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Pacht, Johan Peter --
Peipher, William
Peltz, John --
Plies, Mary E.
Plowfield, Annie --
Pyle, Sally
Quackenbush, E. M. --
Quinter, William
Raab, Amelia --
Rauck, Maud
Raudenbuch, Eva --
Reber, Wilson
Rebholtz, Catherine --
Reichwine, Tillie
Reidenauer Family --
Reinold, Adam
Reinart, Amanda --
Rhine, Jacob
Rhoad, Jacob --
Rice, Margaret
Rich, Cyrus --
Rippel, Lavena
Rishel Family --
Rohrbach, William F.
Rohred, (Mrs.) --
Rothenhausler, May B.
Rothermel Family --
Rotzmoyer, Mary
Rouch, Carrie M. --
Russell, Washington
Rut, Mary --
Ryan, J. W.
Sabold, Frank W. --
Schanover, Abraham
Schantz, John --
Scheuer, Johannes
Schick, John --
Schnader, William
Schneck, Annie --
Schulze, Eliza
Schumacher, Annie M. --
Seibert, William H.
Seidabenner, Rosina --
Seigner, Hans George
Seiler, Jacob --
Selzer, Barbara
Sembower, A. H. (REV.) --
Shadell, Reuben
Shadle, Edwina --
Shawl, Sallie
Sheaff, Ellen F. --
Sheiry, Hattie
Sheler, Elmer --
Shultz, Maria Margaretta
Shumaker, Frederica --
Smith, William B.
Smoyer, Caroline --
Spaar, William J.
Spackman, Elizabeth --
Spohn, William
Sponagle, Alvin--
Stauffer, William K.
Stautler, Frank --
Steltzer, Suzanna
Stevens, Abraham --
Stough, Henry
Stout, Abraham --
Stuart, E. T. (GOV.)
Stubblebine, Andrew --
Swayer, Elizabeth
Swebely, Adam (Jr.) --
Synder, Jennie
Taddei, Antonio (SR.) --
Tomlinson, Victorine
Tomney, Annie --
Trexler, Willowby
Trezevant, Elizabeth Cooke --
Tyson, Walter M.
Ubil, Carl --
Usemer, Rebecca
Vache, Julia V. --
VonSchmull, Thomas
Wablin, Harry --
Wann, George
Wanner Family --
Webner, Ludwig
Wechleim, Catherine --
Weigner, Susanna
Weik, Mary --
Wengert, Isaac
Wenrich, Aaron M. --
Wertley, George
Wertman, Katherine --
Wilhelm, William H.
Wilke, Augustus --
Wolever, Susanna
Wolf (GOV.) --
Wylie, John
Xander, Florence --
Xanders, John
Yeager, Nathan (REV.) --
Yocum, Nathan
Yodder Family --
Yorkey, Sarah
Yost Family --
Yungst, Roy Eugene
Zable, Benjamin --
Zettlemoyer, Theresa
Ziebach, Jonathan --
Zwoyer, Sallie

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