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Himmelberger, 604
Himmelberger, ? 879
Himmelberger, Adam 772
Himmelberger, Adam 1245
Himmelberger, Adam 1559
Himmelberger, Adam 1457
Himmelberger, Amelia 1359
Himmelberger, Arthur 1133
Himmelberger, Beulah R. 772
Himmelberger, Calvin 552
Himmelberger, Catharine 772
Himmelberger, Catherine 1245
Himmelberger, Clara 772
Himmelberger, Daniel 772
Himmelberger, Daniel P. 772
Himmelberger, David 772
Himmelberger, David 882
Himmelberger, Edwin M. 1477
Himmelberger, Elizabeth 772
Himmelberger, Elizabeth 772
Himmelberger, Elizabeth 1245
Himmelberger, Elizabeth 1457
Himmelberger, Ella 534
Himmelberger, Emma 856
Himmelberger, Esther 1245
Himmelberger, Eve 772
Himmelberger, Frank 1245
Himmelberger, Frank R. 890
Himmelberger, Franklin R. 772
Himmelberger, Georg 772
Himmelberger, George 772
Himmelberger, George 1245
Himmelberger, H. B. 1469
Himmelberger, Hannah 1371
Himmelberger, Henry 1457
Himmelberger, Isaac 772
Himmelberger, Isabella 1457
Himmelberger, Jacob 772
Himmelberger, Jared 1457
Himmelberger, Joel 772
Himmelberger, Johannes 772
Himmelberger, John 772
Himmelberger, John 1245
Himmelberger, John 771
Himmelberger, John 1457
Himmelberger, Johnnes 772
Himmelberger, Jonathan 772
Himmelberger, Jonathan 817
Himmelberger, Joshua 1245
Himmelberger, Laura Amily 1245
Himmelberger, Levi 772
Himmelberger, Levi W. 1203
Himmelberger, Levi W. 1531
Himmelberger, Libbie V. 772
Himmelberger, Lizzie 1089
Himmelberger, Lydia 399
Himmelberger, Lydia 1457
Himmelberger, Magdalena 772
Himmelberger, Martha M. 772
Himmelberger, Morris 772
Himmelberger, Moses 772
Himmelberger, Philip 772
Himmelberger, Rebecca 1457
Himmelberger, Ruth A. 772
Himmelberger, Sabila 772
Himmelberger, Sallie 1531
Himmelberger, Sarah 772
Himmelberger, Susanna 772
Himmelberger, Susanna 771
Himmelberger, Sybilla 772
Himmelberger, Sybilla 1359
Himmelberger, Tyson 1612
Himmelberger, Valentine 772
Himmelberger, William 1559
Himmelberger, William 901
Himmelreich, Adam 1612
Himmelreich, Alice 1612
Himmelreich, Catharine 1612
Himmelreich, Elizabeth 1029
Himmelreich, Elizabeth 682
Himmelreich, Ellen 1612
Himmelreich, Emma 851
Himmelreich, Emma 1612
Himmelreich, Emma 1062
Himmelreich, Emma 855
Himmelreich, George 1612
Himmelreich, Hannah 902
Himmelreich, Harriet 1703
Himmelreich, Isabella 1612
Himmelreich, John 682
Himmelreich, Kate 1612
Himmelreich, Maggie 1612
Himmelreich, Mary 1047
Himmelreich, Nathan 1612
Himmelreich, Samuel 1612
Himmelreich, Sarah 1199
Himmelreich, William 1089
Himmelrich, Elizabeth E. 1076
Himmelsberger, ? 699
Himmelshear, Anna Maria 611
Himmelwreight, William 422
Himmilwright, William 1224
Hinckel, William 1118
Hine, ? 1288
Hine, Alva 1714
Hine, Amos 1714
Hine, Catherine 1714
Hine, Charles 1714
Hine, Charles H. 1236
Hine, Charles H. 1714
Hine, Charles H. 1714
Hine, Clinton 1714
Hine, George Hunter 1714
Hine, Henry 1714
Hine, Hunter 1714
Hine, Irwin 1714
Hine, Isaac 1714
Hine, Jacob 1714
Hine, Jefferson 1714
Hine, Jeremiah 1714
Hine, Jeremiah 1714
Hine, Jeremiah 565
Hine, John 1714
Hine, Lydia 1714
Hine, Lydia 1730
Hine, Mary 1714
Hine, Mary Ann 1714
Hine, Oscar 1714
Hine, Raymond 1714
Hine, Sallie 1714
Hine, Sallie 1714
Hine, Samuel 1714
Hine, William 1714
Hineman, Elizabeth 695
Hineman, John 695
Hines, Albert 824
Hines, Anna 534
Hines, Eveline R. 824
Hinkel, ? 1296
Hinkel, Charles 1564
Hinkel, George 1646
Hinkel, Isaac Hinkel 1532
Hinkel, John 795
Hinkle, Alvin 1459
Hinkle, Charles 1459
Hinkle, David 1228
Hinkle, Emily 1228
Hinkle, J. Elwood 1228
Hinkle, John 1459
Hinkle, Luella 1459
Hinkle, Mary 1228
Hinmelberger, John 1352
Hinmelberger, Levi 1352
Hinnerschitt, Beckie 1301
Hinnerschitt, Catharine 1301
Hinnerschitt, Daniel 1301
Hinnerschitt, Daniel W. 1301
Hinnerschitt, Henrietta 1301
Hinnerschitt, Isaac 1301
Hinnerschitt, Jeremiah 1301
Hinnerschitt, Jeremias 1301
Hinnerschitt, Johannes 1301
Hinnerschitt, John 1301
Hinnerschitt, John H. 1301
Hinnerschitt, Joseph 1301
Hinnerschitt, Malinda 1301
Hinnerschitt, Martha 1301
Hinnerschitt, Matilda 1301
Hinnerschitt, Miranda 1301
Hinnerschitt, Rebecca 1301
Hinnerschitt, Samuel 1301
Hinnerschitt, William 1301
Hinnerschitz, Anthony 1301
Hinnerschitz, Augustus 1301
Hinnerschitz, Caroline 1301
Hinnerschitz, Catherine 1301
Hinnerschitz, Clara Elizabeth 1301
Hinnerschitz, Conrad 1301
Hinnerschitz, Lovina 1301
Hinnerschitz, Maria 1301
Hinnerschitz, Rebecca 1301
Hinnerschitz, William 1301
Hinnershitz, William 1443
Hinnershitz Family, 1301
Hinnershitz, Alice 983
Hinnershitz, Amelia A. 1087
Hinnershitz, Amos 689
Hinnershitz, Ann Eliza 689
Hinnershitz, Anna E. 1521
Hinnershitz, Annie 1301
Hinnershitz, Caroline 504
Hinnershitz, Catherine 1301
Hinnershitz, Catherine 1034
Hinnershitz, Charles 855
Hinnershitz, Clarence 855
Hinnershitz, Conrad 1155
Hinnershitz, Edith 689
Hinnershitz, Edward 855
Hinnershitz, Edward S. 1301
Hinnershitz, Eliza 1019
Hinnershitz, Emma 728
Hinnershitz, Emma 855
Hinnershitz, Esther 855
Hinnershitz, Fred 689
Hinnershitz, Frederick A. 689
Hinnershitz, George 1063
Hinnershitz, Harrison 855
Hinnershitz, Harry 855
Hinnershitz, Henry 689
Hinnershitz, Henry A. 1087
Hinnershitz, Henry V. R. 1301
Hinnershitz, Irene 1062
Hinnershitz, Irvin 1142
Hinnershitz, Isaac 689
Hinnershitz, Jacob 1087
Hinnershitz, James 689
Hinnershitz, Jennie 855
Hinnershitz, John 1301
Hinnershitz, John 689
Hinnershitz, John 1143
Hinnershitz, John 1247
Hinnershitz, John R. 1087
Hinnershitz, Katie 1301
Hinnershitz, Laura 855
Hinnershitz, Levi 1301
Hinnershitz, Llewellyn 855
Hinnershitz, Lydia 689
Hinnershitz, Maggie 855
Hinnershitz, Malinda 1301
Hinnershitz, Mamie L. 1301
Hinnershitz, Mary 689
Hinnershitz, Mary 1443
Hinnershitz, Mary 529
Hinnershitz, Mary A. 1087
Hinnershitz, Mary Ann 1366
Hinnershitz, Mary M. 1155
Hinnershitz, O. H. 1262
Hinnershitz, Oliver 1258
Hinnershitz, Peter A. 1301
Hinnershitz, Polly (Mary) 593
Hinnershitz, Rebecca 689
Hinnershitz, Reuben 740
Hinnershitz, Robert 939
Hinnershitz, S. Violette 1301
Hinnershitz, Sallie 855
Hinnershitz, Susan 1063
Hinnershitz, Susanna 689
Hinnershitz, William 1301
Hinnershitz, William 689
Hinnershitz, William E. S. 1301
Hinnershitz, William Rapp 1087
Hinsted, Amanda 967
Hinterleiter, Augustus (Mrs.) 1170
Hinterleiter, David 1014
Hinterleiter, David (Mrs.) 1170
Hinterletner, ? (Rev. Dr.) 505
Hinterschied, Conrad 1301
Hinterschied, Jacob 1301
Hinterschied, Johann George 1301
Hinterschitt, Jacob 1301
Hinterschitt, Abraham 1301
Hinterschitt, Adam 1301
Hinterschitt, Albert 1301
Hinterschitt, Alice 1301
Hinterschitt, Amanda 1301
Hinterschitt, Amelia 1301
Hinterschitt, Ann 1301
Hinterschitt, Augustus 1301
Hinterschitt, Benjamin 1301
HInterschitt, Catherine 1301
Hinterschitt, Charles 1301
Hinterschitt, Charles S. 1301
HInterschitt, Conrad 1301
HInterschitt, Daniel 1301
Hinterschitt, Elizabeth 1301
Hinterschitt, Elizabeth P. 1301
Hinterschitt, Emma 1301
Hinterschitt, Emma E. 1301
Hinterschitt, Eve 1301
Hinterschitt, Frederick 1301
Hinterschitt, George 1301
HInterschitt, George 1301
Hinterschitt, Hannah 1301
Hinterschitt, Heinrich 1301
Hinterschitt, Henry 1301
Hinterschitt, Henry A. 1301
Hinterschitt, Henry A. 1301
Hinterschitt, Henry A. 1301
Hinterschitt, Isabella 1301
Hinterschitt, Jacob 1301
Hinterschitt, John 1301
Hinterschitt, John Heinrich 1301
Hinterschitt, John Jacob 1301
Hinterschitt, John R. 1301
Hinterschitt, John S. Harrison 1301
Hinterschitt, Josiah 1301
Hinterschitt, Magdalena 1301
Hinterschitt, Mary Ann 1301
Hinterschitt, Matilda 1301
Hinterschitt, Priscilla 1301
Hinterschitt, Rebecca 1301
Hinterschitt, Richard S. 1301
Hinterschitt, Rosana 1301
Hinterschitt, Rufus 1301
Hinterschitt, Sarah 1301
Hinterschitt, Seville 1301
Hinterschitt, Susan 1301
Hinterschitt, Susanna 1301
Hinterschitt, Thomas 1301
Hinterschitt, William P. 1301
Hinterschitt, William R. 1301
Hinterschitt, William S. 1301
Hintersites, D. D. 463
Hinterskirch, Mary Ann 1668
Hinton, Rebecca S. 1677
HIntz, Andrew 1201
Hintz, Andrew 1201
Hintz, Annie 1201
Hintz, Catherine 1201
Hintz, Clara C. 1201
Hintz, David H. 1201
Hintz, Emma 1201
Hintz, Frederick 1201
Hintz, J. George 1201
Hintz, Jacob 1258
Hintz, Laura 1258
Hintz, Lena 1201
Hintz, Lucy Margaret 1201
Hintz, Mabel Magdalena 1201
Hintz, Maud Katherine 1201
Hintz, Rosa 1201
Hintz, William G. 1201
Hippensteal, Catherine 1389
Hipple, Emma 1549
Hipsch, Annie 1518
Hipsch, Charles William 1518
Hipsch, Dora 1518
Hipsch, Ella 1518
Hipsch, Frank 1518
Hipsch, John 1518
Hipsch, Martin H. 1518
Hipsch, William 1518
Hipsch, William 1518
Hirner, C. G. (Dr.) 573
Hirner, Henry Christian 722
Hirner, Marie 573
Hirsh, Mary 965
Hirshland, Carrie 1202
Hirshland, Charles Roy 1202
Hirshland, Fannie 1202
Hirshland, Harry 1202
Hirshland, Isaac 1202
Hirshland, Lawrence 1202
Hirshland, Lee 1202
Hirshland, Solomon 1202
Hiser, Menerva 918
Hister, Peter 1160
Hister, Peter 1680
Hitchcock, Eli 547
Hittinger, Barnhart 1654
Hittle, ? 1238
Hittle, Stella 1323
Hix, James M. 470
Hix, Joseph 1093
Hix, Mary 916

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York County Cemeteries - PA-Roots

York County Cemeteries


York County Genealogy Project

Can you help identify the location of the known cemeteries in York County?   If so, please e-mail me   with with the name of the cemetery and location.  Do you have a transcription of a cemetery in York County?   Would you consider allowing me to post it on-line?

Researchers should be aware that the cemetery listing is our best effort to identify all extant cemeteries in York County. The cemetery transcriptions located on our website or linked to on external websites represent the best efforts by sincere contributors to share information. This data may be incomplete or may contain errors in interpretation of gravestone information or in transcription. This data should never be considered as primary validation or proof for genealogical purposes. It is offered here as tool to stimulate further research.

NOTE: The Status column reflects whether the cemetery listing is a "complete" or "partial" listing. However, a "complete" status does NOT indicate that every burial for that cemetery is listed. Sometimes stones are missing, people are buried in unmarked graves, or a burial occurred after a "reading" of the headstones was done. A "complete" status in this column means that maybe 95% of the headstones were recorded at the time of the transcription. If you know that a person was buried in a particular cemetery (from an obituary notice or death certificate), and is not listed, please let us know, and we'll add the name to the listing. Also, if there is no indicator in the Status column, we just don't know whether it's partial or complete. If you know, please let us know and we'll change that as well.

The Status column has also been "color coded" to indicate the presence or absence of photographs of the cemeteries. The following describes the meaning of the colored backgrounds:
white no photographs
blue photograph of the cemetery, but no tombstone photos
yellow anywhere from 1 to many tombstone photos. NOT complete
green All tombstones photographed. Note that our definition of "all" is that at least 95% of the tombstones were photographed at the time. Note that there are a lot of tombstones missing from some of the cemeteries.

Transcription Locations

  • YC - York County Genealogy Project
  • PAR -, York County Cemetery DataBoard
  • GWA - USGenWeb Archives 
  • YCG - York County USGenWeb


Cemetery Name Township Location Driving Directions Status Transcription Location
Abor United Brethren York         
Adas Israel Cemetery Spring Garden         
Airville Lower Chanceford         
Albright's Cemetery Warrington         
Altland Meetinghouse Paradise         
Andersontown Church of God Cemetery Monaghan         
Asper Burial Ground Washington         
Auchey Burial Ground North Codorus         
Aughenbaugh Manchester         
Aughinbaugh Burial Ground Washington         
Baer Burial Grounds Newberry         
Bair Codorus Mennonite West Manchester         
Bairds Burial Grounds East Manchester         
Bair's Meeting House Heidelberg         
Barren's Cemetery Washington         
Batdorf Cemetery Newberry         
Bat's Nest Burial Grounds Newberry         
Beidler Graveyard Hellam         
Bender Burial Grounds Warrington         
Benedicts Cemetery Warrington         
Bentz Burial Ground, now at Warrington Meetinghouse Warrington         
Bermudian Brethren Washington         
Bethany United Methodist Dover         
Bethel United Methodist Chanceford         
Bethlehem, aka Stonepile, aka Bethel Windsor         
Blooming Grove United Evangelical Penn         
Blymire's, St. John's UCC York         
Bott's Graveyard, aka Henry Wolf's, Wolf's West Manchester         
Bowser Cemetery Shrewsbury         
Boyer Burial Grounds Newberry         
Brennaman Burial Grounds Codorus         
Brethren in Christ Windsor         
Brown Fairview         
Bryansville Evangelical Peach Bottom         
Bucher Cemetery Penn         
Bupp Burial Ground Conewago         
Bupp's Union Springfield         
Canadochly, aka Conejohela Lower Windsor         
Cassel Newberry         
Catholic Cemeteries Manchester         
Centre Cemetery Manchester         
Centre Presbyterian Cemetery Fawn         
Chanceford Cemetery Lower Chanceford         
Chanceford Presbyterian Lower Chanceford         
Chapel Church York         
Chestnut Grove Brethren Codorus         
Chestnut Grove UMC Carroll         
Chestnut Hill Cemetery Springfield         
Christ Cemetery Springfield         
Christ Lutheran Cemetery Jackson         
Christ Lutheran Cemetery Shrewsbury         
Christ Lutheran Cemetery* Manchester         
Codorus Cemetery West Manchester         
Coopers Cemetery Peach Bottom         
Coopers Graveyard Peach Bottom         
Coyle Burial Grounds Peach Bottom         
Crone's Emanuel Church of Evangelical Asso. Fairview         
Cross Roads East Hopewell         
Cross Roads Union Fairview         
Dallastown Home Cemetery, aka Bethlehem United Brethren York         
Dallastown Union Cemetery York         
Deardorff Burial Plot Dover         
Deardorff's Cemetery Washington         
Dietz Burial Ground Hellam         
Dillsburg Cemetery Hellam         
Dosch Burial Ground Lower Windsor         
Dover Dover         
Downes Cemetery Chanceford         
Dritt Burial Grounds Lower Windsor         
Dubs Cemetery North Codorus         
Dunkard Brethren Shrewsberry         
E. Codorus Church of the Brethren Springfield         
East Prospect Lower Windsor         
Eib Cemetery, relocated to Mt. Rose Cem. Spring Garden         
Emanuel Reformed Burial Ground North Codorus         
Emanuel's Union Lutheran Codorus         
Emig Burial Ground Springettsbury         
Evangelical Burial Ground Springettsbury         
Evangelical Cemetery Shrewsberry         
Evangelical Cemetery Springfield         
Evangelical Chapel Chanceford         
Fairview Bethel Cemetery Fairview         
Fairview Cemetery Hellam         
Fawn Grove United Methodist Fawn Grove         
Feighley Burial Ground Springfield         
Fetrow Cemetery Newberry         
Filey's Christ Lutheran Church Monaghan         
Firestone Burial Grounds Washington         
First Presbyterian Church Manchester         
Fisher Cemetery Fairview         
Fissel's Cemetery Shrewsbury         
Fitz Burial Ground North Codorus         
Fockenroth Burial Ground North Codorus         
Forry Cemetery Hellam         
Franklin Cemetery Manchester         
Frantz Burial Ground Manchester         
Freysville Evangelical Cemetery Windsor         
Friedensaal or Shuster's Lutheran Springfield         
Friends Meeting House Fawn Grove         
Friends Meeting House Manchester         
Friends Meeting House Warrington         
Garber's Mennonite Cemetery Heidelberg         
Gatchelville Cemetery Fawn         
Gehly Burial Ground Windsor         
Gibson Burial Ground North Hopewell         
Gipe Burial Ground Chanceford         
Glatfelter Burial Ground Codorus         
Glen Rock Cemetery Springfield         
Glen Rock Lutheran and Reformed Shrewsbur y        
Glenwood Cemetery Franklin         
Goldsboro Cemeteries Fairview         
Good's Burial Plot Manchester         
Greenhill Evangelical Asso., combined into Mt. Rose Cem Spring Garden         
Greenmount Cemetery Manchester         
Greenmount United Brethren Codorus         
Grissinger's Newberry         
Groff Burial Ground Washington         
Gross and Metzgar Burial Ground East Manchester         
Guinston Chanceford         
Ham Burial Plot North Codorus         
Hametown Shrewsbury         
Hamme Burial Ground Dover         
Hanover North Codorus         
Hartman Burial Ground East Manchester         
Hauser's Cemetery Hellam         
Hebrew Reformed Cemetery Spring Garden         
Hebrew Reformed Congregational Manchester         
Heiland View Cemetery York         
Heindel Burial Ground Windsor         
Heindel Cemetery North Codorus         
Hendrix Burial Ground Shrewsbury         
Hershey Cemetery Jackson         
Hershey Mennonite Cemetery Dover         
Hess Burial Ground Springfield         
Highmount Cemetery Hellam         
Hill Burial Ground Codorus         
Hoke Burial Ground West Manchester         
Holtzinger Church Cemetery, aka Paradise Cem. Windsor         
Holtzschwam Cemetery Paradise         
Holy Saviour Cemetery Manchester         
Home York         
Hoover's Cemetery, aka Jerusalem U.B. East Manchester         
Hopewell Cemetery Hopewell         
Hopewell United Prebyterian Cemetery East Hopewell         
Houston Burial Ground, aka Knaub Hellam         
Huber Burial Ground Hellam         
Hurst Burial Ground Fairview         
Imanuel Evangelical Cemetery Shrewsbury         
Jefferson Codorus         
Jefferson (Old) Codorus         
Jerusalem East Manchester         
Keeney Shrewsbury         
Kehr Burial Ground Heidelberg         
Keller Burial Ground Shrewsbury         
Keller Cemetery Hellam         
Keller's Graveyard Lower Windsor         
Kindig Burial Ground Hellam         
Kister Burial Ground Newberry         
Klinefelter-Seitz Burial Ground Shrewsbury         
Knab Burial Plot Manchester         
Kreutz Creek Cemetery Hellam         
Kunkel Burial Ground Springettsbury         
Lebanon Cemetery Manchester         
Lebanon Lutheran Cemetery North Hopewell         
Lebanon Reformed Cemetery North Hopewell         
Lehman's East Manchester         
Lerew Franklin         
Libhart Burial Ground Hellam         
Lichtenberger Burial Ground East Manchester         
Lichtenberger Burial Ground Fairview         
Liebenkneckt's Burial Ground Dover         
Linebaugh Burial Ground East Manchester         
Lischey's Church Cemeteries, aka St. Peter's Ref., Lutheran North Codorus         
Locust Brethren in Christ, aka Ressurection Windsor         
Locust Grove UCC Windsor         
Loganville Evangelical Springfield         
Longstown EUB Springettsbury         
Loucks West Manchester         
Lutheran East Manchester         
Lutheran Springfield         
Lutheran Evangelical Washington         
MacPelah Lower Windsor         
Manifold Burial Ground Fawn         
Markey Burial Ground Washington         
Marks Burial Ground York         
Martins Burial Ground Jackson         
Mary's Meeting House Dover         
Maytown Cemetery??? Warrington         
McAllister Burial Plot East Hopewell         
McConkey Burial Ground Peach Bottom         
McKendree Lower Chanceford         
Meisenhelder Burial Ground Dover         
Mennonite Meeting House Burial Ground Dover         
Methodist Church Cemetery Newberry         
Methodist Episcopal Manchester         
Meyer Springfield         
Miller Burial Ground Manheim         
Miller Burial Ground Newberry         
Miller Burial Plot Fairview         
Mill's Burial Plot Newberry         
Monaghan Presbyterian Carroll         
Moore Washington         
Moore's Methodist Fairview         
Moser Burial Ground York         
Moulstown Heidelberg         
Mount Airy EUB Warrington         
Mount Carmel Heidelberg         
Mount Nebo Peach Bottom         
Mount Olivet Penn         
Mount Olivet Cemetery Fairview         
Mount Olivet Cemetery Hopewell         
Mount Olivet Cemetery Peach Bottom         
Mount Rose Cemetery Spring Garden         
Mount Zion Evangelical Cemetery Springfield         
Mount Zion Evangelical Lutheran Springettsbury         
Mount Zion Evangelical United Brethren Warrington         
Mount Zion Lutheran Cemetery Fairview         
Mount Zion UCC Springettsbury         
Mt. Pleasant Monaghan         
Mumma Cemetery North Codorus         
Myers Cemetery Monaghan         
Myers Cemetery Springfield         
Nebinger Burial Plot Newberry         
Neiman's West Manchester         
Ness Burial Ground (See Meyer) Springfield         
Ness Cemetery Springfield         
New Freedom Shrewsbury         
New Harmony Presbyterian Chanceford         
New Salem Dover         
Newberry Friends Burial Ground, aka Redlands Newberry         
Newcomer's Burial Ground North Codorus         
Old Roundhill Cemetery East Hopewell         
Old Union (Bat Ben) Newberry         
Olewiler Cemetery Lower Windsor         
Otterbein Chapel York         
Paddletown Cemetery Newberry         
Parkville, Bald Hill Newberry         
Pine Grove Windsor         
Pine Grove Presbyterian Lower Chanceford         
Pine Grove United Evangelical York         
Pine Swamp Burial Ground Hellam         
Pleasant Grove Windsor         
Pleasant Grove United Brethren Newberry         
Pleasant Hill Dunkard Jackson         
Pleasant View Carroll         
Pleasureville Springettsbury         
Porters Cemetery North Codorus         
Potter's Field Spring Garden         
Presbyterian Graveyard Manchester         
Prospect Hill Cemetery Manchester         
Prowell Burial Ground Fairview         
Quickel's Conewago         
Red Lion Cemetery Windsor         
Red Mount Washington         
Red Run (Sower's), aka Saint Paul's Washington         
Redlands Friends (see Newberry Friends) Newberry         
Reformed Cemetery Springfield         
Rennoll Burial Plot North Codorus         
Rest Haven Cemetery North Codorus         
Richcreek Fairview         
Rider Washington         
Riverview East Prospect Lower Windsor         
Rock Chapel Cemetery Shrewsbury         
Rockey Cemetery Newberry         
Rodes East Manchester         
Rohler's Mountain View Lutheran Dover         
Rohler's United Brethren Dover         
Roof Memorial Park Faiview         
Roth Burial Ground Hellam         
Roundhill Cemetery East Hopewell         
Rubel's Burial Ground North Codorus         
Ruby Burial Ground Lower Windsor         
Rudy's Burial Ground Hellam         
Sadlers Cemetery, aka St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Hopewell         
Saginaw East Manchester         
Saint Bartholomew West Manheim         
Saint David's West Manchester         
Saint David's (Sherman's) West Manheim         
Saint Emmanuel Burial Assoc. Codorus         
Saint Jacob's Stone Church Codorus         
Saint Jacob's Union Church (church & UCC cemeteries) North Codorus         
Saint James Chanceford         
Saint John's Blymire York         
Saint John's Catholic Shrewsbury         
Saint Johns Cemetery Fairview         
Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Franklin         
Saint John's Reformed Warrington         
Saint Joseph's York         
Saint Joseph's Catholic Penn         
Saint Joseph's Catholic York         
Saint Luke's Bridgeville Chanceford         
Saint Luke's, aka Stahley's or Stehli's Paradise         
Saint Mary's (Catholic) Paradise         
Saint Mary's Catholic Hellam         
Saint Matthews Penn         
Saint Matthews Lutheran Penn         
Saint Michael's Warrington         
Saint Paul's Luth., aka Wolf's West Manchester         
Saint Paul's Lutheran Shrewsbury         
Saint Paul's Lutheran, aka Mt. Pleasant North Hopewell         
Saint Paul's Union, aka Stovertown North Codorus         
Saint Paul's United Evangelical Lutheran, aka St. Paul UCC Lower Windsor         
Saint Paul's, aka Zieglers North Codorus         
Saint Peter's and Paul's Catholic Codorus         
Saint Peter's, aka Yellow Church Springfield         
Salem Fairview         
Salem Lower Chanceford         
Salem Lower Windsor         
Salem Brethren Newberry         
Salem Cemetery Dover         
Salem Lutheran and Reformed Springfield         
Schneiders Burial Ground East Manchester         
Seiffert Washington         
Seitz Cemetery Springfield         
Seven Valleys Lutheran Springfield         
Shaffer Cemetery North Hopewell         
Shenbergers Chanceford         
Shoff's Burial Ground Chanceford         
Slate Ridge Cemetery Peach Bottom         
Slateville Presbyterian Peach Bottom         
Smith Burial Ground Washington         
Smoketown Newberry         
Snyder Burial Ground Hellam         
South Hill Hebrew Cemetery Manchester         
Spohnhaver Burial Ground North Codorus         
Spring Grove Cemetery Spring Grove         
Springville Cemetery Lower Windsor         
Stauffer's North Codorus         
Steltz-Bethlehem Cemetery Codorus         
Stewart Burial Ground Spring Garden         
Stewartstown Hopewell         
Stilty Codorus         
Stines Springfield         
Stone Church Hellam         
Stoner Hellam         
Stonybrook Mennonite Springettsbury         
Stough's Dover         
Strayers Cemetery Dover         
Strickler Cemetery Hellam         
Strickler-Miller Cemetery Springettsbury         
Strinestown Conewago         
Strong Burial Ground Hellam         
Stump Cemetery Manchester         
Suburban Memorial Gardens Dover         
Susquehanna Memorial Gardens Manchester         
Thorley Burial Ground Fairview         
Tilden United Brethren Springettsbury         
Trinity Manchester         
Trinity Cemetery Chanceford         
Trinity Evangelical West Manchester         
Trinity Evangelical Cemetery Lower Windsor         
Tucker Burial Ground Jackson         
Union East Manchester         
Union Manchester         
Union York         
Union Cemetery Dover         
Union Chapel Lower Chanceford         
United Brethren Codorus         
United Brethren Manchester         
United Brethren North Hopewell         
United Evangelical North Hopewell         
Walgemuth's German Baptist Meeting House Carroll         
Wallace East Hopewell         
Walter's Union York         
Warrington Meeting House Warrington         
Wentz's Meeting House West Manheim         
Westhofer Burial Ground East Manchester         
Wildasin's Manheim         
Williams Cemetery York         
Wilson East Hopewell         
Windsor East Hopewell         
Windsor Church of God Windsor         
Winter Cemetery Springfield         
Wise Lower Chanceford         
Witman Chanceford         
Wogan Burial Ground East Manchester         
Wolf Cemetery Manchester         
Wolf Cemetery West Manchester         
Wrightsville Hellam         
Wrightsville Presbyterian Hellam         
Yocumtown Church of God Newberry         
Yoe Union Cemetery Windsor         
York Mennonite Manchester         
York Road Cemetery North Codorus         
Yorkanna Lower Windsor         
Yost Carroll         
Young Springfield         
Yount Hopewell         
Zerger Newberry         
Zion Evangelical Heidelberg         
Zion Lutheran Manchester         
Zion Methodist Episcopal Hopewell         
Zion Shaffer Union Codorus         
Zion United Methodist/Brethren Windsor         
Zion View Conewago