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In 1848, Congressman Job Mann pressured to have a post office at an unnamed village in Harrison Township. The Post Office Department approved the new post office, but as the village had no name Congressman Mann was to give it one. Before he did so, postal maps were made with the temporary designation "Mann's Choice" written on it. The name was never changed, and became the permanent and official one.

John McVicker becam the postmaster. A store was operated by A. J. Hickson and A. J. Snively, and a large tannery was begun in 1868 by D. M. Black and J. Bobletts.

In 1871, the railroad came through the settlement, spurring more growth. The village was laid out in 1872, the majority of it on land owned by V.V. Wertz. James Harbaugh built a store and Joseph Cessna a hotel at about this time, and in 1882 the Union Flouring Mill was built by John H. Clark and Frank M. Amos.

Two major attractions were opened in later years near Manns Choice. In 1894 the White Sulpher Springs Hotel opened and was a major tourist spot and health resort for years, using the supposed medicinal powers of the springs. Then in 1933 Philip Hughes opened Wonderland Caverns. The caves, now called Coral Caverns, are the only coral reef caverns in the world.


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