County Officers 1923-1924

Historical documents: Pennsylvania State Manual, 1923-24, issued by The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the Bureau of Publications, Harrisburg, p. 821: Bedford County Officers, 1924.

COUNTY OFFICERS--Bedford County, Bedford, Pa. 1924

Office Name Politics Ex. of Term Salary

Associate judge Anthony Samuel R 1926 $600

Associate judge Sylvester H. Mikel D 1930 $600

Sheriff Jasper Luman D 1928 Fees

Prothonotary and Clerk

of court of quarter sessions

and orphans' court G. R. Shuck R 1928 Fees

Register and recorder Elia M. Stewart R 1928 Fees

Court stenographer Mrs. Lillian R.

Feight --- ------ ------

Treasurer W. H. Kinton R 1928 Com.

District attorney Emory D. Claar D 1928 $1,000

Commissioner W. H. Mowry R 1928 $1,000

Commissioner Thomas Eichelberger R 1928 $1,000

Commissioner R. A. Stiver D 1928 $1,000

Clerk to commissioners H. P. Pleacher R 1928 $1,400

Jury commissioner Jacob L. Baker R 1926 $4/day

Jury commissioner George C. Eicholtz D 1926 $4/day

Clerk to jury commissioners Harry Hoover R 1926 $4/day

Poor director Samuel F. Campbell R 1926 $300

Poor director C. O. Brumbaugh D 1928 $300

Poor director George A. Hillegass R 1928 $300

Auditor D. Frank Smith R 1928 $5/day

Auditor Fred O. Reighard D 1928 $5/day

Surveyor G. W. Cunard R 1928 Fees

Coroner N. A. Timmins R 1928 Fees

Solicitor D. C. Reiley R 1928 $600

Road viewer Lewis N. Pittman R 1925 7.50/dy

Road viewer Stanley E. Blackburn D 1925 7.50/dy

Road viewer Emory D. Claar D 1925 7.50/dy

Road viewer Howard Cessna R 1924 7.50/dy

Road viewer Barton Jay D 1925 7.50/dy

Road viewer Daniel H. Shuss R 1923 7.50/dy

Sealer of weights and

measures A. L. Tewell R ------ $1,200

Trustees of Mothers' Assistance Fund---Miss Edna Lauder, Mrs. E. L. Smith, Mrs. Ella B. Ashcom, Mrs. William Brice, Jr., Mrs. A. C. Blackburn, Mrs. Martha S. Heckerman, Miss Ida M. Kramer Hyndman.

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