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Saxton was laid out as a town on land bought from Henry and David Shoup by James Saxton and Jacob Fockler of Huntingdon in 1853 and 1855. The town was a result of the building of the Huntingdon and Broad Top Railroad in 1855.

After rapid growth, Saxton was incorporated as a borough on February 14,1866, with officers listed as C. W. Moore (Chief Burgess), James L. Prince, J. A. Raum, C. S. Faxon, and S. S. Flucke. Other prominent names are: N. Hysong, patternmaker, undertaker, and constable; J. A. Eichelberger and E. Eichelberger, merchants who also operated in Hopewell; Tobias Snider, merchant; and T. C. Sanderson, train dispatcher.

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