Bedford in the early 1800's

Much of the history of the town Bedford in the early 1800's and much of modern day life as well, can be traced to two men: Solomon Filler and Doctor John Anderson.

Solomon Filler was an architect and builder. Though not formally trained, he had an ability to design beautiful buildings in the classic Federal style. In fact, the largest (and best) collection of that style can be seen today in downtown Bedford. In 1829, he completed work on the Courthouse, which is the oldest building in the state still being used as a working courthouse. Its unsupported circular stairway is just one of the architectural highlights of this building. In that same year, the Presbyterian Church was built, just across the town square. It is also still in use today. The Presbyterians had built the first church in town 20 years before.

Doctor John Anderson knew that springs along Schober's Run south of Bedford were supposed to possess medicinal qualities. He built the Bedford Springs Hotel as a health resort, and it became widely used and nationally known for many, many years. It ceased operation in the later 1900's, and there have been several efforts to restore and revive it. The original buildings still remain. Anderson had a mansion in downtown Bedford, where he opened The Allegheny Bank of Pennsylvania, the first bank west of Carlisle. The house is now the Visitors Center and the Chamber of Commerce headquarters.

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