfather of Joseph F., was a native of Maria Zel, Wurtemberg. and was a farmer by occupation. He married a Miss Clara King, and to them were born children as follows: Christian, Fidel, Stephen and Andraes. Christian Flaig was born Sept. 8, 1801, and his entire life was spent in the Fatherland, where he died Sept. 28, 1868. He started in the freight hauling business when a young man, and becoming prosperous later engaged as a grain and wine merchant. He married Theresa Haas, born Sept. 25, 1807, who died Oct. 25, 1869, and they had four children : Francisco, who married Charles Summer, a machinist of Germany; Christian, who was a clock maker ; John, also a machinist ; and Joseph F.

Joseph F. Flaig was educated in the schools of the Fatherland, and after leaving school, at the age of fourteen years, learned the brewer's business with Johann Haas, with whom he continued for three years. Mr. Flaig then followed his trade at different places for nine years, when he enlisted in the German army, in September, 1864, but after six weeks received his discharge, and the war of 1866 then being imminent , he came to America, and landed at Castle Garden, N. Y. , in the latter part of October. Soon thereafter he came to Reading, where he has since remained. Mr. Flaig at once found employment with a brewer named Floto, and later was employed by Lauer, Barbey and other leading brewers of the city. In 1884 he formed a partnership with Abraham Peltzer, under the firm name of Peltzer & Flaig, and this firm continued successfully for a period of ten years, they being reputed to have the best beer in Reading. Mr. Flaig is now in the employ of the Deppen brewery, and resides with his family at No. 226 South Twelfth street. In political matters Mr. Flaig is a Democrat. He is a member of the Holy Cross Society, and he and his family attend St. Paul's Catholic Church.

On May 5, 1867, Mr. Flaig was married to Agnes Link, born Sept. 21, 1843, who came to this country in June, 1864, daughter of Frederick Link, a carpenter of Germany, and to this union there were born children as follows: Agnes, who married Francis Fogel, of Reading ; Annie, who married John Blankenbiller, of Reading; Fred, a machinist in the Government service ; John, single at home; Joseph, born Feb. 16, 1882, was educated in the Reading public schools, learned the boiler making Trade at the Scott foundry, and is now in the employ of the Philadelphia & Reading Company; George, who died aged eighteen years; and Francis, who died in childhood.


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John A. Flannery, manufacturer of high-grade roller flour and dealer in grain and feed at Monocacy, was born in Amity township, Berks Co., PA., July 4, 1861. His father, Patrick Flannery, was a native of Ireland, and coming to America located upon a farm in Amity township. This property he owned and cultivated until his death, March 24, 1862, when he was only forty years of age. Patrick Flannery married Ann Hanley, born April 23, 1832, a daughter of John Hanley, also a native of Ireland. Mrs. Flannery resides with her son John A. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flannery had these children: Mary, who died in childhood; Ella, who is the widow of Elmer Strunk and resides at Philadelphia; Michael, living in Greensburg, Pa.; Amelia, deceased; Harry P., who lives at San Francisco, where he is a prosperous merchant; and John A.

John A. Flannery attended the public schools, and later a private school at Unionville, Union township this county. In 1880 he went to learn milling from Gobel, Bertolet & Co., at Pottstown, and in 1889 he started in the business for himself, at Douglassville. After ten years, in 1899, he bought the Irwin Griesemer mill, at Monocacy and there he has continued ever since, building up the large Monocacy Roller Mills, where he manufactures both spring and winter wheat flour. His brand is the "Premium," a name chosen because for twelve successive years his flour took the premium at the Pottstown fair. Mr. Flannery also makes a brand of baker's flour which he sells to bakers in his vicinity, and which is a great favorite with the trade. Perhaps one of the secrets of his remarkable success lies in the fact that he is very enterprising, and that he never allows an opportunity to escape him.

Mr. Flannery is a director of the Conestoga Telephone Company, and is largely interested in many enterprises, the fact that he is identified with an undertaking being considered sufficient guarantee of its ultimate success. All of his prosperity is the result of his own efforts, and he may be well said to be a self-made man and on of the most substantial citizens in his district.

In religion Mr. Flannery is a Catholic, being a member of St. Aloysius Church at Pottstown. In politics he is a Democrat and under President Cleveland, during his first term, was a messenger in the custom house at Philadelphia.

In 1881, Mr. Flannery was married to Gussie Mellon, daughter of the late Joseph and Catherine (Weber) Mellon, of Schuykill Haven. Their children are: May M., who is a graduate of the West Chester State Normal School, class of 1901; Edna A., married to Edward R. Meredith, superintendent of the P. H. & P. division of the Reading railroad; and John A., Jr., a miller assisting his father.


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George W. Flatt, junior member of the firm of Joseph O. Flatt & Co., brush manufacturers, of Reading, is one of the young business men of that city, but the house with which he is connected was founded by his father over thirty years ago. Mr. Flatt was born in Reading, March 4, 1876, son of Joseph O. and Carolina W. (Maurer) Flatt. He was educated in the public schools of the city, and ever since leaving school has been identified with the business he is now conducting, working with his father until the latter's death. On Jan. 1, 1895, he and his brother Joseph O. formed the partnership which still exists, George W. Flatt being business manager and traveling representative of the house, while Joseph O. acts as treasurer and general manager. The output of the factory is 8,000 brushes daily, but the patronage is increasing so steadily that they are kept very busy filling orders, and the business has shown a creditable growth under their management. They have a sales and sample room at No. 128 North Ninth street, Reading, and a well-equipped factory, where twenty hands are given regular employment. The Flatt brothers have given evidence of the same enterprise and progressive spirit that characterized their father, who was a man of more than ordinary ability and education, and their irreproachable treatment of customers has been rewarded with continued success.

George W. Flatt married, in 1902, Miss Anna Otto. He is well known in Masonic circles, being a member of Teutonia Lodge, No. 367, Excelsior Chapter, Reading Commandery, Reading Lodge of Perfection and Rajah Temple. The family are all musical, and George W. Flatt plays the clarinet and was financial secretary of the Ringgold Band of which he was a member, but since April 1, 1908, he has discontinued the active part of the music business, so as to devote more time to his growing brush business. He resides at No. 128 North Ninth street.


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Joseph O. Flatt, Sr., (deceased), founder of the brush manufacturing business now conducted by the firm of Joseph O. Flatt & Co., was a native of Baden, Germany, born Oct. 4, 1829. There he spent his youth and early manhood, receiving the thorough training characteristic of his country and her institutions. He learned the trade of machinist in the Fatherland, not only familiarizing himself with the more practical details of the work, but also attending several of the leading technical schools of Germany, acquiring an education above the average.

In 1856 Mr. Flatt came to America, and settling in Reading, Berks Co., Pa., found employment readily with the Philadelphia & Reading Company, with which he remained until the panic of 1872. On Oct. 22d, of that year, he turned his attention to the manufacture of brushes, a business in which he continued the remainder of his life. He made a financial success of the undertaking, and won high personal standing, being noted for his honest and upright methods of dealing. His death, which occurred in 1894, was widely mourned in Reading, where he left a large family and numerous friends and acquaintances who admired and respected him as an able and useful citizen.

Mr. Flatt married April 7, 1857, Carolina W. Maurer, a native of Saxony, Germany, and a daughter of Christian and Henrietta (Grasser) Maurer. Children as follows were born to this union: Anna and Mary, twins, died in infancy. Charles married and became the father of two children, Sally and Walter. William, a printer, m. Sallie Kolb and had two children, William and George. Max (deceased) m. Maggie Rodenberger, and they had one child, Hattie. Mary m. Harry Wentzel, of Philadelphia. Anna (deceased) m. George Hoffman. Frederick died at the age of two years. Joseph O., Jr., is mentioned below. Harry, a blacksmith and horseshoer of Reading, is mentioned elsewhere. George W. is in business with his brother Joseph O., being junior member of the firm of Joseph O. Flatt & Co., and is mentioned below. Caroline m. Ralph Fink and lives in Philadelphia. The entire family are identified with the Lutheran Church.


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Joseph O. Flatt, senior member of the firm of Joseph O. Flatt & Co., brush manufacturers, of Reading, has passed all of his life in that city. He was born in Reading, Aug. 27, 1872, son of the late Joseph O. and Carolina W. (Maurer) Flatt, and received his education in the public schools and at Brunner's Business College. Immediately after leaving school he began keeping books for his father, by whom he was employed until the latter's death, Nov. 25, 1894. Joseph O. Flatt carried the business on alone for about a month, and on Jan. 1, 1895, formally assumed control of same in partnership with his younger brother, George W. Flatt, under the firm name of Joseph O. Flatt & Co. They have continued the business ever since. Until 1897 it was located at No. 641 Pine street, and then was located at Nos. 548-552 Miltimore street in a factory 28 x 42 feet in dimensions, and three stories in height. This they still own, but it is rented, as on May 1, 1908, they removed to Nos. 137-139 Cedar street, where they built a large three-story brick factory building, 35 x 120 feet, with all conveniences, where they are equipped to turn out brushes in carload lots. The product includes all kinds of brushes, which the firm ships to all parts of the United States, and through jobbers some of the brushes are also exported. Employment is given to about twenty hands the year round. Joseph O. Flatt acts as treasurer and general manager of the company, and George W. Flatt is the traveling representative of the firm. Both brothers rank among the substantial men of the city in commercial circles, where their business acumen has earned them an honorable place.

In March, 1894, Mr. Flatt was married to Anna C. Bentz, and they have one child, Anna Catherine. The family home is at No. 122 North Ninth street. In fraternal life Mr. Flatt is quite prominent as a member of various Masonic bodies, being past member of Teutonia Lodge, No. 237; Reading Commandery, No. 42, K. T.; Reading Lodge of Perfection, and Rajah Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S. He is also a member of the Knights of the Golden Eagle and of the Schuylkill Fire Company. Mr. Flatt in religious connection unites with St. John's German Lutheran Church.


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George Fleckner, a well-known resident of Reading, Pa., who is at present working at the Reading Hardware Company, was born in that city in July, 1860, son of George Fleckner, a native of Germany.

George Fleckner, Sr., came to America in the spring of 1850, landing at New York City, whence he immediately made his way to Reading. A blacksmith by trade, Mr. Fleckner followed this occupation for a number of years, and for several years was also employed at the ore mines. He was a skilled nail-maker, nails in his time being made by hand, and the last years of his life were spent at the Scott Works. He died in 1873, at the age of fifty-six years. George Fleckner married Justina Michael, born in Germany, who died on Nov. 20, 1907. Mr. and Mrs. Fleckner were the parents of these children: John, who died in 1895, aged forty-five years; twins, who died in infancy; a daughter who died in infancy; August, who died young; George; Adam, who died when five years old; Tracy, who m. George Grant, had two children--Lillie and Harry--and died in 1890; Catherine, who m. William Lerch, now residing in Reading, had children--Annie, Minnie, Jennie, Florence, Daniel, Mary, Arthur and Paul--and died Feb. 19, 1906; and William, George and Ralph, all deceased.

George Fleckner, son of George, attended the Tenth and Green streets school, and when a lad of twelve years was employed as a water-boy in the Pipe Mill, later securing employment in the hardware shops of Reading. He has been in the employ of the lock-fitting department at the Reading Hardware Company for twenty-five years.

Mr. Fleckner married Miss Mary Seigfreid, daughter of William and Mary (Benssing) Seigfreid, and they reside in their own home at No. 1014 Washington street, Reading. Mr. Fleckner is a Socialist in politics. He is connected with the Liberty Fire Company, which he joined June 2, 1881, with Thaddeus Stevens Council No. 252, and Knights of Friendship. He is a musician of some note, and has played in the best bands and orchestras in the city. Personally is very popular, and is considered one of the good, reliable citizens of Reading.


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Michael F. Fleisher, proprietor of the "Centre Hotel" in Cumru township, situated on the New Holland (State) Road, two and one-half miles southwest of the city of Reading, was born Dec. 13, 1870, in Lancaster county, Pa., son of George and Sarah (Fox) Fleisher.

George Fleisher, grandfather of Michael F., was a farmer in Lancaster county, where he died at the age of twenty-five years, his widow surviving until June 28, 1905, when she passed away in her seventy-eighth year. To George and Polly (Hossler) Fleisher there was born one son, George, father of Michael F. He was born on the farm in Lancaster county, and when a young man learned the trade of stone mason, which he still follows at Ephrata, Lancaster county. He married Sarah Fox, daughter of Joseph and Mary A. (Louders) Fox, and she died in 1888, the mother of children as follows: Michael F.; Joseph J., of Reading, m. Alice Emore, and has two children--Clara and Bloomer; Annie m. William P. Richwine, of Oakbrook, Pa., and has five children--Edna, William, Donald, Elizabeth and Reynold; and Katie m. William Kreamer, of Ephrata, Lancaster county, and has two children--Mabel and Miriam. In politics Mr. Fleisher was a Republican. The family were members of the Reformed Church.

Michael F. Fleisher was educated in the schools of Berks county, and after completing his education engaged at farm work for four years and at driving a team for a like period. The next four years were spent as an employe at the Reading abattoir, and in 1900 he engaged in the butchering business at Centre. He was very successful in this line, and in 1906 he purchased the well-known "Centre Hotel," on which he has made many improvements. He has been very successful in this line, and has made many friends throughout the community. He is a Republican in politics, while fraternally he is connected with Mohnton Lodge No. 137, K. G. E.; and Council No. 186, O. of I. A., of Shillington.

On March 23, 1889, Mr. Fleisher married Emma L. Lush, born Nov. 5, 1871, daughter of Francis and Rebecca (Fritz) Lush, and two children have been born to this union: Estella R., at home; and Paul R., at school. Mr. and Mrs. Fleisher attend Yocom's Union Reformed Church, in which he served as a deacon for four years.

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