At the beginning...

The founder of Woodbury, David Holsiger, settled on that land about 1800, built a grist mill, and had lots laid off. Frank Dickes built the first house, which later would become a tavern. John Breidenthal also built one of the first houses. Andrew McFarland bought the land from Holsiger.

In 1827, John King, Henry Swope, and Dr. Peter Shoenberger built a blast furnace, Elizabeth furnace, to make iron. It lasted from1827 until 1843, at which time Dr, Shoenberger built the Bloomfield furnace from the remains.

James Malone ran a hotel early on. David Puterbaugh and William M. Pearson were also in that business. Jacob Brenneman built the first brick house in 1850, the same year G. R. Barndollar built a mill. W. K. Lecrone built a grist mill. Merchants of this time were A. S. Longenecker, Henry Fluck, and D. F. Keagy, who also served as postmaster beginning in 1869. Joseph Keagy was a silversmith, and George Clouse a blacksmith. His son, William Clouse, was a teacher, borough assessor, and justice of the peace.I. N. Bowser and F. B. Berkheimer were dentists, teacher and student.T. M. Myers was a wagonmaker, and George W. Bulger a carriage maker and blacksmith.

Woodbury was incorporated as a borough on June 23, 1868.

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