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Jack, John Andrew --
Juvenal, ?.
Kachel, Aaron --
Kay, Robert G.
Keagy, A. Watson --
Keizer, ?
Kelchner, ? --
Kent, George W.
Kephart, Jonathan --
Keyser, William
Kiefer, Alice --
Kissinberth, Adam
Kissinger, ? --
Klever, Benneville
Kline, Abraham --
Klopp, Peter
Klos, Margaret --
Kocker, Martin
Koebe, Katherine --
Krauth, C. P. (Dr.)
Kreamer, Mabel --
Krieder, Annie
Krohn, Regina --
Kyle, Molly
La Place, Ernest (DR.) --
Layton, Hannah S.
Le Moyn, (Surgeon) --
Leighton, Annie
Leinbach, George --
Leinback, Joseph L.
Leineweber, John --
Leppart, Elizabeth
Lerch (Yarnell), Charles W. --
Levan, Maria
Levangood, Amelia --
Lively, Samuel
Livingood, James --
Lotz, William
Loucks, Catherine K.--
Lyons, Mary N.
Maybury, August --
Maris, Ludwig
Mark, Emma --
Matz Family
Mauer, Catherine --
McLenegan, Zephaniah
McManue, Alfred --
Mercer, James R.
Merchant, Samuel --
Millhoff, Edward
Millard, Joseph --
Miltimore, ?
Minder, John --
Morret, William
Morris, Allyson --
Mowrey, Sarah
Moyer, Ella H. --
Moyer, Xavier
Mueller, Anna Marie --
Meyers, William H. (REV.)
Nachtreib, ? --
Nice, Walter
Nicholas, Thomas --
Nyse, Elisa
Oaks, Charles L. --
Oyster, Margaret

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