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Aaron, Samuel --
Adams, Winfield S.
Addams, ? --
Alden Family
Aldenderfer, Elmer --
Ansbach, George
Anshenbranner, Jacob --
Ax, ?
Baar, Abraham --
Baer/Barr Family
Bagenstose, Amelia --
Barr, William U.
Barrell, Catherine --
Beany, Peter
Bear, Abraham --
Beck, Richard (Dr.)
Becker, Anna Elizabeth --
Benfield, William
Beni, ? --
Bertolette, Zachariah
Bertram, Clara --
Bingham, Susan
Biink, Sarah --
Blatz, Anton
Bleiber, Susanna --
Bortz, Wilson
Boshold, William W. --
Boyr, Joseph
Brackbill, Joseph A. (Dr.) --
Britzenhoff, J. K.
Brobst --
Brosz, Anna Maria
Brotevant, Mary F. --
Brutsky, Sophia
Bryan, Joel (Dr.) --
Byler, Sarah
Cadwalader, Ellen Eliza --
Christman, William Alvin
Christopher, Nancy --
Cox, Ralph
Craig, John --
Cutz, Nicholas
D. Tuke, Catherine E. --
De Turk, William
de Vanneres, Bertrande --
Deissinger, ?
Dek, Johann Frederick --
Derry, ?
Dersch, Amanda --
Deysher, William
Dibert, Blanch E. --
Dietrick, William
Diffenbaugh, Fannie --
Drenkel, Mary E.
Drescher, Henrietta --
Dumn, Wilson M.
Dun, R. G. --
Dysher, Oliver M.
Eably, Peter --
Eckroth, Elizabeth
Ed(d)inger, Abraham --
Ems, William
Enck, Levi --
Ernst, Tillie
Esbach, Joseph --
Eyrick, George
Faber, Amelia --
Fenstmacher, John A.
Fenton, M. J. --
Finger, William
Fink, ? --
Fitzgerald, John
Fix, Amanda --
Foltz, Samuel
Foos, ? --
Freely, Augustus
Freeman, Alice --
Fritzinger, Jared (Rev.)
Froby, Edward --
Futcher, William
Ganger, J. Benton --
Gayman, B. F.
Gearhart, Adam --
Geiswelt, Edward
Gibble, Abraham --
Gouldin, Maria
Guldin Family --
Geyman, ?
Gowan, Franklin B. --
Greinther, Gustavus
Greis, John --
Griest, B. W.
Griffith Family --
Gring, William F.
Griscom, William M. --
Gundy, Mary A.
Gunther, Allen --
Gyles, Anna Elizabeth
Haag, A. W. --
Hagy, William D.
Hahn, ? (DR.) --
Happel, Daniel
Harbach, Adelaide --
Hartmann, Staffron
Hartraft, ? (GEN.) --
Hazelton, John W.
Heacock, Abbie --
Heft, Mary
Hehn, Elizabeth --
Helt, Helen
Hem, Jesse --
Hepner, William
Herb, Abraham --
Herzog, Louisa
Hess, August --
Heiter, William
Higbee, Elnathan (DR.) --
Hiltebeitel, William
Himmelberger, Adam --
Hix, Mary
Hoak, Anna Margaret --
Hoffert, William
Hoffman, Abraham --
Holloway, William A.
Holm, Cecelia --
Horst, William J.
Hoschaur, August --
Hughes, John
Hulfrich, ? (DR.) --
Hynes, Effie Alice
Iaeger, Thomas T. (REV.) --
Ives, Thomas

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