Woodberry Brethren Church

History: Woodberry Brethren church, included in Bedford and Blair counties, has existed as a distinct organization since 1876. Morrison’s cove originally belonged to the Yellow creek church (which see). When organized, Woodberry church had two hundred and fifty members. The first meeting-house (in Bloomfield township) was built in 1850. There are now five meeting-houses and two hundred and eighty-eight members belonging to the church. Bishop, Jacob Miller; ministers, John Replogle, John L. Holsinger, M. M. Claar, J. G. Snider.

The meeting-house in Woodberry township was built in 1877, at a cost of thirty-three hundred dollars. The first building, known as the Eshelman church, was built about 1851.

(Source: The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pa., 1884, Waterman, Watkins & Co., pp. 300.)

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