The Reading Militia in the Great War


So ended the careers of two bodies of devoted soldiery. A complete record, involving casualties, replacements and orders of the day, as embodied in the official records at Washington, would swell this book to undue proportions. What is given here purports to be a plain, unvarnished recital of the careers of old Companies A and I in the Great War.

The writer, though unattached to either company during the war, has had the advantage of having been personally over most of the terrain covered by the lads in their peregrinations in France. He has talked to scores of modest boys, recounting in our kindly local accent and in the most matter-of-fact way, sacrifices and achievements which should ring down the years. He has been enabled to read many letters written from overseas to relatives and friends. He has had the advantage of several excellent diaries, in particular, of the very admirable and complete record kept by Sergeant Smith, the Ulysses of Company I. Spontaneous communications of this sort have a grip and a thrill which is not to be attained by any form of literary invention. Out from their frayed pages mount the crowding visions of glorious days; of Corporal Smith fighting his spitting gun to the last when the gray hordes overwhelmed him at Suippes; of Snyder carrying his wounded comrade back through the traverse trench with the foe at his very heels; of Strawbridge steadfastly leading his command over the bombarded road down to the village where his doom awaited him; of name= taking command of a forlorn hope when all his superiors had been shot down and advancing up a bullet-sprayed hill to meet his death at the top.

"Fame," wrote the poet, "is the fragrance of heroic deeds; of flowers of chivalry and not of weeds." If, by this recital, the writer shall have been enabled in some small measure to enlarge the appreciation of his fellow-townsmen for the suffering and achievements of the sons of Reading in the greatest of all wars, he will be well content of his task.

Company I - Dead

Sergt. Paul H. Ludwig, 433 Moss.
Corp. William F. Gehring, Reading.
Corp. Floyd Bowers, 1416 N. Tenth.
Corp. Herbert Yeich, 943 N. Eleventh.
Private Adolph Hissinger, Glenside.
Private Ross Overdorf, 114 N. Seventh.
Private Achileffs Karausta, 441 Little Maple.
Private Nelson A. Bowers, 1416 N. Tenth.
Private Floyd Heckman, 202 S. Ninth.
Private Walter Briel, 1138 Green.
Private Alvin P. Epler, Mohnton.
Private Charles Arnold, 1043 Elm.
Private Milton H. Folk, 1716 N. Front.

Company A - Dead

Sergt. George I. Strawbridge, 344 S. Fifth.
Sergt. George C. Wyncoop, 108 Spring.
Sergt. George E. Shade, 901 Schuylkill ave.
Corp. Leroy W. Correli, 727 Locust.
Corp. Frank G. Goodman, 512 S. Fifth.
Private Henry C. Rothenberger, 421 Wunder.
Private Charles Reber, Shillington.
Private William J. Lutz, Birdsboro.
Private Shipton G. Grauer, 433 Woodward.
Private Harry Mabry, Reading.
Private Nevin E. Miller, 409 W. Windsor.
Private William A. Giles, 929 N. Eighth.
Private Benjamin Moyer, 425 Moss.
Private Arthur Thomas, 746 N. Eighth.
Private Adam Behm, Mohnton.
Private Daniel Austin, 259 Jefferson.
Private Earl Hauck, 1354 Green.
Private George A. Gilliams, 901 Schuylkill ave.
Private John Loughlin, 422 Chestnut.
Private Paul Hollinger, 628 N. Thirteenth.
Private James G.H. Peiffer, 508 Mulberry.

Company I - Wounded

Sergt. Clarence E. Bingaman, 680 Tulpehocken.
Sergt. George A. Gring, 325 W. Greenwich.
Corp. Robert E. Muntz, 335 Locust.
Private George K. Sharp, 841 1/2 Penn.
Private John E. Tobias, 212 S. Tenth.
Private Lloyd R. Burkey, 725 Pear.
Private James Troutman, 571 Douglass.
Private John Rinker, 744 Penn.
Private George H. Simmonds, 537 Spring.
Private Willis P. Snyder, 503 S. Twelfth, D.S.C.
Private Alvin P. Epler, Mohnton.
Private Frank G. Reilly, 1636 Cotton.
Private Milton Shuker, 131 Orange.
Private George Kochel, 1448 Muhlenberg.
Private Clarence W. Stubblebine, 1000 N. Sixth.
Private Robert W. Shappell, 620 Moss.
Private Albert Boldt, 210 S. Twelfth.
Private John C. Wessner, 826 1/2 Bingaman.
Private Earl W. Bennethum, 269 S. Seventeenth.
Private James Oudath, 334 Buttonwood.

Company A - Wounded

Lieut. James M. Snyder, 436 N. Twelfth, D.S.C.
Lieut. Walter B. Ravel, 1257 Eckert ave.
Sergt. Albert R. Miller, 1396 Perkiomen ave.
Sergt. Earl L. Shilling, Shillington.
Sergt. Harold Miller, 548 North Eighth.
Sergt. Paul W. Fett, 35 1/2 N. Ninth.
Sergt. Samuel E. Crammer, 423 N. Second.
Sergt. Lehman Bright, Bernville.
Sergt. Howard S. Smith, 732 Birch.
Mess Sergt. William H. Bare, Shillington.
Corp. Jacob Newster, 538 South Sixth.
Corp. Philip K. Howard, Mt. Penn.
Corp. Norman E. Baer, 935 Windsor.
Corp. Stanley W. Schweimler, 158 W. Windsor.
Corp. John S. Lash, 320 Wood.
Corp. Lester R. Spickler, 732 Birch.
Corp. Charles A. Hawk, 432 N. Thirteenth.
Corp. James E. Snyder, 919 Douglass.
Private William S. McKeever, 521 Pike.
Private Russell H. Moll, 135 West Windsor.
Private Charles F. Lash, 320 Wood.
Private Antonio Diguardi, Millmont.
Private William A. Mitchell, 100 Yarnell.
Private Antonia Morro, 1335 Moss.
Private John W. Grim, 201 North Tenth.
Private Walter L. Eshbaugh, 439 Pearl.
Private Harry Yeager, 649 Tulpehocken.
Private Elmer Root, 142 S. Twelfth.
Private Ammon R. Wayne, 1163 Mulberry.
Private Robert Fisher, 1355 Cotton.
Private Albert F. Shade, 422 Wood.
Private Charles U. Stout, 315 Cherry.
Private Raymond R. Weiser, 422 Spruce.
Private Raymond D. Harter, 1218 Green.
Private Frank Hahn, 869 N. Eighth.
Private George C. Wright, 1340 Church.
Private William E. Williams, 350 Tulpehocken.
Private Harvey E. Noll, 206 Chestnut.
Private Raymond N. Weiser, 422 Spruce.
Private Clyde Rippert, 439 Pearl.
Private Ammon R. Wayne, 352 Schuylkill ave.
Private Arthur M. Lowrey, 418 Pine.
Private Harry W. Schaeffer, 420 Orange.
Private Charles J. Marsh, 1311 Buttonwood.
Private Clayton Stubbeline, 342 Tulpehocken.
Private Carl F. Stuber, 747 1/2 N. Tenth.
Private Charles K. Simmons, 335 Chestnut.
Private John J. Schucker, 131 Orange.
Private Henry A. Gehris, 725 Birch.
Private Earl C. Burkhart, Stony Creek Mills.
Private Earl R. Bohn, 134 N. Second.

Company I Roster

The roster of Company I follows:

Captain Edwin V. Kestner, 734 N. 13th St., Reading, Pa.
First Lieut. Victor Garman, 25 N. 5th St., Lebanon, Pa.
First Lieut. Henry M. Gross, 1517 N. Front st., Harrisburg, Pa.
Second Lieut. Glenn A. Ross, Waynesburg, Pa.
Second Lieut. James W. Mackall, Beaver, Pa.
Second Lieut. David N. Trapnell, 242 W. Walnut St., Lancaster, Pa.
Second Lieut. Alfred 0. Arseneau, 3510 Woodland Ave., Duluth, Minn.
Agnew, Harry, Pvt., Washington, Pa.
Alexander, Nicholas, Pvt., Clarksburg, West Va.
Ambler, J. Herbert, 817 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, Pa.
*Arnold, Charles, Pvt., 1043 Elm St., Reading, Pa.
Austin, Daniel, Pvt., 259 Jefferson St., Reading, Pa.
Baer, Irvin R., Cook, 936 Mulberry St., Reading, Pa.
Bard, Harry, Pvt., 540 N. 13th St., Reading, Pa.
Barth, William F., Pvt., 711 Windsor St., Reading, Pa.
Bennethum, Earl, Pvt., first-class, 269 S. 17th St., Reading, Pa.
Behm, Adam, Sgt., Mohnton, Pa.
Benson, Leon, Sgt., 2713 N. 11th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Bingaman, Clarence E., Sgt., 680 Tulpehocken St., Reading, Pa.
Bixler, Hammond, Pvt., 822 Court St., Reading, Pa.
*Bowers, Nelson, Pvt., first class, 1416 N. 10th St., Reading, Pa.
Boldt, Albert, Pvt., first class, 210 S. 12th St., Reading, Pa.
Boyd, Douglass B., Sgt., 308 Main St., Monongahela, Pa.
Bordner, Paul C., Corp., 659 Gordon St., Reading, Pa.
Boyer, William E., Pvt., 1630 Muhlenberg St., Reading, Pa.
*Bowers, Floyd, Corp., 1416 N. 10th St., Reading, Pa.
*Briel, Walter, Pvt., first class, 1138 Green St., Reading, Pa.
Burkey, Lloyd, Pvt.. 725 Pear St., Reading, Pa.
Castner, Bryan, Pvt., 261 S. 17th St., Reading, Pa.
Conner, Robert, Mess Sgt., 101 Douglass St., Reading, Pa.
Correll, LeRoy W., Sgt., 727 Locust St., Reading, Pa.
Collins, Thomas, Pvt., R.F.D. 1, Parkwood, Pa.
Cunnningham, Clifford, Pvt., 214 E. Washington St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Daniels, Christian, Corp., 738 Pear St., Reading, Pa.
Daniel, Louis, Pvt., 148 1/4 Front St., Reading, Pa.
Daugherty, John F., Pvt., 917 Church St., Indiana, Pa.
Davis, Miles, Pvt., 757 N. 8th St., Reading, Pa.
Davis, George, Pvt., P.0. Box 123, Bloomsburg, N.J.
Dease, Robert P., Sgt., 1116 Cotton St., Reading, Pa.
Dease, Earl, Pvt., first class, 1116 Cotton St., Reading, Pa.
DeLong, Charles W., Pvt., first class, 220 W. Elm St., Reading, Pa.
Devine, Joseph V., Sgt., 1108 N. 9th St., Reading, Pa.
Diefenbach, Arthur, Pvt., 1441 Fairview St., Reading, Pa.
Dombroski, Martin, Pvt., 622 Pine St., Reading, Pa.
Dwyer, William J., Pvt., 915 N. 8th St., Reading, Pa.
Eckenroth, Charles, Pvt., Mohnton, Pa.
*Epler, Alvin P., Pvt., Mohnton, Pa.
Faust, Elmer E., Sgt., 114 N. 7th St., Reading, Pa.
Ferryman, Charles, Mech., Schuylkill Haven, Pa.
Fix, Harrison, Pvt., 1143 Franklin St., Reading, Pa.
Folk, Milton H., Pvt., first class, 1716 N. Front St., Reading, Pa.
Fry, Chester D., Corp., 318 Washington St., Reading, Pa.
Fry, Daniel, Pvt., Mohnton, Pa.
Garis, Harold, Pvt., 519 Bingaman St., Reading, Pa.
*Gehring, William F., Corp., 308 High St., Hanover, York County, Pa.
Giles, William A., Corp., 929 N. 8th St., Reading, Pa.
Gillmore, Raymond, Pvt., 131 S. 9th St., Reading. Pa.
Gilliams, George A., Pvt., 901 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, Pa.
Good, George E., Pvt., 330 S. 17th St., Reading, Pa.
Graeff, Harry E., Supply Sgt., 114 N. 7th St., Reading, Pa.
Gring, George A., Sgt., 325 W. Greenwich St., Reading, Pa.
Hauck, Earl, Pvt., first class, 1354 Green St., Reading, Pa.
Heckman, Floyd, Pvt., first class, 202 S. 9th St., Reading, Pa.
Heckman, James I., Pvt., Kingston, N.J.
Herring, George, Pvt., 416 S. 11th St., Reading, Pa.
Herman, John, Pvt., Barren Island via Brooklyn, N.Y., New York.
Heil, Charles, Pvt., 1215 Church St., Reading, Pa.
*Hissinger, Adolph, Pvt., R.F.D. 2, Box 147, Reading, Pa.
Hollinger, Paul, Pvt., 628 N. 13th St., Reading, Pa.
Homan, Clarence, Sgt., 1721 Haak St., Reading, Pa.
Homan, Webster, H.S., Grill, Pa.
Hoover, Frank G., Pvt., 150 Clymer St., Reading, Pa.
Hoster, Reuben, Pvt., Mohnton, Pa.
Hoster, Howard E., Pvt., Mohnton, Pa.
Hoster, Clayton, Pvt., Mohnton, Pa.
Hostetler, Harry, Stable Sgt., 306 S. Diamond St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Hurst, Paul, Pvt., 1320 Buttonwood St., Reading, Pa.
Hummel, John C., Pvt., first class, Shillington, Pa.
Hyneman, Arthur, Pvt., 1702 Hill Road, Reading, Pa.
Jarrette, Ralph C., Sgt., 1424 Cotton St., Reading, Pa.
Johnston, Earl J., Pvt., 96 Ewing St., Washington, Pa.
*Karausta, Achileffs, Pvt., 972 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, Pa.
*Keltz, Harry A., Pvt., 323 Fairmont St., Latrobe, Pa.
Kelly, Alden, Pvt., 303A S. 17th St., Reading, Pa.
Kissling, Harry, Pvt., Sinking Springs, Pa.
Klein, William R., Pvt., Mohnton, Pa.
Klopp, John E., Corp., West Leesport, Pa.
Kochel, George, Pvt., 1448 Muhlenberg St., Reading, Pa.
Koehler, Charles, Corp., Reading, Pa.
Kompa, Anthony, Cook, Reading, Pa.
*Kotouch, Robert, Pvt., Greensburg, Pa.
Kramer, Earl, Pvt., 1210 Church St., Reading, Pa.
Kreider, Russell, Pvt., 638 Penn St., Reading, Pa.
LaMar, William H., Pvt., 36A S. 10th St., Reading, Pa.
Lamb, John W., Pvt., 515 Finley St., Monongahela City, Pa.
Lee, Frederick, Pvt., 712 McKnight St., Reading, Pa.
Leinbach, Harry, Pvt., first class, 1721 Center Ave., Reading, Pa.
Leininger, Barton, Pvt., first class, Sinking Springs, Pa.
Long, John A., Pvt., Mohnton, Pa.
Lotz, Earl C., Cook, 1626 Mulberry St., Reading, Pa.
Loughlin, John, Pvt., 422 Chestnut St., Reading, Pa.
*Ludwig, Paul H., Sgt., 433 Moss St., Reading, Pa.
Ludwig, Raymond, Corp., 433 Moss St., Reading, Pa.
Major, Ross, Bugler, 330 N. 10th St., Reading, Pa.
Millen, James, Pvt., 718 Chestnut St., Reading, Pa.
Miller, Nevin E., Pvt., first class, 409 W. Windsor St., Reading, Pa.
Moore, William B., Sgt., Joanna Furnace, Berks County, *Pa.
Moyer, Ben, Pvt., first class, 425 Moss St., Reading, Pa.
Muntz, Robert E., Corp., 335 Locust St., Reading, Pa.
Muthart, John L., Pvt., 640 Minor St., Reading, Pa.
Noecker, John F., Pvt., 115 High St., Schuylkill Haven, Pa.
Odage, Christofiur, Pvt., 3 Cedar St., Reading, Pa.
Ottilo, Alfred, Pvt., Ascoli Piceno, Italy.
Oudath, James, Pvt., 334 Buttonwood St., Reading, Pa.
*Overdorf, Ross, Cook, 114 N. 7th St., Reading, Pa.
Palm, William J., Pvt., first class, Wyomissing, Pa.
Park, Arthur M., Sgt., 419 Fairmont St., Latrobe, Pa.
Peiffer, James G.H., Pvt., 208 Mulberry St., Reading, Pa.
Personette, Charles E., Corp., 1972 Patterson Place, Baltimore, Md.
Queer, Thomas, Sgt., 935 W. Washington St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa.
Rambo, Harold, Pvt., 817 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, Pa.
Reber, William J., Corp., 1147 Cotton St., Reading, Pa.
Reifsnyder, Franklin, Pvt., 1030 Spruce St., Reading, Pa.
Reilly, Frank, Pvt., 1638 Cotton St., Reading, Pa.
Remza, Anthony W., Pvt., 660 Cotton St., Reading, Pa.
Rettgers, Tthamar, Sgt., 1041 Elm St., Reading, Pa.
*Reynolds, Walter S., Pvt., 20th St. and 5th Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa.
Rinker, John, Pvt., 744 Penn St., Reading, Pa.
Rogers, Robert L., Cook, 138 Plum St., Reading, Pa.
Sabatucci, Enrico, Pvt., Temple, Pa.
Savage, Earl W., Pvt., 351 W. Douglass St., Reading, Pa.
Schaeffer, Irvin L., Cook, 148 Walnut St., Ephrata, Pa.
Schaufert, Paul R., Pvt., 1008 Franklin St., Reading, Pa.
Schick, Walter H., Corp., 116 S. 8th St., Reading, Pa.
Seger, Ward M., Pvt., Derry, Pa.
Shade, George F., Sgt., 901 Schuylkill Ave., Reading, Pa.
Shappell, Robert W., Pvt., 620 Moss St., Reading, Pa.
Sharp, George, Pvt., 841 1/2 Penn St., Reading, Pa.
Shuker, Wilton, Pvt., 131 Orange St., Reading, Pa.
Simmonds, George H., Jr., Pvt., first class, 537 Spring St., Reading, Pa.
Simpson, Charles M., Pvt., Sidney St., Greensburg, Pa.
Simon, Cost, Cologne, Greece.
Smith, Stanley G., Mech., 114 N. 7th St., Reading, Pa.
Snyder, Willis P., Pvt., 1237 Cotton St., Reading, Pa.
Spears, Samuel, Sgt., 706 Commerce St., Shamokin, Pa.
Stark, Abe., Cook; 1718 Park Place, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Stauffer, John W., Pvt., R.F.D. 5, Box 102, Greensburg, Pa.
Steely, Harry, Pvt., R.F.D. 3, Sinking Springs, Pa.
Stief, Lourin, Pvt., Warnersville, Pa.
Stover, Carson E., Sgt., 144 Washington Ave., Ephrata, Pa.
Stoudt, Cleveland, Pvt., first class, Sinking Springs, Pa.
Stubblebine, Clarence W., Pvt., 1418 Mulberry St., Reading, Pa.
Swavely, William, Pvt., 410 Orange St., Reading, Pa.
Thiry, George M., Pvt., 1032 Amity St., Reading, Pa.
Thomas, Arthur W., Pvt., 746 N. 8th St., Reading, Pa.
Tlumack, Andrew T., Sgt., R.F.D. 7, Greensburg, Pa.
Tobias, John E., Pvt., first class, 212 S. 10th St., Reading, Pa.
Tothero, William, Corp., Mohnton, Pa.
Troutman, James, Pvt., 571 Douglass St., Reading, Pa.
Visner, Walter, Pvt., 421 S. 7th St., Reading, Pa.
Vogel, William E., Pvt., first class, Mohnton, Pa.
Wagner, George A., Pvt., 1348 Cotton St., Reading, Pa.
Walker, Harry R., Bugler, 152 Hamilton St., Reading, Pa.
Wanner, Louis, Corp., 918 Robeson St., Reading, Pa.
Waidner, Elmer, Pvt., 564 S. 15th St., Reading, Pa.
Wentzel, Charles C.D., Pvt., 227 Penn St., Reading, Pa.
Wertz, John E., Pvt., 1618 Fairview St., Reading, Pa.
Wessner, John, Pvt., 826 1/2 Bingaman St., Reading, Pa.
Wieand, Grover, Pvt., R.F.D. 1, Reading, Pa.
Wildermuth, Lewis C., Corp., 432 Laurel St., Reading, Pa.
Witman, Charles, Pvt., first class, 361 W. Greenwich St., Reading, Pa.
Wynkoop, George, Corp., 108 Spring St., Reading, Pa.
*Yeich, Herbert, Corp., 943 N. 11th St., Reading, Pa.
Young, Earl E., Corp., 703 N. 10th St., New Brighton, Pa.
Young, William F., Pvt., first class, Mohnton, Pa.

‡Death due to sickness.


Brooks, Joseph W., Capt., Williams Club, N.Y. City.
Rowse, Herbert W., First Lieut., 12 Cever St., Plymouth, Mass.
Shelledy, Earl E., First Lieut., Edinburg, Texas.
Hamlin, Edgar G., Second Lieut.
Ridenour, John S., First Lieut., 220 East Penn St., Bedford, Pa.
Shivers, Edw. D., Second Lieut., Marian, Alabama.
Pendleton, George, First Lieut., 7 E. 80th St., N.Y. City.
Rochester, William E., Second Lieut., Ellicott City, Md.
Jung, William J., First Lieut., 1309 Washington St., Manitowoc, Wisconsin.
Hupe, Leroy W., Second Lieut.

Replacements--Privates and Non-Commissioned Officers

Ahlm, Oscar, Pvt., Chicago, Ill.
Anderson, George, Pvt.
Artz, Leo J., Pvt., Aberdeen, S.D.
Artz, Matt. Pvt.
Ashford, Harry, Corp.
Ashton, William, Sgt., 511 Benton Ave. (North), Helena, Montana.
Askew, Francis, Pvt.
Barber, Charles J., Pvt.
Barlow, William H., Pvt., Organsville, Georgia.
Bowman, Eddie W., Pvt.
Blackman, Irving, Pvt., New York City, N.Y., 1090 Simpson St.
Blank, William F., Pvt., Delavan, Walwarth, Wisconsin.
Blashfield, Ralph, Pvt., 188 S. Jefferson St., Battle Creek, Michigan.
*Bonacher, John E., Pvt.
Borglin, Rudolph, Pvt., 229 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass.
Boschenien, Frederick, Pvt., Mt. Vernon, N.Y., 112 Prospect Ave.
Bothwell, Harold H., Pvt.
Bouten, Joseph O., Pvt.
Brazelli, Primo, Pvt.
Bremen, John J., Pvt., 370 York St., Jersey City, N.J.
Bryant, Rufus R., Pvt.
Buch, Herman, Pvt., 11 E. 98th St., New York City, N.Y.
Bumgarner, Sim, Pvt., Delight, Arkansas.
Burracker, August, Pvt.
Cahill, Joseph M., Pvt.
Camp, Albert J., Pvt.
Carroll, Thomas J., Pvt., Delight, Arkansas.
Casale, John, Pvt., Valla Torino, Italy.
Clair, Harry A., Pvt.
Cohen, Louis, Pvt.
Cohl, Davie C., Pvt.
Convey, James S., Pvt.
Cornelius, Edwin H., Pvt.
Cornish, John H., Pvt., Nathan, Arkansas.
Daniels, Charles B., Mech., 1552 Dwight St., Holyoke, Mass.
Degista, Fedelle, Pvt.
Dowd, James H., Pvt.
Dubitsky, Hernan, Pvt., 24 Hewins St., Dorchester, Mass.
Eubank, Champ R., Pvt., Sundryes, Virginia.
Eubank, George E., Pvt., Sundryes, Virginia.
Fay, Alfred C., Pvt.
Ferguson, John K., Pvt.
Fifield, Earl, Pvt.
Florey, Charles E., Pvt., R.F.D. No. 4, Coldwater, Mich.
Fralich, Palmer B., Pvt.
Grape, Erick W., Pvt., Estelline, S.D.
Granit, Michael, Pvt.
Hann, Orion A., Pvt., Sharon, Pa., Box 113.
Hanson, Charles, Corp., Rivertown Route, Deerwood, Minn.
Hathaway, Roy C., Pvt.
*Hickman, Roy, Pvt.
Hines, James M., Pvt., 57 Easton Ave., Worcester, Mass.
Holland, Joseph, Pvt., Monticello.
*Houston, John M., Pvt.
Huffman, Willie, Pvt., Bridgewater, Virginia.
Hughes, Mack L., Pvt.
Hyronimus, Rheinhold, Pvt., Toledo, Ohio.
Johnson, Evan, Pvt.
Knighten, John C., Pvt.
Larson, Albert, Pvt.
Larson, John W., Pvt.
*Leonard, Herwitt, Pvt.
Lesikar, Emil, Pvt., Route 3, Temple, Texas.
Lewis, Thomas J., Pvt.
Liebman, William, Pvt., 733 West Waashington St., Madison, Wisconsin.
Loose, Robert B., Pvt.
Macie, Frank, Pvt.
Martin, Luther W., Pvt.
*Martorella, Guy, Pvt.
McDonald, Frank E., Pvt., Winnebago, Indiana.
McWhorter, Jesse J., Pvt.
Meleske, Anton W., Pvt., 340 Mitchel St., Milwaukee, Wis.
Miller, C., Pvt., Eldarof Stanton, Virginia.
Millar, Iveaux, Sgt., 163 Second Ave., Appleton, Wis.
Miller, Harvey, Pvt.
Miller, Joseph E., Pvt., Dannrayer Ave., South Bend, Ind.
*Mitman, Stanley E., Pvt.
Morgan, Louis R., Pvt., Farrwell, Michigan.
Moravec, Frank, Pvt., Jirice, 31 Humpolea, Bohemia.
Muller, Arthur, Pvt.
Murray, Ernest L., Sad., Elliston, Montana.
Neal, Clarence P., Pvt.
Nelson, Irvin Pvt., 4706 Troy St., Chicago, Ill.
Nielsen, Jens C., Pvt. 2517 North Springfield Ave., Chicago, Illinois.
Older, Delbert F., Pvt., 109 Nelson St., Battle Creek, Mich.
O'Neal, John E., Pvt.
*Pattison, Robert C., Sgt., Esterly St., Carlisle, England.
Painter, Thomas W., Sgt., Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.
Pepper, Thomas E., Corp., Englewood, Florida.
Perlestein, Albert, Pvt.
*Plis, Samuel, Pvt.
Polkinghorn, Wright W., Pvt.
Personette, Charles, 209 N. Green St., Baltimore, Md.
Radtke, Louis A., Pvt., Peshtigo Marinette, Wisconsin.
Reich, Reinholt F., Pvt.
Rice, Guy L., Pvt., Gleason, Wis.
Rosenfeld, Samuel, Pvt., 51 Willett St., New York City, N.Y.
Scharf, Hyman, Pvt., 1459 Minford Place, New York City, N.Y.
Schlaupitz, Ben A., Pvt., Armenia Juneau, Wisconsin.
Schneider, John J., Pvt., 44 Dominick St., New York City, N.Y.
Seegar, Alfred W., Pvt.
Schultz, August E., Pvt., Sparata, Wisconsin.
Sheahan, Edward, Pvt., A1109 South Hamilton Ave., Chicago, Illinois.
Silvaro, Vallititti, Pvt.
*Silvey, Bryant D., Pvt.
Sinicke, John J., Pvt., 365 11th Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Sloane, George E., Pvt.
*Smith, Harvey, Corp.
Smith, Hyman, Pvt.
Smithers, Clifford, Pvt.
Snyder, Walter R., Pvt.
Stanes, William, Pvt., Blaza, Greece.
Standiford, Ralph, Pvt., Bryant, Wisconsin.
Steiger, Charles, Pvt.
Stein, Philip, Pvt., 313 S. 5th St., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Sterner, Edw. C., Pvt., New German, Martindale, Minn.
Tallant, Ben M., Pvt., Cumming, Georgia.
Taylor, Robert, Pvt., Cooper, S.D.
Thomas, Avila, Pvt.
Thompson, Clarence, Pvt., Holem, Wisconsin.
Thurloff, Frank C., Pvt., North Prairie, Wisconsin.
Traeder, Adolph, Pvt.
Tryggestad, Ray E., Pvt., Genoa, Wisconsin.
Tua, Angeluis J., Pvt., 726 Demoth St., West Hoboken, N.J.
Vegotsky, Abraham, Pvt.
Walgreen, Martin, Pvt., Athelstane Marinete, Wisconsin.
*Walsh, George, Pvt.
Ward, Francis B., Pvt.
Weaver, Wesley, Corp., F.R.F.D., No. 2, McKean, Pa.
Weber, Edward, Pvt., 309 Vernon Place, Mt. Vernon, N.J.
Weisjahn, Emil G., Pvt., West Field, Wisconsin.
Wignot, Ernest C., Pvt., Glenwood St., Natice, Mass.
Williams, Matson, Pvt.
Woytisek, Frank, Pvt.
Wyat, Lyle, Corp., E623 Logan St., Helena, Montana.
Yagle, Joseph A., Pvt., 407 E. 153d St., New York, N.Y.
Yarborough, Felix N., Pvt., R.F.D. No. 1, Aragon, Georgia.
Zechmeister, Anton, Pvt., 339 23d Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.
Zimmer, Arthur, Pvt., 1111 29th St., Milwaukee, Wis.
Zimmer, Joseph. Pvt., 2025 Madison Ave., New York City.
Zingsheim, Paul A., Pvt., Allentown, Wisconsin.


Company A Roster

The roster of Company A follows:

Capt. Charles G. Miller, aged 43 years, 323 McKnight Street, city detective.
First Lieut. Harry E. Wootten, aged 29 years, shoemaker, 1047 Church Street.
First Lieut. Irvin E. Seaman, aged 43 years, sporting goods distributor, 219A North Fourth Street.
Second Lieut. William A. Kauffman, aged 34 years, cutter, 1436 Perkiomen Avenue.
Second Lieut. James M. Snyder, aged 36 years, salesman, 436 North Twelfth Street.
First Sergt. Merrill E. Goldman, aged 29 years, clerk, 415 Woodward Street.
Supply Sergt. Joseph D. Eisenbrown, aged 23 years, bookkeeper, 300 North Sixth Street.
Mess Sergt. Walter Shultz, aged 44 years, molder, 314 Kline Street, West Reading.
Sergt. Earl L. Shilling, aged 22 years, florist, Shillington.
Sergt. George I. Strawbridge, aged 24 years, newspaper reporter, 344 South Fifth Street.
Sergt. Harold Miller, aged 22 years, chauffeur, 548 North Eighth Street.
Sergt. William B. Moore, aged 27 years, planing mill hand, 1008 Cotton Street.
Sergt. George A. Kuersten, aged 26 years, clerk, 335 Douglass Street.
Sergt. William J. Eppinger, aged 35 years, boilermaker, 830 Master Street.
Corp. Irvin B. Bitler, aged 23 years, laborer, Shillington.
Corp. Samuel E. Crammer, aged 22 years, salesman, 423 North Second Street.
Corp. William H. Baer, aged 24 years, mill hand, Shillington.
Corp. Jacob Newstetter, aged 22 years, molder, 538 South Sixth Street.
Corp. Paul M. Johnson, aged 21 years, machinist, 930 Buttonwood Street.
Corp. Walter B. Ravel, aged 24 years, inspector, 1257 Eckert Avenue.
Corp. Clarence L. Kercher, aged 20 years, painter, 1108 Douglass Street.
Corp. Samuel H. Nelms, aged 25 years, electrician, 442 Pearl Street.
Corp. John F. Haggerty, aged 21 years, laborer, 536 North Eleventh Street.
Corp. Lehman Bright, aged 23 years, laborer, 122 Oak Street.
Cook George E. Franke, aged 37 years, hatter, Tenth and Walnut Streets.
Cook Thomas Scott, aged 41 years, steam fitter, Allentown.
Mechanic Claude B. Hain, aged 22 years, machinist, 1017 Douglass Street.
Bugler Charles A. Hawk, aged 19 years, electrician, 432 North Thirteenth Street.
Bugler John J. Shucker, aged 19 years, student, 131 Orange Street.
Private Floyd Adam, first-class, aged 23 years, machinist, 214 Hudson Street.
Private Norman C. Bear, first-class, aged 22 years, machinist, 935 Windsor Street.
Private Emanuel C. Beck, first-class, aged 25 years, foreman, 1020 North Fourth Street.
Private Edward J. Boone, first-class, aged 22 years, clerk, 8 North Second Street.
Private Earl Bush, first-class, aged 20 years, laborer, 742 North Ninth Street.
Private Duval Carbaugh, first-class, aged 26 years, laborer, 106 Nicolls Street.
Private Harry C. DeLong, first-class, aged 20 years, baker, 550 Pike Street.
Private Elwood C. Ford, first-class, aged 24 years, weaver, Coatesville.
Private Franklin H. Gates, first-class, aged 40 years, laborer, 110 South Ninth Street.
Private Frank J. Goodman, first-class, aged 20 years, iron worker, 512 South Fifth Street.
Private Raymond D. Harter, first-class, aged 19 years, laborer, 1218 Green Street.
Private Thomas S. Marsh, first-class, aged 44 years, gardener, 1311 Buttonwood Street.
Private Harry D. McCarty, first-class, aged 20 years, shoe worker, 715 Locust Street.
Private Elmer J. Mengel, first-class, aged 24 years, inspector, 244 Franklin Street.
Private William A. Mitchell, first-class, aged 21 years, laborer, 100 Yarnell Street, West Reading.
Private Walter C. Morgan, first-class, aged 19 years, heater, 1339 North Ninth Street.
Private Arthur M. Sowrey, first-class, aged 22 years, laborer, 418 Pine Street.
Private Stanley R. Stitzman, first-class, aged 22 years, clerk, 1137 Douglass Street.
Private Raymond R. Weiser, first-class, aged 19 years, messenger, 422 Spruce Street.
Private John W. Ault, aged 18 years, laborer, 1231 North Ninth Street.
Private Russell C. Bernard, aged 23 years, plater, 617 Minor Street.
Private Jeremiah A. Bossler, aged 24 years, finisher, Shillington.
Private Charles F. Lash, aged 21 years, laborer, 320 Wood Street.
Private Charles E. Mack, aged 22 years, teamster, 1336 Buttonwood Street.
Private Paul A. Adams, aged 18 years, knitter, 723 Locust Street.
Private John H. Baureithel, aged 24 years, bank teller, 116 Walnut Street.
Private Clair A. Baney, aged 20 years, hotel bellman, 1327 Kenney Street.
Private Earl C. Burkhart, aged 21 years, laborer, Stony Creek.
Private William F. Bucher, aged 18 years, machinist, 572 South Eleventh Street.
Private Robert E. Bruder, aged 24 years, laborer, 1028 Locust Street.
Private Lewis Cacia, aged 26 years, porter, 36 North Third Street.
Private John G. Conway, aged 20 years, laborer, 115 Second Avenue, West Reading.
Private Harry A. Crist, aged 18 years, car repairer, 759 North Twelfth Street.
Private Enrico Ciotti, aged 20 years, laborer, 844 Nicolls Street.
Private Wilson D. DeLong, aged 19 years, student, 325 South Ninth Street.
Private Reuben Dibler, aged 33 years, laborer, Oakbrook.
Private Antonio Diguardi, aged 23 years, laborer, Millmont.
Private Edward A. Dorrington, aged 41 years, teamster, 17 Adams Street, Paulsboro, N.J.
Private Walter L. Eschbach, aged 18 years, laborer, 439 Pearl Street.
Private Harvey H. Eshelman, aged 28 years, clerk, Scarlet Mills.
Private David Edwards, aged 28 years, teamster, 904 Nicolls Street.
Private Paul W. Fett, aged 25 years, driver, 35 1/2 North Ninth Street.
Private Robert Fisher, aged 21 years, laborer, 1355 Cotton Street.
Private Charles H. Gallagher, aged 19 years, laborer, 427 1/2 Locust Street.
Private Charles Garrett, aged 24 years, laundryman, 347 Cedar Street.
Private Paul Garrett, aged 27 years, laborer, 347 Cedar Street.
Private Henry A. Gehris, aged 19 years, machinist, 725 Birch Street.
Private Shipton G. Grauer, aged 19 years, student, 433 Woodward Street.
Private John W. Grim, aged 18 years, painter, 201 North Tenth Street.
Private Harry Green, aged 40 years, puddler, 2911 Sixth Avenue, Altoona.
Private Harry J. Gill, aged 34 years, electrician, 4340 Freeland Avenue, Roxborough.
Private Howard McK. Hartman, aged 21 years, waiter, Schaefferstown.
Private Frank Hahn, aged 18 years, chauffeur, 869 North Eighth Street.
Private Arthur T. Halmar, aged 18 years, machinist, 525 South Fifteenth Street.
Private George A. Heckler, aged 18 years, laborer, 432 Penn Avenue, West Reading.
Private Philip K. Howard, aged 21 years, clerk, Mt. Penn.
Private Arthur Hunter, aged 27 years, salesman, Savannah, Illinois.
Private Walter B. Huber, aged 27 years, checker, 417 North Tenth Street.
Private Harry H. Hill, aged 20 years laborer, 3 North Seventh Street.
Private Robert 0. Jepsen, aged 19 years, clerk, 322 North Tenth Street.
Private Paul S. Kercher, aged 18 years, shoe cutter, 1106 Douglass Street.
Private Horace Kline, aged 18 years, laborer, 1212 Windsor Street.
Private Eugene Kochel, aged 32 years, laborer, 1448 Muhlenberg Street.
Private William J. Lutz, aged 20 years, clerk, Birdsboro.
Private Calvin S. Madara, aged 22 years, laborer, 1261 Spring Street.
Private Charles J. Marsh, aged 18 years, messenger, 1311 Buttonwood Street.
Private John A. Manbeck, aged 20 years, student, Bernville.
Private William J. McKeever, aged 22 years, inspector, 521 Pike Street.
Private John McMahon, aged 23 years, laborer, 435 Tulpehocken Street.
Private Albert R. Miller, aged 23 years, laborer, 1396 Perkiomen Avenue.
Private Raymond L. Mitchell, aged 18 years, truck driver, 624 Mulberry Street.
Private Russel H. Moll, aged 20 years, student, 1018 North Fifth Street.
Private James Morro, aged 29 years, molder, 712 Briggs Street, Harrisburg.
Private Antonio Morro, aged 22 years, laborer, 1335 Moss Street.
Private Harvey Rootmoyer, aged 18 years, usher, 417 Pear Street.
Private Irvin Moyer, aged 18 years, student, 1306 Pricetown Road.
Private Robert S. Myers, aged 21 years, knitter, 20 Third Street, Shillington.
Private Harvey E. Noll, aged 18 years, teamster, 206 Chestnut Street.
Private Kenneth L. Ormsbee, aged 18 years, meat packer, Riverview, N.Y.
Private Herbert E. Pence, aged 24 years, laborer, Worthington, Pa.
Private George E. Price, aged 18 years, student, 116 West Windsor Street.
Private John S. Rathman, aged 29 years, elevator operator, Seyferts Station.
Private Charles Reber, aged 20 years, hatter, Shillington.
Private Elmer A. Reinert, aged 21 years, electric service operator, 937 Pear Street.
Private Walter F. Ritz, aged 21 years, machinist, Shillington.
Private James W. Reifsnyder, aged 40 years, cigarmaker, 1030 Spruce Street.
Private Clyde Reppert, aged 22 years, baker, Palm, Montgomery County.
Private Elmer Root, aged 21 years, silk weaver, 142 South Twelfth Street.
Private Henry C. Rothenberger, aged 24 years, teamster, 421 Wunder Street.
Private Arthur C. Ruthkowski, aged 18 years, pipe cutter, 755 Laurel Street.
Private Harry W. Schaeffer, aged 20 years, laborer, 420 Orange Street.
Privatei Paul G. Schwenk, aged 21 years, iron worker, 913 Culvert Street.
Private Stanley S. Schweimler, aged 18 years, student, 158 West Windsor Street.
Private Albert F. Shade, aged 23 years, cupola tender, 442 Wood Street.
Private Charles J. Simmons, aged 18 years, tipper, 235 Chestnut Street, West Reading.
Private James C. Swarmer, aged 22 years, laborer, Birdsboro.
Private James E. Snyder, aged 18 years, assistant baggage-master, 916 Douglass Street.
Private Clinton A. Stubblebine, aged 18 years, laboror, 342 Tulpehocken Street.
Private Charles C. Stoudt, aged 30 years, braider, 315 Cherry Street.
Private Harry E. Smith, aged 32 years, printer, Reading.
Private Howard J. Smith, aged 19 years, stocking boarder, 732 Birch Street.
Private Lester R. Spickler, aged 19 years, iron worker, 1121 Douglass Street.
Private Nick Taddeo, aged 24 years, fireman, Mansville, Pa.
Private Thomas J. Tiernan, aged 37 years, structural iron worker, Rhawn and Crait Streets, Philadelphia.
Private Davis H. Trout, aged 21 years, pipe cutter, 42 Withreel Street, Oakbrook.
Private Ammon R. Wayne, aged 18 years, laborer, 1163 Mulberry Street.
Private Wesley Y. Weidenhammer, aged 27 years, laborer, 513 Robeson Street.
Private William E. Williams, aged 18 years, operator, 350 Tulpehocken Street.
Private George C. Wright, aged 23 years, knitter, 1340 Church Street.
Private Harry Yeager, aged 22 years, laborer, 649 Tulpehocken Street.

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