Waterside Presbyterian

(“History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pa.," 1884, p. 308): "Waterside Presbyterian church was organized November 9, 1880, by a committee of Huntingdon presbytery, with seventeen members. Joseph E. Noble, Thomas Border and D. B. Kochenderfer were elected deacons. The pastors have been Rev. J. V. Boal, Rev. E. P. Foresman and Rev. John C. Wilhelm. The church was erected in 1872 at a cost of eighteen hundred dollars. The present membership (in 1884) is about sixty. The original members received certificates of dismission from the Yellow Creek church for the purpose of organizing this congregation."

(from Janice Sweeney)

Waterside Cemetery is allegedly in the oldest village in the Bedford County part of Morrisons Cove (now Blair). In the earliest histories published, it is stated that a group of "Dunkards" came into the cove about the year 1755. They settled along the southern end of Potter Creek and along Yellow Creek, now Waterside and vicinity. According to local historians in newspaper articles I found some years ago at the Roaring Spring Library, the town had 3 different names prior to the name Waterside, i.e. Snider's Mill, Fluckburg, and Waterstreet. Names of early burials were Snider, Hipple, Griffith, Daugherty, Fluke, Dasher, Ott, Bender, Ralston, Shoemaker, Elder, Tetwiler, Hane, Alexander, Bancroft.

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