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Chaneysville took its name from Thomas Chaney, Jr. He built the first house there in the early 1830's, which later became a hotel owned by William Bartholow. Daniel Tewell was a hunter and trapper in the area. His grandson, Leonard Tewell, brought the first steam sawmill into the township in 1873, and erected a planing mill and a woolen mill in the next two years.

Rev. Thomas Leakins was the first preacher in the area, preaching at the home of Joseph Powell about 1838. Other early names in the area were John Leasure, Lewis Comer, Thomas Donahoe, and John Ramsey.

See Regina Williams' site on Chaneysville History and more!


Chaneysville - In Southampton Township is a
flourishing little village, situated about 16 miles southeast of Bedford.
It has two churches, two stores, two grist mills, two blacksmith shops, two
wagonmaker shops, saw mill, one school house, shoemaker shop, hall, doctor's
office, a hotel and twenty dwellings (in 1900).


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