Schellsburg Presbyterian Church

Schellsburg Presbyterian Church was organized on May 18, 1833, and consisted of the following members, who, upon application to the presbytery, had been dismissed from the Bedford church: James Taylor, Sr., James Taylor, Jr., John Taylor, Wm. Schell, Benj. Blymer, George Hunt, John Statler, Adam Small, Benj. Gibbony, Franklin Skinner, Wm. McMullin, Amos McCreary, Daniel Miller, Sarah Smith, Margaret Scott, Jane McVicker, Louisa Statler, Elizabeth, Jane and Sarah Scott, Hannah Hunt, Mrs. Gibbony, Mrs. Burns, Mary Clarke, Margaret and Mary Taylor, Lydia. Taylor (now Mrs. Statler, the only one of these first members now living in Schellsburg), Margaret Hammer, Mrs. McCreary, Mary A. Whetstone, Catharine Burgess, Mary Dunnaker, Maria Taylor, Jane Schell, Rebecca Mickel, Elizabeth Wisegarver, Sarah Bixler, Griffith Mickel. Admitted on the day of organization: George Foy, Jacob Statler, David Pisel, Christina Benich, Ann Pierson, Ann M. Clarke.

Benj. Gibbony was ordained ruling elder May 18, 1833 ; John Smith and Benj. Blymer were ordained to the same office August 21, 1836.

Pastors: Rev. James G. Brackenridge, 1833-; D. D. Clarke, 1838-43; G. S. Inglis, 1844-8; W. L. McCal1a, 1848-9; Thomas K. Davis, 1850-5; Daniel Williams, 1858-60; William Prideaux, 1861-3; J. H. Donaldson, 1864-7; John C. Wilhelm, 1869-71; E. P. Foresman, 1873-5; T. McNinch, 1878-82; George K. Scott, 1883.

The brick church of the Presbyterians was erected in 1834, at a cost of about two thousand two hundred dollars. It was the first church edifice built in the town. The congregation now numbers seventy-seven members. (Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset, and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania, Chicago: Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1884, p. 281 (Napier Twp.))

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