Trinity Lutheran Church, 106 W. Penn St., Bedford. The earliest records of this church have been lost, hence it is impossible at this time to even approximate the date of organization, or to mention the names of any of the original members. It is shown, however, that Rev. Mr. Steck became pastor in 1785; Rev. Mr. Cramer, in 1812; M. Osterloh, in 1818; William Yeager, in 1819; William L. Gibson, in 1838; R. Weiser, D. D., 1840; P. M. Rightmyer, 1846; Jesse Winecoff, 1847; F. Benedict, 1849; Samuel Yingling, 1859; A. Essick, 1864; J. Q. McAtee, 1867; J. B. Keller, 1871; G. M. Rhodes, 1874; and Charles M. Stock, the present pastor, in 1880.

For many years the Lutheran and German Reformed congregations jointly owned and occupied the same houses of worship. (See history of the Reformed Church of Bedford.) On July 1, 1848, however, the corner-stone of the “New Lutheran Church” was laid. The building was completed two years later, when the Lutherans sold their interest in the edifice which had sheltered them for a quarter of a century, to the Reformed congregation for the sum of three hundred dollars. The present church was constructed in 1870 at a cost of eighteen thousand dollars. It is the largest and most beautiful structure of its kind in the county. Its congregation at this writing (1884) numbers two hundred and fifty.

(Source: History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pa., Waterman, Watkins & Co., p. 259.)

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