Fort Wingawn

(Source: Report of the Commission to Locate the Site of the Frontier Forts of Pennsylvania, Vol. 1, Clarence M. Busch, State Printer of Pennsylvania, 1896. The Frontier Forts in the Cumberland and Juniata Valleys, Jay Gilfillan Weiser, pp. 469-475.)


Doctor Hickok, a cultivated gentleman, possessing a large and varied fund of interesting anecdotes and history relative to this locality, as well as being one of the best known antiquarians in the State, says that he knows nothing as to this fort, nor does he know of any who does; only that by conjecture it might have been an ancient earthwork he once visited in the midst of a dense forest on the eastern summit of the Alleghenies, formerly within the lines of Bedford county, but now a mile, possibly, within the eastern boundary of Somerset county. With such statement the writer is compelled to relinquish further investigation relative to this and the other forts in Bedford county. The fact is that Fort Bedford was the only fort in Bedford county ever occupied by British troops.

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