1996 Queries List for Bedford County, PA

Gerald W. Rhoades Mon Dec 30 12:55:16 1996
I am looking for ancestors and descendents of George and Armakella (Anna) RHOADES. George died in 1815 in Pittsburg, PA 0n his way to Ohio with his family. He owned a farm on Clover Creek in Woodbury Twp. His sons were: George Jr., Philip who married Mary WEAVER (d. 18 Apr. 1838), Jacob (b. 25 Nov. 1781 d. 12 June 1853) who married Catherine Smith (d. 1864 daughter of Jacob and Agnes Smith), Henry, and Christian (d. 1839). I have a lot of information on the descendents of this family. I think the family moved to Bedford Co. from Maryland around 1780. I welcome information or questions about this RHOADES family.

Jim Crum Sun Dec 29 12:15:03 1996
FEIGHNER, seeking information on Johannes Feighner who is buried in Bedford, PA. His wife was Catherine Kendell. She is buried in Mt. Bethel Cemetery.That is all the information I have. His descendents lived in Shelby Ohio. He was my ggg-grandfather

Barbara Bonham Fri Dec 27 22:13:41 1996
RUSSELL, Jacob of Bedford Co PA. Jacob married Catherine DeVORE about 1830, daughter of Philip DeVORE and Charity DeVORE, daughter of Cornelius DeVORE. By 1850 this family was in Ashland Co OH where daughter, Delilah married Emanuel BURNS in Aug 1850. Who is Jacob's parents. Are the Wills of Bedford Co abstracted? Thanks. Barbara Bonham, 25 Cherry Road, Framingham MA 01701

Paul H. Replogle Sat Dec 28 00:15:43 1996
I will provide or exchange information about descendants of John Rinehart Replogle, early settler at Bedford Co. PA.

Donna Popelish Sat Dec 28 10:17:42 1996
Bedford County Surnames: HEMING><HANEY><WILL><WEBER Arno Tedford Naeckel Sun Dec 22 12:59:07 1996
Loking for information about the JACOB BRANT/ELIZABETH HAYER family. The Brant family was known to have lived in Bedfrod County, PA and had a son, second of many children in 1842 in Bedford county. The Brants eventually moved on to ohio and eventually Illinois. Any information on JACOB BRANT and ELIZABETH HAYER would be welcome.

Carolyn Frazee Tue Dec 24 12:26:28 1996
Seeking any RITZ in Bedford Co. PA. Especially named Daniel or Solomon about 1700-1800s.

Bobby O. Brown Mon Dec 23 08:49:52 1996
WILLIAM BROWN / RUTH LANE FAMILY: William, b. 1758. They lived in Bedford County (in the part that became Huntingdon County in 1787 and today is known as Blair County, Tyrone Township), PA prior to 1778. Had one child when the county was Bedford (William Brown Jr., b. 1781). Joshua, b. 1787; Elisha, b. 10 July 1795; Elijah H., b. 1797. The dates may have some errors. Other children on which I have no birth dates are: Mary, Ellizabeth, Hannah and Sarah. I do not know when they left Pennsylvania but it would seem after Elijah was born, or sometime between 1797 and 1806. He was ordered to Sinking Valley during the Revolutionary War to help construct the Lead Mine Fort for defending the mine workers. He served 8 months. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bobby O. Brown, 5156 Rainey Ave. So., Orange Park, FL 32065

Bobby O. Brown Fri Dec 20 14:30:00 1996Call 904-264-1519
BROWN, LANE, BOWMAN: I am looking for info on the Brown, Lane, Bowman families that I think were in Bedford County late 1700s. The area where I think they were is today Blair County, Tyrone Township north of Altoona, Pennsylvania. They all went to Ohio. Browns and Lane may have stopped in Muskegan County, Ohio and arrived in Pickaway County, Ohio in Fall of 1806.

Edwin Broadus Fri Dec 20 17:20:05 1996
Seeking information about Joseph DURLIN and family and Mary DURLIN and family. Both were listed as head of household in 1800 U.S. Census, Bedford Co. Am interested in possible connection with David DURLIN, born somewhere in PA in 1800. David was in Posey Co., IN by 1821, when he married Hannah SALTZMAN.

Bobby O. Brown Fri Dec 20 08:41:17 1996
I am chasing the William Brown/Ruth Lane family. He was living in Bedford County/Huntingdon County/Blair County, Tyrone Twp. today. He was from Maryland, b. 1758 and served in the Revolutionary War. He and family moved to Ohio arriving fall 1806. He obtained Congress Land there in 1805. May have been in Muskegan County, Ohio in transition. Was close with the Bowman Family which I think came from the same area of Pennsylvania. More details available if interested. Ruth Lane's father was Samual Lane.

Cathy McEver Stalcup Fri Dec 13 08:21:44 1996
Looking for information on the McEVER-McKEVER-COLLINS family. Andrew McEVER had a land warrant of 200 acres in Pennsylvania in 1737. In the War Pensions there is a listing for an Angus McEVER. Any information would be appreciated. It is also said that there may have been a step- son named John Pickett. John McEVER married Margaret COLLINS around 1764. She was the daughter of John and Catherine COLLINS

Frank Browne Wed Dec 18 12:18:10 1996
I'm looking for any information on Phenicie's in Bedford Co., PA. From the little information I have, the Phenicie family came to Franklin Co., PA from MD. A Joseph B. Phenicie had a number of children, among those identified are: David Phenicie b. circa 1785 John Phenicie b. circa 1796 Joseph C. Phenicie b. 22 Nov 1801 Nancy Phenicie b. 1816 PA Susan Phenicie William Phenicie I am trying to identify the remaining children of Joseph B. Phenicie and the families of his children. I would also like to find out where in the Phenicie family George W. Phenicie b. circa 1812 and Rosanna Phenicie b. circa 1815 belong. I have information that George W. Phenicie father located in Bedford but no first name. By his age he could belong the either Joseph B. or Joseph's son David. Any informationregarding the Phenicie Family will be most welcome.

John Kannard Jr. Sun Dec 15 13:51:58 1996
Searching for informaton on Kennards living in Bedford Co. in early 1800's. Names of interest would be: John Kennard (may be two of them in differtnt families),James, & Susan. Info I have place them in Bedford Co.,Hopewell twsp. Also Lawrence Swarts (Swartz) family who lived nearby.

David Crocker Sun Dec 15 14:51:18 1996
Bedford Co., PA USA; Dec. 15, 1996: Seek origins for Lars Lundquist (Swedish army name) born Lars Nelson 11 Dec 1856 in Sweden (possibly Malmo or Stockholm). Married Engra Adolphson b. 12 Aug 1855 in Sweden. Immigrated from Sweden to USA May 1882. Engra's brother Perter Adolphson b. 29 Dec 1844 married Lars' sister Berigta Nelson b. 1851 (both b. Sweden). Lundquist sometimes spelled Lundquest. Lundquists mostly Bedford Co., Adolphsons mostly Huntingdon Co., PA. Swedish contacts appreciated.

Robert D. Gillie Sun Dec 15 17:26:41 1996
CATON, James Hall w/son: Martin CATON Suspect James Hall Caton spent time and possibly was born in BEDFORD CO., PA or somewhere in N.Y. state. I need anything that might connect me to Martin CATON's siblings and/or parents. The only "Clue" I have is Martin's request for Civil War Pension in which he stated his place of birth as "Cessic's CO., PA" which I have never found to have existed. Martin was a Sergent in the Union Army, Co. F., 142nd PA INF., out of Somerset, CO., PA. Robert Gillie (gillie6922@aol.com) Gaithersburg, MD (301) 330-1566

Billie Leclerc Sun Dec 15 21:12:30 1996
Christian and Christiana Betz reared a family of 10 children on a farm near/in Jennerstown, Somerset CO., PA. Who were Christian and Christiana? Where & when were they born...in U.S. or in Europe? What was Christiana's maiden name? Christian Betz died in Jenners in 1825. His widow married John Keefer about 3 years later, but I haven't found records of this latter marriage...only references to settlement of Christian's will and to their minor children. Their eldest 4 or maybe 5 children were possibly born in Allegany. Does this refer to Allegany, a township of Somerset Co., or was Jenners Twp. part of Allegany County, MD from about 1793-1799? Their son Henry Betz married Elizabeth Beam, no date know; but they also lived and farmed in Somerset CO, PA. Henry Betz was a deacon/elder of the Beams German Reformed Church in Jenners. He and Elizabeth had 9 children between 1821 & 1845, all born in Somerset Co. I have sketchy information about most of these descendents. I am interested in any pertinent information about these Betz people. Some of the Somerset families that Betz daughters married into: J.J. Gohn, Frederick Biesecker, Michael Sipe, J.J. Cover, Samuel Lutz and Levi Shaulis, Wheeler King, & J. K. P. Biesecker.

Robert C. Miller Mon Dec 16 17:05:14 1996
I am looking for information on Margaret A. Slick, born 19 Jan 1849 in Bedford. She married Daniel Hodges 29 Nov 1876. I am also seeking information on Irvin Ammons who was born somewhere in PA in the year 1848.

Arno T. Naeckel Thu Dec 12 19:27:09 1996
Looking for information on the BRANT or BRANDT family that resided in Bedford, PA during the early and Mid 1800's. The father/Son line of descent is Benjamin, Jacob, Nimrod. The Jacob Brant familybeventurally moved on th Iowa/Illinois later in the century.

Cathy McEver Stalcup Fri Dec 13 08:21:44 1996
Looking for information on the McEVER-McKEVER-COLLINS family. Andrew McEVER had a land warrant of 200 acres in Pennsylvania in 1737. In the War Pensions there is a listing for an Angus McEVER. Any information would be appreciated. It is also said that there may have been a step- son named John Pickett. John McEVER married Margaret COLLINS around 1764. She was the daughter of John and Catherine COLLINS

Arno T. Naeckel Thu Dec 12 19:27:09 1996
Looking for information on the BRANT or BRANDT family that resided in Bedford, PA during the early and Mid 1800's. The father/Son line of descent is Benjamin, Jacob, Nimrod. The Jacob Brant familybeventurally moved on th Iowa/Illinois later in the century.

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 23:49:36, -0500 From: (MR JOHN H BURGER) I am searching for information on Abraham Burger. Middle name may be Lewis. He died in Bedford County in 1828 and has a will at the Orphans Court. Can you help with any further information especially his ancestors. Thanks

Bruce Matson Sat Dec 7 11:05:32 1996
Desire any information available on Ira Elsworth HOLLER, b.10/17/1876 in Hyndman, Bedford Co., PA. Is a birth certificate available? He may have been illegitimate. Have pictures of his mother, g. and ggmother, but no names. The name HOFFMAN is mentioned many time in some documents. Also interested in information on Ira's wife, Theresa LINCK, believed to have been born in Bedford, Beford Co., PA, possibly in 1889. Need confirmation that her parents were Dominick LINCK and Mary Dussendorfer. Thanks.


Michael M. Foreman Wed Dec 4 18:31:42 1996
I am searching the FOREMAN FAMILY and am asking if any one can give me a date when the first surname Foreman appears in any public record of Bedford County and what the names were. Family tradition indicates that the Foremans who came to VA and WV came from PA, but records indicate first Benjamin Foreman came to Hanmpshire County in 1740 came from NJ. In later years (1900) some settled in Bedford County.Seeking father of Amos Foreman who married Hannah Goff in 1800 in Frederick County, VA

Stacy J. Dunkle Wed Dec 4 20:23:32 1996
Looking for information on the ancestors of Simon Dunkle. He was born 7/21/1868, and died 12/17/1934 (according to our records), and was buried in the Hershberger Cemetary in Snake Spring Valley. He was originally from the Snake Spring Valley area, and later settled in the Upper Earlston/Holler's Extension/Milk&Water Road area of Everett.

Pam Hall Thu Dec 5 19:08:03 1996
Searching for any information on INSCHO (Inco, Insco, etc.) Ebenezer Inscho came from Warren New Jersey ca 1810 and moved to several counties in PA until he finally settled in Cambria. His son John S Inscho married Elizabeth ?RANKINS? ca 1842. Their son David married Vonie (Veni, Vernie ??) ca 1879. Their son, Clarence married Annie M. McCaulley in Johnstown on on 12 Feb 1903. Any information about INSCHO, RANKINS OR MCCAULEY would be appreciated.

Penny Menges Rodighiero Sun Dec 1 17:31:15 1996
I am searching for the wife of Adam Menges Sr., b 11/30/1777 they had 7 children. Adam was born in what was Somerset but I feel he must have married in another county. Children from this marriage were Henry 11/10/1801, Jacob 2/13/1804, Elizabeth 2/3/1806, Adam Jr. 3/4/1807, John 6/10/1810, Margaretha 8/9/1812, and Joshua 1/1/1814. He could have married any time between 1795 and 1801. If anyone is researching this line please contact me. Have lots to share. All information is from family bibles.

Jim Hazlett Tue Dec 3 14:29:16 1996
HESSELGESSER: Wish to share info with anyone researching this unusual surname. Name appears in James Whisker's book " Bedford Co in the American Revolution" as HASELGASER. Jacob Hesselgesser also found in one of the volumes of the Penna Archives as a Ranger on the Frontier in Bedford Co. He is found later on the census in Huntington Co and finally either he or a son named Jacob in Butler Co.

Laura Kough Tue Dec 3 04:52:20 1996
Searching for info on the following families; KOUGH, STILES/STYLES and JOHNSON.

Suzanne Goldberg Sun Dec 1 10:36:56 1996
Seeking info on ancestors of Sarah BOWSER, b. 11/13/1805, in Yellow Creek, Bedford County. Married William McIlnay 3/19/1833, moved w/husband and children to Maria Forges, Blair County 1845

Judith Lindgren Sun Dec 1 11:21:34 1996
Looking for information on John Morton and his wife Frances Sipe.Looking for wills,land record,siblings and parents.Also descendants of the thier siblings.John Morton owned a saw mill.

Lila Wylie Thu Nov 28 12:59:05 1996
Looking for parents of Daniel CARTER who married Ann SNYDER, father Conrad Snyder, 1797 in Bedford county. They had moved to Ohio by 1810.

Larry Dean Thu Nov 28 17:41:15 1996
Seeking information on George Dean, born 1786, probably in Allegheny Co., PA. May have married daughter of Henry Hoshel. Children Martha Dean, Henry Hoshel Dean, and Mary Dean born in PA 1810, 1811 and 1815, respectively. Family removed to Ontario, Canada by 1818. Henry Hoshel listed in Bedford Co. in 1780 tax list.

WILLIAM TURNER DOYLE Fri Nov 29 11:49:37 1996
MORRISON-BEDFORD COUNTY Seeking any information regarding the MORRISON line, particularly CHARLOTTE MORRISON, born 14 April 1771, Bedford County. Married JOSHUA BROWN of Chester County 0n 22 December 1790 in Huntingdon County. CHARLOTTE died 5 November 1838 in Springfied Township, Huntingdon County. Any info would be appreciated. THANKS Bill

Suzanne Goldberg Fri Nov 29 14:54:04 1996
Seeking early info on John J. McIlnay family, born circa 1785 Yellow Creek Bedford County, married (unk. to whom or date) six children, had farm 15 mi northeast of Bedford, Bedford Cnty, or 5 mi no. of Yellow Creek in area called Jack's Corners, persumably named for him. Seeking further info on his children: William, Joseph, James, John Jr., Rebecca and Polly. (by the way, it's Mc I (as in eye) and l (as in left) nay) I believe he is my g-g-g-grandfather.


Richard Seagrave Mon Nov 25 20:30:38 1996
Looking for information on John Fisher ( Johan Fischer ), who settled in Bedford Co. after the Rev. War. He was first married to ????, and they had 12 children. He was married the second time ABT 1811 to Hanna Beriner and they had three children, the last one's name was Jonathan Fisher, my great-great-grandfather. I would sure be glad to hear from any-one who could help me find names and dates of first wife and their children. Also I would like to find the name of the Cem. where he is buried. Thank you.

David Crocker Tue Nov 26 19:03:48 1996
Nov 26, 1996 Interested in coal miners around Riddlesburg who originated in Cornwall, England. My own family interests are John Henry CROCKER (dob 23 Oct 1845, Illogan parish, CNL, ENG), who married Elizabeth Jane Bowden (dob 19 Nov 1850, unk parish, CNL, ENG). He immigrated to Bedford Co. 15 May 1865 via Nova Scotia.

Sue Lamble Tue Nov 26 09:12:10 1996
Bedford County, SHRIMPLIN- looking for informaion on John SHRIMPLIN known to have resided in Bedford County in late 1700's. He may have had two wives (1) Honor (2) Mary. He had many children (abt. 14) inchuding Hannah, Susannah who married and moved to Knox County, Ohio area. Other children settled in Wellsburg (West) Virginia.

21 Nov 1996 Mary Williams Arnold
I am researching the Shaffer name. The earliest I have found in William Shaffer and his wife Sarah. In 1960 they were located in East Providence, Bedford County. There children were Levi, Mary, Daniel, Amos & Sarah. My gg grandfather, Levi's obituary states he was born in Everett, Bedford county - is this the same place? He later moved and settled in Indiana County. I know William was born in PA from the census but I don't believe it was in Bedford. I would like to know his wife's Sarah's maiden name and when they got married. The 1860 census states William was 33 and Sarah was 42 that seems backwards for the times. Any and all information regarding William, his ancestors, decendants, siblings and wife would be greatly appreciated.

Beverly Jamison Sun Nov 17 11:43:12 1996
I would like any help with the family of Andrew Huston d 1829 in Bedford, PA. I need the maiden name for his wife Elinor, and any help with their children, John m Mary Hersh, Sarah m John Tomlinson Jr., Hannah m Peter McCleary, Rebecca m John Blocker, Elinor m William Garvey. Mary m Pratt Collins, Andrew, David, and Drucilla m Hugh Cowan. Thank you.

Kathryn E. Stuart Sun Nov 17 20:13:56 1996
NOGGLE: Looking for any information on the Noggle family. Especially seeking information on George Noggle born 1774 in Bedford County (some sources say Huntingdon but it was then Bedford). Married Catherine Henlein also of PA. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

Linda Lewis Sat Nov 16 00:26:36 1996
Looking for parents and/or siblings of John GIBSON, b. Dec. 14, 1810, m. Jan 2, 1840 (possibly in Bedford County) to Mary CAMPBELL, b. Aprl. 14, 1818, d. Nov. 21, 1876 Son of John and Mary was John Henry GIBSON, b. June 7, 1856 in Blair County, m. to Louise HENSHEY, b. Nov 1858. Louise's parents were Samuel HENSHEY and Louisa SWOPE.

Kathie Kline Sat Nov 16 09:01:41 1996
HORN(E), Henry - Would like any information on Henry Horn (Rev. Solder) and his wife Elizabeth Pretzman. Family moved to Bedford County from Virginia around 1800.

Kathie Kline Sat Nov 16 09:10:38 1996
BORDER, John - Would like any information on John Border born in Maryland. He moved his family to Bedford County from Frederick County, MD around 1800. He had 3 wives, Mary Black, Mary Ellis, and Sarah McCollach.

Kathie Kline Sat Nov 16 09:13:16 1996
BORDER, Nicholas - Would like any information on Nicholas Border and his wife Eva Elisabetha DeCarel and their descendents. Nicholas was born 1735 in Berks Co,PA. Moved to Virginia and then to Bedford County, PA

Kathie Kline Sat Nov 16 09:16:27 1996
ELLIS, Thomas - Would like any information on Thomas Ellis and his wife Hannah Meridith and their descendents. They were married in 1784 in Frederick County, MD. Later moved to Bedford County, PA.

Kathie Kline Sat Nov 16 09:23:16 1996
OTTO, William - Would like any information on the Otto family that moved from Frederick County, MD to Bedford County, PA around 1800. There were several brothers and sisters who moved to Bedford County. Catherine b-1759 m-Tobias Hammer, Henry b-1766,Mathias b-1767, William b-1768, Harbart (Herbert) b-1770, Abraham b-1773, and Elizabeth b-1778 m-Joseph Black.

Susan Lynch Kruse Fri Nov 15 11:07:51 1996
Bedford County PA: LONG family with children including Minor and Hannah born c l785-1795. They moved to OH but returned to bury a baby in Bedford Co. Would appreciate any info.

15 Nov 1996 Barbara Croy
I am doing research on the CROY family and would like to know if there is a possibility of your checking on a Micael, Jacob and Richard Croy that were in Bedford Co., PA in 1780-90. The Jacob Croy I am working on now was b in 1810 in OH m. Margaret Pugh and had the following children: Robert, William, Greer, David, Nathan, Duncan, Calvin, Mary, Francis F. and Emily. It is said that this Jacob's family came from either PA or VA. I would appreciate any help you might give me.

12 Nov 1996 TKO I am looking for Wm. Strate, (Strait, Straight) parents or decendents. Born in Bedford, Pa.

6 Oct 96 Gordon L. Drollinger Philip Drollinger (later going to Trullinger in Fountain county IN) was there in 1790 with his brother Daniel. Both went on to Ohio circa 1808. Seeking connection to later Drollingers in Bedford county c 1875. Will exchange Drollinger data, have this family back to 1572 in Germany.

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