The Seventh Day Baptist Church at Salemville was built in 1848-49. The first lovefeast was held in the new building on Oct. 13, 1849. The first minister was Henry Boyer, who was ordained in 1822. The following persons were ordained and served as ministers in the local congregation: 1822--Henry Boyer (elder) and Abraham Longenecker; 1835--David Long, Sr.; 1840--John Burger; 1841--Christian King; 1845--David Long, Jr.; 1853--David S. Long; 1856--Daniel Kagarise and David C. Long; 1874--John S. King; 1877--Jacob S. Dimond; 1901--Jeremiah Fyock; 1903--W. A. Resser; 1904--W. K. Bechter; 1923--D. C. Detwiler; 1931--F. R. King.

(Source: adapted from information in Historical Sketches of Morrisons Cove, 1933, Mirror Press, pp. 113.)

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