March,1997 Queries for Bedford County


Ed England Mon Mar 31 14:26:48 1997
I am a great grandson of Harry Drollinger (1828-1884) and Elizabeth Longenecker (1827-1905). They are buried at Mt. Smith Cemetery between Bedford and Cessna, Bedford County, Pa. I have no information further back on this branch of my family and would be interested in anything anyone might have.

Ray Debolt Sun Mar 30 10:18:50 1997
Seeking information on the following families: (Parents, siblings, children) Henry Debolt, born Abt 1724 in ?; died 1792 in ?. He married Mary Debolt (nee ?), born Unknown in ?; lived in Bedford Co. in 1772, died Apr 1806 in Greene Co, PA, USA. Children of Henry Debolt and Mary ?) are: i. Elizabeth Debolt, born 1748-1750 in Hampshire Co, VA, USA ?; married John Reno 17 Oct 1769 in ?. ii. George Debolt, born 1751 in Hampshire Co, VA, USA ?; died 1839 in ?; married Ann (Susannah ?) Long Unknown in Washington Co. ?. iii. John Debolt ? iv. Michael Debolt ? v. Hiram Debolt ? vi. Nicholas Debolt, born 1762, married Margaret Stephenson, born 1780 John Long, born Unknown in ?. He married Ann Long (nee ?), born Unknown in ?. Child of John Long and Ann ?) is: i. Ann (Susannah ?) Long, born Unknown in ?; died Unknown in ?; married George Debolt Unknown in Washington Co. ?. Paul Raymond(RAY) Debolt Burns Lake, BC, Canada

Nancy Agnew Peche Sun Mar 30 12:08:06 1997
KRIECHBAUM, KREICHBAUM, KRICHBAUM? I'm not sure of the correct spelling. I'm looking for William KRIECHBAUM of Bedford Borough, PA. He was the father of Sarah KRIECHBAUM who married LEVI AGNEW on Aug. 7, 1828 by the Rev. David McKinley of the Bedford Presbyterian Church. What was the name of the wife of William, mother of Sarah KRIECHBAUM? Who were William KRIECHBAUM'S parents? Where was he born?

Nancy Agnew Peche Sun Mar 30 11:35:59 1997
AGNEW, Levi. (b. 7/29/1805) probably in Bedford Co. PA. Wife: Sarah KRIECHBAUM (or Kreichbaum or Krichbaum) Married: (8/7/1828) by Rev. David McKinley of Bedford Presbyterian Church. Levi Agnew and his wife Sarah were both from Bedford Co., Bedford Borough when they married. Sarah Kriechbaum (b. 4/22/1808) daughter of William Kriechbaum and Christina. Children: Elizabeth Agnew (b. 4/25/1829), Emerene Agnew (b. 12/17/1830), Alexander Robert Agnew (b. 11/10/1832), William K. Agnew (b. 5/31/1835 died: 11/16/1926 married: Annie Elizabeth KINTON on 9/8/1857), Levi Jamison Agnew (b. 3/16/1841 d. 3/26/1865), George Hamill Agnew (b. 12/11/1843), Milisa Minnich Agnew (b. 8/20/1850). I'm looking for the names of the parents of LEVI AGNEW, where Levi Agnew was born in PA, dates of death for Levi Agnew, Sarah Kriechbaum his wife and their children. What were the husbands or wifes names for: Elizabeth Agnew, Alexander Robert Agnew, Levi Jamison Agnew, George Hamill Agnew, and Milisa Minnich Agnew?


Nancy Agnew Peche Sun Mar 30 12:00:20 1997
KINTON, Annie Elizabeth. (b. 9/8/1857 d. 12/28/1892) Married: William K. AGNEW on 9/8/1857 by Rev. Henry Heckerman pastor of the German Reformed Church in Bedford Co., Bedford Borough, Pa. Children: Florence Agnew (b. 1866) married: William D. Thompson, Laura Isabelle Agnew (b. May 1866 d. 12/13/1910), Elida Agnew (b. 1868) married: William H. Weller, William Hamilton AGNEW (b. 12/18/1870 d. 5/13/1951 married: Nettie G. Blymyer and 2nd Jane Frances Witter, Anna C. Agnew (b. ?) married: ? Stivers, George Agnew (b.? d. 1890). I'm looking for the names of the parents of Annie Elizabeth KINTON, dates of death for her children, dates of death for her children where missing. The KINTON'S in Bedford Co. lived in Napier, St. Claire, and Bedford Borough Twps. Annie Elizabeth on her marriage certificate was called Elizabeth Kinton but on her tombstone she was Annie E. Her parents could have been Hugh Kinton and his wife Ann. Hugh would have been born about 1817. Who were HUGH KINTON'S parents?

Nancy Agnew Peche Sun Mar 30 13:19:28 1997
KINTON, Hugh E. (b. about 1817) married: Ann ?. He was in the Census of 1840 (between the age of 20 and 30) living in Bedford Twp. and in the 1870 Census (age: 53) Bedford Co. living in St. Clair Twp. His 2nd daughter Catharine age: 11 died: 1/5/1856 at the residence of Simon S. STUCKEY in KnoxC, Ill. I believe his 1st daughter's name was Annie Elizabeth KINTON, listed as ELIZABETH KINTON, in the 1850 Census St. Clair Twp and his son was names HUGH KINTON who was also listed in the 1850 Census for St. Clair Twp., Bedford Co. I would like to know the names of the parents of HUGH KINTON, the name of his wife (he possibly married twice) the names of his children with the 1st wife Ann (? her maiden name. Does anyone have any information on the family of Hugh KINTON?

Jack Martin Sun Mar 30 16:19:32 1997
Daniel Martin: b. abt 1758; md. Mary Keatley John Martin: b. abt 1780; son of Daniel and Mary Martin.


John R.Pyles Wed Mar 26 23:04:43 1997
Would appreciate any information on Casper Pile.1790 census showed him in Bedford Co. I know that he and his family moved to Marshall Co. W.Va.Can anyone tell me or do know where he came from?I know he had 3 children over 16 and 5 children under 16 and 2 females Thanks so much in advance for your help. Michael VanBaaren Fri Mar 28 10:55:50 1997
March 28, 1997. I would like to correspond with anyone researching CANTONWINE (German spelling KANTONWEIN) in the Woodbury area of Bedford Co. Charles CANTONWINE and wife Mary resided here c1820's and 30's before moving to Benton Co., Iowa. Charles emigrated from Germany in the 1810's and Mary was b 1785 in either PA or MD (per census records). Have been stuck on this family for a long time. Thanks!

Richard Lilly Fri Mar 28 18:09:32 1997
I am searching for information on the LILLY family who lived in Loreto, Newry, and Huntingdon, PA. from the mid to late 1700's through at least the mid 1800's. Particularly interested in those with names JOSEPH and JANUARY LILLY.

Michael Picard Sat Mar 29 14:49:31 1997
lookimg for any info on the PENROD family

Eloyce Hubbard Kockler Sat Mar 29 15:17:12 1997
HALL-MATTHEWS-SHIPLEY-BAKER-SNYDER Brothers Joseph and John HALL were in Wharton (later Henry Clay) Twp., Fayette Co., by 1806.....with their mother and sister, Martha HALL. Joseph married Mary MATTHEWS; John married Elizabeth "Betsey" BAKER or SNYDER; Martha married William SHIPLEY. Who were the parents of Joseph, John and Martha? Were there other siblings? This family may have moved into Fayette County from Somerset County. Possible fathers might be a John HALL who settled in Milford Twp., Bedford (later Somerset) Co., in the 1780s, or a James HALL of Turkey Foot Twp., Bedford/Somerset Counties in the 1780s. (Joseph b. about 1784; Martha b. about 1786; John b. about 1788. All were b. in Pennsylvania).

Aileen Brewer Sat Mar 29 15:30:30 1997
Jean Bonnet (John Bonnett) made his will at Bedford on April 30th 1793. In it he named his children then living: John, Isaac, daughter Rosina who married Peter Ankeny and Mary Elizabeth whom he called Lisa. This is the only proof I have that his sons were John and Isaac. Are these people all buried in Bedford county and if so where and what are the dates? He also names property that he is leavin them. Snake Spring Farm, Quemahoming Township, and Toddsburgh. Are these places known today? If so where are they and are they named the same? I would also like more information on John and Isaac Bonnett's birth, death, wives, children... Would love to come in contact with someone willing to investigate these questions for me in the county.


allen alsman Thu Mar 27 08:53:32 1997
27 Mar 1997, Surname OSBORN, GRIFFITH, MCCLAIN, KETRING Seeking information on family of Christopher OSBORN b 1790 most likely Bedford Co, PA. Married Mary Griffith 1815 Bedford Co. Mary b 1793 probably Bedford Co. Christopher and Mary had at least one child Jacob OSBORN b 12 Aug 1824 Bedford Co, d 12 Apr 1861 place unknown. Jacob married Barbara MCCLAIN b 29 Feb 1824 Bedford Co, d 23 Oct 1905. Who are the parents of Christopher OSBORN? Did Christopher and Mary have other children? If so who are they? I believe Mary GRIFFITH's mother was named Elizabeth. Barbara MCCLAIN is the Daughter of John MCCLAIN and Mary Mariah KETRING. Willing to share any information I have on any of these families.

Harry Pontius Tue Mar 25 04:45:58 1997
HANCOCK family. Moved to Bedford from York in late 1790s. Members of Dunnings Creek Friends Meeting, resided in/around St.Clair Township. Any information would be appreciated especially pre 1850. Also need addresses and phone numbers of good research centers in Bedford County for a future trip. Thanks very much, Harry

Geo Wright Tue Mar 25 07:59:28 1997
Interested in corresponding with anyone reasearching the different Wright families in northeastern Bedford Co. Also, the Davis families in the same area.

Jim Loving Sun Mar 23 19:45:19 1997
I am looking for information on the ancestors of Richard SILVER, b abt 1772 in Va, but lived in Bedford according to 1850 Census. His wife was Elizabeth (Coche or Taylor?) b. 1780 in PA. Their children were Asa b.1811 and Sara. Asa married Rachel JAMES in 1835. Asa and Rachel's children were Richard S.(1843), Sarah(1837), George W.(1840), John(1851), and 2 unknowns. Richard married Mary M. Berenheim in 1866. Their children were Carrie Bell(1867) and Binnie M(1869). Any information on any of the lines would be appreciated. As far as I can tell, all except the senior Richard were born in PA.

David A Mathews Mon Mar 24 07:30:04 1997
MATHEWS I am researching the MATHEWS / MATTHEWS / MATHIAS family who moved to Westmoreland Co about 1802 from Bedford (Somerset) Co Pa, originally from Frederick Co, Md. George MATHEWS (1737-1813) and Maria Barbara (AMBROSE) MATHEWS (1743-1833) lived in Fairfield Twp. Other family names are AMBROSE, COUNTRYMAN, WELLER and BITNER. MARKLEY family also close. My ancestor is Joseph MATHEWS, son of George, who moved to Hamilton Co, Ohio about 1812.
Peggy Goss Sun Mar 23 06:32:12 1997
I am researching GLAZNER,GLAEZNER,GLASENER. Three brothers arrived on ship Richmond 1763. Jacob, Heinrich & George?, in Philadelphia. Settled in Brothersvalley Twsp.,Bedford Co.,Pa. They were German Baptist Brethren,attended Stoney Creek Church. George? in 1770 started first school. Church split 1770-1784, some followed George Adam Martin into Md.,Va.,Nc.,. Anything you can add or correct will be greatly appreciated.

Judy Olson Fri Mar 21 17:47:17 1997
I am looking for information about George Carter, Sr. He was born around 1770 in Bedford County, PA. He died on April 14, 1840 in Athens County Ohio. Any information would be appreciated. Children were John, Thomas, George, Charles, Frederick, James, Caleb, Fanny and Nancy,

Debbie Philipp-Holderbaum Thu Mar 20 19:53:08 1997
Looking for HOLDERBAUM and related families from Bedford County 1700's and 1800's.

Derry E. Mellott Wed Mar 19 13:11:42 1997
I am researching MELLOTT, STILLWELL and WINK family history. In Pennsylvania, my sires settled along Tonoloway and Licking Creek around 1760. John Mellott Esq. is buried in Tonoloway Baptist Cemetary in Fulton, County, Pa, and Jacob Mellott Sr. and Idea Wink Mellott are both buried in the Sideling Hill Baptist Church Cemetary, Fulton County, Pa. My lineage further descends from Jacob's son, John Andrew Mellott and Eve Sipes Mellott. My great-great grandfather was, their son (of twins born 1829), William Mellott, who moved to Indiana and thence to Iowa. I would like to find the location of my great great great granparents John Andrew and Eva Sipes Mellotts' burial places, and any other information about them. I have a lot of information about Mellotts in Iowa and some good information about Indiana Mellotts...would love to share what I've got, verify and get more information. And, yes, we do claim to be descendents of John Peterson (Jean Pierre) Mellott {Melot, Marlat, Merlet, Merlitt} and Gideon Merlitt {Marlet, Merlet etc.}, the French Hugenot, who came to the New World in 1662. Thanks!

Rosemary McCandless Wed Mar 19 13:30:55 1997
I am trying to find any information on the John Williams family that was granted large tracts of land for his service during the American Revolution. I understand that this grant was in or near the area of Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania. He married Mary, the daughter of Captain of Artillery William Martin. I am trying to document this relationship. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My grandmother tried to find information on this around 1920 and this project hasn't gotten any further. Thanks!!!

Terrel Shields Tue Mar 18 19:16:13 1997
SHIELDS, Robert Daniel, b. 5/24/1824, imm. 1844??, m. Mary ZIEGLER [RAUSHER] widow of Gabrial RAUSHER, in IN in 1862. Mary appears to have had kin in BEDFORD CO. & may have been living here in 1860 census. Believe Robert met her here. He supposedly lived in PA, married an Indian woman, and his farm was near where oil & coal was discovered. Am curious about Robert's ownership of land, 1st wife [divorce, died?], any other children?? He may have had uncles or cousins here from Durham, Eng. Any clues appreciated. Terrel Shields

Anna-Marie Dudte Mon Mar 17 17:58:50 1997
Surnames: LUMAN (may also be found spelled Looman, Lewman, Leuman, Louman) and SHAW. Looking for any information on these two names in Bedford County, PA, surrounding counties, and nearby Maryland counties. Anna-Marie Dudte, 108 N. Washington, Knob Noster, MO 65336, 816/563-4143,

Rick Simpson Mon Mar 17 18:13:05 1997
SIMPSON - Looking for information on the SIMPSON family who lived in Bedford County around 1870. Thomas K Simpson died in Cumberland Valley in 1870. His wife was Sophia. His son's name was Samuel Simpson. Samuel's wife's name was Elizabeth. There may have also been another son William or Calvin. Thanks.

TJ Shumaker Mon Mar 17 19:21:16 1997
I am looking for information on an ESTHER "McKEE" (married name) who lived in Bedford Co. in the 1770's and whose husband we believe was a JON McKEE

Mary Ledbetter Sun Mar 16 17:49:04 1997
I am searching for descendents of Joseph and Catherine Brown listed in the Bedfor County, Pennsylvania census of 1880 Union MCD Page 16 Dwelling No. 8. Also listed are their children: Harvey James Oliver F. Charles P. Nancy Smith Sun Mar 16 19:51:04 1997
I am looking for any information on a George, Samuel and Joshua BALDWIN who owned three original land warrents issued in 1784 in Northumberland County on the Bald Eagle Creek. This was approx. 1000 acres total, on three adjoining pieces of land - (present day Centre/Blair County line on Route 220) The BALDWIN's property overlapped property of Mordecai MASSEY which was originally listed in Bedford County so it may have been near the 1784 county line of Bedford and Northumberland. Any information on the BALDWIN family would be appreciated.

Kerry Coy Sun Mar 16 18:48:54 1997
Still searching for ggggg-grandpa LUDWIG COY or LUDIWICK COW of Bedford County, PA.He died Sept. 13, 1813 in Woodbury Twp. Son of NICKOLAS COW. Hw sould have been born about 1750, possibly in Washington County, MD? Name could also be spelled KOUGH. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have alot of information to share as well. Thank you.
Bonnie Huntzinger Fri Mar 14 06:15:52 1997
MOCK,(married name) Elizabeth (3 May, 1802 - 25 Nov, 1889) wife of Frederick MOCK who b. 7 April 1807 (or 1802). Both buried UCC Cem in Oasterburg, Bedford Co, PA. Ch: Jemima, Mary C., Matthias, Harrison C., Samuel, John C, Josiah, George. Is Elizabeth a CHRIST? b. where? d/o who?

Bonnie Huntzinger Fri Mar 14 06:21:46 1997
HOENSTINE, John (12 Dec, 1806 - 2 Jun, 1868) m. 19 Mar, 1828, Henrietta ECKARD, ECKHART (Mar 19, 1806 - 6 sep, 1872) at Schellsburg Union Ch, Bedford Co, PA. Ch: Eve D., Jacob, John C., Mary Ann, Dillie, Samuel E., William Henry. Both buried Union Cem, Oasterburg, PA. Looking for ancestry of Henrietta.

L Lautenschlager Sat Mar 15 08:11:41 1997
Seek info on Mary MORGART said to be born Aug 6 1825 in Bedford Co PA, m. H.G. Buchanan May 6 1851 in Rainsburg, PA. Do not know parents' names, but would like to have. Their children were: John M., Thomas R., Benjamin, Horace, Ella Nora and Sherman. Family moved to Genesco, IL 1857 - 1884, then to Grinnell, IA. Last 4 children born in IL & IA.

Lori Walter Thu Mar 13 08:02:24 1997
HUFF--Looking for any information on a Louis Calvin Huff, whom I've been told was born in Bedford County, PA, but do not know exact year. Approximately 1850-1855? Also looking for any information on his parents (father possibly Isaac Huff?).

Nancy Callan Mauger Wed Mar 12 12:00:20 1997
JAMES CALLAN came from Ireland in about 1820 and settled in Bedford area. He may have owned a tavern. Died in 1866. Married MARGARET KEEFFE in Bedford. She was born in 1787 and died in 1869. Her parents were DAVID and ELLEN KEEFFE. They are buried in Bedford. David was a tailor. They owned property there which is now an empty lot. Is there any way to find out if there are historical pictures of what was on the lot before it was demolished.? Can provide exact lot number. Would like to know if James Callan became a naturalized citizen. If so does it state where in Ireland he was born? Appreciate any information.

Kay McCullough Sun Mar 9 07:52:25 1997
Attention, Jennifer! I tried the last week of Feb. twice - am I not getting through? WHITAKER - Looking for Bedford County connection. Family history says that Mark Whitaker, b. 1811 in Philadelphia, and his family "were later found in Bedford Co." He showed up in 1848 in Steubenville, OH, and married an 18-year-old when he was 37! (My great-great- grandparents) What happened to his first wife and several children (sons?) in Bedford County? If anyone has Whitakers with a cloudy past c. 1830s, I have documented research to share. Will answer all correspondence. Thank you for this valuable service, Bedford County!

David Crocker Sun Mar 9 14:23:07 1997
Cambria Co., PA March 9 1997 NIBERT (aka Vibert immigration Bedford Co., & 1870 Cambria Co.), John, b. 1845 Cornwall, ENG, immigrated 1866 along with Susan EDWARDS, b. 1833 CON, ENG; Susan's children, sometimes listed as N(V)IBERT, although really EDWARDS: Francis "Frank" EDWARDS b. 1855 Redruth? CON, ENG, d. 1887 Fulton Forge, VA; Susan EDWARDS b. 1857 CON, ENG; Eliza aka Bessie EDWARDS b. 1859 CON, ENG; John EDWARDS b. 1863 CON, ENG, d. 1894 Everett, PA (married Mary WAKEFOOSE. William N(V)IBERT b. 1874 PA.

Carolyne Provo Fri Mar 7 15:39:21 1997
DATE: March 7 1997 SURNAME: GALLOWAY Looking for parents of John GALLOWAY, we have traced back to John GALLOWAY(b. 1776 Bedford, Somerset County, Pa. d. 1852 (? So.Rostraver Twp.) Westmoreland Co. Pa. 1st marriage to Catherine CAMP(d.1831) 2nd marriage to Sophia BRAUM-MILLER in 1831 in Westmoreland Pa. (b. 30 May 1810-d. Sept. 1854). We found in history Joseph GALLOWAY (b. 1731-d. 29 Aug. 1803), he was a loyalist during the American Revolution & was a speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly from 1766 to 1775, he went to England in 1778, which John GALLOWAY would have only been 2 yrs. old, Joseph may be John's father or an uncle, we have info on the rest of the family up to today, would be glad to exchange info with anyone. One other name that should mention is Elijah Newlan GALLOWAY,(b. 31 May 1836 WestNewton Twp, Westmoreland Co. Pa.-d. 3 Oct.1915, son of John GALLOWAY. Thank You

Kathy Stephens Sun Mar 2 14:50:51 1997
Would like to know if Nathan Potter of the 1820 census, Bedoford County,PA, is the same Nathan Potter who was in Green county, Ohio, in 1840. Is this Nath Potter the father of Samuel Potter ans Levi Potter. Samuel Potter was married to Nancy Wray abt 1837. Ohio or PA. first 5 children born Ohio, 1 in IN, rest in IL Samule died in 1893 Van Buren Co.,IA

Denton C. Sansom Mon Mar 3 01:32:34 1997
I am searching for the Sansom's in PA. I am recalling the names from a document/notes I read back some 10-20 years of a John Sansom, Anthony Sansom and others that were in Bedford Co PA. Are there anyone outthere that can get me started with the Sansom in PA abt 1750-1850 that may have migrated to VA/New River Valley. Just looking for a start in PA. Denton C. Sansom, Rt 5, Box 1690, Elizabethton, TN 37643 at

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