This house of worship was erected in 1882, forty years after the congregation was chartered. It is a commodious brick structure and was erected while Rev. Dr. Peightal was pastor. When they began the new building all the charter members of the congregation were yet living. Some of the early members included: Mr. and Mrs. Adam Haderman, Mr. and Mrs. John Dittman, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lingenfelter, Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Ritchey, John and Samuel Nicodemus, William and Eliza Snyder and John Wolfe. The church cost $1,500, but much material and labor were donated. Daniel Lingenfelter and John and Samuel Nicodemus were carpenters. William Snyder was a mason and bricklayer. John Dittmar burned brick and “all had a mind to work.” So the church was built. Just a few weeks before the dedication, John Nicodemus died. S. B. Fluck of Woodbury, was a member of the old Union Sunday school though quite a small boy.

The congregation soon grew to 100 members and four young men went out from this church as ministers, namely: David Dittmar, Harry Dittmar, David Shoemaker and Joseph Shoemaker. Elmer Butts died while in college, preparing to enter the ministry. James Eberle was raised in this church, but went to Ohio when quite a young man and attended a Methodist college and became a Methodist minister.

(Source: adapted from information in Historical Sketches of Morrisons Cove, 1933, Mirror Press, pp. 77-80.)

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