Bedford County Covered Bridges

Bedford County boasts 14 historic covered spans - only three other counties in the state have more. Few places in the country can claim to have bridges set in more picturesque settings and with more variety than are in Bedford County.

The County's bridges were built about 100 years ago by craftsmen who worked entirely by hand making structures that would withstand the rain, snow and hard use of the traveling public.

At one time the county had more than 70 of the spans, butthat number has dwindled and now just over a dozen remain. Recent efforts by the Bedford County Covered Bridge Society are helping to ensure that the structues that are left will be saved for future generations to enjoy.

Bowser Covered Bridge
Also known as the Osterburg Bridge, the 90ft spun is now privately owned. Located a mile north of Osterburg on Route 869.

Claycomb Covered Bridge
The Claycomb or Reynoldsdale Bridge was moved from Reynoldsdale in 1975 to the entrance of Old Bedford Village on Business Route 220 north of Bedford.

Colvin Covered Bridge
Also known as the Calvin or Shiller Bridge, it is probably the oldest county-owned covered bridge, dating from 1880. Traveling west on Route 30 thronh Schellsburg, turn left one block past the traffic signal.

Cuppet"s Covered Bridge
The Cuppett's, or New Paris, Bridge is just north of New Pais along Route 96. It is privately owned and was built in 1882.

Dr. Kniselyly Covered Bridge
Dr. Knisely's Bridge is visible from Route 56 north. Turn left at the Chestmt Ridge Market. Privately owned.

Felten's Miff Covered Bridge
Built in 1892. From the Jackson Mills site, continue south on Township Route 412, turning right on 2029, less than a mile on each road.

Fischtner (Palo Aho) Covered Bridge
Privately owned multiple Kingpost covered bridge locatedd just west of Route 96 near PaIo Alto, off Legislative Route 05007, about four miles south of Hyndman.

Hall's Mill Covered Bridge
Located in Hopewell Township. Take Route 26 north toward Huntingdon, less than one half mile from the main road south (right) an State Road 1022.

Herline (HeIrlne) Covered Bridge
This bridge has been closed to traffic since 1983. It is the longest covered bridge in the county. It is within a half-mile of Manns Choice and Route 31 on State Road 4005.

Hewitt Covered Bridge
Located in the village of Hewitt, less than three miles north of the Mason Dixon Line. from the north turn left on Township Road 306 at Hewitt and turn left again at the first house.

Jackson's Mill Covered Bridge
Built in the1880s. Take old Route126 south from Route 30 and turn right just south of Breezewood on State Road 2029. About a mile and a half to the west, turn left on Township Road 412. Less than a mile south is the bridge, located next to the historic Jackson's Mill.

Raystown (Turner) Covercd Bridge
Turner's Bridge is visible from the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Turn right on Route 31 from Route 96, a half-mile to the north of Route 3 I.

Ryot Covered Bridge
Located on the same road as the Knisely Bridge, about 2 miles south. The span can also be reached from Route 96, about one-half mile from Ryot.

Snooks Covered Bridge
Built in 1882, it is one of the most picturesque of our bridges. Travel north on Route 56, about two miles beyond Fishertown. Turn right just past the Chestnut Ridge Market, then go one-half mile on Township Road 554.

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