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Alum Bank was named for natural deposits of pure alum found there. A post office was established in about 1812, with Thomas Vickroy as the postmaster. In about 1843 the post office was moved, with Joseph Sleek as postmaster. In 1855, it was moved once again to Pleasantville, still retaining the name Alum Bank.

Alum Bank (in 1900) - Pleasantville Borough, situated in West St. Clair Township, on the road leading from Bedford to Johnstown. This (post)office when first established was located in what is now East St. Clair Township near the residence of James B. Rininger on the famous "Alum Bank." The town contains two tanneries, foundry and machine shop, stream flouring mill, steam saw, shingle and lath mill, two saddlery and harness shops, cigar factory, weave shop, two blacksmith shops, wagon maker shop and a number of smaller industries; five churches, six stores, two schools, and Odd Fellows' hall, a hotel and about seventy-five residences. Distance from Bedford 15 miles north.


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